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Adapted from “B/X Headgear – New Charts to Gear Up Your Game


<sgdisplay iterations="6">[main]</sgdisplay>

<sgdisplay iterations="1">A Cleric with [cleric]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">A Dwarf with [dwarf]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">An Elf with [elf]</sgdisplay> A cooler Elf with <sgdisplay iterations="1">[jrients-elf]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">A Fighter with [fighter]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">A Halfling with [halfling]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">A Magic-user with [magic-user]</sgdisplay> <sgdisplay iterations="1">A Thief with [thief]</sgdisplay>



1,[bare] 1,a [colours] [hood] 1,a [hat] 1,a [helm]


1,[bare] 2,a [colours] [hood] 3,a [hat] 2,a [helm]


1,[bare] 2,a [colours] [hood] 2,a [hat] 3,a [helm]


3,[bare] 2,a [colours] [hood] 1,a [hat] 2,a [helm]


1,a [colours] [hood] 3,a [hat]


2,[bare] 1,a [colours] [hood] 1,a [hat] 4,a [helm]


3,[bare] 2,a [colours] [hood] 2,a [hat] 1,a [helm]


2,[bare] 2,a [colours] [hood] 3,a [hat] 1,a [helm]


2,[bare] 3,a [colours] [hood] 2,a [hat] 1,a [helm]


1,a bald head 1,a shaved bald head with Tattoo 1,a shaved bald head with Top Knot 1,balding hair 1,braided hong hair 1,braided short hair 1,hair braided somehow into a long-Ass beard 1,an amazing curly mane 1,curly, short hair 1,dreadlocks 1,grungy hair in eyes 1,long flowing hair in a top knot 1,long flowing hair, loose 1,long flowing hair, tied back 1,a mohawk 1,short, hacked hair 1,page-boy hair 1,a porridge-bowl haircut 1,a short, stylish haircut 1,a pony-tail


2,short, attached hood 2,attached hood with a tassel 1,bandana 1,head-scarf 1,veil 1,burqa 2,deep hood 2,fur-lined hood 2,heavy, fur-lined hood 2,reversible hood 2,hood with a long tassel and [hoodornament] 2,plain hood with a long tassel 2,hood with [d4] tassels 2,ninja hood 2,hood decorated with [decorations] 2,long and heavy scarf 1,sequined hood 1,scaled hood 1,hood with [hoodornament] 1,short, plain hood 1,bedouin wrap 1,turban 1,wrap, with [mask] mask


2,[hat] with [adornments] 2,[animalfeature] hat 2,large beret 2,bishop's miter 2,short conical hat 2,spiraled conical hat 2,tall conical hat 2,hat pointed in front and back 2,puffy hat 2,ridged hat 2,sea-captain's hat 1,skull cap 1,beanie 2,[d4]-tasseled hat 2,tiered ziggurat hat with [d4+1] levels 2,fancy top hat 2,extravagant tri-cornered hat 2,wedge-shaped hat 2,floppy, wide-brimmed hat 2,hat with a stiff, wide brim 2,wimple


2,chain coif 2,crusader Helm 2,greek helm 2,mongol helm 2,roman helm 2,samurai helm with [mask] mask 2,open samurai helm 2,viking helmet 1,conical helm with tassel 1,conical helm with plume 2,masked [mask] Helm with and [adornments] 2,masked [mask] helm 2,metal skull cap 2,open-Faced helmet with [adornments] 2,open-Faced helmet 2,plated band 2,pot helm 2,[extravagant] helm 2,tall, pointed helmet 2,great helm, with a full visor and [adornments] 2,great helm with a full visor


1,ancient symbols 1,animal designs 1,curly lines 1,a foreign slogan 1,mystic sigils 1,norse runes 1,polka-dots 1,stripes


1,figurine 1,fuzzy Ball 1,holy symbol 1,jingle bell


1,[animalfeature] 1,bird beak 1,blank face 1,demonic 1,gladiator's grill 1,angry human face 1,bearded human face 1,happy human face 1,tusked human face 1,skull face


2,antlers 2,a brush top 1,a crest 1,a rune 2,feathers 1,plume 2,fins 2,a holy symbol 1,horns 1,tusks 2,spikes 2,a tassle 1,[Animal.animalbird]-wings 1,bat wings


1,bear head 1,beaver's tail 1,boar head 1,buffalo head 1,dragon head 1,raccoon skin and tail 1,giant snake head 1,small coiled snake 1,squid head 1,stag head 1,turtle shell 1,wolf head


1,bat-shaped 1,[Animal.animalbird]-shaped 2,demon head 2,dlephant head 2,fish head 2,gem-studded 2,wide-brimmed gladiator 2,skull shaped 2,spider shaped 2,squid shaped 2,[extravagant] with [adornments]


3,albino white 3,black 3,bloody scarlet 3,brilliant copper 3,daisy yellow 3,dark brown 3,deep purple 3,deep sea blue 3,dusty pink 3,fiery orange 3,forest green 3,indigo 3,ivory white 3,light brown 3,mauve 3,overcast grey 3,pea green 3,periwinkle 3,platinum silver 3,seafoam green 3,sickly mustard 3,sky blue 3,turquoise 1,[colours] and [colours] 1,[colours], [colours], and [colours] 1,[colours], [colours], [colours], and [colours]


1,one 1,two 1,three 1,four


1,two 1,three 1,four 1,five </sgtable>