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<sgdisplay iterations="10">[main]



1,[base]. 1,[base]!


1,[action] of [location] 1,[action] of the [adj] [animal] 1,[action] of the [adj] [monster] 1,[action] of the [animal] [monster] 1,[action] of the [animal] 1,[action] of the [monster] [animal] 1,[action] of the [monster] 1,[adj] [monster] from [location] 1,[adj] [monster]s vs. The [adj] [monster] 1,[monster] From [location] 1,[trip] to [location] 1,Destination [location] 1,Earth vs. the [adj] [monster] 1,Escape from [danger] 1,Hunger of the [adj] [monster] 1,It Came From [location] 1,Land of the [adj] [monster]s 1,Planet of the [adj] [monster]s 1,Return of the [adj] [animal] 1,Return of the [adj] [monster] 1,Return to [location] 1,Revenge of the [adj] [animal] 1,Revenge of the [adj] [monster] 1,The [action] of [madman] 1,The [monster] Strikes 1,The [monster] that [post] 1,The [monster]s of [madman] 1,The Island of [adj] [monster]s 1,The Island of [madman] 1,When [monster]s Attack 1,I was a [adj] [monster]


1,[number] Fathoms 1,a Forgotten Age 1,America 1,an Unknown World 1,Ancient Times 1,Another Dimension 1,Another Galaxy 1,Another Planet 1,Another World 1,Atlantis 1,Atomic Hell 1,Below 1,Beyond 1,Beyond Earth 1,Beyond Hell 1,Beyond Imagination 1,Beyond Infinity 1,Beyond Space 1,Beyond the Grave 1,Beyond Time 1,Hell 1,Jupiter 1,Mars 1,Mercury 1,Monster Island 1,Neptune 1,Outer Space 1,Planet-[plan] 1,Pluto 1,Saturn 1,Terror Mountain 1,Terror-Land 1,the [adj2] Cave 1,the [adj2] Lagoon 1,the [adj2] Tomb 1,the [adj2] Tomb 1,the [Poetic Destinations.main] 1,the Atomic Age 1,the Atomic Wasteland 1,the Cave of Death 1,the Depths 1,The Dwarf-Planet 1,the Earth's Core 1,the Forbidden Kingdom 1,the Forbidden Planet 1,the Forbidden World 1,the Forbidden Zone 1,the Future 1,the Land that Time Forgot 1,the Lost Kingdom 1,the Moon 1,the Nuclear Desert 1,the Parallel Universe 1,the Planet of Death 1,the Savage Jungle 1,the Undersea World 1,the Void 1,Uranus 1,Venus


1,Dr. Acula 1,Dr. Brain 1,Dr. Death 1,Dr. Satan 1,Dr. Skull 1,Satan 1,Satan's Daughter 1,the Devil 1,the Mad Scientist 1,the Madman 1,the She-Demon 1,the Voodoo Priest 1,the Witch Doctor 1,Dr. Horror


1,Anger 1,Attack 1,Battle 1,Bride 1,Dawn 1,Day 1,Fury 1,Hunger 1,Invasion 1,Island 1,Jungle 1,Lust 1,Menace 1,Night 1,Plan [plan] 1,Planet 1,Return 1,Revenge 1,Rise 1,Savagery 1,Slaves 1,Spawn 1,Tomb 1,Vengeance 1,Wrath


1,Abominable 1,Amazing 1,Atomic 1,Blood-Sucking 1,Brutal 1,Deadly 1,Devil 1,Evil 1,Giant 1,Gruesome 1,Horrific 1,Incredible 1,Indestructible 1,Invisible 1,Killer 1,Mechanical 1,Menacing 1,Merciless 1,Murderous 1,Phantom 1,Primitive 1,Radioactive 1,Rampaging 1,Robotic 1,Satanic 1,Savage 1,Star 1,Strange 1,Terrifying 1,Toxic 1,Undying 1,Unimaginable 1,Unknown 1,Unstoppable 1,Wild 1,Winged 1,teenage


1,Cursed 1,Dark 1,Forbidden 1,Haunted 1,Lost 1,terrifying 1,atomic 1,impossible


1,Alien 1,Ant 1,Ape 1,Bat 1,Beast 1,Bug 1,Fly 1,Gorilla 1,Insect 1,Lizard 1,Lobster 1,Man 1,Monster 1,Moth 1,Piranha 1,Plant 1,Scorpion 1,Shark 1,Spider 1,Squid 1,Wolf 1,Woman 1,Worm


1,Chicago 1,Detroit 1,London 1,Los Angeles 1,New York 1,Sheboygan 1,the Moon-Base 1,Tokyo


1,the [adjective] [monster] 1,[location] 1,[city]


1,[number]-foot [animal] 1,Alien 1,Amazon 1,Apeman 1,Beast 1,Behemoth 1,Being 1,Bomb 1,Brute 1,Cannibal 1,Caveman 1,Cavewoman 1,Creature 1,Creep 1,Death-Ray 1,Dinosaur 1,Flying Saucer 1,Freak 1,Giant [animal] 1,Goliath 1,Invader 1,Kraken 1,Leviathan 1,Living Corpse 1,Man-Beast 1,Martian 1,Monster 1,Mutant 1,Neanderthal 1,Robot 1,Saucer 1,She-Beast 1,Slime 1,Troglodyte 1,Vampire 1,Were-[animal] 1,Zombie


5,50 1,100 1,200 1,300


1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9 1,10 1,11 1,12 1,13 1,X 1,Zero


1,Ate [city] 1,Came From [location] 1,Came to Earth 1,Defied Belief 1,Destroyed [city] 1,Devoured [city] 1,Terrorized A World 1,Time Forgot 1,Would Not Die


1,Adventure 1,Expedition 1,Journey 1,Mission 1,Rocket Trip 1,Space Ship 1,Voyage


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