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Various real-world odds and ends typically encountered in a hotel room, or a bedroom …

    <sgdisplay iterations="8">
  • [main]</sgdisplay>



1,a [AssortedObjects]


2,wedding ring 2,wristwatch 1,bar of soap 1,bar of soap wrapper 1,bed 1,bedsheet 1,bible 1,bus ticket 1,camera 1,camera case 1,can of foot powder 1,can of shoe polish 1,chair (×2) 1,chest of drawers 1,chewing gum 1,cigarette butt 1,clock 1,coat 1,coat hanger 1,coin purse with [Dice.1d8] pennies 1,comb 1,cufflink 1,cufflink (second) 1,deck of cards 1,desk 1,desk chair 1,dime 1,dress shirt 1,drinking glass caps (×4) 1,drinking glasses (×4) 1,fingerprint 1,flashlight 1,flask 1,gaming console 1,glass eye 1,half dollar 1,harmonica 1,ice bucket 1,iron 1,jar of tooth powder 1,key 1,kleenex 1,knife 1,lamp, bedside (×2) 1,lamp, desk 1,lamp, floor 1,letter opener 1,lighter 1,luggage stand 1,magazine 1,magnifying glass 1,matchbook 1,nail file 1,newspaper 1,nickel 1,notepad 1,pack of cigarettes 1,pair of glasses 1,pair of pants 1,paperclip 1,pen 1,pencil 1,Polaroid 1,postcard 1,quarter 1,rabbit’s foot 1,radio 1,razor 1,scissors 1,set of binoculars 1,set of nail clippers 1,shaving brush 1,shoe 1,shoe brush 1,shoe horn 1,shoelace 1,shot glass 1,slide rule 1,sock 1,stick of deodorant 1,suitcase 1,television set 1,tie 1,timetable 1,toothbrush 1,transistor radio 1,tray 1,tube of ointment 1,typewriter 1,wall painting 1,wallet 1,wastebasket 1,watchbox 1,wedding photo 1,umbrella 1,unwrapped soap bar