Assassin's Guild

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Made from the tables over at

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[Secret Society Name.main]</sgdisplay>

<sgdisplay iterations="1">This guild's [Workis] their symbol; [Symbol].
Their crimes generally focus on [Motive], and are carried out by agents armed with [Means] [Opportunity] They prefer [Method] for their crimes, and most often strike [Moment]

The leader of the guild is [Fantasy Names.main], [Character] those who cross them have been known to die from [Execution] They absolutely will not take contracts involving [Theline].

Information can be gathered by listening to rumors spread in hushed tones by [Info], this will lead to [Fantasy Names.main], a low-level agent seeking [Task] You will know them by the [Feature] they sport, as well as the [Weapon] that they carry. If interrogated, the agent will reveal details about [Themask], the member can then be followed back to their hideout, which is [Around] [Base]

</sgdisplay> <sgtable>


3,crimes are marked by 5,members each bear a tattoo of 1,messeges are signed with 1,only trace is 1,safehouses and deaddrops are marked by 3,agents carry a token bearing


1,a skull 1,an eye 1,a flame 1,a dagger 1,a scythe 1,an arrow 1,a fish 1,a crow 1,a rat 1,a scorpion 1,a spider 1,a snake 1,a coin 1,an open hand 1,a fist 5,[Symbol] superimposed on [Symbol] 1,a teardrop 1,a mockingbird 1,a feather


1,poisoned daggers and shortswords. 1,throwing knives. 1,over-sized daggers. 1,serrated daggers. 1,daggers and crossbows. 1,axes and knives. 1,bows and arrows. 1,shortswords and crossbows. 1,sickles and scythes. 1,garrotes and daggers. 1,exotic blades and blowguns. 1,bolas and poisoned projectiles.


1,expanding their client base 1,corrupting and influencing the politics of the city or region 1,eliminating a rival assassins’ guild in the same city or region 1,eliminating a rival assassins’ guild in a foreign city or region 1,intimidating the masses 1,instigating rebellion among the masses 1,[Motive] and [Motive] 1,[Motive] or [Motive]


1,Working alone. 1,Working in pairs. 1,Working in small groups. 1,Infiltrating key organizations. 1,Impersonating specific individuals. 1,Operating in plain sight.


1,a dangerous megalomaniac, 1,a charismatic demagogue, 1,a mysterious foreigner, 1,a talented thief, 1,a well-known public figure, 1,a ruthless killer, 1,a charming rogue, 1,a dashing swashbuckler, 1,a brutish thug, 1,a religious fanatic, 1,a veteran soldier,


1,hit-and-run tactics 1,ambush tactics 1,diversionary tactics 1,a precisely planned attack strategy 1,a well-planned escape strategy 1,the element of surprise 1,announcing their presence 1,reckless sprees


1,just after sunrise. 1,at high noon. 1,just after sunset. 1,well into the night. 1,at the toll of midnight. 1,after midnight. 1,in the wee hours of the morning. 1,just before sunrise.


1,ingesting poison or allergic reaction. 1,exposure to deadly (but not highly contagious) disease. 1,contact poison applied to a weapon. 1,an arrow/bolt from range. 1,a knife in the chest or back. 1,multiple stab wounds. 1,slit throats. 1,gutting or eviscerating. 1,flaying or scalping. 1,beheading. 1,strangulation. 1,hanging. 1,being buried alive. 1,drowning. 1,boiling alive. 1,being thrown off a roof. 1,acid (pouring or submersion). 1,fiery explosion. 1,burning alive. 1,being fed to animals.


1,women 1,young children 1,nobles or prominent citizens 1,priests or monks 1,peasants or poor folk 1,foreigners and travelers 1,members of the client’s family 1,fellow criminals 1,[Theline] or [Theline]


1,fishermen and sailors 1,beggars and orphans 1,merchants and money changers 1,nobles and rulers 1,politicians and magistrates 1,guards and sheriffs 1,soldiers and warriors 1,thieves and criminals 1,servants and slaves 1,priests and sages 1,women and children


1,accomplices to help complete a job. 1,revenge against a rival assassin. 1,an easy contract. 1,extra muscle for a tough assignment. 1,rumors that may lead to a new client. 1,word from a missing guild contact. 1,someone to frame up for a murder. 1,a rowdy evening of carousing.


1,flashy earrings 1,shiny leather boots 1,gold signet ring 1,daggers, one in each boot 1,mask covering their face 1,wide-brimmed hat 1,scar on their forearm 1,scar on their face 1,high-pitched laugh 1,long, hooked nose 1,low-cut shirt 1,neatly trimmed mustache


1,blade with a gem embedded in the pommel 1,blade with soft leather tassels dangling from the pommel 1,blade with a carved hilt (made of ivory, jade, soapstone, ebony, mahogany, or oak) 1,blade with a gently curved hilt 1,blade with beasts sculpted into the steel of the guard (dragons, lions, scorpions, snakes, spiders, or wolves) 1,blade made of blackened steel 1,highly polished blade 1,blade with strange runes carved into it 1,arrows/bolts tipped with black steel 1,arrows/bolts with bronzed tips 1,arrows/bolts fletched with crow feathers 1,arrows/bolts fletched with peacock feathers


1,very few other guild members 1,several other guild members 1,the details of the guild’s organization 1,nothing about the guild’s leadership 1,the names of the guild’s leaders, though they’ve never met any of them 1,one of the guild’s leading members and no other guild members 1,[Themask], and [Themask]


1,hidden underneath 1,behind 1,in 1,disguised as 1,located in


1,the residence of the leader or a senior guild member. 1,an artisan's shop or guildhall. 1,a merchant's office. 1,a tavern. 1,a brothel. 1,a warehouse or shipyard. 1,a temple complex. 1,the city's sewers. 1,the town hall. 1,an abandoned guildhall or warehouse. 1,an armory or barracks. 1,the residence of a wealthy individual or prominent citizen. </sgtable>