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A collection of random art objects. Based on a table from the Draconomicon, modified to use other utility tables on Abulafia. See also Painting.

Inside the magnificent chest you find:



20,[🎨] 20,[Jewelry.StartNonwearableOnly] 20,[Jewelry.StartWearableOnly] 15,[Household Treasures.main] 10,[Clothing] 10,[🎸] 10,[Utensil] 5,[📕] 5,[Furnishing] 5,[Toy]


25,tapestry/wall hanging of [Soft], depicting [Depiction] 15,[Hard] bust depicting [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 15,[Hard] statue (small) depicting [Depiction] 15,painting depicting [Depiction] 10,[Hard] statue (large or life-size) depicting [Depiction] 9,[Hard] [Shape] 4,[Hard] bust depicting [Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyalty] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 4,[Hard] bust depicting [Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishSpecialReligious] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 3,painting by the [Esteem] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 3,painting by the [Esteem] [Italian Names.Male] 3,painting commissioned by [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 3,painting commissioned by [Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyalty] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 2,[Hard] pillar


1,esteemed 1,estimable 1,famous 1,great 1,Great Master 1,noteworthy 1,Old Master 1,renowned


1,cube 1,cylinder 1,dodecahedron 1,pyramid


1,[bt] [ArcaneBooks.main] 1,[bt] “Quotations from the [Words of Wisdom.Book] of [Words of Wisdom.BookAdj] [Words of Wisdom.BookNoun]” 1,[bt] “[Parable Title.main]”




3, 2,[adj] 1,[adj],[%adv] [adj]


1,book 1,opus 1,title 1,tome 1,treatise 1,volume


3, 1, highly 1, very 1, exceedingly


1,ancient 1,interesting 1,odd 1,old 1,mildewed 1,moldy 1,peculiar 1,queer 1,rare 1,yellowed


15,[Soft] Cape/cloak 15,pair of [Soft] Boots/shoes/slippers 15,set of [Soft] Vestments 10,[Soft] Shirt 10,pair of [Soft] Breeches/pantaloons/skirt 5,[Soft] Hat 5,[Soft] Mask 5,[Soft] Tabard/tunic 5,set of [Soft] Gloves 3,[Soft] Helm 2,[Soft] Eyepatch


9,[Hard] urn 6,[Soft] rug 5,[Hard] chandelier 5,[Hard] couch/divan/sofa with [Soft] upholstery 5,[Hard] desk 5,[Hard] display case 4,[Hard] dining table 4,[Hard] end table 4,[Hard] low table 3,[Hard] armoire 3,[Hard] barrel 3,[Hard] bench with [Soft] upholstery 3,[Hard] bookcase 3,[Hard] brazier 3,[Hard] candelabra 3,[Hard] candlestick 3,[Hard] chair with [Soft] upholstery 3,[Hard] chest 3,[Hard] footstool with [Soft] upholstery 3,[Hard] hand mirror 3,[Hard] hourglass 3,[Hard] lamp 3,[Hard] wall mirror 3,[Soft] blanket 3,[Soft] curtains 3,[Soft] sack 3,[Soft] sheets 2,[Soft] pillow


50,[Musical Instruments.main] 35,[Musical Instruments.SheetMusic] 1,[Vanilla 🎸]

Vanilla 🎸

1,[Musical Instruments.BrassType] 1,[Musical Instruments.Cymbals] 1,[Musical Instruments.DrumType] 1,[Musical Instruments.StringedType] 1,[Musical Instruments.WoodwindType] 1,Aeolian harp 1,alphorn 1,bagpipes 1,banjolele 1,bones 1,bongo drums 1,clavichord 1,crumhorn 1,drum 1,fiddle 1,flute 1,gong 1,hammered dulcimer 1,handbell 1,hanging bell 1,harmonica 1,harp 1,harpsichord 1,hautbois 1,herald’s trumpet 1,kettle drums 1,lap harp 1,lur 1,lute 1,lyre 1,mandolin 1,natural shell 1,pan pipes 1,pipe organ 1,psaltery 1,recorder-flute 1,shawm 1,shell horn 1,tabor 1,water-pipe 1,whistle-pipe 1,wind chimes 1,wind stones 1,zither


25,[Hard] [music box] 15,[Soft] doll 10,[Hard] chess set 10,[Hard] dice (pair) 10,[Soft] puppet 10,bag of [Hard] marbles 10,porcelain doll 5,[Hard] mobile 5,[Soft] mobile

music box

1,music box 1,music box with a dancing girl made of [Hard] 1,music box with a pair of dancers made of [Hard]


3,[Hard] [Utensil_type] 1,[Hard] [Utensil_type] depicting [Depiction]


1,bowl 1,cup 1,ewer 1,goblet 1,mug 1,pitcher 1,plate 1,platter 1,saucer 1,soup tureen 1,stein 1,tray 1,vase


30,[Utility.Wood] wood 25,[Utility.MetalDecor] 20,[Utility.StoneDecorative] stone 5,[Animal.hornedAnimal] ivory/horn 5,bone 4,crystal 4,mother-of-pearl 3,coral 3,glass


30,[Utility.Cloth] 15,[Animal.fantasyCommonFeathers] feather 15,[Animal.fantasyCommonFurred] fur 15,[Animal.fantasyCommonHide] hide/skin 10,[Utility.ClothFancy] 5,[Animal.fantasyExoticFeathers] feather 5,[Animal.fantasyExoticFurred] fur 5,[Animal.fantasyExoticHide] hide/skin


4,[Animal.fantasyAll]s 4,the [Act] of [Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyalty] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 3,[ArcaneBooks.ArcaneProfession]s conducting an arcane ritual 3,[Fantasy Landmarks.main] 3,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyalty] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] at the [BattleType] [Fantasy Town Names.main] 3,[SpiritForm.main] 3,soldiers at [Fantasy Town Names.main] 3,the [Act] of [Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishSpecialReligious] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 3,the [BattleType] [Fantasy Landmarks.main] 3,the [BattleType] [Fantasy Town Names.main] 3,the [Fame] [Knights] of [Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyalty] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 2,[Boats] at [Fantasy Landmarks.Coastal] 2,[Boats] crossing the [📜River] River 2,minstrels in the court of [Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyalty] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 2,musicians in the court of [Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishRoyalty] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle] 2,the [🏰] of [Fantasy Town Names.main] 2,the [Fame] [Spellcasters] of [Fantasy Landmarks.main] 2,the [Fame] [Spellcasters] of [Fantasy Town Names.main] 1,[📜Water] water 1,a dance 1,a forest scene 1,a forgotten battle 1,a hunt 1,a pastoral scene 1,a peaceful glade 1,a peaceful glen 1,a peaceful nature scene 1,a sports event 1,a wooded fen 1,a wooded glade 1,a wooded glen 1,a wooded place 1,an unknown cityscape 1,children 1,clouds 1,flames 1,flowers 1,hideous monsters 1,horse riders 1,long-forgotten gods 1,long-forgotten religious icons 1,lovers 1,soldiers at an unknown battle 1,trees 1,unknown mountains 1,weapons


1,bastion 1,castle 1,gates 1,keep 1,tower


1,[Ranks and Titles.RankEnglishNavyOfficer] [Fantasy Names.mainNoTitle]’s fleet 1,a fleet 1,a merchant fleet 1,an armada 1,boats 1,merchant ships 1,ships 1,the armada 1,the royal armada 1,the royal fleet 1,the treasure fleet 1,warships


1,Assault of 1,Assault on 1,Attack on 1,Battle at 1,Battle of 1,Campaign of 1,Defense of 1,Defenses at 1,Destruction of 1,Pillage of 1,Razing of 1,Resistance at 1,Sack of 1,Sacking of 1,Siege of


1,affliction 1,agony 1,baptism 1,betrayal 1,birth 1,consecration 1,coronation 1,death 1,defilement 1,funeral march 1,funeral procession 1,fury 1,grave 1,hatred 1,ire 1,last stand 1,life 1,madness 1,marriage 1,murder 1,passion 1,rage 1,tomb 1,torment 1,torture 1,wedding 1,wedding march 1,wedding procession 1,youth


1,calm 1,clear 1,dark 1,murky 1,tranquil 1,turbulent


1,[Color.huesCap] 1,[Fantasy Landmarks.inspiration]


3,famous 3,renowned 2,infamous 1,treacherous 1,well-known


4,cavaliers 4,dragoons 4,footmen 4,knights 4,war party 3,lances 2,horsemen 2,lancers 2,riders 1,battalions 1,brigades 1,companies 1,divisions 1,guards 1,paladins 1,troops 1,vanguard


1,battlecasters 1,battlemages 1,clerics 1,druids 1,mages 1,magicians 1,necromancers 1,priests 1,spellcasters 1,warlocks 1,witches 1,wizards


15,a carving 15,a mosaic 15,an engraving 15,an inlay 15,gems 13,plating 12,an etching 5,jewels



  • Act
  • 🎨
  • BattleType
  • Boats
  • 📕
  • 📕Type%
  • 🏰
  • Clothing
  • create
  • Depiction
  • Esteem
  • Fame
  • Furnishing
  • Hard
  • 🎸
  • Knights
  • music box
  • Ornament
  • 📜River
  • Shape
  • Soft
  • Spellcasters
  • Toy
  • Utensil
  • Utensil_type
  • Vanilla 🎸
  • 📜Water