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Artifacts that have names, and related abilities (that make sense) …

Your Unique Weapons

    <sgdisplay iterations="4">
  • [Weapon]</sgdisplay>

Your Unique Armor

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  • [Armor]</sgdisplay>



1,[Weapon] 1,[Armor]


0,NB: lead/trail spc! 1, [ArmorType] that


0,set off name, via … (here, italics) 1,


1,[n][Dark][n], an evil [🎨] that [Dark👊] 1,[n][Earth][n], a neutral [Blunt🎨] that [Earth👊] 1,[n][Fire][n], a neutral [Sharp🎨] that [Fire👊] 1,[n][Ice][n], a neutral [🎨] that [Ice👊] 1,[n][Light][n], a good [🎨] that [Light👊] 1,[n][Poison][n], an evil [Sharp🎨] that [Poison👊] 1,[n][Water][n], a neutral [🎨] that [Water👊] 1,[n][Wind][n], a neutral [🎨] that [Wind👊]


1,[Bows.Bowtype] 1,[HaftedWeapons.AxeType] 1,[HaftedWeapons.FlailType] 1,[HaftedWeapons.MaceType] 1,[HaftedWeapons.OtherHaftedType] 1,[HaftedWeapons.PolearmType] 1,[Lances.LanceType] lance 1,[StaffClub.ClubType] 1,[StaffClub.StaffType] 1,[Swords.BasketedSwordType] 1,[Swords.DaggerType] 1,[Swords.HiltedSwordType] 1,[WhipChain.NoDescription] 1,[Xbows.XbowType]


1,[HaftedWeapons.AxeType] 1,[HaftedWeapons.FlailType] 1,[HaftedWeapons.MaceType] 1,[HaftedWeapons.OtherHaftedType] 1,[HaftedWeapons.PolearmType] 1,[Lances.LanceType] lance 1,[StaffClub.ClubType] 1,[StaffClub.StaffType] 1,[WhipChain.NoDescription] 1,[Xbows.XbowType]


1,[Bows.Bowtype] 1,[HaftedWeapons.AxeType] 1,[HaftedWeapons.OtherHaftedType] 1,[Lances.LanceType] lance 1,[Swords.BasketedSwordType] 1,[Swords.DaggerType] 1,[Swords.HiltedSwordType] 1,[WhipChain.NoDescription] 1,[Xbows.XbowType]


1,[n][Dark🔫][n], an evil[a][Dark👊] 1,[n][Earth🔫][n], a neutral[a][Earth👊] 1,[n][Fire🔫][n], a neutral[a][Fire👊] 1,[n][Ice🔫][n], a neutral[a][Ice👊] 1,[n][Light🔫][n], a good[a][Light👊] 1,[n][Poison🔫][n], an evil[a][Poison👊] 1,[n][Water🔫][n], a neutral[a][Water👊] 1,[n][Wind🔫][n], a neutral[a][Wind👊]


1,[Armor.ArmorHeavy] armor 1,[Armor.ArmorLight] armor 1,[Armor.ArmorMedium] armor 1,[Armor.Helms] 1,[Armor.Shields]


1,[Magic Incantation.1er] [Magic Incantation.2e]’s 1,[Rank] [Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName]’s 1,[Rank] [Fantasy Names.Surname]’s 1,[Rank] [ScottishMale.ScottishMaleFirstName]’s 1,[Fantasy Names.StartNoTitle]’s 1,[Rank]’s 1,[Turkish Names.Surname]’s 1,Al’[Arabesque Names.Pre][Arabesque Names.Suf]’s 1,The Old [ManType]’s


1,Aegis 1,Assurance 1,Bastion 1,Bind 1,Binding 1,Blazon 1,Cage 1,Carapace 1,Case 1,Cloak 1,Coat 1,Diadem 1,Fort 1,Fortress 1,Guard 1,Guardian 1,Haven 1,Hide 1,Hold 1,Holder 1,Hope 1,Keep 1,Keeper 1,Locket 1,Mantle 1,Mask 1,Palisade 1,Prayer 1,Preservation 1,Preserver 1,Prison 1,Protector 1,Pugilist 1,Rock 1,Safeguard 1,Safety 1,Salvation 1,Sanctuary 1,Saviour 1,Shell 1,Shroud 1,Skin 1,Stone 1,Targe 1,Tower 1,Trap 1,Trappings 1,Veil 1,Wall


1,Artifice 1,Bastion 1,Binding 1,Bite 1,Blame 1,Blessing 1,Breath 1,Canticle 1,Chant 1,Charge 1,Clasp 1,Claw 1,Coin 1,Coming 1,Credo 1,Creed 1,Curse 1,Decree 1,Diadem 1,Door 1,Embodiment 1,Ending 1,Flag 1,Folly 1,Fortress 1,Furor 1,Fury 1,Gate 1,Gift 1,Grasp 1,Grip 1,Harbinger 1,Harvest 1,Hunger 1,Ire 1,Irony 1,Jest 1,Kiss 1,Lament 1,Lamentation 1,Madrigal 1,Mark 1,Message 1,Messenger 1,Might 1,Ode 1,Pain 1,Passion 1,Portal 1,Portent 1,Pride 1,Prison 1,Promise 1,Rage 1,Rapture 1,Rasp 1,Rest 1,Revelation 1,Revelry 1,Rune 1,Seal 1,Secret 1,Shame 1,Shield 1,Sigil 1,Sign 1,Signet 1,Song 1,Summit 1,Talent 1,Talon 1,Thirst 1,Touch 1,Treatise 1,Trumpet 1,Undoing 1,Unrest 1,Vision 1,Wrath 1,Yearning


1,[Rank] 1,Assassin 1,Blacksmith 1,Brewer 1,Coachman 1,Cobbler 1,Codger 1,Cooper 1,Demon 1,Djinn 1,Doctor 1,Enchanter 1,Enchantress 1,Engineer 1,Guard 1,Guardian 1,Healer 1,Herald 1,Knight 1,Mage 1,Priest 1,Scholar 1,Smith 1,Sorcerer 1,Sorceress 1,Steward 1,Sweeper 1,Thief 1,Tinkerer 1,Warlock 1,Warmaster 1,Witch 1,Wizard


1,Archbishop 1,Archduke 1,Archmage 1,Bishop 1,Captain 1,Dain 1,Dark Lord 1,Deacon 1,Duke 1,Earl 1,Fain 1,High King 1,High Priest 1,King 1,Lord 1,Major 1,Master 1,Overlord 1,Overseer 1,Prince 1,Saint 1,Sir 1,Thain


1,[DarkBegin] [AnyNameEnd] 3,[DarkBegin] [DarkEnd] 1,[BeginName] [DarkEnd]


5,[DarkBegin] [🔫End] 3,[DarkBegin] [DarkEnd] 1,[BeginName] [DarkEnd]


1,grants the user [MinorDark], [MinorDark] and a +[Dice.2d4] offensive bonus 1,grants the user [MajorDark] and a +[Dice.2d4] offensive bonus 1,grants the user [MajorDark], [MinorDark] and a +[Dice.2d4] offensive bonus


1,[Demon generator.Name]’s 1,[Dragon names.main]’s 1,[Orc Names.main]’s 1,[SGNP angels and demons.demon]’s 1,Bent 1,Black 1,Blood Stained 1,Bloody 1,Bone 1,Broken 1,Buzzard 1,Catacomb 1,Cold 1,Crow 1,Crow’s 1,Dark 1,Dead 1,Deadly 1,Death 1,Death’s 1,Deep 1,Dementia 1,Demon 1,Demonic 1,Devil 1,Doom 1,Dread 1,Drear 1,Empty 1,Endless 1,Envy 1,Ether 1,Ethereal 1,Evil 1,Evil’s 1,Fallen 1,Fear’s 1,Gaunt 1,Grave 1,Gray 1,Great 1,Grey 1,Guilt 1,Guilty 1,Gut Ripper 1,Horror 1,Jackal 1,Jester 1,Loathsome 1,Lost 1,Mental 1,Mindless 1,Night 1,Nightmare 1,Pain 1,Pestilence 1,Plague 1,Punishment 1,Raven 1,Raven’s 1,Sanguine 1,Sanity 1,Shade 1,Shadow 1,Shattered 1,Sin 1,Terror 1,Threshing 1,Tomb 1,Torment 1,Torn 1,Torture 1,Twisted 1,Unholy 1,Vein 1,Vile 1,War 1,Warped 1,Withering 1,Wraith 1,Wretched


1,Abomination 1,Advocate 1,Artifice 1,Barb 1,Bastion 1,Binding 1,Bite 1,Blood 1,Bone 1,Breaker 1,Bringer 1,Bruise 1,Catacomb 1,Chasm 1,Coil 1,Cold 1,Cost 1,Decree 1,Destroyer 1,Effigy 1,Fall 1,Fear 1,Harvester 1,Hole 1,Horror 1,Knight 1,Letter 1,Letting 1,Oath 1,Pit 1,Price 1,Punishment 1,Reap 1,Reaping 1,Rip 1,Ripper 1,Sacrifice 1,Scar 1,Scream 1,Shroud 1,Sickle 1,Smite 1,Snap 1,Snarl 1,Snatch 1,Spike 1,Strangler 1,Tear 1,Terror


1,[EarthBegin] [AnyNameEnd] 3,[EarthBegin] [EarthEnd] 1,[BeginName] [EarthEnd]


5,[EarthBegin] [🔫End] 3,[EarthBegin] [EarthEnd] 1,[BeginName] [EarthEnd]


1,grants the user [EarthMajor], [EarthMinor] and +[Dice.2d4] Armor 1,grants the user [EarthMajor] and +[Dice.2d4] Armor 1,grants the user [EarthMinor], [EarthMinor] and +[Dice.2d4] Armor


1,Blacksmith’s 1,Boulder 1,Cleft 1,Coal 1,Dark 1,Deep 1,Duergar 1,Dwarf’s 1,Dwarven 1,Earth 1,Foreman’s 1,Gemstone 1,Gilded 1,Golden 1,Granite 1,Grindstone 1,Heavy 1,Iron 1,Jewel 1,Jeweler’s 1,Lodestone 1,Millstone 1,Miner’s 1,Mount 1,Mountain’s 1,Pore 1,Prospector’s 1,Quarry 1,Ringwright’s 1,Rock 1,Shattering 1,Silver 1,Slate 1,Smith’s 1,Steam 1,Steel 1,Stone 1,Striking 1,Vulcan’s


1,Artifice 1,Batterer 1,Breaker 1,Chasm 1,Chip 1,Chisel 1,Cracker 1,Crusher 1,Delight 1,Drill 1,Find 1,Forge 1,Forger 1,Gavel 1,Gem 1,Gemstone 1,Geode 1,Gimlet 1,Glisten 1,Glitter 1,Guide 1,Hammer 1,Heaver 1,Hole 1,Jewel 1,Lantern 1,Lode 1,Lodestone 1,Maul 1,Might 1,Mine 1,Mount 1,Mountain 1,Ore 1,Pick 1,Pit 1,Pleasure 1,Pounder 1,Pummeler 1,Quarry 1,Ram 1,Ring 1,Rock 1,Rune 1,Seal 1,Shatterer 1,Smasher 1,Stone 1,Undoing


1,+[Dice.2d4] to Strength 1,Cast Turn To Stone 1,Elemental Immunity 1,Pass Wall 1,Physical Immunity 1,Summon Earthquake


1,+[Dice.1d6] to Strength 1,Cast Light 1,Hurl Boulder (1d8 ranged damage) 1,Resist Elements 1,Resist Physical (saving throw) 1,Stun Target 2d4 rounds


1,[FireBegin] [AnyNameEnd] 3,[FireBegin] [FireEnd] 1,[BeginName] [FireEnd]


5,[FireBegin] [🔫End] 3,[FireBegin] [FireEnd] 1,[BeginName] [FireEnd]


1,grants the user [MajorFire] and adds [Dice.2d4] Fire Damage 1,grants the user [MinorFire] and [MinorFire] and adds [Dice.2d4] Fire Damage


5,[Demon generator.Name]’s 5,[Dragon names.main]’s 5,[SGNP angels and demons.demon]’s 1,Ash 1,Bright 1,Burning 1,Char 1,Cinder 1,Coal 1,Dancing 1,Demon 1,Devil 1,Devil’s 1,Dragon 1,Dragon’s 1,Drake 1,Drake’s 1,Fiery 1,Fire 1,Flame 1,Glaring 1,Heat 1,Hell 1,Last 1,Naphtha 1,Phlogiston 1,Searing 1,Soot 1,Sun 1,Vulcan’s 1,Wyrm 1,Yule


1,Anvil 1,Blade 1,Blaze 1,Blister 1,Boiler 1,Burn 1,Candle 1,Censor 1,Char 1,Cinder 1,Coal 1,Cutlass 1,Dancer 1,Defiler 1,Destroyer 1,Fervor 1,Flame 1,Flare 1,Flicker 1,Flint 1,Forge 1,Fuel 1,Furnace 1,Furor 1,Fury 1,Glare 1,Gleam 1,Glimmer 1,Guide 1,Igniter 1,Immolation 1,Incense 1,Inferno 1,Ire 1,Kitchen 1,Lick 1,Light 1,Match 1,Phlogiston 1,Rage 1,Scorch 1,Sear 1,Slash 1,Spark 1,Sun 1,Swath 1,Torch 1,Volcano 1,Wrath


1,[IceBegin] [AnyNameEnd] 3,[IceBegin] [IceEnd] 1,[BeginName] [IceEnd]


5,[IceBegin] [🔫End] 3,[IceBegin] [IceEnd] 1,[BeginName] [IceEnd]


1,grants the user [MajorCold] and adds [Dice.2d4] Cold Damage 1,grants the user [MajorCold], [MinorCold] and adds [Dice.2d4] Cold Damage 1,grants the user [MinorCold], [MinorCold] and adds [Dice.2d4] Cold Damage


1,Arctic 1,Avalanche 1,Blind Man’s 1,Blinding 1,Blizzard 1,Bluster 1,Boreal 1,Chill 1,Clear 1,Cold 1,Crystal 1,Crystalline 1,Drear 1,Dwarf 1,Dwarven 1,Fantastic 1,Finger 1,Frea’s 1,Freeze 1,Frigid 1,Frost 1,Frozen 1,Gelid 1,Glacier 1,Hail 1,Hailstone 1,Halcyon 1,Hoar 1,Hyperion 1,Ice 1,Icy 1,Jack Frost’s 1,Mountain 1,North 1,Northern 1,Nose 1,Numb 1,Permafrost 1,Polar 1,Shiver 1,Sleet 1,Snow 1,Wind 1,Winter 1,Winter’s 1,Wolf 1,Wolf’s 1,Yeti


1,Avalanche 1,Bite 1,Blain 1,Blast 1,Chill 1,Chip 1,Crack 1,Creak 1,Edge 1,Fall 1,Freeze 1,Frost 1,Furor 1,Glint 1,Glisten 1,Groan 1,Howl 1,Icicle 1,Knife 1,Peak 1,Pick 1,Prickle 1,Rage 1,Run 1,Serenity 1,Shiver 1,Shroud 1,Silence 1,Slip 1,Snap 1,Snow 1,Spike 1,Spire 1,Sting 1,Storm 1,Thaw 1,Tingle 1,Whip 1,Wrath


1,[LightBegin] [AnyNameEnd] 3,[LightBegin] [LightEnd] 1,[BeginName] [LightEnd]


5,[LightBegin] [🔫End] 3,[LightBegin] [LightEnd] 1,[BeginName] [LightEnd]


1,grants the user [MajorLight] and a +[Dice.2d4] defensive bonus 1,grants the user [MajorLight], [MinorLight] and a +[Dice.2d4] defensive bonus 1,grants the user [MinorLight], [MinorLight] and a +[Dice.2d4] defensive bonus


1,St. [Catholic Saint Names.main]’s 1,[SGNP angels and demons.male]’s 1,[SGNP angels and demons.female]’s 1,Brother [Catholic Saint Names.main]’s 1,Father [Catholic Saint Names.main]’s 1,Angel 1,Angel’s 1,Apostle 1,Beautiful 1,Blessed 1,Chastity 1,Chosen 1,Divine 1,Faith 1,Faithful 1,God’s 1,Godly 1,Good 1,Great 1,Healing 1,Holy 1,Kingly 1,Law 1,Light 1,Merciful 1,Patient 1,Praetorian 1,Purity 1,Righteous 1,Saint’s 1,Sanctified 1,True 1,Truth 1,Truth’s


1,Aura 1,Blaze 1,Blessing 1,Bringer 1,Chosen 1,Creed 1,Crown 1,Decree 1,Divinity 1,Door 1,Elegy 1,Faith 1,Fire 1,Flame 1,Font 1,Fount 1,Gate 1,Goodness 1,Guide 1,Halo 1,Holiness 1,Judge 1,Judgement 1,Justice 1,Keeper 1,King 1,Kingdom 1,Knight 1,Last Rites 1,Law 1,Light 1,Mantle 1,Mercy 1,Oath 1,Prelate 1,Protector 1,Protectorate 1,Righteousness 1,Rite 1,Salvation 1,Sanctification 1,Sanctity 1,Saviour 1,Scripture 1,Smite 1,Sword 1,Teacher 1,Truth 1,Word


1,[PoisonBegin] [AnyNameEnd] 3,[PoisonBegin] [PoisonEnd] 1,[BeginName] [PoisonEnd]


5,[PoisonBegin] [🔫End] 3,[PoisonBegin] [PoisonEnd] 1,[BeginName] [PoisonEnd]


1,grants the user [MajorPoison] and adds [Dice.1d6] Poison damage each turn 1,grants the user [MajorPoison], [MinorPoison] and adds [Dice.1d6] Poison damage each turn 1,grants the user [MinorPoison], [MinorPoison] and adds [Dice.1d6] Poison damage each turn


1,[Demon generator.Name]’s 1,[Dragon names.main]’s 1,[Orc Names.main]’s 1,[SGNP angels and demons.demon]’s 1,Bile 1,Black 1,Blight 1,Bloody 1,Boil 1,Catacomb 1,Chill 1,Chilling 1,Cholera 1,Coffin 1,Cold 1,Corpse 1,Dark 1,Dead 1,Deadly 1,Death 1,Death’s 1,Deep 1,Dementia 1,Demon 1,Devil 1,Disease 1,Doom 1,Ebon 1,Empty 1,Endless 1,Envy 1,Ether 1,Evil 1,Evil’s 1,Fallen 1,Fatal 1,Fate 1,Fear’s 1,Fester 1,Fever 1,Filth 1,Final 1,Flesh 1,Gaunt 1,Grave 1,Gray 1,Great 1,Grey 1,Guilt 1,Guilty 1,Heart 1,Hidden 1,Hopeless 1,Horror 1,Last 1,Loathsome 1,Lost 1,Maggot 1,Mortal 1,Night 1,Nightmare 1,Noxious 1,Numb 1,Pain 1,Pestilence 1,Pestilent 1,Plague 1,Poison 1,Pus 1,Rot 1,Sanguine 1,Scarab 1,Scorpion 1,Scorpion’s 1,Shade 1,Shadow 1,Shattered 1,Shelob’s 1,Soul 1,Spider 1,Spider’s 1,Spine 1,Stinging 1,Sweat 1,Terror 1,Throat 1,Tomb 1,Torment 1,Torn 1,Torture 1,Toxic 1,Toxin 1,Twisted 1,Unholy 1,Unseen 1,Vein 1,Venom 1,Venomous 1,Vile 1,Viral 1,Virulent


1,Adder 1,Artifice 1,Asp 1,Assassin 1,Barb 1,Binding 1,Bite 1,Blame 1,Blister 1,Blood 1,Bringer 1,Chill 1,Choker 1,Cloak 1,Cobra 1,Coil 1,Cold 1,Curse 1,Destroyer 1,Fear 1,Gash 1,Hole 1,Horror 1,Infestation 1,Letter 1,Letting 1,Mantle 1,Nail 1,Nightshade 1,Noir 1,Piercer 1,Pit 1,Price 1,Rot 1,Sacrifice 1,Scratch 1,Scream 1,Shake 1,Shroud 1,Shudder 1,Spasm 1,Spike 1,Stalker 1,Strangler 1,Strike 1,Succumb 1,Tingler 1,Toxin 1,Venom


1,[WaterBegin] [AnyNameEnd] 3,[WaterBegin] [WaterEnd] 1,[BeginName] [WaterEnd]


5,[WaterBegin] [🔫End] 3,[WaterBegin] [WaterEnd] 1,[BeginName] [WaterEnd]


1,grants the user Water Breathing, [WaterMinor], and [MajorWater] 1,grants the user Water Breathing, [MajorWater] and [MajorWater] 1,grants the user Water Breathing and [MajorWater]


1,Admiral [ScottishMale.ScottishMaleFirstName]’s 1,Aquatic 1,Bay 1,Behemoth 1,Blue 1,Captain [ScottishMale.ScottishMaleFirstName]’s 1,Corsair’s 1,Davy Jones’ 1,Deep 1,Ensign’s 1,Fog 1,Hurricane 1,Lightning 1,Maiden 1,Maiden’s 1,Mariner’s 1,Mermaid 1,Mermaid’s 1,Nauticus 1,Neptune’s 1,Nixie 1,Ocean 1,Pirate’s 1,Rusulki 1,Sail 1,Sailor’s 1,Sea 1,Seaman’s 1,Star 1,Storm 1,Tide 1,Titan’s 1,Triton’s 1,Ursula’s 1,Wave 1,Whale


1,Anchor 1,Barge 1,Bow 1,Breaker 1,Brig 1,Call 1,Calling 1,Captain 1,Churn 1,Crest 1,Curse 1,Decree 1,Dusk 1,Fate 1,Fathom 1,Ferry 1,Flash 1,Foam 1,Frigate 1,Froth 1,Fury 1,Galleon 1,Galley 1,Harbinger 1,Harbor 1,Harpoon 1,Haven 1,Hold 1,Hook 1,Keel 1,Launch 1,League 1,Maelstrom 1,Mast 1,Moon 1,Port 1,Rage 1,Rig 1,Rudder 1,Schooner 1,Scream 1,Ship 1,Skiff 1,Sloop 1,Smack 1,Sound 1,Sprit 1,Squall 1,Tide


1,Fish Vision 1,Shark Scales (+[Dice.2d4] Armor) 1,Shark Bite (2d8 Damage) 1,+[Dice.2d4] to Swimming 1,+[Dice.2d4] to Fishing 1,Shark Nose (+[Dice.2d4] to Perception) 1,Stone To Mud 1,Summon Nixie/Mermaid 1,Walk on water


1,[WindBegin] [AnyNameEnd] 3,[WindBegin] [WindEnd] 1,[BeginName] [WindEnd]


5,[WindBegin] [🔫End] 3,[WindBegin] [WindEnd] 1,[BeginName] [WindEnd]


1,grants the user [MajorWind] and a +[Dice.2d4] attack speed bonus 1,grants the user [MajorWind], [MinorWind], and a +[Dice.2d4] attack speed bonus 1,grants the user [MinorWind], [MinorWind] and a +[Dice.2d4] attack speed bonus


1,Air 1,Airy 1,Angel 1,Angel’s 1,Archon 1,Archon’s 1,Banshee’s 1,Blinding 1,Canyon 1,Cloud 1,Desert 1,Djinni 1,Djinni’s 1,Dune 1,Dust 1,Feather 1,Fleeting 1,Flight 1,Flying 1,Gust 1,High 1,Host 1,Leaf 1,Lightning 1,Odin’s 1,Peak 1,Sand 1,Sky 1,Star 1,Storm 1,Summit 1,Sylph 1,Sylph’s 1,Thor’s 1,Valkyrie 1,Wild 1,Wind 1,Wing 1,Zeus’s


1,Blast 1,Blink 1,Blow 1,Breaker 1,Breath 1,Bringer 1,Call 1,Calling 1,Cry 1,Fate 1,Feather 1,Flash 1,Flight 1,Flit 1,Fury 1,Gust 1,Hammer 1,Howl 1,Kiss 1,Lash 1,Leaf 1,Rage 1,Reach 1,Relentless 1,Rider 1,Scourge 1,Scream 1,Shifter 1,Shout 1,Song 1,Squall 1,Star 1,Stern 1,Storm 1,Tornado 1,Traveller 1,Twinkle 1,Twister 1,Vapor 1,Vengeance 1,Voyage 1,Voyager 1,Walker 1,Whip 1,Whisper 1,Wind 1,Wing 1,Wisp 1,Word


1,Cast Blizzard 1,Cast Ice Sheet 1,Cold Immunity 1,Fire Immunity 1,Freeze Target 1,Summon 2d4 Dire Wolves 1,Summon Frost Giant 1,Summon Frost Wyrm 1,Summon Ice Elemental 1,Summon Ice Phoenix 1,Summon Yeti


1,Cause Critical Wounds 1,Control Target 1,Destruction/Call the Void 1,Regrowth 2d4HP/turn 1,Summon Demon 1,Vampirism/Dark Gift 1,Word of Power/Kill Target


1,Call Meteor 1,Cast Volcano 1,Cold Immunity 1,Fire Immunity 1,Immolate 1,Summon Demon 1,Summon Fire Elemental


1,Heal Major Wounds (party) 1,Heal Self (full) 1,Resurrect


1,Poison Aura (2d4 damage/turn within a [Dice.1d4]0’ radius) 1,Poison Immunity 1,Blind Target 1,Invisibility


1,Summon Water Elemental 1,Call Hurricane 1,Call Flood 1,Drown/Engulf Target 1,Tsunami 1,Water spout 1,Vortex


1,a +[Dice.2d4] movement bonus 1,Blink Group 1,Flying 1,Invisibility 1,Summon Tornado 1,Summon Wind Elemental 1,Teleport Group


1,Cold Resistance 1,Frost Shield (+[Dice.2d4] Armor) 1,Fire Resistance 1,Ice Shard (2d4 ranged damage) 1,Summon Dire Wolf 1,Water Walking


1,Cause Serious Wounds 1,Coerce Target 1,Curse Target 1,Detect Good (glowing bright [Utility.BrightColors]) 1,Detect Good (glowing faint [Utility.BrightColors]) 1,Protection from Good 1,Regenerate 1d4HP/3 turns 1,Slow Target 1,Summon Imp


1,Cast Fireball 1,Cast Light 1,Cold Resistance 1,Fire Resistance 1,Ignite Surroundings


1,Cast Light 1,Heal Major Wounds 1,Heal Minor Wounds (party) 1,Protection from Evil 1,Detect Evil (glowing bright [Utility.BrightColors]) 1,Detect Evil (glowing faint [Utility.BrightColors])


1,Backstab x2 damage 1,Poison Resistance 1,Poison Breath (2d6 ranged damage) 1,Blink Self 1,Teleport Self 1,Curse Target 1,Detect Good (glowing faint [Utility.BrightColors]) 1,Hide Self (+[Dice.2d4] to Stealth)


1,Blink Self 1,Feather Falling 1,Levitation 1,Summon Whirlwind 1,Teleport Self