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For all your non-ingredient and non-combat arcane needs! Need a fancy new mortar and pestle? how about a recycled potion bottle? this table has anything you can ever want*

*relating to magic, with the exclusion of combat magic.

Alchemical Equipment, Vessels

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[Vessels].

Alchemical Equipment, Tools

<sgdisplay iterations="3">A [AlcTools] made of [fancychance].

Artificer's Tools

<sgdisplay iterations="3">A [ArtTools] formed out of [fancychance].

Summoning Equipment

<sgdisplay iterations="3">A[SumTools].


<sgdisplay iterations="3">[main]



1,[Vessels]. 1,A [AlcTools] made of [fancychance]. 1,A [ArtTools] formed out of [fancychance]. 1,A[SumTools].


1, chalk holder, made of [fancychance] 1, small idol, in the shape of a [Utility.Symbol] 1, set of [Dice.3d3] [Color.main] chalks 1, set of [Dice.3d3] [Color.main] candles 1, set of [Dice.3d3] [Color.main]-painted stones 1, set of [Dice.3d3] [Color.main] cloaks, made of [Utility.ClothFancy] 1, bolt of [Color.main] [Utility.ClothFancy], measuring [Dice.3d3]-[mesun] by [Dice.3d3]-[mesun] 1, compass, with a casing of [fancychance] 3, knife with a blade formed out of [fancychance] 3,n amulet of protection, made of [fancychance], and invoking the power of [List of gods.main] 3,n amulet of invocation, made of [fancychance], and invoking the presence of [Demon generator.main]


1,set of draftsman's tools 1,set of calipers 1,measuring rod, marked off in [mesun], 1,slide rule, marked off in [mesun], 1,conversion table, listing [mesun] to [mesun], 1,carving knife 1,set of [Dice.4d8] wrenches, for bolts measured in [mesun], 1,hammer 1,polishing brush 1,vise 1,set of extremely delicate fabricator's gloves 1,set of goggles, with [Utility.GlassOpacity] [Utility.GlassColors] lenses and the housings 1,saw 1,drill bit set, with [Dice.4d8] bits 1,thread-cutter


1,bloits 2,furlongs 1,potrzebies 1,beard-seconds 1,smoots 2,sheppies 1,Parasangs 1,barns 1,buddams 5,Millimeters 5,Centimeters 5,Imperial Inches 5,Inches 3,Handsbredths 3,Alds 3,Cubits 3,Palms 1,Paces 1,Lignes 1,Spats 1,Hat'h 1,Arşes 1,Canas 2,Bahari 4,uncia 3,Rods


1,number of blank labels, and a pen 1,pen and inkpot set 1,knife 1,set of surgical instruments 1,Mortar and Pestle set 1,Bowl 1,file 1,crucible 1,portable alchemist's table 1,box 1,spoon 1,heating lamp 1,respirator 1,set of scales


1,A [Foodstuffs.LiquidContainer][labelchance], holds about [dice.2d6] [vol] 1,A [Trade Goods.PerfumeContainer][labelchance], holds about [dice.2d6] [vol] 1,A [Trade Goods.OilContainer][labelchance], holds about [dice.2d6] [vol] 1,A [container] made of [fancychance] [labelchance], holds about [dice.2d6] [vol]


1,[fancy] 1,[notfancy]


5,[Utility.MetalSoft] 5,[Utility.MetalDecor] 3,[Utility.MetalPrecious] 3,[Utility.MetalExotic] 2,[Utility.StoneDecorative] 1,[Utility.WoodsHard] 1,[Utility.WoodsRare]


1,a single [Utility.Hardstones] 1,a piece of [Utility.SemiPrecious Stones] 1,[notfancy] with a [Utility.Symbol] motif 1,[notfancy] in [Utility.Symbols] 1,[notfancy] set with [Utility.GemType]


1,Bottle 1,Jar 1,Flask 1,Decanter 1,Jug 1,Bowl 1,Cup 1,Vial 1,Pot 1,Vase 1,Canister 1,mortar


1, 1, sporting the label "[label]"


1,[Brewnames.main] 1,[mix] of [Arcane Substance.main] 1,[Compound Word Names.main] [mix] 1,[Fantasy Names.StartAny]'s [Gray Pawn Treasure Oracle.adjective] [label]


1,Elixir 1,Fulminate 1,Liqueur 1,Essence 1,Distillate 1,Decoction 1,Precipitate 1,Reduction 1,Imitation 1,Solution 1,Extract


1,buckets 3,firlots 1,lasts 1,hobbits 2,seams 2,uncia 4,tumblerfuls 1,wey 2,aum 1,coombs 5,pints 5,quarts 2,gallons 2,imperial gallons 1,cullishigays 1,demiards 2,koku 1,pecks 1,octaves 1,amphora 1,belshazzars 1,acetabulum 2,jugs 5,cups 3,litres 5,millilitres 5,ounces