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0,… or, italicize “foo” for a more modern look! 100,“[foo]”[AuthorChance] 1,[pregen]


10,[Intro] [Discipline] 2,[Gerund] the [AlchemyNoun] of [AbstractSubstance] 1,[Experiments] [AbstractSubstance] 1,[Experiments] [ArcaneSubstance]


2,[IntroAdj] 1,[HumorousIntro] 1,[IntroAdj]Basis of 1,[IntroAdj]Codex of 1,[IntroAdj]Concepts of 1,[IntroAdj]Dictionary of 1,[IntroAdj]Enchiridion of 1,[IntroAdj]Formulae of 1,[IntroAdj]Foundations of 1,[IntroAdj]Investigations of 1,[IntroAdj]Manual on 1,[IntroAdj]Models of 1,[IntroAdj]Principles of 1,[IntroAdj]Research on 1,[IntroAdj]Techniques in 1,[IntroAdj]Textbook of 1,[IntroAdj]Theory of 1,[IntroAdj]Understanding of 1,[IntroAdj]Writings Concerning 1,A Child’s Guide to 1,An Introduction to 1,Getting Started with 1,Guide to 1,Inquiry into 1,Learning About 1,Meditations on 1,Mastery of 1,Notes upon 1,A Primer on 1,Recent Advances in 1,Secrets of 1,Solving Problems with 1,The Handbook of 1,Tome of 1,A Compendium of


1,How to Catch Fish with 1,How to Lose Digits Fast with 1,How to Get Chicks with 1,How to Get Instantly Fired with 1,How to Pad Your Resume with 1,How to Sound Smart About 1,Teaching Your Kids About 1,An Illustrated Guide to 1,The Dumb Goblin’s Guide to 1,Learn to Start Loving


0, - - - note trailing spc! 10,Alchemical 10,Ancient 10,Applied 10,Arcane 10,Archaic 10,Auspicious 10,Baleful 6,Chthonic 10,Classic 4,Compleat 10,Complete 10,Comprehensive 10,Concentric 10,Concise 10,Cryptic 10,Eldritch 10,Esoteric 10,Extended 10,Forgotten 10,Hidden 11,Historical 10,Impenetrable 9,Living 6,Lost 10,Macabre 10,Modal 10,Modern 10,Mystic 10,Otherplanar 10,Precise 15,Puissant 9,Rediscovered 10,Subtle 10,Supernatant 10,Thaumaturgical 10,Unholy 10,Unified 10,Universal 10,Unknown 10,Vernal 16,Basic 16,Advanced 16,Practical 16,Secret 5,Statistical 30,


15,[AbstractSubstance] 5,[DivinationType] 3,[DiscAdj] Energies 2,[DiscAdj] Symbols 1,[DiscAdj] Alegebra 1,[DiscAdj] Hierarchy 1,[DiscAdj] Hexes 1,[DiscAdj] Knowledge 1,[DiscAdj] Mechanics 1,[DiscAdj] Models 1,[DiscAdj] Power 1,[DiscAdj] Runes 1,[DiscAdj] Structures 1,[Utility.CreatureTypes] Crossbreeding 1,[Utility.CreatureTypes] Dissection 1,[Utility.CreatureTypes] Sentience 4,Artifice 4,Machination 4,Mystical Contrivance 1,Alchemy 1,Alienistic Magic 1,Anatomy 1,Astrology 1,Astronomy 1,Binding Rituals 1,Calligraphy 1,Chirurgery 1,Chronomancy 4,Communication with [Utility.CreatureTypes]s 1,Construct Creation 1,Cosmology 1,Cryptology 1,Demonology 1,Diabolism 1,Elementalism 1,Epistemology 1,Eschatology 1,Fetish Magic 1,Folklore 1,Gematria 1,Herbalism 1,History 1,Ley Lines 1,Logic 1,Lore 1,Magical Crossbreeding 1,Numerology 1,Occultism 1,Ontology 1,Ossuaria 1,Planar Travel 1,Potionbrewing 1,Rune Magic 1,Sorcery 1,Spellcasting 1,Spellcraft 1,Summoning [Utility.CreatureTypes]s 1,Syncretism 1,Technique 1,Thaumaturgy 1,the Orders of [DiscAdj] Beings 1,Theurgy 1,Theology 1,Witchcraft 1,Wizardry


70,[baz]omancy 4,[biz]ology 4,[buz]oscopy 1,Arithmancy 1,Augury 1,Chirognomy 1,Dowsing 1,Entomomancy 1,Haruspex 1,Metagnomy 1,Meteormancy 1,Moleosophy 1,Palmistry 1,Runecasting 1,Scapulimancy 1,Scrying 1,Tasseography 1,Tephramancy


1,Astr 1,Graph 1,Numer 1,Phren


1,Anem 1,Ceraun 1,Gel 1,Metop


1,Aer 1,Ailur 1,Alectry 1,Aleur 1,Al 1,Alphit 1,Anthrop 1,Apant 1,Astragal 1,Astr 1,Austr 1,Axi 1,Bel 1,Bibli 1,Botan 1,Capn 1,Cart 1,Catoptr 1,Causim 1,Cephal 1,Cer 1,Cha 1,Cheir 1,Chir 1,Cler 1,Clid 1,Comet 1,Coscin 1,Crit 1,Cromni 1,Crystall 1,Cycl 1,Daphn 1,Demon 1,Empyr 1,Fav 1,Gastr 1,Ge 1,Gyr 1,Hipp 1,Hydr 1,Icthy 1,Lampad 1,Lecan 1,Liban 1,Liter 1,Lith 1,Molybd 1,My 1,Myrm 1,Necr 1,Neph 1,Ocul 1,Oin 1,Omphal 1,Oneir 1,On 1,Onych 1,Ophi 1,Ornith 1,Ov 1,Peg 1,Phyllorhod 1,Plastr 1,Pod 1,Pyr 1,Rhabd 1,Rhapsod 1,Scat 1,Scapul 1,Sci 1,Sider 1,Somat 1,Spod 1,Stich 1,Stolis 1,Tar 1,Theri 1,Tir 1,Xyl


1,Abyssal 1,Acidic 1,Alchemical 1,Anarchic 1,Ancient 1,Aquatic 1,Arcane 1,Astral 1,Astrological 1,Astronomical 1,Auran 1,Axiomatic 1,Bacchic 1,Bivariate 1,Blasphemous 1,Blighted 1,Bucolic 1,Celestial 1,Chaotic 1,Chromatic 1,Chthonic 1,Demonic 1,Diabolic 1,Draconic 1,Eldritch 1,Electric 1,Elemental 1,Ethereal 1,Fiendish 1,Fiery 1,Fluid 1,Gaseous 1,Herbal 1,Hidden 1,Ignan 1,Invisible 1,Mineral 1,Necromanic 1,Organic 1,Planar 1,Pyroclastic 1,Quasi-Elemental 1,Secret 1,Stygian 1,Telluric 1,Terran 1,Thermal 1,Umbral 1,Unseen


1,Experiments with 1,Research on 1,Analysis of 1,Uses for 1,Magnifying [Wizard schools.mainCap] Spells with 1,A Theory on the Nature of 1,Rethinking the [AlchemyNoun] of 1,Lab Journal of 1,A Summarie of 1,Investigations in 1,Hidden Aspects of 1,Primer on 1,Problems of


1,Basis 1,Calcinate 1,Coagulation 1,Distillate 1,Essence 1,Flux 1,Form 1,Foundation 1,Humors 1,Nature 1,Quintessence 1,Respiration 1,Salts 1,Secrets 1,Solution 1,Spirit 1,Spirits 1,State 1,Synthesis 1,Titration 1,Toxicity 1,Transmutation 1,Uses 1,Vapor 1,Vitriol 10,[AlchemyAdjective] [AlchemyNoun]


1,Hidden 1,Natural 1,Arcane 1,Ancient 1,Alchemical 1,Pure 1,Mystical 1,Elemental 1,Secret 1,Unusual


1,Analyzing 1,Conceptualizing 1,Examining 1,Examining the Origins of 1,Determining 1,Discovering 1,Distilling 1,Divulging 1,Extracting 1,Finding 1,Identifying 1,In Search of 1,Interpreting 1,Isolating 1,Manipulating 1,Purifying 1,Revealing 1,Synthesizing 1,Uncovering 1,Unlocking 1,Understanding 9,[Experiments]


1,the Element of [Elements.all] 1,[Wizard schools.main] Magic


1,[Arcane Substance.main]


1, 2,, by [ArcaneAuthor]


1,[Fantasy Names.MaleFirstName] 1,[Fantasy Names.FemFirstName]


1,[aa] 1,[aa] the [ArcaneProfession] 1,[aa] the [Honorific] 1,[aa], [ArcaneProfession] [ArcaneRank] 1,[aa], [Secret Society Title.main] 1,[aa], the [Secret Society Title.TitleDescriptor] [ArcaneProfession]


0…for use in other tables 1, the [ArcaneProfession] 1, the [Honorific] 1,, [ArcaneProfession] [ArcaneRank], 1,, [Secret Society Title.main], 1,, the [Secret Society Title.TitleDescriptor] [ArcaneProfession],


1,Magnificent 1,Powerful 1,Great 1,Dark 1,White 1,Grey 1,Black 1,Red 1,Forbidden 1,Illustrious 10,[Secret Society Title.TitleDescriptor]


5,Alchemist 5,Arcanist 5,Mage 5,Spellcaster 5,Wizard 4,Professor 4,Magician 3,Enchanter 3,Magus 3,Sorcerer 3,Warlock 2,Artificer 2,Druid 1,Shaman 1,Conjurer 1,Diviner 1,Effigy master 1,Evoker 1,Illusionist 1,Necromancer 1,Spell Crafter 1,Summoner 1,Transmuter 1,Wu Jen 1,Diabolist 1,Spellslinger


8,of the [ar]th Circle 10,of the [Secret Society Title.NounDescriptor] [Secret Society Title.Noun]


1,Fif 1,Six 1,Seven 1,Eigh 1,Nin 1,Ten 1,Eleven 1,Twelf


0, - - - this doesn't really go here but 0, - - - I am trying to do a better job 0, - - - of contributing to existing 0, - - - generators rather than creating 0, - - - somewhat-arbitrary new ones 0, - - - 0, - - - LEGENDARY TOMES 1,“The Summary to Judgements of Divinations”, by Senji Ryakketsu 1,“Liber AL vel Legis” 1,“Chemistianity” 1,“The Trotula” 1,“Chemistianity” 1,“La Chimie au Moyen Age”, Tome II: L'Alchimie Syriaque 1,“The Life of Antoninus Heliogabalus”, by Aelius Lampridius 1,“A Guide to Safe Magical Practices”, by Brendomil Harfantis 1,“The Golden Bough”, by Sir James Frazer 1,The Book of Eibon 1,“Cultes des Goules”, by Francois-Honore Balfour, Comte d'Erlette 1,“De Vermis Mysteriis”, by Ludwig Prinn the Necromancer 1,“The King in Yellow” 1,The Necronomicon, by the Mad Mage Abdul Azhared 1,The Pnakotic Manuscripts 1,“Unaussprechlichen Kulten”, by Friedrich von Junzt 0, - - - WHIMSICAL TITLES 1,“The Autobiography of a Lump of Coal”, by Annie Carey


Orig. by Dave Younce


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  • AlchemyAdjective
  • AlchemyNoun
  • ArcaneAuthor
  • ArcaneProfession
  • ArcaneRank
  • ArcaneSubstance
  • AuthorChance
  • DiscAdj
  • Discipline
  • DivinationType
  • Experiments
  • Gerund
  • Honorific
  • HumorousIntro
  • Intro
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  • main
  • also: foo, baz, biz, buz, aa, ar, Epithet


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