Anthology Inspiration

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<sgdisplay iterations="13">[main]</sgdisplay>



0,[Plot Keyword Oracle.Keyword] 0,[alpha] 1,TYPE: [TYPE]
[Plot Keyword Oracle.Keyword]
[Plot Keyword Oracle.Keyword]


1,[Adventure Skeleton.elements] 1,[Adventure Skeleton.theme] 2,[Adventure Skeleton.complications]


1,Fantasy 1,Westerns 1,Romance 1,Thriller 1,Mystery 1,Erotica 1,Detective 1,Dystopia 1,Mythopoeia 1,Horror 1,Fable 1,Humor 1,Satire 1,Comedy 1,Tragedy 1,Epic 1,Imaginary voyage 1,Lost World 1,Men's adventure 1,Milesian 1,Picaresque 1,Apocalyptic 1,Sea story 1,Subterranean 1,Erotic romance 1,Women's erotica 1,Prehistoric