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...for In a Wicked Age

<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,A jealous shape changing ex decides to get even 1,A team of gun bunnies on the tail of a notorious gangster and his mechanized thugs 1,A Guardian of the Natural Order appears to set things right 1,An alien princess on the run from galactic bounty hunters 1,An average joe and his malfunctioning robotic girlfriend 1,A portal to a parallel universe opens unexpectedly 1,Tiny robots forced into gladiatorial combat rise up to overthrow their masters 1,The power up is complete, revealing a new, never before seen form 1,A martial arts natural striving to become the best in world confronts another rival 1,An alien exchange student, late for class, runs into the school bully 1,A grandfather convinces his teenage granddaughter to have a slumber party at the temple 1,Sgt First Class of the Intergalactic Tribunal arrives on official business 1,A rabble rousing cyborg opposing the corporation that once owned him 1,A team of magical girls appears to thwart the demonic menace 1,An old and wise sensei refuses to teach a brash youth 1,A fantastical airship crash lands in unfriendly territory 1,A demon of the Dark Universe sheds his human host to reveal his true form 1,A tiny maiden seeks a cure to her diminutive curse 1,A tech genius with no self esteem and a bad attitude is called on to save the world 1,At the moment of victory, the hero’s nemesis interferes 1,A government official, of an agency that doesn’t exist, approaches their newest recruit 1,A samurai finally finds a worthy opponent 1,A cat girl assassin unexpectedly falls in love with her target 1,An amnesiac teenage assassin finds a clue to her mysterious origins 1,The Dark Lord awakens from his slumber to see the face of an unlikely summoner 1,His sister’s soul, infused into the body of a giant mechanized robot 1,Rival auto gangs race down the streets unconcerned with anyone’s safety 1,An alien mechanized battle suit stored in a student’s wrist watch 1,A master swordsman swears never to touch a sword again is confronted by an old enemy 1,A broken down giant robot is our only hope against a new menace 1,The wrecked remains of a mecha, destroyed in a firefight 1,A ninja trainee from another dimension trapped in our world and he is late for school 1,A childlike killer android with a limited life span on the run from his corporate masters 1,A precocious youth with a knack for trouble finds something unexpected 1,The Sword of the Ancestors seeks a great hero to save the world 1,A world devouring demon, about to be released on an unsuspecting city 1,A temple girl becomes a murder of crows to defend the Shrine of the Ancestors 1,A teenager loses control of his mysterious power in a moment of anger 1,Brother and sister, once so close, now stand against each other as enemies 1,Sweat and blood falls to the floor of the impromptu arena </sgtable>