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General Anime/Fantasy Character Generator

<sgdisplay iterations="2">[female]

<sgdisplay iterations="2">[male]



1,[descriptor1] [femaletype] with [skintone] skin and [mood] air [action]. She has [scargirl]. Her eyes are [eyecolor] and her [hairdesc1] [hairdesc2], [haircolor] hair is [hairstyle]. The clothing she wears is primarily [clothingcolor] with [accentcolor] accents. The style is reminiscent of [clothingdesc]. Her [accessory] out to you: it's quite [descriptor2]. You realize that she [descriptor3]


1,[descriptor1] [maletype] with [skintone] skin and [mood] air [action]. He has [scarboy]. His eyes are [eyecolor] and his [hairdesc1] [hairdesc2], [haircolor] hair is [hairstyle]. The clothing he wears is primarily [clothingcolor] with [accentcolor] accents. The style is reminiscent of [clothingdesc]. His [accessory] out to you: it's quite [descriptor2]. You realize that he [descriptor3]


3,An energetic 3,A shy 3,A mean-spirited 3,A quiet 3,A dangerous 3,A parental 3,A flamboyant 3,A mannerly 3,A mystical 3,A lazy 3,A strict 3,A sinful 3,An ambiguous 3,A mercurial 3,A loving 3,A friendly 3,A loud 3,A villainous 3,A saintly 3,A sweet 3,A seductive 3,A competent 3,An odd 3,A strange 3,A reliable 3,A grim 3,An intelligent 1,A genius 1,A slow 3,A stupid 3,A dense 3,A clever 3,A modest 3,An arrogant 3,A passionate 3,An impatient 3,An authoritative 3,An insane 3,A silly 3,A forgetful 3,A talkative 3,A withdrawn 3,An outgoing 3,A sensual 3,A hotheaded 3,A creepy 2,A frightening 3,A childish 3,A peaceful 3,A warlike 3,An irresponsible 3,A responsible 3,A poetic 3,A serious 3,A bespectacled


3,girl 3,woman 3,lady 3,pregnant woman 3,teenage girl


3,boy 3,man 3,gentleman 3,teenage boy


3,pale olive 3,olive 3,dark olive 3,pale chocolate 3,chocolate 3,dark chocolate 3,pale golden 3,golden 3,dark golden 3,pale peach 3,peach 3,dark peach 4,ivory 4,alabaster 4,cream 4,porcelain 4,sable 4,raven 3,pale ebony 3,ebony 3,dark ebony 3,pale bisque 3,bisque 3,dark bisque 3,light tan 3,tan 3,dark tan 3,light caramel 3,caramel 3,dark caramel 3,pale coffee 3,coffee 3,dark coffee 3,pale beige 3,beige 3,dark beige 3,pale ruddy 3,ruddy 3,dark ruddy


3,a cheerful 3,a depressed 3,a tired 3,an annoyed 3,a sorrowful 3,a happy 3,a bright 3,a dreary 3,a frightened 3,an enraged 3,a calm 3,an antsy 3,a languid


2,turns to look at you 3,stands in the corner 3,paces about the room 3,brushes past you 3,taps you on the shoulder 3,smiles at you 2,looks at you 2,glances at you 3,heaves a sigh 3,enters the room 3,seems to be avoiding your gaze 3,seems to be staring at you 3,is poring over a book 3,is glancing at a pocket watch 3,asks you the time 3,sits down beside you 3,is humming a tune


8,no visible scars 1,a scar on her cheek 1,a scar on her hand 1,a scar through one eye 1,many scars


8,no visible scars 1,a scar on his cheek 1,a scar on his hand 1,a scar through one eye 1,many scars


3,icy blue 3,dusky blue 3,gray blue 3,sky blue 3,chestnut brown 3,toffee brown 3,chocolate brown 3,coffee black 3,amethyst 3,violet 3,indigo 3,sea green 3,mint green 3,emerald 3,forest green 3,light gray 3,dark gray 3,ebon 3,ink black 3,amber 3,golden 3,silver 3,ruby 3,blood red 3,powder pink 3,hazel 2,bicolored


3,extremely 3,generally 3,mostly 3,slightly 3,very


3,curly 3,wavy 4,straight 2,frizzy 2,unkempt


3,honey brown 3,coffee brown 3,toffee brown 3,chocolate brown 3,mahogany 3,ash blonde 3,dirty blonde 3,platinum blonde 3,yellow blonde 3,strawberry blonde 3,golden blonde 3,salt and pepper 3,silver 3,white 3,gray 4,jet black 4,sable black 3,forest green 3,powder pink 3,dark pink 3,blood red 3,apple red 3,auburn 3,fiery red 3,ice blue 3,sapphire 3,steel blue 3,violet 3,plum 3,lavender


3,knee length and kept loose 3,knee length and tied back simply 3,knee length and braided 3,knee length and styled elaborately 3,ankle length and kept loose 3,ankle length and tied back simply 3,ankle length and braided 3,ankle length and kept loose 3,midback length and kept loose 3,midback length and tied back simply 3,midback length and braided 3,midback length and styled elaborately 3,shoulder length and kept loose 3,shoulder length and tied back simply 3,shoulder length and braided 3,shoulder length and styled elaborately 3,chin length and unstyled 3,chin length and tied back simply 3,chin length and styled into a bob 3,chin length and styled elaborately 5,short and unstyled 3,short and jagged 3,extremely short 1,in pigtails 1,in gravity defying spikes


3,blue 3,red 3,yellow 3,pink 3,black 3,gray 3,white 3,purple 3,orange 3,green 3,brown 3,silver 3,gold


3,blue 3,red 3,yellow 3,pink 6,black 6,gray 6,white 3,purple 3,orange 3,green 4,brown 6,silver 6,gold


3,business 3,a schoolchild 3,a schoolteacher 3,royalty 3,riffraff 3,olden times 3,an artist 3,a priest or priestess 3,the opposite gender’s clothing 3,a ballroom 3,a blue collar worker 3,a tollbooth operator 3,Egyptian royalty 3,a sci-fi future 3,an exotic land 3,modesty 3,sensuality 3,a pirate 3,a millionaire 3,a pauper 3,a knight 3,a mage 3,a maid or servant 3,a dancer 3,a jester 3,a soldier 3,someone who closes their eyes and takes whatever they happen to pull out of the drawer 3,the seaside 3,the mountains 3,the desert 3,a pair of pajamas 3,a crazy quilt 3,the king or queen of diamonds


3,hat stands 3,jacket stands 3,amulet stands 3,capelet stands 3,cloak stands 3,ring stands 3,necklace stands 3,earring stands 3,earrings stand 3,gloves stand 3,shoes stand 3,boots stand 3,bracelet stands 3,brooch stands 3,umbrella stands 3,glasses stand 3,bag stands 3,backpack stands 3,scarf stands 3,belt stands


3,shabby 3,beautiful 3,bizarre 3,damaged 3,pristine 3,ugly 3,flashy 3,old 3,new 3,simple 3,elegant 3,fashionable 3,tasteless 3,exotic 3,flattering 3,unflattering 3,ornate 3,colorful


2,has feline ears and tail. 2,has canine ears and tail. 2,has equine ears and tail. 2,has a porcine snout and tail. 2,has the ears and tail of a rabbit. 2,has tiny feathered wings instead of ears. 2,has tiny leathery wings instead of ears. 2,has pointed ears. 2,has fin ears. 2,has leathery, bat-like wings. 2,has soft, feathered wings. 2,has the wings of an insect. 2,has horns. 2,has zebra stripes. 2,has leopard spots. 2,has an elephant's trunk for a nose. 2,has sharply pointed fangs. 3,appears to be affected by a different gravity than anyone else. 3,smells strongly of the sea. 3,smells strongly of perfume. 3,smells strongly of freshly baked bread. 3,smells strongly of sweat. 3,smells strongly of earth. 3,smells strongly of flowers. 3,isn't casting a normal shadow for some reason. 3,smells strongly of chocolate. 3,smells strongly of smoke. 3,seems incredibly familiar, but you can’t quite place it. 3,seems completely human… but you can’t be sure. 3,seems to be surrounded by warmer air than the air in the rest of the room. 3,seems to be surrounded by cooler air than the air in the rest of the room. 3,has a magical aura which is making the hairs on the back of your neck prickle. 3,is exuding an almost magnetic allure, attracting nearby people. 3,seems to be repelling anyone nearby; no one stays close for long. </sgtable>