Anglerre NPC

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<sgdisplay iterations="4">[main]</sgdisplay>



1,[personality] [occupation] (Appearance: [appearance])


1,Honourable 1,Soft-Hearted 1,Brave 1,Cheerful 1,Genius 1,Pure-Hearted 1,Mostly [personality] 1,Truthful 1,Forgiving 1,Fearless 1,Diplomatic 1,Cunning 1,Virtuous 1,Scrupulous 1,Sensitive 1,Foolhardy 1,Friendly 1,Well-Spoken 1,Altruistic 1,Opportunistic 1,Selfsh 1,Energetic 1,Hostile 1,Suspicious 1,Hot-Tempered 1,Manipulative 1,Vengeful 1,Lazy 1,Rude 1,Prejudiced 1,Sadistic 1,Deceitful 1,Malicious 1,Cowardly 1,Morose 1,Dim-Witted 1,Bloodthirsty


1,Armourer 1,Woodsman 1,Miner 1,Soldier 1,Assassin 1,Mercenary 1,Bowyer 1,Jeweller 1,Sailor 1,Thief 1,Sorcerer 1,Sage 1,Farmer 1,Swordsman 1,Shipwright 1,Beggar 1,Priest 1,Scholar 1,Fisherman 1,Mason 1,Merchant 1,Artist 1,Guard 1,Horseman 1,Gambler 1,Carpenter 1,Burglar 1,Labourer 1,Con Artist 1,Blacksmith 1,Orator 1,Painter 1,Tailor 1,Wizard 1,Thug 1,Archer


1,Diminutive 1,Frail 1,Emaciated 1,Youthful 1,Filthy 1,Facial Scar 1,Short 1,Delicate 1,Thin 1,Mature 1,Rough 1,Noticeable Limp 1,Runt 1,Wiry 1,Lanky 1,Middle-Aged 1,Unkempt 1,Piercing Eyes 1,Broad-Shouldered 1,Athletic Frame 1,Well-Fed Aged 1,Well-Dressed 1,Bloodshot Eyes 1,Tall 1,Muscular 1,Corpulent 1,Venerable 1,Foppish 1,Hook Hand 1,Towering 1,Powerfully Built 1,Morbidly Obese 1,Ancient 1,Immaculate 1,Eyepatch