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Tables to create the objects found in the game of Angband

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  • [Ring]
  • [Amulet]
  • [Staff]
  • [Wand]
  • [Rod]
  • [Potion]
  • [Mushroom]
  • [Scroll]



The following tables are available:

  • Object
  • Ring
  • RingFlavour
  • AnRingFlavour
  • ARingFlavour
  • RingType
  • Amulet
  • AmuletFlavour
  • AnAmuletFlavour
  • AAmuletFlavour
  • AmuletType
  • Staff
  • StaffFlavour
  • AnStaffFlavour
  • AStaffFlavour
  • StaffType
  • Wand
  • WandFlavour
  • AnWandFlavour
  • AWandFlavour
  • WandType
  • Rod
  • RodFlavour
  • AnRodFlavour
  • ARodFlavour
  • RodType
  • Potion
  • PotionFlavour
  • AnPotionFlavour
  • APotionFlavour
  • PotionType
  • Mushroom
  • MushroomFlavour
  • MushroomType
  • Scroll
  • ScrollType



33,[Ring] 18,[Amulet] 25,[Staff] 29,[Wand] 28,[Rod] 42,[Potion] 11,[Mushroom] 42,[Scroll]


10,An [AnRingFlavour] Ring of [RingType] 32,A [ARingFlavour] Ring of [RingType] 1,A Plain Gold Ring


10,[AnRingFlavour] 32,[ARingFlavour] 1,Plain Gold


1,Alexandrite 1,Amethyst 1,Aquamarine 1,Azurite 1,Emerald 1,Onyx 1,Opal 1,Obsidian 1,Engagement 1,Adamantite


1,Beryl 1,Bloodstone 1,Calcite 1,Carnelian 1,Corundum 1,Diamond 1,Fluorite 1,Garnet 1,Granite 1,Jade 1,Jasper 1,Lapis Lazuli 1,Malachite 1,Marble 1,Moonstone 1,Pearl 1,Quartz 1,Quartzite 1,Rhodonite 1,Ruby 1,Sapphire 1,Tiger Eye 1,Topaz 1,Turquoise 1,Zircon 1,Platinum 1,Bronze 1,Gold 1,Silver 1,Tortoise Shell 1,Mithril 1,Jet


1,Strength 1,Intelligence 1,Dexterity 1,Constitution 1,Speed 1,Searching 1,Bodykeeping 1,Soulkeeping 1,Sustain Charisma 1,Resist Poison 1,Resist Fire 1,Resist Cold 1,Light 1,Flames 1,Acid 1,Ice 1,Lightning 1,Damage 1,Accuracy 1,Slaying 1,Protection 1,Teleportation 1,Reckless Attacks 1,Open Wounds 1,Escaping 1,the Mouse 1,the Dog 1,Slow Digestion 1,Feather Falling 1,Free Action 1,See Invisible 1,Delving


6,An [AnAmuletFlavour] Amulet of [AmuletType] 18,A [AAmuletFlavour] Amulet of [AmuletType]


6,[AnAmuletFlavour] 18,[AAmuletFlavour]


1,Amber 1,Agate 1,Ivory 1,Obsidian 1,Azure 1,Adamant


1,Driftwood 1,Coral 1,Bone 1,Brass 1,Bronze 1,Pewter 1,Tortoise Shell 1,Golden 1,Crystal 1,Silver 1,Copper 1,Carved Oak 1,Dragon Tooth 1,Ruby 1,Mithril 1,Flint Stone 1,Sea Shell 1,Mother-of-Pearl


1,Wisdom 1,Charisma 1,Resist Lightning 1,Resist Acid 1,Resistance 1,Sustenance 1,the Magi 1,ESP 1,Devotion 1,Weaponmastery 1,Trickery 1,Regeneration 1,Infravision 1,Searching 1,Teleportation 1,Slow Digestion 1,Adornment 1,Inertia


7,An [AnStaffFlavour] Staff of [StaffType] 28,A [AStaffFlavour] Staff of [StaffType]


7,[AnStaffFlavour] 28,[AStaffFlavour]


1,Aspen 1,Elm 1,Eucalyptus 1,Ironwood 1,Oak 1,Ashen 1,Ivory


1,Balsa 1,Banyan 1,Birch 1,Cedar 1,Cottonwood 1,Cypress 1,Dogwood 1,Hemlock 1,Hickory 1,Locust 1,Mahogany 1,Maple 1,Mulberry 1,Pine 1,Redwood 1,Rosewood 1,Spruce 1,Sycamore 1,Teak 1,Walnut 1,Mistletoe 1,Hawthorn 1,Bamboo 1,Silver 1,Runed 1,Golden 1,Gnarled 1,Willow


1,Summoning 1,Haste Monsters 1,Darkness 1,Earthquakes 1,*Destruction* 1,Confuse Monsters 1,Slow Monsters 1,Sleep Monsters 1,Detect Invisible 1,Detect Evil 1,Mapping 1,Curing 1,Cure Light Wounds 1,Healing 1,Dispel Evil 1,Banishment 1,Power 1,Holiness 1,Light 1,Starlight 1,Teleportation 1,Speed 1,Remove Curse 1,the Magi 1,Identify


4,An [AnWandFlavour] Wand of [WandType] 31,A [AWandFlavour] Wand of [WandType]


4,[AnWandFlavour] 31,[AWandFlavour]


1,Aluminium 1,Iron 1,Aluminum-Plated 1,Ivory


1,Cast Iron 1,Chromium 1,Copper 1,Gold 1,Magnesium 1,Molybdenum 1,Nickel 1,Rusty 1,Silver 1,Steel 1,Tin 1,Titanium 1,Tungsten 1,Zirconium 1,Zinc 1,Copper-Plated 1,Gold-Plated 1,Nickel-Plated 1,Silver-Plated 1,Steel-Plated 1,Tin-Plated 1,Zinc-Plated 1,Mithril-Plated 1,Mithril 1,Runed 1,Bronze 1,Brass 1,Platinum 1,Lead 1,Lead-Plated 1,Pewter


1,Magic Missile 1,Lightning Bolts 1,Frost Bolts 1,Fire Bolts 1,Acid Bolts 1,Stinking Cloud 1,Lightning Balls 1,Cold Balls 1,Fire Balls 1,Acid Balls 1,Slow Monster 1,Confuse Monster 1,Sleep Monster 1,Scare Monster 1,Light 1,Stone to Mud 1,Polymorph 1,Trap/Door Destruction 1,Clone Monster 1,Teleport Other 1,Disarming 1,Wonder 1,Dragon's Flame 1,Dragon's Frost 1,Dragon's Breath 1,Drain Life 1,Annihilation 1,Heal Monster 1,Haste Monster


4,An [AnRodFlavour] Rod of [RodType] 31,A [ARodFlavour] Rod of [RodType]


4,[AnRodFlavour] 31,[ARodFlavour]


1,Aluminum 1,Iron 1,Aluminum-Plated 1,Ivory


1,Cast Iron 1,Chromium 1,Copper 1,Gold 1,Magnesium 1,Molybdenum 1,Nickel 1,Rusty 1,Silver 1,Steel 1,Tin 1,Titanium 1,Tungsten 1,Zirconium 1,Zinc 1,Copper-Plated 1,Gold-Plated 1,Nickel-Plated 1,Silver-Plated 1,Steel-Plated 1,Tin-Plated 1,Zinc-Plated 1,Mithril-Plated 1,Mithril 1,Runed 1,Bronze 1,Brass 1,Platinum 1,Lead 1,Lead-Plated 1,Pewter


1,Treasure Location 1,Door/Stair Location 1,Trap Location 1,Detection 1,Magic Mapping 1,Probing 1,Fire Bolts 1,Frost Bolts 1,Lightning Bolts 1,Acid Bolts 1,Fire Balls 1,Cold Balls 1,Lightning Balls 1,Acid Balls 1,Slow Monster 1,Sleep Monster 1,Curing 1,Healing 1,Restoration 1,Polymorph 1,Drain Life 1,Teleport Other 1,Disarming 1,Light 1,Illumination 1,Recall 1,Identify 1,Speed


6,An [AnPotionFlavour] Potion of [PotionType] 53,A [APotionFlavour] Potion of [PotionType]


6,[AnPotionFlavour] 53,[APotionFlavour]


1,Icky Green 1,Azure 1,Indigo 1,Orange 1,Orange Speckled 1,Oily Yellow


1,Clear 1,Light Brown 1,Blue 1,Blue Speckled 1,Black 1,Brown 1,Brown Speckled 1,Bubbling 1,Chartreuse 1,Cloudy 1,Copper Speckled 1,Crimson 1,Cyan 1,Dark Blue 1,Dark Green 1,Dark Red 1,Gold Speckled 1,Green 1,Green Speckled 1,Grey 1,Grey Speckled 1,Hazy 1,Light Blue 1,Light Green 1,Magenta 1,Metallic Blue 1,Metallic Red 1,Metallic Green 1,Metallic Purple 1,Misty 1,Pink 1,Pink Speckled 1,Puce 1,Purple 1,Purple Speckled 1,Red 1,Red Speckled 1,Silver Speckled 1,Smoky 1,Tangerine 1,Violet 1,Vermilion 1,White 1,Yellow 1,Violet Speckled 1,Pungent 1,Clotted Red 1,Viscous Pink 1,Gloopy Green 1,Shimmering 1,Coagulated Crimson 1,Yellow Speckled 1,Gold


1,Strength 1,Intelligence 1,Wisdom 1,Dexterity 1,Constitution 1,Charisma 1,Augmentation 1,Experience 1,Cure Light Wounds 1,Cure Serious Wounds 1,Cure Critical Wounds 1,Healing 1,*Healing* 1,Life 1,Neutralize Poison 1,Restore Mana 1,Restore Life Levels 1,Brawn 1,Intellect 1,Contemplation 1,Nimbleness 1,Toughness 1,Enlightenment 1,*Enlightenment* 1,Speed 1,Heroism 1,Berserk Strength 1,Boldness 1,Resist Heat 1,Resist Cold 1,Resist Poison 1,True Seeing 1,Infravision 1,Slime Mold Juice 1,Sleep 1,Blindness 1,Confusion 1,Poison 1,Slowness 1,Lose Memories 1,Salt Water 1,Dragon Breath


20,A [MushroomFlavour] Mushroom of [MushroomType]


1,Blue 1,Black 1,Black Spotted 1,Brown 1,Dark Blue 1,Dark Green 1,Dark Red 1,Yellow 1,Furry 1,Green 1,Grey 1,Light Blue 1,Light Green 1,Violet 1,Red 1,Slimy 1,Tan 1,White 1,White Spotted 1,Wrinkled


1,Second Sight 1,Fast Recovery 1,Vigor 1,Clear Mind 1,Emergency 1,Terror 1,Stoneskin 1,Turbulence 1,Debility 1,Sprinting 1,Purging


1,A Scroll of [ScrollType]


1,Phase Door 1,Teleportation 1,Teleport Level 1,Magic Mapping 1,Treasure Detection 1,Trap Detection 1,Door/Stair Location 1,Detect Invisible 1,Enchant Weapon To-Hit 1,Enchant Weapon To-Dam 1,Enchant Armour 1,*Enchant Weapon* 1,*Enchant Armour* 1,Remove Curse 1,*Remove Curse* 1,Restore Item 1,Summon Monster 1,Summon Undead 1,Acquirement 1,*Acquirement* 1,Dispel Undead 1,Banishment 1,Mass Banishment 1,Satisfy Hunger 1,Identify 1,Light 1,Word of Recall 1,Recharging 1,Trap/Door Destruction 1,Deep Descent 1,Blessing 1,Holy Chant 1,Holy Prayer 1,Protection from Evil 1,Monster Confusion 1,Rune of Protection 1,*Destruction* 1,Aggravate Monster 1,Curse Weapon 1,Curse Armour 1,Darkness 1,Trap Creation