Ancient Cenurethi Naming Language

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<sgdisplay iterations=10>[main]</sgdisplay>






3,[name][name] 2,[name][name][name] 5, 1,Ba 1,BA 1,Be 1,BE 1,Bi 1,BI 1,Bo 1,BO 1,Bu 1,BU 1,aB 1,AB 1,eB 1,EB 1,iB 1,IB 1,oB 1,OB 1,uB 1,UB 1,Da 1,DA 1,De 1,DE 1,Di 1,DI 1,Do 1,DO 1,Du 1,DU 1,aD 1,AD 1,eD 1,ED 1,iD 1,ID 1,oD 1,OD 1,uD 1,UD 1,Fa 1,FA 1,Fe 1,FE 1,Fi 1,FI 1,Fo 1,FO 1,Fu 1,FU 1,aF 1,AF 1,eF 1,EF 1,iF 1,IF 1,oF 1,OF 1,uF 1,UF 1,Ga 1,GA 1,Ge 1,GE 1,Gi 1,GI 1,Go 1,GO 1,Gu 1,GU 1,aG 1,AG 1,eG 1,EG 1,iG 1,IG 1,oG 1,OG 1,uG 1,UG 1,Ha 1,HA 1,He 1,HE 1,Hi 1,HI 1,Ho 1,HO 1,Hu 1,HU 1,aH 1,AH 1,eH 1,EH 1,iH 1,IH 1,oH 1,OH 1,uH 1,UH 1,Ka 1,KA 1,Ke 1,KE 1,Ki 1,KI 1,Ko 1,KO 1,Ku 1,KU 1,aK 1,AK 1,eK 1,EK 1,iK 1,IK 1,oK 1,OK 1,uK 1,UK 1,La 1,LA 1,Le 1,LE 1,Li 1,LI 1,Lo 1,LO 1,Lu 1,LU 1,aL 1,AL 1,eL 1,EL 1,iL 1,IL 1,oL 1,OL 1,uL 1,UL 1,Na 1,NA 1,Ne 1,NE 1,Ni 1,NI 1,No 1,NO 1,Nu 1,NU 1,aN 1,AN 1,eN 1,EN 1,iN 1,IN 1,oN 1,ON 1,uN 1,UN 1,Pa 1,PA 1,Pe 1,PE 1,Pi 1,PI 1,Po 1,PO 1,Pu 1,PU 1,aP 1,AP 1,eP 1,EP 1,iP 1,IP 1,oP 1,OP 1,uP 1,UP 1,Ra 1,RA 1,Re 1,RE 1,Ri 1,RI 1,Ro 1,RO 1,Ru 1,RU 1,aR 1,AR 1,eR 1,ER 1,iR 1,IR 1,oR 1,OR 1,uR 1,UR 1,Sa 1,SA 1,Se 1,SE 1,Si 1,SI 1,So 1,SO 1,Su 1,SU 1,aS 1,AS 1,eS 1,ES 1,iS 1,IS 1,oS 1,OS 1,uS 1,US 1,Ta 1,TA 1,Te 1,TE 1,Ti 1,TI 1,To 1,TO 1,Tu 1,TU 1,aT 1,AT 1,eT 1,ET 1,iT 1,IT 1,oT 1,OT 1,uT 1,UT 1,Va 1,VA 1,Ve 1,VE 1,Vi 1,VI 1,Vo 1,VO 1,Vu 1,VU 1,aV 1,AV 1,eV 1,EV 1,iV 1,IV 1,oV 1,OV 1,uV 1,UV 1,Za 1,ZA 1,Ze 1,ZE 1,Zi 1,ZI 1,Zo 1,ZO 1,Zu 1,ZU 1,aZ 1,AZ 1,eZ 1,EZ 1,iZ 1,IZ 1,oZ 1,OZ 1,uZ 1,UZ 1,B 1,D 1,F 1,G 1,H 1,K 1,L 1,N 1,P 1,R 1,S 1,T 1,V 1,Z


Pronunciation of Ancient Cenurethi

Some combinations produced by this generator might not be easily pronounceable.

Lowercase vowels are soft and uppercase vowels are hard.

Using American English words as examples - BaT vs. BAT would be English bat and bait. Similarly BuT is but, and BUT is boot. BIT is bite. BET is beet. I am sure you get the idea.

  • A = hard A (Ay)
  • E = hard E (Eey)
  • I = hard I (Aye)
  • O = hard O (oah)
  • U = hard U (OOH)

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