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Refresh for random transliterated Native Americans.
Refresh or reload for random transliterated Native Americans.
==== Men ====
==== Men ====
{{Cols|4|<ul><sgdisplay iterations="16"><li>[male]</sgdisplay></ul>}}
{{Cols|4|<ul><sgdisplay iterations="16"><li>[male]</sgdisplay></ul>}}
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[[Category:Names for People]] [[Category:Old West]] [[Category:Tribal Names]]
[[Category:Names for People]] [[Category:Tribal Names]] [[Category:Old West]]

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Refresh or reload for random transliterated Native Americans.






1,[male] 1,[female]


2,[Firsting] [Last] 2,[Firsts]-[Like]-[Last] 1,He-Who-[FirstsVerb]


2,[Firsting] [FemaleLast] 2,[Firsts]-[Like]-[Last] 1,She-Who-[FirstsVerb]


3,As 3,Like 3,With 1,About 1,Above 1,After 1,Before 1,Behind 1,Below 1,By 1,For 1,Near 1,Of 1,On 1,Under 1,Within


1,Bends 1,Big 1,Bites 1,Black 1,Blue 1,Brown 1,Cool 1,Cold 1,Crazy 1,Cunning 1,Dances 1,Dark 1,Dreams 1,Eyes 1,Falls 1,Fierce 1,Fights 1,Glides 1,Green 1,Hides 1,Light 1,Little 1,Mauls 1,Mighty 1,Pounces 1,Red 1,Runs 1,Screams 1,Shouts 1,Sings 1,Soars 1,Stalks 1,Stands 1,Steps 1,Strikes 1,Strong 1,Sturdy 1,Talks 1,Swims 1,Walks 1,Warm 1,Whispers 1,White 1,Wild 1,Wise 1,Yellow


1,Bends 1,Bites 1,Calls 1,Dances 1,Dreams 1,Falls 1,Fights 1,Follows 1,Gathers 1,Glides 1,Hides 1,Hunts 1,Leads 1,Mauls 1,Pounces 1,Runs 1,Screams 1,Shouts 1,Sings 1,Soars 1,Stalks 1,Stands 1,Steps 1,Strikes 1,Talks 1,Tracks 1,Swims 1,Walks 1,Whispers


1,Big 1,Black 1,Bloody 1,Blue 1,Brown 1,Burning 1,Cool 1,Cold 1,Cowardly 1,Crazy 1,Cunning 1,Dancing 1,Dark 1,Elder 1,Falling 1,Fierce 1,Fighting 1,Flying 1,Gliding 1,Great 1,Green 1,Hidden 1,Light 1,Little 1,Long 1,Mighty 1,Mountain 1,Quiet 1,Red 1,Running 1,Screaming 1,Shouting 1,Silent 1,Singing 1,Sitting 1,Soaring 1,Squatting 1,Standing 1,Strong 1,Swimming 1,Talking 1,Walking 1,Whispering 1,White 1,Wild 1,Wise 1,Yellow


1,Badger 1,Beaver 1,Bird 1,Branch 1,Brook 1,Cat 1,Cougar 1,Coyote 1,Deer 1,Dream 1,Duck 1,Feather 1,Fox 1,Ghost 1,Grass 1,Hill 1,Jade 1,Lynx 1,Mare 1,Moon 1,Panther 1,Princess 1,Rabbit 1,Rain 1,Raven 1,River 1,Snow 1,Spirit 1,Squaw 1,Star 1,Stream 1,Sun 1,Tree 1,Water 1,Wind


1,Arrow 1,Ash 1,Axe 1,Badger 1,Bear 1,Beaver 1,Bird 1,Bow 1,Branch 1,Brave 1,Brook 1,Buffalo 1,Bull 1,Claw 1,Coal 1,Cougar 1,Coyote 1,Crow 1,Deer 1,Dog 1,Dream 1,Duck 1,Eagle 1,Feather 1,Fire 1,Fish 1,Flint 1,Foot 1,Fox 1,Ghost 1,Goose 1,Grass 1,Hatchet 1,Hawk 1,Healer 1,Hill 1,Horse 1,Jade 1,Knife 1,Lizard 1,Lynx 1,Moon 1,Mountain 1,Oak 1,Onyx 1,Otter 1,Ox 1,Panther 1,Paw 1,Pine 1,Prairie 1,Rabbit 1,Rain 1,Raven 1,River 1,Rock 1,Salmon 1,Snake 1,Snow 1,Spear 1,Spirit 1,Squirrel 1,Stone 1,Stream 1,Sun 1,Tree 1,Trout 1,Turtle 1,Warrior 1,Water 1,Wind 1,Wolf 1,Wolverine