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I step out of the spaceplane and admire the pristine view of this new world. What do I see?


First impression

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Nearby flora

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Nearby fauna

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1,You've landed in/on the [terrainadj] [terraintype]. The [skycolour] sky is [skyadj].


1,You see a plant like a [plantadj] [plantcolour] [plantshape].


1,There is a [critteradj] creature with [critterfeature] making a [critternoise] noise.


1,There are some [bugadj] bugs which move by [buglocomotion].


1,boulder-strewn 1,sandy 1,metallic 1,noisy 1,frosty 1,arid 1,sweltering 1,noxious 1,colourful 1,glistening 1,luminous 1,vibrant 1,pebble-covered 1,burnt-smelling 1,cave-riddled 1,silent 1,debris-covered 1,crackling 1,dark 1,crystalline


1,plains 1,mountains 1,island 1,archipelago 1,seafront 1,lakeside 1,rolling hills 1,jungle 1,forest 1,swamp 1,desert 1,canyon 1,mesa 1,riverside 1,river delta 1,plateau 1,woodland 1,valley 1,shrubland 1,reef


1,reddish-orange 1,light blue 1,mint-green 1,deep violet 1,light pink 1,tangerine 1,purple 1,coppery 1,sea-green 1,dark blue 1,mauve 1,umber 1,wine-red 1,fiery orange 1,bluish-grey 1,coffee-coloured 1,golden brown 1,greenish-yellow 1,creamy-coloured 1,pale grey


1,austere 1,cloudy 1,stormy 1,totally clear 1,filled with dust 1,sparkling with ice crystals 1,crossed with butt streamers 1,flashing softly 1,torn by the wind 1,oppressive 1,striking 1,motionless 1,misty 1,whorled with butt patterns 1,silhouetted by distant peaks 1,lightning-rent 1,teeming with flying animals 1,full of towering clouds 1,buzzing with insects 1,starting to rain


1,spiky 1,frilly 1,vaned 1,striped 1,spotted 1,metallic 1,perforated 1,phosphorescent 1,speckled 1,feathery 1,tough 1,warty 1,floppy 1,tinkling 1,paper-thin 1,slimy 1,fibrous 1,furry 1,smelly 1,animated


1,sky-blue 1,blood-red 1,pea-green 1,chocolate-brown 1,sandy-coloured 1,salmon-pink 1,slate-grey 1,bone-white 1,navy-blue 1,coal-black 1,bright pink 1,peach-coloured 1,pale violet 1,ochre 1,orange 1,dark purple 1,gold-coloured 1,turquoise 1,royal purple 1,indigo


1,bucket 1,sphere 1,pillow 1,bottle 1,umbrella 1,blanket 1,hand 1,trumpet 1,fan 1,goblet 1,wheel 1,pipe 1,pitcher 1,wing 1,propeller 1,mushroom 1,ribbon 1,bell 1,frond 1,star


1,gangly 1,sturdy 1,elongated 1,jumbo-sized 1,radially-symmetric 1,amorphous 1,graceful 1,sleek 1,sack-bodied 1,flattened 1,tall and thin 1,slithering 1,nervous 1,stealthy 1,muscled 1,writhing 1,many-jointed 1,hyperactive 1,lazy 1,transparent


1,tusks 1,a trunk 1,hooves 1,many beady eyes 1,tentacles 1,horns 1,grasping mouthparts 1,colour-changing skin 1,scales 1,large bony plates 1,a spiked tail 1,a hard beak 1,patterned fur 1,a plethora of limbs 1,multiple hungry mouths 1,a fearsome stinger 1,clacking claws 1,a waving frill 1,a telescoping neck 1,teef 'ike 'is


1,chittering 1,hissing 1,barking 1,roaring 1,mewling 1,melodic 1,ululating 1,gurgling 1,squawking 1,chirping 1,rasping 1,growling 1,panting 1,tapping 1,squelching 1,grinding 1,chiming 1,creaking 1,thumping 1,humming


1,four-legged 1,six-legged 1,eight-legged 1,ten-legged 1,many-legged 1,bulky 1,spindly 1,excitable 1,jewel-like 1,feathery-antennaed 1,inquisitive 1,easily-startled 1,regimental 1,pincered 1,web-building 1,trap-making 1,nest-building 1,large-eyed 1,larva-carrying 1,double-ended


1,crawling 1,leaping 1,fluttering 1,frantic racing 1,plodding 1,striding 1,rolling 1,pulling themselves 1,rapid flapping 1,scuttling 1,hopping 1,telescoping 1,wriggling 1,somersaulting 1,spinning 1,tumbling 1,folding and unfolding 1,steered drifting 1,gliding 1,hurling themselves