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This generates the prevailing wind, temperature, and precipitation for one day in the world of Albea.

Still under construction!

<sgdisplay iterations="1"> Wind:

Wind Wind speed Conditions at Sea Conditions on Land

Precipitation, by climate and season:

Climate: Rainy Humid Temperate Wet and Dry Dry Arid

Temperature, by climate and season:

Climate: Hot Warm Temperate Cool Cold
Winter 60-75 45-65 10-50 0-35 (-40)-0
Spring/Fall 75-95 60-90 50-75 20-60 0-40
Summer 90-115 80-105 70-100 40-80 35-65


These weather tables are loosely based on rolemaster mechanics. 1 knot is approximately 1.15 mph, so you can read knots as mph on wind speeds for convenience.


  • Why not combine these tables? Why are there different climate types for temperature than for precipitation? - Because for example "arid" means low precipitation, but both a hot desert and a cold glacier may be arid.
  • What the hell is "Wet and Dry?" - A climate that is usually dry, but has torrential rainy seasons.



2, Calm || <1 knot || Seas like glass || smoke rises vertically 13, Light Air || [Dice.1d3] knots || No waves, ripples that look like scales, no foam crests || smoke drifts gently in wind direction 20, Light breeze || [Dice.1d3+3] knots || 0-1 foot wavelets, glassy wave crests that don't break || leaves rustle, weather vanes gently move 20, Gentle breeze || [Dice.1d4+6] knots || 1-2 foot wavelets, crests begin to break, scattered whitecaps || leaves and small twigs move, light flags extend 15, Moderate breeze || [Dice.1d6+10] knots || 2-4 foot small waves, numerous whitecaps || dust, leaves, and loose paper raised up. Small branches move 10, Fresh breeze || 17-21 knots || 4-8 foot moderate waves, many whitecaps, some spray || small trees with leaves sway 5, Strong Breeze || 22-27 knots || 8-13 foot waves forming, whitecaps everywhere, steady spray || larger branches of trees in motion, wires and taught ropes whistle 5, Moderate gale || 28-33 knots || 8-13 foot waves, sea heaps up, white foam from breaking waves blows in streaks || whole trees sway, resistance felt walking against wind 4, Fresh gale || 34-40 knots || 13-20 foot high waves, edges of crests break into spindrift, foam is blown in well marked streaks || twigs and small branches blown off trees, movement against wind is difficult. 2, Strong gale || 41-47 knots || 13-20 foot high waves, sea rolls, dense streaks of foam, spray intermittently affects visibility || slight structural damage, slate blown from roofs, unsecured objects blown away 2, Whole gale || 48-55 knots || 20-30 foot high waves with overhanging crests, sea is all foam in appearance, rolling is heavy, visibility is reduced || Trees broken and uprooted, considerable damage to wooden structures 1, Storm || 56-63 knots || 30-45 foot high waves, sea covered in white foam, visibility more reduced || flying debris makes survival exposed to the wind unlikely, flooding near sea level 1, Hurricane || 64-110 knots || phenomenal waves of 45 feet or more, air filled with foam, sea completely white with driving spray, visibility near zero || extensive destruction, land stripped bare, heavy flooding near sea level, few survivors </sgtable>

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