Against the forest oracle

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Based on this blog post: [1] by Tommi Brander.

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1,[forest] 1,[location] 1,[people] 1,[warden]


1,A huge bear, recently wounded and one-eyed, killing everything it can reach. 1,A beautiful fey, white-skinned and barefoot, asking only for a dance before her bridge can be passed. 1,Swarm of rats, devouring much, moving with a clear purpose. 1,Pack of wolves, lead by one with blazing red fur and other with jet-black fur, both abnormally intelligent. 1,A fox inside a town, eating chickens and rats alike. 1,Children disappearing and only small, fleeting shapes observed in the night.


1,An abandoned house with an oak piercing the roof, reaching for freedom, and children speaking like birds singing. 1,An idol to old gods, overgrown, and the hidden guardians of it. 1,Batch of mushrooms and one unfortunate enough to stumble upon them by nightfall. 1,Village church in rank disrepair, now a home of owls and bats, and a blind priest residing therein. 1,Shrine maintained by pious travelers, blood-smeared. 1,Cavern filled with horrors and stolen goods, guarded by dumb brutes.


1,Child, curious as any, hearing whispers from behind a rusted portion of an iron wall. 1,A wretched witch, crooked and hairy, hungry for a pure human heart. 1,Priest, certain of his own devotion and that of his people, never wrong. 1,Hunter, devotee of the old wolf god, converting her home town to heathen ways. 1,Wealthy merchant, dressed like a noble, seeking the famous with nefarious goals. 1,Mother whose only child is lost, stopping at nothing to find him.


1,A retired warden, an inn and a false warden visiting. 1,Warden, well-trained and from a good family, meeting the reality of the forest for the first time. 1,Aspiring warden and his master dead at his feet. 1,Blood-splattered warden's cloak, iron arrowheads, three bodies. 1,Bandits roaming the land, led by someone with iron blade and silvered dagger. 1,Man living in a distant cabin with a curious green-haired lady; his blade, dagger and cloak in a sturdy chest that has been undisturbed for years.


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