Aeons and Augaries Dungeon Room

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Based on the charts found at Aeons and Augaries, here:
Room types and traps based on material from

<sgdisplay iterations="10">

  • [type] [1st Level Dungeon.main]
    </sgdisplay> <sgtable>
    1,[Rooms of Public Assembly] 1,[Rooms of Containment and Imprisonment] 1,[Rooms of Pleasure and Relaxation] 1,[Rooms of General Function] 1,[Rooms of War and Conflict] 1,[Rooms of Deities and Worship] 1,[Rooms of Learning and Knowledge] 1,[Rooms of Specific Utility]
    Rooms of Public Assembly
    1,Assemblage 2,Antechamber 1,Amphitheater 1,Audience Hall 1,Courtroom 1,Great Hall 1,Throne Room
    Rooms of Containment and Imprisonment
    1,Aviary 1,Bestiary 2,Cage 1,Cell 1,Kennel 1,Oubliette 1,Padded Room 1,Pen 1,Prison 1,Stockade 1,Zoo
    Rooms of Pleasure and Relaxation
    1,Arena 2,Banquet 1,Combat pit 2,Den 1,Game Room 2,Gallery 1,Harem 1,Maze 2,Museum 1,Music Room 1,Pool 1,Sauna 1,Seraglio 1,Statuary 1,Torture Chamber 1,Trophy Room
    Rooms of General Function
    1,Bathroom 1,Bedroom 1,Cistern Room 2,Closet 1,Dining Room 1,Dressing Room 1,Foyer (Entry Room) 1,Hall 1,Lair 1,Larder / Pantry 1,Lounge 1,Map Room 1,Privy 1,Planning Room 1,Reception Chamber 1,Salon 1,Servants Dorm 1,Storage 1,Waiting Room 1,Wardrobe 1,Well Room 1,Vault 1,Vestibule
    Rooms of War and Conflict
    1,Armory 1,Arsenal 1,Barracks 1,Guardroom 1,Gymnasium 1,Interrogation Room 1,Mess Hall 1,Training Room
    Rooms of Deities and Worship
    1,Chantry 1,Chapel 1,Crypt, Human 1,Crypt, Animal 1,Confessional 1,Crematorium 1,Embalming Chamber 1,Meditation Chamber 1,Monk Cell 1,Mass Grave 1,Robing Room 1,Shrine 1,Scriptorium 1,Temple 1,Tomb 1,Vestiary
    Rooms of Learning and Knowledge
    1,Classroom 1,Conjuring Room 1,Divination Chamber 1,Inscription Chamber 1,Laboratory 2,Library 1,Morgue 1,Observatory 1,Study 1,Solar 1,Summoning Room
    Rooms of Specific Utility
    1,Meeting Chamber 1,Mine 1,Office 1,Pool / Water Room 1,Stable 1,Treasury 1,Garage 1,Smokehouse 1,Tannery 1,Work Pit / Workshop </sgtable>