Adventuring Motivation

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Why do you Adventure?

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3,[general] 2,[specific]


1,Uprooted by calamity 1,Know only strife 1,Naturally footloose 1,Need to make good/show them all 1,Obsessed with the unknown 1,Need to get strong and finish business 1,Obsessed with hitting the jackpot 1,Delusions of grandeur 1,Escaped from captivity 1,Drowning sorrows in action


1,You're a younger child, and you aren't willing to settle for a lesser inheritance. 1,You ran away from home and need something to avoid facing starvation or drudgery. 1,You're in deep shit back home, and need to do something to stay alive while things cool off. 1,Time to build a new life. 1,Making good, to go back and show them all! 1,You're from a far-away land and need to prove your worth for locals to tolerate your foreign ways. 1,You had a prestegious position waiting for you, but something ruined it. 1,You promised your love a fallen star, but it's 4 months later and you're lost and broke. 1,Lucky you survived that fever. Too bad it cost so much to treat you. We'll just hold your precious thing until you have enough money to pay us back. 1,Sounds fun. 1,There were too many mouths to feed. If you're lucky, maybe you can send something back. 1,Your family has a bad reputation. You're trying to escape it. 1,Your family has a bad reputation. You're trying to live down to it. 1,Nobody, nobody, fucks with an innkeeper who's also a RETIRED ADVENTURER. 1,To find enough loot to make a king's ransom look paltry and retire by 35 in obscene, filthy luxury. 1,How else is a commoner going to rise to be a landowner and ruler? Joining the army? Getting famous for being a thrillseeker and attracting followers that way is a safer route than becoming a political revolutionary. Setting off a trap or being eaten by a monster would be a quicker death than being burned, impaled, or otherwise tortured to death for treason anyway. 1,There's a lot of powerful magic in them there ancient holes in the ground, and it isn't going to come to me. 1,If you're going to become a merchant, why buy or have the goods produced... when you can just lift them from ancient ruins? 1,To fight the evils head-on and become the greatest fighter of all times. 1,You want to be a bard, but to have any substance to your music, you need some epic tales to tell. Best way is to experience them. 1,You're of a noble or royal bloodline, but rivals tarnished your family's name and honor and you've lost everything. 1,You're determined to never-ever agree to any stupid bets, ever again. 1,The local regent has released you from imprisonment on terms of cleansing the lands from danger, as long as you stay out of trouble with the law you can keep anything you find. 1,You were cast out of your monastic order for some transgression and now you're on a hard path of repentance. 1,You want to explore every corner of the world and leave no stone unturned. "The Greatest Adventurer of All Times" is going to be a hard reputation to attain. Better start off now or never. 1,You have a twisted, perhaps psychotic urge for ending lives. No better way to live with society without fighting temptation by slaughtering monsters and outlaws. You might even find treasure on the way! 1,As a scholar you want to know the truth behind the fall of ancient civilizations. 1,Unlock the lost secrets of becoming a god, and rule the world.