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What does the professional adventurer do for a "living" ?


And the characters are...

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[ADVENTURER_TYPE]</sgdisplay>



0,_______________________________List of many types of fantasy classes, not just DnD / D&D / Dungeons & Dragons / RPG 0,_______________________________ Random Medieval Personas & Classes for Cent.Casting 1,Animist 1,Bard 1,Magician 1,Ranger 1,Scout 1,Warrior 1,Barbarian 1,Burglar 1,Conjurer 1,Explorer 1,Monk 1,Rogue 1,Scholar 1,Shapeshifter 1,Warrior Monk 1,Loremaster 1,Alchemist 1,Archer 1,Armsmaster 1,Artisan 1,Assassin 1,Astrologer 1,Bard 1,Beastmaster 1,Bounty Hunter 1,Burglar 1,Conjurer 1,Constructor 1,Crafter 1,Craftsman 1,Dancer 1,Delver 1,Enchanter 1,Engineer 1,Farmer 1,Fighter 1,Healer 1,Hunter 1,Lay Healer 1,Leader 1,Magician 1,Necromancer 1,Nightblade 1,Noble Warrior 1,Ranger 1,Rogue 1,Runemage 1,Runemaster 1,Sage 1,Sailor 1,Scholar 1,Seer 1,Smith 1,Sorcerer 1,Summoner 1,Thief 1,Tinker 1,Trader 1,Warrior 1,Warrior Mage 1,Warlock 1,Wise 1,Witch 1,Wizard 1,Academic 1,Actor 1,Adept 1,Animist 1,Arcane Elementalist 1,Arcanist 1,Arch Mage 1,Arcist 1,Arms Master 1,Ashigaru 1,Astral Traveller 1,Barbarian 1,Bashkar 1,Beast-Master 1,Buddhist Priest 1,Cavalier 1,Champion 1,Chaotic 1,Chaotic Lord 1,Charlatan 1,Civil Servant 1,Cleric 1,Creator 1,Crystal Mage 1,Cultist 1,Dabbler 1,Dervish 1,Diplomat 1,Doppelganger 1,Dream Lord 1,Druid 1,Duelist 1,Monster-Slayer 1,Earth-Alchemist 1,Elementalist 1,Elemental Champion 1,Elemental Channeler 1,Elemental Chanter 1,Elemental Enchanter 1,Elemental Healer 1,Elemental Hunter 1,Elemental Physician 1,Elemental Priest 1,Elemental Summoner 1,Elemental Warrior 1,Enchanter 1,Engineer 1,Evil Alchemist 1,Evil Elementalist 1,Forcemage 1,Free Thinker 1,Geisha 1,Geomancer 1,Grand Vizier 1,Gypsy 1,High Elementalist 1,High Warrior 1,High Warrior Monk 1,Horseman 1,Houri 1,Illusionist 1,Indurate 1,Inorganic Alchemist 1,Kuge 1,Lancer 1,Layman 1,Leader 1,Macabre 1,Magehunter 1,Magent 1,Magus 1,Maleficant 1,Mana Molder 1,Mentalism alchemist 1,Mentalist 1,Miracle-worker 1,Monk 1,Charmer 1,Montebanc 1,Moon Mage 1,Mystic 1,Mystical Elementalist 1,Mythic 1,Ninja 1,Noble du Robe 1,No Profession 1,Unknowable Mystic 1,Organic Alchemist 1,Outrider 1,Paladin 1,Poet 1,Priest 1,Professional Merc 1,Religious Dissident 1,Rogue Elementalist 1,Ronin 1,Romantic 1,Royal Alchemist 1,Samurai 1,Scientist 1,Seeker 1,shadow mage 1,Shaman 1,Shamanic Alchemist 1,Shinto Priest 1,Sleuth 1,Sohei 1,Swashbuckler 1,Swordsman 1,Sword Thrower 1,Taoist Monk 1,Tarot Mage 1,Technician 1,Templar 1,Thaumaturge 1,Theocratist 1,Theurgist 1,Time Traveller 1,Tinker 1,Trench Fighter 1,Venturer 1,Warrior Monk 1,Wizard 1,Witch-Hunter 1,Wu Jen 1,Yamabushi 1,Sword-n-Board 1,Zen Monk 1,Barbarian 1,Craftsman 1,Loremaster 1,Magician 1,Mariner 1,Miner 1,Minstrel 1,Noble 1,Rogue 1,Warrior 1,Antiquarian 1,Archer 1,Artificer 1,Captain 1,Dragonslayer 1,Earth Reader 1,Knight 1,Master of the Wild 1,Pilgrim 1,Ranger 1,Spy 1,Wizard 1,Beorning (wild-shaper) 1,Burglar 1,Captain 1,Champion 1,Guardian 1,Hunter 1,Loremaster 1,Minstrel 1,Rune-keeper 1,Warden 1,Scholar 1,Slayer 1,Treasure Hunter 1,Wanderer 1,Warden </sgtable>