Adventure Planets

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A planet generator for a 'Treasure Planet' like fantasy space game <sgdisplay iterations="2">

[city_name], found in the [Poetic Destinations.Starmain]

Temperature: [Stars Without Number planet generator.temperature]
Population: [population]
Law: [law]
Dangers: [planetary_danger]
Noteworthy features: [Stars Without Number planet generator.world_tags], [Stars Without Number planet generator.world_tags], and [Stars Without Number planet generator.world_tags]

Plot hook: [Plot] </sgdisplay>



3,[Fantasy Town Names.main] 2,[Old West Places.WesternTown] 1,[Old West Places.County]'s [Poetic Destinations.Trait] 1,[Old West Places.County]'s [Poetic Destinations.StarPlace]


1,[Fantasy Military Unit.main]


1,[planetary_danger] and [planetary_danger] 5,the surface faces [Generic Space Plot.Threat] 5,approach is dangerous due to [Generic Space Plot.SpaceDanger]


1,Save [Generic Space Plot.Saved] from [Generic Space Plot.Threat] 1,Get to [Generic Space Plot.Location] and find [Generic Space Plot.Character], before [Generic Space Plot.Danger] 1,Get [Generic Space Plot.Character] to [Generic Space Plot.Location], before [Generic Space Plot.Danger] 1,Get the [Generic Space Plot.RoleLevel] [Generic Space Plot.RolePersonality] to [Generic Space Plot.Location], before [Generic Space Plot.Danger] 1,Save the [Generic Space Plot.RoleLevel] [Generic Space Plot.RolePersonality] from [Generic Space Plot.Fate] 1,Commandeer the [Generic Space Plot.ShipType] [Ship Description.Name] from [Generic Sci Fi Character.MaleName] to get its crew to the safety of [Generic Space Plot.Location] 1,Pilot the [Generic Space Plot.ShipType] [Ship Description.Name] against a [Galactic locations.Aliens] fleet while avoiding [Generic Space Plot.DestructiveDanger]


10,Failed colony 6,Outpost 10,Town 20,City 20,Multiple Cities ([city_name], [city_name], [city_name]) 4,Tens of thousands of inhabitants 4,Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants 4,Millions of inhabitants 1,Billions of inhabitants 5,Alien civilization </sgtable>