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Taken from Wikipedia

Category: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[AcademicCategory]</sgdisplay>

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1,Astronomy 1,Biology 1,Chemistry 1,Climatology 1,Computer science 1,Economics 1,Education 1,Engineering 1,Film 1,Games 1,Geology 1,Humanities 1,Literature 1,Mathematics 1,Music 1,Philosophy 1,Physics 1,Planetary science 1,Visual Art 1,Sociology 1,Statistics 1,Theatre


1,Astronomy: Big Bang Theory 1,Biology: Cell theory 1,Biology: Evolution 1,Chemistry: Atomic theory 1,Chemistry: Kinetic theory of gases 1,Climatology: Theory of Global Climate Change (due to anthropogenic activity) 1,Computer science: Algorithmic information theory 1,Computer science: Computation theory 1,Economics: Decision theory 1,Education: Constructivist theory 1,Education: Critical pedagogy theory 1,Education: Education theory 1,Education: Multiple intelligence theory 1,Education: Progressive education theory 1,Engineering: Circuit theory 1,Engineering: Control theory 1,Engineering: Signal theory 1,Engineering: Systems theory 1,Film: Film Theory 1,Games: Game theory 1,Games: Rational choice theory 1,Geology: Plate tectonics 1,Humanities: Critical theory 1,Literature: Literary theory 1,Mathematics: Catastrophe theory 1,Mathematics: Category theory 1,Mathematics: Chaos theory 1,Mathematics: Graph theory 1,Mathematics: Knot theory 1,Mathematics: Number theory 1,Mathematics: Probability theory 1,Mathematics: Set theory 1,Music: Music theory 1,Philosophy: Proof theory 1,Philosophy: Speculative reason 1,Philosophy: Theory of truth 1,Philosophy: Type theory 1,Philosophy: Value theory 1,Philosophy: Virtue theory 1,Physics: Acoustic theory 1,Physics: Antenna theory 1,Physics: General relativity 1,Physics: Special relativity 1,Physics: Theory of relativity 1,Physics: Quantum field theory 1,Planetary science: Giant impact theory 1,Visual Art: Aesthetics 1,Visual Art: Art Educational theory 1,Visual Art: Architecture 1,Visual Art: Composition 1,Visual Art: Anatomy 1,Visual Art: Color theory 1,Visual Art: Perspective 1,Visual Art: Visual perception 1,Visual Art: Geometry 1,Sociology: Sociological theory 1,Sociology: Social theory 1,Sociology: Critical theory 1,Statistics : Extreme value theory 1,Theatre : theatrical performance 1,Obsolete scientific theory: Phlogiston theory