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Adventure Game

<sgdisplay iterations="1">

Act I Game play begins with you standing outside of [setting]

Act II


Act IV

The Epilogue




1,a graveyard 1,an asylum 1,a university 1,a society gathering 1,a masquerade party 1,an ancient temple 1,a skyscraper 1,a small rural town 1,a ghost town 1,the urban slums 1,a famous monument 1,the subway tunnels 1,a museum 1,a library 1,a bridge 1,a parade 1,a luxury liner 1,a passenger train 1,a monastery 1,a passenger airship 1,ancient ruins 1,an animal graveyard 1,an animal city 1,a subterranean city 1,a subterranean river 1,a subterranean lake 1,the docks 1,a frontier outpost 1,a research facility 1,a military base 1,an immense cavern 1,an abandoned mine 1,a church 1,a castle 1,an abandoned ship 1,a waterfall 1,the World's Fair 1,a national capital 1,a factory 1,an hospital 1,the market square 1,aircraft hanger 1,a plane wreck 1,a laboratory 1,a big city apartment 1,a crowded school 1,the museum basement 1,a city park 1,a newly opened tomb 1,a geological wonder 1,a nondescript suburb 1,an archæological dig 1,downtown 1,a Buddhist temple 1,a battlefield 1,a businessman’s office 1,a seedy bar 1,an elegant restaurant 1,the beach 1,the cabaret 1,a penthouse suite 1,an expensive hotel 1,a roadside motel 1,a mountainside 1,a canyon 1,an island 1,a mansion 1,Chinatown 1,a courtroom 1,a speeding automobile 1,a sporting event 1,an abandoned building 1,a vacant lot 1,a train station 1,the sewers 1,an elegant department store 1,the roof of a skyscraper