80s Pop Culture

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This page contains lists of random little bits of (usually American) pop culture stuff from the 1980s.

80’s Pop Culture

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2,Music: [Music] 1,Television: [Television] 1,Actor: [Actors] 1,Movie: [Movies] 1,Politics: [Politics] 1,Fashion: [Fashion] 1,Game: [Games] 1,Place: [Places]


1,[Male Stars] 1,[Female Stars] 1,[Random Bands] 2,MTV

Male Stars

5,Michael Jackson 3,Prince 2,John Cougar Mellencamp 2,Simon LeBon 2,Sting 1,Boy George 1,Corey Hart 1,Falco 1,Rick Astley 1,Weird Al Yankovic

Female Stars

3,Madonna 3,Olivia Newton-John 2,Cyndi Lauper 2,Janet Jackson 1,Debbie Gibson 1,Kylie Minogue 1,Pat Benatar 1,Paula Abdul 1,Tiffany 1,Whitney Houston

Random Bands

1,A-Ha 1,AC/DC 1,Black Flag 1,Boyz 2 Men 1,Duran Duran 1,Echo and the Bunnymen 1,Frankie Goes To Hollywood 1,Judas Priest 1,Kraftwerk 1,Men at Work 1,New Kids on the Block 1,Oingo Boingo 1,Rush 1,The Cars 1,The Cure 1,The Police 1,U2 1,Van Halen 1,Wham!


1,[Comedy] 1,[Action Adventure] 1,[Cartoons] 1,[Comedy-Drama] 1,[Drama] 1,[Televangelists] 1,MTV


3,The Cosby Show 2,Cheers 2,Married With Children 2,Roseanne 2,Saturday Night Live 1,David Letterman 1,Diff’rent Strokes 1,Family Ties 1,Growing Pains 1,Johnny Carson 1,Punky Brewster 1,The Simpsons

Action Adventure

1,The A-Team 1,Knight Rider 1,Magnum P.I. 1,21 Jump Street 1,Max Headroom 1,The Incredible Hulk


1,GI Joe 1,He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 1,Jem 1,Robotech 1,She-ra 1,The Real Ghostbusters 1,The Smurfs 1,Thundarr the Barbarian 1,Transformers


6,Arnold Schwarzenegger 6,Eddie Murphy 6,Kevin Bacon 6,Matthew Broderick 6,Mr. T 6,Roseanne Barr 6,Sylvester Stallone 3,Ally Sheedy 3,Anthony Michael Hall 3,Bill Murray 3,Bruce Willis 3,Dan Aykroyd 3,Don Johnson 3,Dustin Hoffman 3,Emilio Estevez 3,Jane Fonda 3,John Travolta 3,Kirk Cameron 3,Michael J. Fox 3,Molly Ringwald 3,Steve Guttenberg 3,Tom Cruise 3,Tom Selleck 3,Wil Wheaton 2,Chevy Chase 2,John Candy 1,Madonna 1,Sting


1,Moonlighting 1,Thirtysomething 1,MASH


1,Trapper John MD 1,Dallas 1,Dynasty 2,Miami Vice


2,E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 2,Fast Times at Ridgemont High 2,Raiders of the Lost Ark 2,Rambo 2,Risky Business 2,Rocky 2,Top Gun 2,Wall Street 1,Airplane! 1,Back to the Future 1,Batman 1,Beverly Hills Cop 1,Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure 1,Die Hard 1,Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 1,Footloose 1,Ghostbusters 1,Highlander 1,Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1,Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1,Lethal Weapon 1,Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome 1,On Golden Pond 1,Police Academy 1,Rain Man 1,Return of the Jedi 1,St. Elmo’s Fire 1,Stand By Me 1,The Breakfast Club 1,The Empire Strikes Back 1,The Karate Kid 1,The Road Warrior 1,Tootsie 1,TRON 1,Wargames 1,Weird Science 1,Who Framed Roger Rabbit


3,Ronald Reagan 1,Nancy Reagan 1,George Bush 1,Walter Mondale 1,Gary Hart 2,Mikhail Gorbachev 1,Oliver North 1,Tipper Gore 2,Iran-Contra 2,[Wars]


2,Skinny Ties 1,Alligator Polo Shirt 1,Legwarmers 1,Penny Loafers 1,The Madonna Look 1,Wristbands


3,The Cold War 2,The War On Drugs 1,Vietnam Veterans


1,Central America 1,East Berlin 1,East Germany 1,Behind the Iron Curtain 1,Panama 1,The Falkland Islands 2,The USSR


2,Asteroids 2,Atari 2600 2,Pac-Man 2,Rubik’s Cube 2,Space Invaders 2,Trivial Pursuit 1,Dungeons and Dragons


1,Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker 1,Pat Robertson