70's Action Movie Characters

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Bit characters for ’70s action movies/TV shows.

<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]</sgdisplay>




Name: [firstname][Nickname] [lastname]
Occupation: [occupation]
Address: [address]
Age: [age]
Physically: [body]
Personality: [personality]


1,[basics] 1,[basics]Quirk: [quirk]
1,[basics]Notable Items: [items]
1,[basics]Quirk: [quirk]
Notable Items: [items]


1,[American Census Names.female] 1,[American Census Names.male]


1,[American Census Names.surname]


2, 1,“[Vietnam Nicknames.main]”


5,college student studying [major] 5,grad student studying [major] 5,home-maker 5,retiree 4,salesperson 3,college student with interests in [major] or maybe [major] 2,criminal (who is actually a cop) 2,person with baby in arms (or pregnant) 2,professor of [major] 1,accountant 1,actor 1,actuary 1,adhesive bonding machine operator 1,administrative law hearing officer 1,agricultural and food scientist 1,agricultural sciences teacher 1,aircraft mechanic 1,anthropologist 1,architect 1,artist 1,athletic trainer 1,auditor 1,automotive mechanic 1,bank teller 1,barber 1,bartender 1,bill collector 1,biological technician 1,bookkeeping clerk 1,budget analyst 1,bus driver 1,carpenter 1,carpet installer 1,chemical plant system operator 1,chemist 1,childcare worker 1,choreographer 1,civil engineer 1,coach 1,compensation and benefits manager 1,computer support specialist 1,cost estimator 1,court reporter 1,dancer 1,database administrator 1,designer 1,desktop publisher 1,dispatcher 1,drafter 1,dredge operator 1,economist 1,editor 1,educator 1,electrical engineer 1,electrician 1,electrician 1,embalmer 1,environmental scientist 1,farmer 1,fashion designer 1,fiberglass laminator 1,file clerk 1,filmmaker 1,financial analyst 1,firefighter 1,fish and game warden 1,fitness trainer 1,franchise owner 1,gas station owner 1,high school teacher 1,historian 1,home health aide 1,human resources assistant 1,insurance appraiser 1,judge 1,kindergarten teacher 1,landscape architect 1,lawyer 1,librarian 1,loan officer 1,maid 1,massage therapist 1,mathematician 1,medical appliance technician 1,mental health counselor 1,microbiologist 1,middle school teacher 1,musician 1,occupational health and safety specialist 1,office clerk 1,orthodontist 1,paralegal 1,parking lot attendant 1,pastor 1,pest control worker 1,pharmacist 1,photographer 1,physician 1,police officer 1,politician 1,printing press operator 1,professional criminal 1,professional psychic 1,promotions manager 1,psychologist 1,radio tower equipment installer 1,real estate agent 1,real estate broker 1,real estate sales agent 1,receptionist 1,recreational therapist 1,referee 1,registered nurse 1,rehabilitation counselor 1,reporter 1,sales manager 1,secretary 1,small business owner 1,social science research assistant 1,social worker 1,special education teacher 1,statistician 1,surveyor 1,tax preparer 1,taxi driver 1,teen who is flying alone 1,travel agent 1,unemployed [occupation] 1,urban planner 1,veterinarian 1,waiter 1,wholesale and retail buyer 1,writer 1,youth minister 1,zoologist


2,Business 2,Law 2,Liberal Arts 2,Medicine 1,Biology 1,Chemistry 1,English 1,History 1,Mathematics


1,[Modern American Addresses.number] [Modern American Addresses.street]


1,Child 1,Elderly 1,Middle-Aged 1,Teenager 1,Young


4,average 2,[body] and [body] 1,chesty 1,chubby 1,extremely short 1,fat 1,fit 1,massive 1,muscular 1,obese 1,scrawny 1,short 1,slim 1,tall 1,thick 1,wide 1,wiry


1,[Generic Sci Fi Character.PrimeTrait], with [Generic Sci Fi Character.quirk]


1,[Normal Americans.Quirk]


5,[items] and a [items] 4,Tattoo of a [Animal.symbolicanimal] 1,3D Glasses 1,AM/FM Radio Headphones 1,Baby Carriage 1,Bad Breath 1,Bag of Fast Food 1,Baseball 1,Condoms 1,Cowboy Hat and Boots 1,Fabulous Feathered Hat 1,Folding Buck Knife 1,Football 1,Fur Coat 1,Handlebar Mustache 1,Huge Belt Buckle 1,Huge Medallion 1,Leather Bracelet 1,Lucky Silver Dollar 1,Orthopedic Shoes 1,Oversized Handbag 1,Pack of Gum 1,Pearl-Handled Revolver 1,Pet Boa Constrictor 1,Pet Talking Parrot 1,Platform Shoes 1,Pocket Flashlight 1,Pocket watch 1,Propeller Beanie 1,Rolex Watch 1,Silver Earring 1,Sketchbook 1,Some Weed 1,Spray Paint Can 1,Strong Perfume/Cologne 1,Sun Visor 1,Ugly Tattoo of a [Animal.Weirdsymbol] 1,Unopened Gift 1,Unopened Letter 1,Walking Stick