1E DMG Tricks

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    <sgdisplay iterations="5">
  • [main]</sgdisplay>



1,There is [feature] that [numberofattributes]


1,an altar 1,an arch 1,a ceiling 1,a barrel 1,a jar 1,a vase 1,a dome 1,a door 1,a SECRET door 1,a fire 1,a fireplace 1,a force-field 1,a fountain 1,a fresco 1,a mosaic 1,a painting 1,a furnishing 1,an idol 1,an illusion 1,a machine 1,a monster 1,a passage 1,a pedestal 1,a pillar 1,a column 1,a pit 1,a pool 1,a room 1,a stairway 1,a statue 1,a tapestry 1,vegetation 1,a wall 1,a well


1,[attribute] 1,[attribute] 1,[attribute], or [attribute] 1,[attribute], or [attribute] 1,[attribute], or [attribute] 1,[attribute], or [attribute] 1,[attribute], or [attribute] 1,[attribute], or [attribute] 1,[attribute], [attribute], or [attribute] 1,[attribute], [attribute], or [attribute] 1,[attribute], [attribute], [attribute] or [attribute]


1,causes aging 1,causes de-aging 1,becomes animated 1,is anti-magical 1,appears/disappears 1,asks questions 1,attacks 1,changes alignment 1,reduces [6attributes] 1,increases [6attributes] 1,changes Class 1,swaps minds from body to body 1,alters peoples' gender 1,collapses 1,directs 1,disintegrates 1,distorts width 1,distorts length 1,distorts height 1,distorts depth 1,enlarges 1,reduces/shrinks 1,enrages 1,electrically shocks when touched with something metallic 1,sends out a magical, electric shock 1,is false 1,turns flesh into stone 1,makes fruit 1,makes something gaseous 1,becomes gaseous 1,increases gravity 1,decreases gravity 1,negates all gravity 1,produces different levels of gravity in different areas 1,produces Greed 1,is intelligent 1,is invisible 1,makes something invisible 1,moves 1,rolls 1,is one-way 1,pivots two possible ways 1,points 1,poisons 1,polymorphs 1,randomly acts 1,releases coins 1,releases gems 1,releases jewelry 1,releases a magic item 1,releases a map 1,releases counterfeit coins 1,releases counterfeit gems 1,releases counterfeit jewelry 1,releases a counterfeit magic item 1,releases a counterfeit map 1,grants general resistance to harm 1,grants resistance to a specific thing (such as:[exampleofthing], or [exampleofthing]) 1,rises 1,sinks 1,suggests something 1,suspends animation 1,takes/steals 1,speaks intelligently 1,speaks nonsense 1,speaks in poetry/rhymes 1,sings 1,speaks to cast spells 1,screams 1,shifts 1,shoots 1,slides 1,slopes 1,spins 1,develops a symbiotic relationship 1,teleports 1,grants wishes 1,grants the opposite of what is wished


1,Strength 1,Dexterity 1,Constitution 1,Intelligence 1,Wisdom 1,Charisma


1,heat 1,cold 1,acid 1,electricity 1,cursed items 1,bashing damage 1,edged weapons 1,mind control 1,physical magic attacks (like "magic missile", or "fireball") 1,magical "debuffing" attacks, like the Slow spell 1,Encumbrance 1,ethereal creatures 1,poison