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1, Disrupt supply chains and sources of income (steal it, cut off the source, bribe officials to skim off the top) 1, Implant moles into the household of top officials 1, Assassinations 1, Spread propaganda and rumours about the government to sway the opinion of the people 1, Create loosely veiled satire 1, Promote personal freedoms 1, Hold rallies 1, Establish legitimacy in rural hard to reach areas though: 1, Setting up field hospitals with doctors to supply them. 1, Recruit locals to help keep farmlands healthy and productive and in doing so slow/halt encroachment by farms into wildspaces. 1, Organize food distribution and storage from these farms to these communities thus keeping the excess farm production for locals and their allies. 1, Use percentage to assist the poor based on their needs. 1, Sell percentage to neighbouring States in order to purchase supplies, magical and otherwise. 1, Organize and train locals into guerrilla militias in order to defend their newfound prosperity. 1, This should lead to a greater sense of solidarity in the trading, giving away, and defending of their own labour. 1, Sabotage aqueducts, dam major rivers. 1, Sabotage major bridges and roads used for troop mobilization. 1, Create a mutual aid network so that oppressed people no longer depend on their oppressors. 1, Anti-establishment music 1, Educating people about their rights and how to spot overreaches of authority 1, Promoting the formation of workers unions so that people can take advantage of collective bargaining 1, Rent strike 1, Destroy symbols of the ruling class (ie tombs, palaces, statues of past rulers) 1, commit random violent crimes in wealthy neighbourhoods and resort towns to stress the guard and make these places seem unsafe 1, distribute addictive drugs and cursed magical items that encourage violent behaviour 1, farm dangerous animals like Giant Spiders in the sewers beneath a city 1, terrorize farmland and destroy crops 1, poison water supplies 1, send people with infectious diseases into crowded areas 1, Extract and protect defectors 1, Organise a mutiny 1, Hole up in a heavily-defended fortress 1, Declare independence/secede 1, Finance resistance to the government 1, Cleverly weave subversive messages into popular songs and theatrical performances 1, Bring a revolutionary martyr back to life 1, Compose the Victory Ballad of the Revolution 1, Act as a fifth column for a hostile foreign power 1, Secure the support of an extra-planar patron 1, Go into exile and orchestrate a rebellion from abroad 1, Engage in symbolic acts of defiance 1, Paint graffiti that insults the ruler 1, Kidnap low-level lords and issue ransom demands 1, Organise a prison break 1, Infiltrate the local paper/town crier/post board with your message. 1, Organize a walkout/strike of industry (blacksmiths, farmers, apothecaries, etc) 1, Get a look-alike of a prominent figure to do awful things and ruin reputation (theft, shady dealings, drunk & disorderly, frequenting a brothel, etc...) 1, Pretend to be an official and broker and arms deal with the capitol but never actually deliver the goods. 1, Establish a front business. Pay your agents as employees of the company. Store illegal goods in the warehouse. Do as little actual business as possible. 1, Take over a brothel. Make notes of the comings and goings, with an eye for blackmail of prominent officials. 1, Establish a money counterfeiting operation to undermine confidence in the local currency and disrupt the economy. 1, Rob the laundry that cleans uniforms for military officers, and use the uniforms for "Bavarian fire drill" style antics. 1, Distribute cheap weapons among the lower classes, both to encourage violent direct action and to make it harder/more dangerous for law enforcement to operate.