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1,Winks at particular characters --- An amorous or obsessed individual) 1,Scoffs as a Victorian gentleman --- “Harumph” by a snobby high class fellow 1,High pitched voice --- A young person or eunuch 1,Constantly rubs hands --- Nervous or overly cleanly person 1,Speaks slowly --- Old or steady-going persons 1,Twirls moustache/hair --- Someone who is easily bored or overtly evil 1,Gives nicknames to people --- Calls people by hair colour or other feature 1,Picks nose/ears often --- A young or habitual person 1,Scratches butt --- An uncouth person 1,Refuses low quality food --- Someone with a fear of germs or rich person 1,Constantly uses hands when talking --- A salesperson or someone who likes to exaggerate 1,Rubs eyes and forehead --- A person who does not sleep very well/often 1,Animal lover --- Has a soft spot for animals 1,Combs hair often --- A Dapper Dan man who takes pride in their hair/beard 1,Constantly vulgar --- Barbaric or tough individuals 1,Random scratches head --- A nervous or lice-ridden person 1,Criticizes everything --- Someone with high standards or doesn’t do a lot of work 1,Sniffs things/people --- A socially challenged creature/person who likes smells 1,Adjusts clothes/glasses --- Someone who doesn’t spend money on well fitting attire 1,Constantly checks the time --- A nervous business person with a pocket watch 1,Doesn’t talk --- A mute or took a vow of silence 1,Bathes at any opportunity --- Cleanliness is a high priority 1,Laid back and easy going --- A relaxed or constantly drugged person 1,Yawns --- A person who can’t get enough sleep 1,Forgetful --- Someone with a head injury 1,Germaphobic --- A person uncomfortable around germs/uncleanly 1,Randomly makes noises --- Rooster call during a discussion 1,Spurts out words spontaneously --- Complex Tourette’s syndrome tics 1,Waves weapons around --- A person raised in a barbaric society 1,Very slow blinking --- Someone who often zones out 1,Overly chipper --- Youthful or naïve person 1,Snorts --- Someone with nose problems 1,Randomly uses other language(s) --- A person new to the common language 1,Quick to anger/offense --- An angry person, like barbarian or gang member 1,Squints eyes --- Bad eye sight or someone used to darkness 1,Snaps fingers constantly --- Has a nervous tic or likes jazz 1,Speaks quickly --- Too many thoughts that need to come out 1,Gravelly voice --- Gruff individual or miner of sorts 1,Thinks they’re hilarious --- They like to laugh at their own jokes 1,Twiddles fingers --- Energetic, nervous or twitchy people 1,Never is without food --- Large characters or just someone who likes to eat 1,Cleans weapons often --- Someone who takes great pride in their weapons 1,Constantly distracted --- Having too much energy or thinking too much 1,Replaces curse word(s) with others --- Frak from Battlestar Galactica, curses in other languages 1,Debby downer --- Can find sadness in everything 1,Uncomfortable/creepy Smile --- Mischievous or evil people 1,Ends every sentences in a phrase --- “He was like totally, you know?” “Then he was, you know?” 1,You’re your own favorite person --- You talk about yourself a lot 1,Mutters most of the time --- A shy, unconfident, or soft-spoken person 1,Overly polite --- Someone taught in the ways of etiquette 1,Has and uses a catch phrase --- Hero wannabe or someone hung up on an idea 1,Steeples hands during conversation --- Mr. Burns or someone who thinks a lot 1,Daydreamer --- Young or adventurous people 1,Rubs their chin/beard --- Thinkers and plotters 1,Inappropriate joking --- Someone raised away from society 1,Refers to the same thing, constantly --- Grandpa telling the same stories again and again 1,Falls asleep randomly --- Someone who stays up late or suffers narcolepsy 1,Leans on things and people --- A person with a limp or who wants to be close to others 1,They speak with an accent --- Someone from a distant land 1,Aggressive body language --- Thugs or strong 1,Mouth hangs open when not talking --- A person who goes deep into thought 1,Turned up nose --- Someone of high class that looks down on people 1,Spontaneously twitches head --- A nervous person or someone who has had head damage 1,Uses coin in conversation constantly --- Someone who flaunts their wealth 1,Acknowledges everyone they see --- Friendly, outgoing and/or forgetful person 1,Deep voice --- Large and/or menacing people 1,Rarely looks people in the face --- Depressed or wanted person 1,Flirty --- Anyone looking for love in this trying world of ours 1,Awkward/child-ish body language --- Young or child-like people sticks out tongue 1,Kleptomaniac --- Tries to steal things constantly 1,Talks a lot --- Someone who wants to have the focus on themselves 1,Very energetic greeter --- Young or outgoing people who want to meet new people 1,Does not understand idioms --- A person not familiar with the language or a construct 1,Says “uh…” a lot while talking --- Someone who doesn’t speak the language well 1,Flexes muscles --- Strong muscle bound people 1,Has something hang out their mouth --- Someone who smokes, chews on hay/straw 1,Has a stutter --- Porky Pig who stumbles over words 1,Looks passed people when talking --- A person who feels beyond the people they’re talking to 1,Drunkard --- You like a good drink and often 1,Constantly chews on something --- Someone with an addiction or nervous tic 1,Gives lots of hugs --- Outgoing people who lack knowledge of personal space 1,Replaces words with grunts --- A person who uses brawns over brains 1,Does not laugh --- A dark brooding person or robot 1,Constantly changing/purchasing attire --- A fop or someone who likes fashion 1,Heavy breathing --- A person with poor respiration 1,Refrains from vulgarity --- Proper gentlefolk or persons with strict religious doctrines 1,Has pride in themselves --- Prefaces name with their title, every time 1,Always smiles --- Someone with too much joy or evil in them 1,Licks their lips --- A person with a dry mouth or who is hungry a lot 1,Silly accent --- Someone from a distant land or who had an accident 1,Sneezes or sniffles often --- A sad or allergic person 1,Plays with knife while talking --- Assassins and people who flaunt their skills 1,Always frowns --- Judge Dredd or a depressed person 1,Has difficulty with scale --- Likes to exaggerate everything 1,Looks over their shoulder --- Someone with a dark past or is superstitious 1,Always has a drink in their hand --- High-class snob or drunkard, depends on drink 1,Has random spikes of pain --- Past injuries flaring up 1,Blinks rapidly --- Habitual liars or someone with dry eyes 1,Rolls eyes --- Someone who “knows” everything 1,Finds everything funny --- Laughs at most anything, anywhere, any point in time