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<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]



1,[Title]: [Parable Title.Premise]


2,The [Animal] and the [Animal] 1,The [Animal] and the [Object] 1,The [Animal] that [didSomething] 1,The [Person] and the [Animal] 1,The [Person] and the [Person] 1,The [Person], the [Person], and the [Person] 1,The [Person] that [didSomething] 1,The [Person] and the [Object] 1,The [Person] and the [Nature] 1,The [Nature] and the [Animal] 1,The [Nature] and the [Nature] 1,The [Person]'s [Animal] 1,The [Person]'s [Animal] and the [Person]


1,Angel 1,Astrologer 1,Baker 1,Bandit 1,Bedouin 1,Beggar 1,Belly-Dancer 1,Boy 1,Caliph 1,Camel-trainer 1,Captain of the Guard 1,Cook 1,Djinn 1,Executioner 1,Eunuch 1,Farmer 1,Falconer 1,Fisherman 1,Fishmonger 1,Fool 1,Fortune-Teller 1,Goat Herd 1,Harlot 1,Hunchback 1,Hunter 1,Imam 1,Infidel 1,Learned Man 1,Man 1,Merchant 1,Mistress 1,Murderer 1,Peasant 1,Pirate 1,Princess 1,Righteous Man 1,Sailor 1,Scholar 1,Seer 1,Sheik 1,Shepherd 1,Slave 1,Slave Girl 1,Soldier 1,Sultan 1,Sultan's Wife 1,Sultana 1,Tailor 1,Teacher 1,Thief 1,Very Old Man 1,Very Young Man 1,Virgin 1,Vizier 1,Water Seller 1,Wise Man 1,Woman 1,Young Prince


1,Ant 1,Bat 1,Bull 1,Butterfly 3,Camel 1,Cat 1,Caterpillar 1,Crocodile 1,Dog 1,Donkey 1,Dove 1,Eagle 1,Elephant 1,Fish 1,Falcon 1,Frog 1,Goat 1,Honeybee 1,Horse 1,Jackal 3,Lamb 1,Lion 1,Locust 3,Monkey 1,Mouse 1,Mule 1,Ox 1,Peacock 1,Rat 1,Roc 1,Scorpion 1,Serpent 1,Toad 1,Tortoise 1,Vulture 1,Wolf


1,Basket 1,Bread 1,Bracelet 1,Dagger 1,Dates 1,Grapes 1,Hay Wain 1,Honey Pot 1,Jewel 1,Jug of Wine 1,Kettle 1,Lamp 1,Loaf of Bread 1,Magic Carpet 1,Olives 1,Oven 1,Oxcart 1,Pitcher 1,Pitchfork 1,Ring 1,Road 1,Rosebush 1,Ruby 1,Scimitar 1,Stone Wall


1,lived with the [Animal] 1,made fun of the [Animal] 1,thought he was a [Animal] 1,thought she was a [Animal] 1,wanted to be a [Animal] 1,wanted to be a [Person] 1,wished he were the [Nature] 1,wished she were the [Nature] 1,loved the [Nature] 1,fell in love with the [Nature] 1,fell in love with the [Person] 1,who searched for the [Person] 1,who hunted a [Animal] 1,who lost their [Object]


1,Clouds 1,Darkness 1,Day 1,Date Palm 1,Desert 1,Lightning 1,Moon 1,Mountain 1,Night 1,Oasis 1,Palm Tree 1,River 1,Sands 1,Sea 1,Sky 1,Stars 1,Sun 1,Thunder 1,Wind 3,[Compass direction.4] Wind </sgtable>


  • Animal
  • didSomething
  • Nature
  • Object
  • Person
  • Title

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