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<sgdisplay iterations="1">[x]</sgdisplay>



1, make like [👿]

0,*for debugging: can ellipsis be referenced externally, or must there always be a “main”?* 1,[main]


2,Let’s[…]! 1,Hey, here’s an idea: let’s[…]! 1,I wish that so-and-so would just[…]! 1,Why don’t you[…]? 1,Howzabout you[…]?


1,a ‘READ.ME’ file[g]FAQ[o] 1,a bad check[+]bounce 1,a banana[+]peel out 1,a banana[+]split 1,a barrel[+]roll out 1,a bee[+]buzz off 1,a bread truck and haul buns[o] 1,a busboy[g]fork[o] 1,a Catholic[+]pull out 1,a cheap prom dress in May[+]take off 1,a church[g]hell[o] 1,a cow patty[+]hit the trail 1,a direct-sales pyramid scheme[+]amscray 1,a dog[+]flea 1,a donkey-relocation service[+]haul ass 1,a dropped LEGO model[+]depart 1,a fruit hater[+]dis a pear 1,a full-term fetus[+]head out 1,a hat[+]go on ahead 1,a hippie with a guitar[g]folk[o] 1,a hockey stick[g]puck[o] 1,a magnet[+]flux off 1,a new version of iOS[+]roll out 1,a nudist monk[+]take the frock off 1,a partial jigsaw puzzle[+]peace out 1,a rat on a sinking ship[+]bail 1,a rock[+]roll 1,a shepherd[g]flock[o] 1,a shipyard[g]hull[o] 1,a skydiver with a broken parachute[+]hit the road 1,a sock[+]get lost 1,a stoner[+]blow this joint 1,a strawberry[+]jam 1,a superball[+]bounce 1,a teen boy alone with his PC[+]beat it 1,a teeny-bopper singer[+]fade away 1,a terrorist[+]blow this place 1,a tightrope walker[+]step off 1,a tire slasher[+]cut and run 1,a tree[+]leave 1,an airplane[+]take off 1,an amoeba[+]split 1,an antiaircraft gun[g]flak[o] 1,an arsonist in the Goodyear factory[+]burn rubber 1,an egg[+]beat it 1,an exorcist[g]hell[o] 1,an HP® Laser Printer[+]jet 1,an ICBM[+]cruise 1,an incomplete ‘READ.ME’ file[+]FAQ off 1,an oil worker[g]frack[o] 1,Bigfoot[+]make tracks 1,birds[+]flock off 1,boiled shrimp[+]peel out 1,cardboard[+]cut out 1,Enoby Dark’Ness Dementia Raven Way[+]goth out 1,geese[g]flock[o] 1,Houdini[+]vanish 1,Led Zeppelin[+]ramble on 1,Levi’s[+]fade away 1,lightning[+]bolt 1,A Taste of Honey[+]boogie 1,Morse code[+]dash 1,Pablo[+]Cruise 1,Parliament[g]funk[o] 1,rain[g]hail[o] 1,Snoop Dog-Eat-Dog’s dryer sheets[+]bizzounce 1,some hay[+]bail 1,a Viking scribe[g]futhark[o] 1,Stephen Fry[+]go poof 1,stockings[+]run 1,The Exorcist[g]hell[o] 1,the Grateful Dead[+]jam 1,the Red Sea[+]split 1,the song says[+]‘hop on the bus, Gus’ 1,the song says[+]‘slip out the back, Jack’ 1,the wind[+]blow 1,toilet paper[+]roll out 1,Tom[+]Cruise 1,traffic[+]jam


1,[%+] and


3, 1, … 1, — 1,,


1,[+]get the


1, out of here