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Here they come!

Look! A Survivor!



19,[guy_victim], a [sense] [role_male] [dia][outfit]. He is [adverb] [condition] and [extra]. 16,[American Census Names.female], [acs] [role_female], [dia][outfit]. She is [extra]. 8,[gal_vic2], a [sense] [role_kid] [dia][kidoutfit]. She is [adverb] [condition]. 4,[American Census Names.male], [acs] [role_kid] [dia][kidoutfit]. 4,[gal_victim], [acs] [role_female], [dia][outfit]. She is [extra]. 2,[guy_vic2], [acs] [role_male] [dia][outfit]. He is [extra].


1,a [adverb] [condition] and [sense]


1,dressed in a [shape]


16,[American Census Names.male] 1,[SGNP Modern Jamaican.male] 1,[SGNP Polish.PolishMFirst] 1,[SGNP thai.male]


1,[SGNP biblical.UNUSUAL MALE] 1,[SGNP swedish.lads]


1,[SGNP Modern Jamaican.female] 1,[SGNP Polish.PolishFFirst] 1,[SGNP swedish.lasses] 1,[SGNP thai.female]


4,[American Census Names.female] 4,[Relay Team.female]


1,[location], you see [who].


6,[American Census Names.female], a [survivor_sense] [role_female] dressed in a [outfit] that is [clothing_state] [shape]. She’s carrying a [object] and [survivor_extra] 6,[American Census Names.male], a [survivor_sense] [role_male] dressed in a [outfit] that is [clothing_state] [shape]. He’s carrying a [object] and [survivor_extra] 1,[American Census Names.female], a [role_kid] dressed in a [kidoutfit] that is [clothing_state] [shape]. Her mother and father have been killed by the zombies 1,[American Census Names.male], a [role_kid] dressed in a [kidoutfit] that is [clothing_state] [shape]. His mother and father have been killed by the zombies 1,[role_kid] [SGNP psuedo-american.FemaleFirst], her twin brother [SGNP psuedo-american.MaleFirst], and their father [American Census Names.male], the last of whom is carrying a [object] and is [survivor_extra]. They are all wearing [shape] clothing


1,a little 1,a tiny bit 1,carefully repaired but still 1,dreadfully 1,fairly 1,obviously 1,patched but 1,regrettably 1,remarkably 1,sadly 1,suspiciously 1,woefully


1,air rifle 1,AK-47 1,aluminum briefcase 1,baseball bat 1,bible 1,bird cage 1,broken beer bottle 1,bucket of chicken 1,coiled rope 1,Colt Gold Cup .45 1,combat-knife 1,compound bow 1,compound crossbow 1,crappy little .22 pistol 1,crowbar 1,dagger 1,doll 1,duffel bag 1,fireman’s axe 1,hammer 1,hand grenade 1,hatchet 1,helmet 1,home-made bomb of some sort 1,hunting rifle 1,katana blade 1,knife 1,long-slide .45 1,M249 SAW 1,M4 assault rifle 1,M40 sniper rifle 1,machete 1,Marlin lever-action rifle 1,map 1,medical kit 1,menorah 1,metal pipe 1,monkey 1,Mossberg shotgun 1,nightstick 1,pair of binoculars 1,pair of goggles 1,photo album 1,pitchfork 1,Remington .308 hunting rifle 1,Remington 870 shotgun 1,sack of groceries 1,sawed-off shotgun 1,screaming baby 1,shopping cart full of canned goods 1,sledgehammer 1,sledge-hammer 1,Smith & Wesson M29 revolver 1,stack of records 1,Taurus .357 revolver 1,TEC-9 1,telescope 1,two-by-four 1,vial of serum 1,whip 1,Winchester repeater 1,wooden baseball bat 2,chainsaw 2,nail gun


1,a gibbering lunatic 1,a little too friendly 1,a lunatic 1,acting suspiciously 1,badly injured 1,banged up 1,blind 1,bursting into tears 1,catatonic 1,completely calm 1,covered in infected bites 1,crying 1,drunk 1,hiding something 1,holding a zombie on a leash 1,humming 1,laughing 1,laughing maniacally 1,looking intently for something 1,missing a limb 1,muttering something unintelligible 1,nervously covering a bite mark 1,nervously looking around 1,obviously unhinged 1,praying 1,pretty glad to see you 1,ready to kill you 1,really angry 1,reflecting a healthy respect for the zombies 1,shaking uncontrollably 1,shell-shocked 1,singing 1,sizing you up 1,someone who fired you once 1,someone who knew your mother 1,someone who sold you a used car one time 1,someone who stole the love of your life back in high school 1,someone who used to date your sister 1,sort of scary 1,staring at something behind you 1,whispering someone’s name 1,whistling 1,who was the one person you could never beat in chess 1,yelling out someone’s name


1,across the street 1,atop a gas station 1,bearing down on you in a Miata 1,behind a barricade 1,being eaten by a mob of zombies 1,coming out of nowhere 1,cowering in a dumpster 1,crawling through a drainpipe 1,driving a Farm-All tractor 1,fleeing a mob of zombies 1,hiding in a burned-out building 1,hiding in a church 1,hiding in a pawnshop 1,hiding in the bushes 1,in a dark alley 1,in an abandoned department store 1,in the ruins of a Blackhawk helicopter 1,in the ruins of a clinic 1,inside a bakery 1,inside a convenience store 1,inside a jewelry store 1,inside an armored car 1,on the roof of an auto-parts store 1,peeking out of a barricaded building 1,perched on a billboard 1,poking out of a manhole cover 1,riding a bicycle 1,riding a motorcycle 1,rooting around in a grocery store 1,running crazily from a pack of wild dogs 1,sitting on a bench 1,sitting on a nearby roof 1,sitting on a park bench like nothing was happening 1,sitting on an overturned car 1,sneaking up on you 1,standing perfectly still 1,staring at you from behind the nozzle of a homemade flamethrower 1,stumbling around loaded down with loot 1,under a freeway overpass 1,up on a water tower 1,walking out of a cemetery


1,angry 1,blood-soaked 1,bruised 1,confused 1,crying 1,cynical 1,delighted 1,dirt-caked 1,frightened 1,grim 1,haggard 1,jolly 1,scared 1,serious 1,serious-looking 1,suspicious 1,terrified 1,tired 1,unstable 1,weary


1,blood-caked 1,crawling 1,curiously tidy 1,drooling 1,eye-wateringly pungent 1,groaning 1,growling 1,mindless 1,murderous 1,oblivious 1,revolting 1,scuttling 1,shuddering 1,shuffling 1,slobbering 1,stinking 1,stinking 1,stumbling 1,twitching 1,unclean 1,urine-soaked 1,violent 1,voracious 2,lurching 2,moaning 2,shambling


1,infant 1,toddler 1,baby 1,kid 1,pre-teen 1,kindergartner 1,first-grader 1,second-grader 1,third-grader 1,fourth-grader 1,fifth-grader 1,sixth-grader 1,boy scout 1,girl scout 1,paperboy


15,[role_unisex] 1,boy scout leader 1,butler 1,dude 1,dude in a wheelchair 1,emo boy 1,gigolo 1,guy 1,monk 1,priest 1,quarterback 1,rabbi 1,waiter


15,[role_unisex] 1,cheerleader 1,emo girl 1,gal 1,gal in a wheelchair 1,girl scout leader 1,housewife 1,lady 1,maid 1,nun 1,priestess 1,prostitute 1,waitress


1,accountant 1,actor 1,animator 1,arborist 1,archaeologist 1,architect 1,auto mechanic 1,babysitter 1,baker 1,banker 1,bartender 1,baseball player 1,basketball player 1,beatnik 1,beggar 1,bible thumper 1,biker 1,biologist 1,boatwright 1,bodybuilder 1,bookkeeper 1,bum 1,bus driver 1,butcher 1,cab driver 1,camp counselor 1,captain 1,carpenter 1,cashier 1,CEO 1,chaplain 1,chauffeur 1,chef 1,chemist 1,Child Protective Services worker 1,chimney sweep 1,CIA agent 1,clerk 1,coach 1,composer 1,construction worker 1,convict 1,cook 1,cop 1,copy editor 1,corporate drone 1,cosplayer 1,criminal 1,custodian 1,cybergoth 1,data-entry specialist 1,day laborer 1,DEA agent 1,Department of Homeland Security agent 1,deputy 1,dishwasher 1,dock worker 1,doctor 1,dog catcher 1,dwarf 1,elder 1,electrician 1,EMT 1,fanatic 1,farmer 1,FBI agent 1,firefighter 1,flight attendant 1,florist 1,food service worker 1,football player 1,game designer 1,gang member 1,gangster 1,garbage collector 1,glam rocker 1,goth 1,greaser 1,guard 1,guidance counselor 1,gun nut 1,hacker 1,hair stylist 1,hairdresser 1,handyman 1,hippie 1,home inspector 1,housekeeper 1,immigrant 1,immigration worker 1,internet mogul 1,janitor 1,jogger 1,journalist 1,judge 1,lab assistant 1,lab tech 1,laborer 2,lawyer 1,lifeguard 1,loner 1,loony 1,maid 1,maintenance worker 1,make-up artist 1,mall cop 1,mechanic 1,medic 1,mime 1,minister 1,missionary 1,musician 1,news anchor 1,news reporter 1,nurse 1,office assistant 1,office manager 1,painter 1,paralegal 1,park ranger 1,pharmacist 1,physician 1,pilot 1,pizza delivery driver 1,plumber 1,police officer 1,politician 1,postman 1,preppy 1,private security guard 1,professional athlete 1,professor 1,punk 1,punk rocker 1,rapper 1,real estate developer 1,realtor 1,receptionist 1,reporter 1,sailor 1,secretary 1,security officer 1,senior citizen 1,sheriff 1,shopkeeper 1,social worker 1,soldier 1,solicitor 1,sous chef 1,stranger 1,street musician 1,survivalist 1,teacher 1,technician 1,teenage runaway 1,teenager 1,televangelist 1,teller 1,torso 1,trekkie 1,truck driver 1,trucker 1,unknown professional 1,UPS driver 1,urban planner 1,utility worker 1,vagabond 1,veterinarian 1,Wal-Mart greeter 1,warehouse supervisor 1,warehouse worker 1,wedding planner 1,welder 1,writer 1,youth leader 1,zookeeper


1,badly 1,completely 1,dangerously 1,generally 1,hideously 1,horribly 1,partially 1,recently 1,revoltingly 1,riotously 1,seriously 1,strangely 1,terribly 1,terrifyingly 1,totally


1,bloated 1,burned 1,collapsing 3,decayed 1,decomposed 1,decomposing 1,disemboweled 1,dismembered 1,eaten 1,eyeless 1,faceless 1,festering 1,full of holes 1,intact 1,rotten


1,a former lover of yours 1,a former co-worker of yours 1,a little peckish, actually 1,a neighbor of yours 1,a relative of yours 1,a romantic rival 1,absently pulling at an embedded axe 1,attracting flies 1,covered in bits of human meat 1,crawling with hissing cockroaches 1,dangling a black mass casualty triage tag 1,dead, dead, dead 1,dripping with writhing maggots 1,eager to eat your brain 1,eating a baby 1,eating a blood-soaked leg 1,eating a brain 1,eating a severed arm 1,eating someone’s foot 1,eating something you can’t identify 1,eating stray viscera 1,eating your best friend 1,eviscerated by shotgun blasts 1,filled with hatred 1,happy to see you 1,hungry beyond reason 1,infested with vermin 1,interested in eating you 1,licking green-mottled fingers 1,looks afraid and confused 1,missing a foot 1,missing half a skull 1,missing some parts 1,moaning 1,moaning softly for brains 1,nauseating 1,pleased to see you, in a mindless way 1,pretty messed up 1,reaching with fingerless hands 1,ready to make a meal out of your face 1,riddled with brutal injuries 1,shaking with desire 1,somebody you promised to keep safe, once 1,somebody you worked with 1,someone who was an old friend of yours 1,still sort of attractive, strangely 1,studded with broken glass 1,studded with crossbow bolts 1,swarming with flies 1,trailing a still-taped I.V 1,trailing fleshy bits 1,very hungry right now 1,wearing a backpack 1,wearing a medical wristband 1,your boss


5,dirty 4,once-[Color.light] 3,filthy 3,messed-up 3,torn 1,blood-soaked 1,fluid-encrusted 1,much-abused 1,oil-soaked 1,once-elegant 1,pathetic 1,pristine 1,ragged 1,ripped 1,ruined 1,sad, barely-recognizable 1,scorched 1,shredded 1,soiled 1,stinking 1,tattered 1,threadbare


5,business suit 3,camouflage poncho 3,casual ensemble 3,clown costume 3,corduroy jacket 3,hoodie 3,lab coat 3,leather jacket 3,pair of overalls 3,set of combat fatigues 3,set of hospital scrubs 3,trendy outfit 3,Tyvek coverall 3,workman’s coveralls 1,bathrobe 1,Bermuda shorts 1,biohazard suit 1,cheerleader’s outfit 1,cowboy shirt 1,Dale Earnhardt sweatshirt 1,dinner jacket 1,executive’s bespoke-tailored suit 1,gorilla suit 1,Hawaiian shirt 1,leather jacket 1,muscle shirt 1,pair of expensive jeans and a gabardine shirt-jac 1,pair of hip waders 1,pair of underwear 1,pirate costume 1,plaid pants 1,police uniform 1,robot costume 1,smoking jacket 1,spandex catsuit 1,towel 1,T-shirt reading “AMWAY” 1,T-shirt reading “Hands Across America” 1,T-shirt reading “Helping Hands” 1,T-shirt reading “Let’s Get Awesome” 1,T-shirt reading “Love It or Leave It” 1,T-shirt with a banana on it 1,T-shirt with PHP code on it 1,wetsuit


1,ballet outfit 1,casual shirt 1,cat costume 1,day-camp outfit 1,Disney World shirt 1,dog costume 1,fake athletic jersey 1,pair of overalls 1,pair of shorts 1,pair of underwear 1,sleepshirt 1,sunsuit 1,tank swimsuit 1,T-shirt reading “Chip Off the Old Block” 1,T-shirt reading “Growing Like a Weed” 1,T-shirt reading “No Fear”


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