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For use with Deadlands Plots and Oracles and a subset one shot game where a group of zombie hunters ride into a town, and must face off against the zombies therein to accomplish their mission.


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1,Assault: [occ] [assault]. [astwist] 1,Raid: [occ] [assault]. [astwist] 1,Extraction (Involuntary): [occ] [extract]. [extwist] 1,Extraction (Voluntary): [occ] [extract]. [extwist] 1,Insertion: [occ] [extract]. [instwist] 0,Theft: [occ] [theft]. [thtwist] 0,Escort: [occ] [escort]. [estwist] 0,Sabotage: [occ] [sabotage]. [satwist] 0,Mysteries: [occ] [mystery]. [mytwist]


1,Contested (half zombie controlled) 1,Human (zombies outside of, humans inside of) controlled 1,Zombie controlled


1,Army Fort 1,Navy Fort 1,Town 1,Trading Post 1,City 1,Neighborhood in a large City 1,Riverboat 1,Train 1,Bridge 1,Ferry 1,Hilltop


1,Jail 1,Prison 1,Mansion 1,Town 1,City 1,Metropolis 1,Hardhold 1,House 1,Army Fort 1,Trading Post 1,Navy Fort


1,Caravan 1,Individual 1,Building 1,Hijacking 1,Kidnapping 1,Piracy (Transfer of good between vehicles) 1,Salvage


1,Monster 1,Individual 1,Posse 1,Pest-control 1,Hunting (safari-style) 1,Hunting (commercial gain)


1,Caravan, [caravan] 1,Animal (cattle) 1,Object/transport 1,Message/Parcel 1,Personnel 1,Smuggling, [smuggling]


1,Sport 1,Weapons 1,One vs. One 1,Team vs. Team 1,Tournament+ 1,Brawl


1,Arson 1,Destruction 1,Planting evidence 1,Forgery


1,Area, [area] 1,Spying, [spying]


1,Murder 1,Disappearance 1,Riddle/Puzzle


1,Labor (farmhand, general labor) 1,White Collar (appraisal, scribe) 1,Black Market (forger, lockpicker) 1,Service (armor tester, waiter, usher, etc.)


1,mapping 1,trailblazing


1,armies 1,governments 1,populations


1,commercial 1,pilgrimage


1,goods 1,weapons 1,people/items


1,dead 1,alive 1,dead or alive


1,tower 1,dungeon 1,jail 1,camp 1,building


1,Assault the location and eliminate the immediate zombies. 1,Assault the location and reduce it, the extract any civilians there. 1,Ride to the location, and then assault an adjacent [assault] clear it of zombies.


1,You must recover the macguffin. 1,Retrieve the macguffin and ignore the civilians nearby. 1,Hold the location while civilians flee. 1,Hold then destroy the location after civilians have fled. 1,Cover the civilians retreat to a safe [Assault] on the other side of the settlement. 1,Retrieve one important civilian, ignore the rest. 1,Retreive the rich family.


1,The location is in trouble, get reinforcements inside.


1,You must steal a macguffin. 1,You must protect a macguffin from theft. 1,When you steal the macguffin it's not there or is not what you expected. 1,When you steal the macguffin it's not there or is not what you expected, except it secretly is (illusion, secret compartment). 1,You go to steal the item and discover the owners are glad to part with it or the macguffin wants to be stolen. 1,There is no treasure to steal.


1,You get paid for harming a creature. 1,You get paid from preventing people from harming a creature. 1,The bounty is on your head. 1,The creature or reward is fictional. 1,No one believes the creature exists but it does. 1,The bounty on a creature is very high - after killing many of them, the effects on the ecosystem become known.


1,You must accompany a macguffin to a destination. 1,You are the person to be escorted. 1,Something has effected the destination that makes completion of the mission impossible. 1,The macguffin is not what it appears, making delivery impossible.


1,You must unseat a person in power. 1,You are the person in power someone is attempting to unseat. 1,The person in power is actually the one who should be. 1,The person in power is the one who hired you depose him. 1,You don't need to unseat the person in power because of their new position. 1,Performing the coup d'etat destabilizes the region and the fallout changes the shape of the campaign.


1,You must defeat an opponent. 1,Someone is trying to stop or defeat you. 1,Your opponent throws the match. 1,Your opponent loses, but the match is a distraction for their real goal. 1,The contest is called on account of weather. 1,The contest doesn't need to occur because of other developments that put you and your opponent on the same side.


1,You must kill a target. 1,People have taken a contract out on your life. 1,The person is paying you to kill them. 1,The person is paying you to kill them, but is actually under the control of the player's enemies. 1,When you go to kill them, they are removed in another way as an obstacle (or perhaps they leave the prime material) meaning it is no longer necessary to kill them. 1,Assassinating your target causes more problems than it solves.


1,You must sabotage a target. 1,You must protect a target from sabotage. 1,There is a non-functional device that must be repaired. 1,The target you set out to sabotage is already sabotaged. 1,The target appears to already be sabotaged, but this is a ruse - the real danger is coming from another foreshadowed source. 1,The targer due for sabotage fails of its own accord for entirely separate reasons. 1,Sabotaging the target actually makes your own goals more difficult to achieve.


1,You must explore an area. 1,You must prevent a group from finding out about an area. 1,You set out to explore an area only to discover it has already been well mapped. 1,You discover that the area to explore has already been well mapped, but the maps are very inaccurate.


1,You must solve a mystery. 1,You must prevent someone from discovering what you have done. 1,You set out to solve a mystery, but the solution is easily found. Knowing it causes a whole new set of problems. 1,Something has happened with an obvious solution, a close examination will show that perhaps the obvious solution isn't correct. 1,Something that appears to be a mystery is clearly not when examined.


1,Your skill or work is tested. 1,You need to hire people for a project. 1,You set out to do a job, but it turns out there are bigger problems. 1,You set out to do a job, but it turns out there are bigger problems requiring a different skill. 1,It turns out that a skilled person wasn't needed at all.