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<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]



1,Words of Power [Words of Power] 1,Dungeon Secrets [Dungeon Secrets] 1,Tome-Mold! [Tome-mould] 1,Means of lifting a curse [Curse Lifting] 1,Riddle or Puzzle [Riddles] 1,Arcane Formula [Formula] 1,Artifact Location [Artifact Location] 1,Dungeon Entrance [Dungeon Entrance] 1,Secrets of the Dead [Secrets of the Dead] 1,Curse! [Curse] 1,Ritual [Ritual] 1,Prospecting Reports [Prospecting Reports] 1,Mathematical Shorthand [Math Shorthand] 1,Library Ghost [Library Ghost] 1,Political Secrets [Political Secrets] 1,Rival or Ally [Rival or Ally] 1,Arcane Machine [Arcane Machine] 1,Prophecy [Prophecy] 1,Not a Book [Not a Book] 1,Planar Shortcut [Planar Shortcut]

Words of Power
Dungeon Secrets

1,[Dungeon Secret Type] the [Dungeon Area Name.main]

Dungeon Secret Type

1,A detailed map of 1,A magical map of 1,A list of secret doors and rooms in 1,Notes about the traps in 1,Construction plans and notes about 1,Sublevels of 1,Details on the inhabitants of 1,An adventurer's logbook and maps of

Curse Lifting
Artifact Location

1,[Enchanted Sword.main] [Located in] [Fantasy Landmarks.main].

Located in

1,It is believed to be somewhere in the 1,According to [book descriptor] [book], it was last seen in the 1,Several texts seem to indicate that it might be found in the 1,Although never directly stated, [book descriptor] [book] hints that it might now be somewhere in the

book descriptor

1,an ancient 1,a forbidden 1,a musty 1,an enciphered 1,a magical 1,a carefully hidden 1,a crumbling


1,tome 1,grimoire 1,text 1,scroll 1,librum 1,parchment 1,papyrus 1,book 1,cyclopaedia 1,margin note 1,inscription 1,text

Dungeon Entrance

1, [Entrance] the [Dungeon Area Name.main]


1,A secret entrance into 1,A smashed floor tile opens a shaft into 1,The properly tipped book slides the bookcase to reveal an entrance to

Secrets of the Dead
Prospecting Reports
Math Shorthand
Library Ghost
Political Secrets
Rival or Ally
Arcane Machine
Not a Book
Planar Shortcut