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...for In a Wicked Age

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1,A lover professing commitment to polyamory but secretly murderously jealous of their lover's lovers. 1,A parental visit sparks inter generational embarrassment due to lifestyle differences. 1,Dumpster divers find evidence of a crime much greater than wasted food. 1,The single sober participant at a debaucherous dance party. 1,Queers and bros collide at a crowded bar. 1,A catcalling drunk is surrounded by offended people. 1,A powerful psychic dismissed as a flake and a dreamer by even their closest friends. 1,A secretive dentist/slumlord, committed to Satan. 1,A black-painted house, miraculously cheap to rent but haunted by vengeful ghosts. 1,Uninclined or unable to work, a slacker's petty scams escalate. 1,A corrupt city council member seeks the closure of a beloved music venue. 1,A sly FBI infiltrator, obsessed with getting a terrorism conviction by any means necessary. 1,An anarchist falsely accused of informing for the government, shunned and threatened by their community. 1,A political radical with delusions of grandeur. 1,A kind and sensitive young musician, attuned to melancholy ghosts. 1,The poorly planned arson of an uninhabited housing development. 1,A cop covering up a murder as self defense. 1,An amiable old hippie trying to reconnect with "the movement." 1,A small group of anarchic pranksters gleefully humiliating the powerful. 1,An aging punk, embittered after being ousted from leadership of an activist group. 1,The dwindling affair of a lonely professor and bored student. 1,A DIY prophecy foretells disaster for the Chief of Police. 1,A pregnancy makes two lovers doubt their future. 1,A basement hardcore show is literally loud enough to wake the dead. 1,A traveller inspiring deep affection and deep hatred. 1,A slow civil war in an overcrowded collective house. 1,A disagreement over food politics ruins a friendship. 1,Anti-war group planning dissolves into bickering factions. 1,A single parent and committed activist, smart, effective, and tired. 1,A police provocateur with a sudden attack of conscience. 1,An obscure zine teaches its readers difficult yet effective spells. 1,A student returns from abroad, energized and eager. 1,Hopelessly in love, a student pretends at anarchism to impress a beautiful radical. 1,The first, poorly attended meeting of a right-wing youth group, and its oblivious, upbeat founder. 1,A solidarity demonstration angers the community it claims to be in solidarity with. 1,A pair of irresistible hot pants which leave a trail of heartbreak, languishing in a thrift store bargain bin. 1,A clumsy hookup, and the three participants who come to regret it the next day. 1,A genius sunk in depression and alcoholism. 1,The signing to a major label of a favorite local band. 1,Enough money to buy land and live comfortably away from civilization, with one catch. 1,A houseguest staying long past their welcome. 1,A hidden cache of arms and explosives, enough to outfit a small militant cell. 1,Weeks of rain flood the disused basement of a fractious punk house. 1,Two hitchhikers who made a terrible bargain to get a ride to their final destination. 1,The hidden room underneath the college, and the secretive alumni who lives there. 1,An anarchist comes to hate a particular police officer more than any other. 1,The 30th birthday of a burnt-out radical. 1,A singer's first concert wins them many admirers. 1,An 18-year old fanatic. 1,The band of raccoons which terrorize a neighborhood. 1,An upscale restaurant, front for a mysterious cult. 1,A religious leader channeling a 10,000 year old Atlantean warrior. </sgtable>