Villain Hideout

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Villain Hideout

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[hideout]</sgdisplay>



2,[type_part1]and [type_part2] [what] 1,[type_part2] [what] 1,[type_part1][what]


1,Isolated 1,Abandoned 1,Old 1,Ancient 1,Huge 1,Run-down 1,Closed 1,Small 1,Uninviting 1,Little 1,Miniature 1,Hulkish 1,Hidden 1,Inconspicuous


1,Rusting 1,Dirty 1,Ruined 1,Dusty 1,in progress of rebuilding 1,Burned Down 1,Nearly Collapsed 1,Sterilized 1,Condemned 1,Fortified 1,Booby-trapped


1,Airport 1,Asylum 1,Bookshop 1,Brothel 1,Cafe 1,Cathedral 1,Church 1,Chemical Plant 1,Chop Shop 1,Coffee Shop 1,Concrete Factory 1,Drug House 1,Estate 1,Factory 1,Farm 1,Fashion House 1,Fighter Hangar 1,Garage 1,Gallery House 1,Gentlemen Club 1,Gun Shop 1,Temple 1,Hotel 1,Jewelry Store 1,Laundry 1,Library 1,Liquor Store 1,Meatpacking Warehouse 1,Morgue 1,Mosque 1,Motel 1,Museum 1,Newspaper Print House 1,Nightclub 1,Pawn Shop 1,Power Plant 1,Private Club 1,Ranger Station 1,Restaurant 1,Shoe Store 1,Slaughterhouse 1,Sports Bar 1,Theater 1,University Building 1,Warehouse