Veshti Oracle: The Treacherous Seas

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1,[TreacherousSeas] 1,[Pirate Oracle Maker.main]


0,---Needs Work--- 1,A castaway who has snapped his challenger’s neck with one blow after being brought aboard. 1,A gutsy, tippling pirate with a ready laugh and only seemingly no thought of tomorrow. 1,A jungle island on which things move in the corner of the eye. 1,A monstrous thing, it's wings bat-like; but it's body like nothing of sea or earth or air -- foulness beyond a madman's wildest dreams. 1,A pirate queen, worshipped by her crew of jungle savages. 1,A pirate ship captained by a fearless rogue. 1,A ship’s crew drowsing under the effects of a strange fruit while doom draws near. 1,A wild bucaneer, having spurned the unwanted advance of a mercenary with murder, has fled into wilderness and into an unexpected encounter. 1,An ill-fated merchant ship on which a pirate vessel is closing. 1,An isle on which strange monsters guard crypts filled with hieroglyph-marked gold. 1,Waters where the seaports are fat with loot and merchant ships crammed for plundering. 1,A lord of the sea-rovers, striding the deck of his ram-prowed war galley as it bears down upon it's prey. 1,The drum-beater of a massive slave galley, who picks the slowest rower each voyage to torture in front of the others. 1,A siren-mermaid, fair and lithe from afar, but with a heart as dark and cold as the deep abyss. 1,A clifftop temple surrounded by a treacherous reef, from which alluring musics come. 1,A man marooned on a deserted island, finishing the raft that will take him to salvation or to death. 1,A king of the underwater folk, angry that his people are dying in fishermens' nets, preparing for war. 1,A legendary warrior, now retired to the life of a fisherman, hoping to forget the horrors of his youth. 1,The spirits of the drowned, sailing their ghost ship in a fog that never lifts.