Veshti Oracle: The Faraway Lands

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0,---Borrowed from other Oracles---- 1,A betrayed king, alone, half-armored and with blade drawn, facing a score of assassins. 1,A black-eyed wizard whose name is used to frighten children a thousand leagues distant. 1,A city in which tunnels connect every house to that of its master and through which sacrifices are taken. 1,A city inhabited by the dead called back to half-life, where the inhabitants remember their deaths as dreams. 1,A city of dark streets that are mazes of conspiracy and assignation. 1,A city of green stone which has appeared where only ruins were to be seen for all recorded history. 1,A city that shuts tight its doors at night while death stalks its streets. 1,A city whose people exist in dreaming semiconsciousness and degenerate pleasures. 1,A column of fighting-men, marching three abreast behind their barbaric leader. 1,A conqueror-to-be, setting forth with a small band of followers. 1,A dancer, beset by snapping cobras, kept alive only by her skill, and tiring. 1,A face of inhuman beauty and perfection, atop the muscular coiled body of a gigantic serpent! 1,A fleeing woman, whose brother has been fed to jackals. 1,A frost giant’s daughter, luring men to death under her brothers’ axes. 1,A god without priests, that comes for its own sacrifices. 1,A great museum of antiques and rarities, collected from across the world by it's wealthy owner. 1,A human sacrifice, laid upon an altar-stone amid a bed of flowers. 1,A hundred archers facing a monster summoned by sacrifice. 1,A jungle island on which things move in the corner of the eye. 1,A justly ruled and prosperous land, eyed by grasping tyrants. 1,A king’s sister, struggling to rule while her brother languishes in a rival’s dungeon. 1,A loyal officer and the woman who loves him, fugitive in a city ruled by the usurper. 1,A monstrous saurian, white belly raking the brush while its serrated back-bone rises higher than a man can reach, one of many in the forest, too large to kill and determined to feast. 1,A monstrous thing, it's wings bat-like; but it's body like nothing of sea or earth or air -- foulness beyond a madman's wildest dreams. 1,A mysterious cargo, arriving on a caravan from the far South, watched by many covetous eyes. 1,A man born of cities, and books, and civilized ways, who would die quickly in the wilderness. 1,A port where sorcerers weave spells amidst sacrificial smoke rising from blood-stained altars. 1,A reckless merchant traveling in troubled times, ignorant of the prize he carries. 1,A revenant necromancer, from an evil empire long dust, seeking the key to raise an army of the dead. 1,A ruin carved of the semitranslucent green stone in alien symmetry of which all the oldest such are crafted, containing monster and science-mistaken-for-magic 1,A soldier, left for dead on the battlefield, awakes among corpses. 1,A tall tower on the purple slopes of a high mountain, it's teakwood doors bound in gold. 1,A temple whose fearsome aspect is such it needs no guards. 1,A terrified dancing girl forced to play the part of a goddess. 1,A valley, its grassy slopes like velvet under tender feet, full of nodding white blossoms. 1,A vast, remote ruin, left unplundered for reasons unknown. 1,A woman sunning herself before dangerous observers, foolishly confident in her safety. 1,An ancient and immortal Vampire Queen. 1,An ancient lost city, roofed over, one vast building. 1,An astrologer, dark and gaunt, in a camel-hair robe and a green turban; the servant of a mighty cabal of sorcerers. 1,An isle on which strange monsters guard crypts filled with hieroglyph-marked gold. 1,Exiles seeking to enlist barbarians in an invasion of their homeland. 1,Four gaunt, exiled assassins with one last service to perform before they are free. 1,Golden-eyed, ebony giant humanoids of perfect form, whose piping music calls forth hideous passions. 1,Rival hunters after a mysterious treasure. 1,Seven hill-chieftains, captured and imprisoned, awaiting execution. 1,Slender brown figures, lithe and naked, with inhuman eyes, luminous as starshine. 1,The ape-man who has taken his master's place by murder. 1,The deafening thunder of drums and great elephant-tusk horns. 1,The distant stone walls and towers of a city the sight of which surprises explorers. 1,The inhabitants of a lost city, degenerate and fallen from the glory of their past. 1,The last remnants of a diminished people, locked in civil war. 1,The loyal captain of a deposed queen, set to die a lingering public death. 1,The repulsive and toad-like chieftain of a primitive tribe. 1,The witch born once every century with the mark of hell upon her. 1,Transgressors against an ancient god, frozen as statues except by moonlight. 1,A tower of silver and alabaster, which rises from the sea under the new moon. 1,A siren-ghoul, who entices the amorous into deadly peril. 1,A flock of hunterbirds, sharp-beaked, clever, and dreadful, and their master. 1,A captured war-horse with a taste for human meat. 1,A ghoulish eater of dead flesh, driven by unusual lusts. 1,A night-wisp, who devours its victims’ magical potency. 1,An army’s scryer, commanding six sharp-fanged gaunts. 1,A bitter and unseasonable cold, caused by warring elementals. 1,An unsavory treasure-seeker, with an honest map. 1,A wandering intelligence, intent on driving mortals mad. 1,A treasure seeker, following the whispers of a slave spirit. 1,A tempter devil, fond of luxury and sin, imprisoned until this very moment within a stone crypt behind an old monk’s garden. 1,A war-sorceress, slender but commanding, with golden hair. 1,A warrior-priestess of a truly bloodthirsty cult. 1,A field of herbs and wild flowers, alive with bees, where a certain half-bestial creature brings his many lovers. 1,A prestigious monastery, home to an order of warrior ascetics. 1,The crumbling ruins of a once-proud temple, now forgotten and abandoned. 1,A troupe of traveling actors and acrobats, hiding fugitives in their midst. 1,The lovely daughter of a rice-farmer, pursued by suitors above her station. 1,A deadly assassin, skilled in the technique of the Death Touch. 1,A mountain fortress, cunningly defended, but vulnerable to treachery from within. 1,A vast conquering army, darkening the plain with their numbers, and shaking the earth with their marching tread. 1,An aging recluse, the last master of a powerful martial technique. 1,A pearl of great value, found by a simple fisherman. 1,A haunted site, where the ghosts reenact their grisly murders. 1,A child, born in circumstances matching a heretical prophecy. 1,A supernatural creature, yearning to become human. 1,The denizens of a small town, their spirits crushed by oppressive taxes. 1,A girl with green eyes, kidnapped to be the bride of an immortal sorcerer. 1,A foreigner, outlandish in dress and manners, trying to recover his lost property. 1,A secret martial arts tournament, where the penalty for failure is death. 1,A duel between chosen champions, before the walls of a besieged city. 1,The various suitors of a great lord's daughter, tasked with an impossible mission in order to win her hand. 1,A wise hermit, master of an unusual and difficult martial art, looking for the proper student to teach before he dies. 1,The student of a great master, who suddenly achieves enlightenment. 1,A site where wicked ghosts gather and dance. 1,A contemplative garden, weeded and raked by a singularly ill-tempered old man. 1,A tiny noodle shop, warm with steam, frequented by insular neighborhood regulars. 1,A lovely female assassin, her mystically prehensile hair wound and pinned into an elaborate coiffure. 1,A forgotten shrine which holds a fountain of divine energy. 1,A weapon of dark stone, lined with runes that glow a bloody red. 1,A secluded village which watches outsiders with suspicion. 1,The ruins of a fallen city where the ghostly siege is relived. 1,A towering spire that overlooks the surrounding lands, left alone for centuries. 1,Strange alchemical reagents in waxed paper; poisonous to some, healing to others. 1,A dying city beside tranquil shores, disconnected from trade. 1,A decaying wreck along the shores of a beach, voices whisper within its hold. 1,A map leads to the overgrown crypt of an ancient warlord. 1,A shadowed figure delivers a personal message in the dark of night. 1,The monastery where magic and swordplay merge into one art. 1,A sword of green glass filled with a swirling inner fire. 1,A monastic figure that wanders the land, searching for tests of strength. 1,The gladiator-pits of a great settlement, where men and beasts are condemned to die. 1,A physician and poisoner; a solver of other people's problems. 1,An invisible assassin, stalking through a crowded street festival. 1,A beautiful woman and her bestial lover, hiding from view within her palanquin. 1,A girl sold into slavery in a city far from her home, risking everything to return there. 1,Aerial cavalrymen, mounted on giant wasps, harrying their prey. 1,A step-pyramid, surrounded by a chanting throng, awaiting a sacrifice. 1,A giant effigy of a man, wreathed in undying flames, atop a high cliff. 1,A dancer-assassin, trained to sacrifice her life for the kill, now unfortunately in love with her target. 1,A cloaked and cowled Royal Advisor, whose flesh and features are never seen. 1,A decadent princeling, indulging his grotesque appetites amid the ruins of his family's estate. 1,The architect of a vast defensive work, realizing that he is about to be buried within it to protect it's secrets.