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I'm not sure how a talk page is supposed to work, but I think it's like a private message to you that is actually not private because anybody who wants to can look at this page.

But, I love what you're doing with the Random world generator! Really expanding out a lot of the basic ideas I had, and adding some awesome ones of your own. I can't wait until you get deeper down into the cardinal locations and the threats from those directions. My thought is that they should all have different variables so they don't end up sounding samey--one of the limitations is that Random Humanoid Horde generator can come up with "humanoids with goat-like features" and then "humanoids with cattle-like features", and if we could find another good variable source, so only one direction would have that particular construction, I think the end results would be a lot more varied and natural sounding, and less obviously randomly generated.

I'm not sure I succeeded, but my idea was to have each direction be a unique type of threat--part of the difficulty of using the same generators is that they can get samey. I suppose the natural solution would be to add additional entries to the sub generators we're pulling from other pages, but I'm leery of going too crazy, especially on pages that a lot of other pages link to, in case I mess up their constructions somehow. Though I suppose we're both smart enough to follow the pattern of previous entries, so maybe that's a dumb worry.