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Thanks for pointing me to this project, I've been enjoying messing around with it. Let me know, or just change it back, if I make a modification that removes something you liked.

And, yeah, I've also been wary to mess around with the existing generators as well as I don't want to break anything. I think it would be okay to add things that follow the existing structure of the pages, but I probably wouldn't tear down and rebuild the sub-generators the way we have here. Right now I've basically been ignoring anything that pulls large chunks of text from other places, but eventually won't be able to.


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Congratulations! Movin' on up (to the east side) … --MikeyD (talk) 15:52, 22 July 2015 (PDT)

Central Casting

Yes, those books are what I had in mind. It looks like Majyc beat us to it: Fantasy_Character_History. Also see some of the related generators listed on that one, like Fantasy_Traits. I can't find one that pulls it all together, though (ie appearance, history, skills, etc.), and they may be incomplete. If I find time I may go through Majyc's tables and see if there's anything I can fix up or add. I can't seem to load Fantasy_Casting_Utilities unless I add "&action=edit" to the URL; not sure why. - Serpentine Cougar (talk) 14:30, 22 October 2015 (PDT)

Yeah, I was thinking that too. Do you think the tables in Fantasy_Casting_Utilities and Fantasy_Traits should be pulled out into their own generators? For example, birthmarks from Fantasy_Traits.

The only problem with doing it all in one page is the size - see this revision of Fantasy Character History. But you do have a point. I wouldn't want every single table to have its own page, either, but some of them go together and could be made into smaller units than "an entire character and its backstory." Maybe the thing would be to do it with restraint?

We'll just have to add more entries of our own, then! :)

As I recall most are just a single roll. The main problem with the book's probabilities is that there are CultureMod and SocialMod that you add to your rolls. So for example if your SocialMod is high enough (you're nobility), you could get results on one table that reference your noble birth. But that table entry would correspond with a high enough result (say, 22) that you can only get when you add your SocialMod to your d20 roll. So if your SocialMod isn't high enough you'll never get that result.

This project is kind of on the back burner for me at the moment, mostly because it's large and daunting and I have other smaller ideas I can focus on. When/if I get around to it, though, I'll probably start with cleaning up and fixing the fantasy one first. I agree that the results it generates aren't as good as they should be.

Also, just found this:
Egyptoid says: I like his work, but he leaves in so much crap, its not worth the time to copy and paste it !!!
--Egyptoid (talk) 15:01, 20 October 2019 (PDT)

Oh, on an unrelated note, have you considered renaming your Rumors page to Fantasy Rumors in case someone in the future wanted to make similar generators for other genres?

I could've sworn I already replied to you; must not have hit "Save" or something. Talking about approaches to this random generator stuff is fun. I think your idea could work, or it could be done by just leaving the 'noble' results in there but at a low probability - could spur some interesting backgrounds. "How did you wind up going to private school when you grew up an orphan on the streets?" "Well there was this scholarship...."

Yeah, that site is perfect, but the reason I want something similar here is to harness the collective creativity of the wiki format and the tables we already have here. And like you say, doing the same thing for other genres, too.

You can rename pages by going to the "move" tab on that page. For Rumors it would be here. Other pages that call its subtables would indeed need to be updated, unfortunately. I would do it myself, but I figure you're more familiar with what pages call it.


Not to burst your bubble, but I don't know how many more I'll be doing from this resource. Many of the tables are kinda already incorporated into generators here (or the content is very similar). - Serpentine Cougar (talk) 07:47, 4 February 2016 (PST)


thanks for looking. converting the book is difficult, I've noticed about 8 people have tried various methods here.
no plans on doing modern or sci-fi yet. it would take a lot of time to get interested again.
I'm almost tired of looking at Abulafia !! the only reason I get so much work done is that I had
a minor work injury and for many weeks I've had little to do.
I've got like 6 charts to finish, of about the 30 required.
thanks for the compliments. When I get it done to my satisfaction, I will include you
on the call for critiques. --Egyptoid (talk) 14:58, 20 October 2019 (PDT)

C.Casting style BAckstory Generator - close to done . . . .

Fantasy Lives

Thanks for making tables and charts I could borrow from.

the main backstory generator page is at CC-Fantasy-Lives

I've gotten my Casting-style background tables prepared to the point

I want to call for help and beta-testing. my email is Egyptoid @ gmail - com

or my user discussion page User_talk:Egyptoid

please run it a few times, and tell me about what stinks.

also I ask what should the final layout look like ?

some of the errors are minor, and come from trying to parse grammar

across 4 sub-charts, like: the sorcerer summoned the an water elemental that fallen into a volcano

previous authors have tried to adhere to the book, I have just used the Casting book as a skeleton,

and tried to improvise and expand with the wide capabilities of Abulafia.

please let me know if you like it not, and why.