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A very wicked and mean old man.

Vista Heights Oracle

Police Dispatches

Mutant Academy Adventure Generator

AoA Adventure Generator - the MUSH that I was working on this for closed, but maybe you'll salvage something from it!

Some code storage until I figure out how to get two generators on the same page.

If you want more than three scenes, here are some complications for your plot! They should be introduced and resolved either in the same scene (for minor complications), or in a sequence of 1-3 scenes (for major complications)

<sgdisplay iterations="3">[plotcomplications]
</sgdisplay> <sgtable>


1,A key player turns against their bosses. 1,Someone on one side falls in love with someone from the other side. 1,A new, sinister organization enters the picture with slightly tangential goals. 1,A new, sinister organization or person enters the picture with highly antagonistic goals. 1,A new, mysterious group backs the player characters - but why? </sgtable>