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PARTHOG Encounter Generator


This table generates "Trait, Trait, Action, Motivation, Spirit (Diety)" for random encounters.

Random traits and action


<sgdisplay iterations="10">[main]</sgdisplay> <sgtable> ;main 1,[Trait], [Trait]: [Action] | [MotivationCard][MotivationSuit] [MotivationSpirit] ;Trait 1,grimy 1,slurring 1,tense 1,fanged 1,horned 1,snorting 1,nasally voice 1,hard of hearing 1,swollen hands 1,curly hair 1,shrill voice 1,deep voice 1,quiet voice 1,wheezing 1,handlebar mustache 1,sarcastic 1,fastidious 1,know-it-all 1,zoned out 1,complainer 1,red-cheeked 1,mutton chops 1,long beard 1,sleepy 1,jaundiced 1,square-jawed 1,button nosed 1,strangely accented 1,muddy 1,big ears 1,big nose 1,cleft chin 1,cleft palate 1,flowing golden locks 1,shaved head 1,wearing wolfskin 1,wearing bearskin 1,wearing an animal mask 1,single earing 1,nose ring 1,manbun 1,top knot 1,very hairy 1,missing an ear 1,scarred 1,intense eyes 1,long nasty fingernails 1,sniffing 1,sneezing 1,coughing 1,missing an eye 1,necklace of teeth 1,skin rash 1,colorful cape 1,dirty clothes 1,fur cloak 1,small pet dog 1,large pet dog 1,dreadlocks 1,unkempt 1,rotten teath 1,albino 1,humming 1,fidgeting 1,well-dressed 1,lazy eye 1,cloudy eye 1,baggy cloths 1,malnourished 1,very underweight 1,obese 1,chubby 1,extra finger 1,scowling 1,sharpened teeth 1,shuffling 1,bright smile 1,food stained clothing 1,sunburned 1,walking with a crutch 1,walking with a cane 1,squinting 1,bushy eyebrows 1,scraggly beard 1,rosy-cheeked 1,smoking a pipe 1,petite 1,very tall 1,pock-marked skin 1,flowerey speech 1,curly hair 1,old 1,young 1,grey-haired 1,haggard 1,ugly 1,tiny eyes 1,torn clothing 1,mumbling 1,staring 1,gangly 1,barrel-chested 1,bulging eyes 1,hawk nose 1,flat nose 1,broken nose 1,drunk 1,avoiding eye contact 1,wide 1,athletic 1,hunched 1,smiling 1,toned 1,missing fingers 1,average looking 1,burn scars 1,goatee 1,blind 1,eye-patch 1,sideburns 1,scrawny 1,mouth breather 1,raspy voice 1,fast-talking 1,toothless 1,blinking 1,wrinkled skin ;Action 1,fixing something 1,cleaning 1,begging 1,smithing 1,instructing 1,tanning leather 1,barking a tree 1,standing guard 1,brewing beer 1,dying cloth 1,carrying water 1,sharpening weapons 1,napping 1,building a fire 1,skinning an animal 1,reaping wheat 1,driving a team of horses 1,driving a cart 1,riding a horse 1,negotiating with others 1,robbing others at weapon point 1,peddling wares 1,basking in the glory of the universe 1,treating the wounds of another 1,treating wounds on themself 1,praying 1,leading others in prayer 1,herding sheep 1,driving cattle 1,peddling fruit 1,leading a funeral procession 1,selling knives 1,hawking wares 1,mending a fence or road 1,tending crops 1,collecting taxes 1,taking a census 1,guarding a tent 1,running with a messenger bag 1,trimming a hedgerow 1,leading an old horse 1,fixing a broken cart wheel 1,recruiting a levy 1,thatching a roof 1,carrying a recently slain deer 1,carrying a chicken 1,whistling a tune 1,singing a song 1,marching quickly ;MotivationCard 1,Ace 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9 1,10 1,Jack 1,Queen 1,King ;MotivationSuit 1,♠ 1,♥ 1,♣ 1,♦ ;Trigram 1,☰ (Heaven) 1,☱ (Lake) 1,☲ (Fire) 1,☳ (Thunder) 1,☴ (Wind) 1,☵ (Water) 1,☶ (Mountain) 1,☷ (Earth) ;MotivationSpirit 1,☸ (Dharma) 1,☼ (Sun) 1,☯ (Yin Yang) 1,☠ (Death) 1,☥ (Ankh) 1,☘ (Luck) 1,⚕ (Life) 1,☁ (Sky) 1,☾ (Moon) 1,⚒ (Smithing) 1,⚔ (War) 1,⚘ (Nature) 1,⚙ (Travel) 1,⚖ (Commerce) 1,✒ (Knowledge) 1,❤ (Love) </sgtable>

Heist Character

Heist Fast Character Generator

Toughness: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[D6AbilityRoll]</sgdisplay> Reflex: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[D6AbilityRoll]</sgdisplay> Strength: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[D6AbilityRoll]</sgdisplay> Expertise: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[D6AbilityRoll]</sgdisplay> Appeal: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[D6AbilityRoll]</sgdisplay> Perception: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[D6AbilityRoll]</sgdisplay> Heat: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[D6AbilityRoll]</sgdisplay>

Skill 1: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[main]</sgdisplay> Skill 2: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[main]</sgdisplay> Skill 3: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[main]</sgdisplay> Skill 4: <sgdisplay iterations="1">[main]</sgdisplay>





1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6


1,1 (Capable) 1,2 (Skilled) 1,3 (Master) 1,4 (Master) 1,5 (Master) 1,6 (Master)


1,Athletics 1,Forgery 1,Grand Theft Auto 1,Computers 1,Charm 1,Organization 1,Cars 1,Read Person 1,Alarm Systems 1,Con 1,Larceny 1,Burglary 1,Lock-Picking 1,Shooting 1,Safes & Vaults 1,Explosives 1,PaperTrail 1,Drugs 1,Move Silently 1,Lie 1,Intimidate 1,Assault & Battery 1,Running 1,Disguise 1,Evidence Tampering 1,Breaking & Entering 1,Building 1,Other </sgtable>

Playing Card NPC Motivation

Twilight 2000 NPC Motivation


  • Spades (Ambition/Power)
  • Hearts (Sociability/Relationships)
  • Clubs (Violence)
  • Diamonds (Greed)


  • 2-4 Somewhat
  • 5-7 Moderately
  • 8-10 Very
  • Jack: ♠ Pompous | ♥ Wise | ♣ Murderous | ♦ Coward
  • Queen: ♠ Ruthless | ♥ Loving | ♣ Stubborn | ♦ Lustful
  • King: ♠ Deceitful | ♥ Honorable | ♣ Brutal | ♦ Selfish
  • Ace: ♠ Charismatic | ♥ Just | ♣ War Leader | ♦ Generous