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I plan on contributing to existing generators and hopefully adding some original ones.

Pages I've created:

Questions and Consequences
The Blues Engine

Pages I've spent some time on:

Random fantasy world of origin

Favorite generators:

so many, almost anything by Special:Contributions/Zak_S
Superhero Team -- wonderful example of how enough generators and the right subject matter can lead to endless variety
Quick NPC -- so useful, I use this all the time
Fantasy Pantheon -- just discovered this one, how wonderful!
SpiritForm -- the above makes use of this also great generator
DOG_WIZARDS_ADVENTURE -- pretty neat stuff, consistent voice, creative--the whole Dog Wizard thing, not just this page
Planes of Hubris -- lovely, weird details, like all your potions becoming frozen when you enter this other dimension
Elf-folk -- great detail and specificity, you really get a feel for this world. Part of Sstabhmontown, a setting whose inspirations--fairy tales, mythology, history--share a lot with my own interests. Makes wonderful use of the evocative turn of phrase to convey rich meaning that can develop in a myriad of ways.
Quick Guards -- very random, but useful for brain gymnastics--how to use "d100 thunder storms, who are only active during the day" or "d20 swarms of mice, who form the shape of 2 large buffalos who have a disarming attack" at the table; how unpredictable is "4 houndmen collects forms of government with 2 giant wild fighter monkeys". Could use some grammar clean up, but lots of raw idea-stuff that would be almost impossible to just come up with on your own.
Fantasy Town Event -- another Younce classic, if I'd known this existed I probably wouldn't have even bothered with the Local section of I guess I'm glad I didn't discover it until tonight, since I think there's some decent stuff I never would have come up with otherwise. But I'll probably make an external call to this page because the content is so good and fits in perfectly with what I was envisioning Local rumors to entail.
Unique_dragons_of_awe_and_horror -- this is great and ripe for more content.
Metamorphica -- need to throw some money at this guy, these look awesome
more to come I'm sure