Unique dragons of awe and horror

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1,[m1] [traits]. [environment]. [appetite]


1,Bestial and savage, 1,Old, scarred, and horrible, 1,This one is not yet in its prime, but still is to be feared— 1,Vastly ancient, but having grown only stronger through its strife, 1,Warped, and possessing of witchery, 1,Young and hungry, 1,Shining like a precious gem in moonlight,


1,[head]. [body]. [armour]. [tail]. [size]. [breathe]


1,[basics] 1,[basics]. [obsession] 1,[basics]. [specialatt]. [obsession] 1,[basics]. [specialatt]. [specialdef] 1,[basics]. [specialatt]. [specialdef]. [weakness] 1,[basics]. [specialatt]. [specialtal]. [obsession] 1,[basics]. [specialatt]. [weakness] 1,[basics]. [specialdef]. [specialtal] 1,[basics]. [specialdef]. [specialtal]. [specialatt]. [obsession] 2,[basics]. [specialdef] 2,[basics]. [specialtal] 1,[many] heads, but moving in perfect sync, the heads are alike in that [head]. [body]. [tail]. [size]. [breathe]. [obsession] 1,of 2 heads, cooperative to a degree, one of [head], and the other [head]. [body]. [tail]. [size]. [breathe]. [obsession]


1,It is the size [what]


1,of a large dog, or a small horse 1,of a bear 1,of a horse 1,of a house 1,of an elephant 1,to devour elephants


3,it has a long slender jaw, with fierce curved teeth, akin to a pike or gar 3,its head is a blunt triangular thing, its sneering mouth seemingly an afterthought 3,its head is a frilled thing, a mixture of reptilian savageness and the vanity of fishes 3,its head is blind worm-things, a looming maw is all that is seen 3,its head is less of a head, and more a cage of long teeth, like some freak fish from the ocean’s sunless depths 3,its head is split vertically by its jaw, bookended by its piggish eyes 3,its head is that of a haughty raptor, with a cruel scythe of a beak 3,its head is that of the maligned slothful crocodile 3,possessing of a head in the classic lizard style 3,the head has the poisonous beauty of a great snake’s 0, 1,it has a long slender jaw, with fierce curved teeth, akin to a pike or gar and [headspec] 1,its head is a blunt triangular thing, its sneering mouth seemingly an afterthought, as well as [headspec] 1,its head is a frilled thing, a mixture of reptilian savageness and the vanity of fishes and [headspec] 1,its head is blind worm-things, a looming maw and [headspec] is all that is seen 1,its head is less of a head, and more a cage of long teeth, like some freak fish from the ocean’s sunless depths and [headspec] 1,its head is split vertically by its jaw, bookended by its piggish eyes and also [headspec] 1,its head is that of a haughty raptor, with a cruel scythe of a beak as well as [headspec] 1,its head is that of the maligned slothful crocodile, and [headspec] 1,possessing of a head in the classic lizard style but furthermore [headspec] 1, the head has the poisonous beauty of a great snake’s with [headspec]


1,a cluster of secondary eyes, like a spider’s 1,a frill of wicked poisonous spines, barbed and quivering 1,a glowing lure hangs above its face 1,a great crown of horns 1,a horn judders out from its face, gore stained 1,a mane of fiery hue 1,a mouth in a mouth in a mouth, like nested Russian dolls 1,a pair of horns, like long lances, to gut the heavens 1,a ring of other mouths ring its face, softly singing worship 1,a tight curl of goatish horns 1,behind its teeth, are yet more teeth, and more beyond that 1,despite this, it is somehow eerily human and familiar 1,great blazing orbs of eyes, pulling at the unwary like moths unto a candle flame 1,its eyes being terrifying black pools, like the night sky, when all the stars have died 1,its eyes cry blood 1,its face is carved with shifting rune scars 1,venomous bile drooling from its fangs


1,Its body is corpulent, and it sits on its haunches with its tiny forearms wringing together 1,Its body is crocodilian, but with a horse’s muscular grace 1,Its body is like a snake’s, but akin to a centipede, with human arms writhing furiously as legs 1,Its body is overshadowed by great fanned wings 1,Its eel-like body is tarry and vile 1,Its long, legless, elegant body ripples in space 1,Its pallid body is best hidden in caves, strutting on fins, crude mockeries of legs 1,Its short body is powerfully built, like a pit fighting tiger 1,Its snakelike body has powerful bat-like wings 1,Its stilt-legged body gives it the look of a quadrupedal marsh bird 1,Its body resembles the common imagined wyrm, but with three pairs of eagle’s wings


1,A cold, unbroken coating like liquid glass surrounds it 1,Fine, delicate, opalescent scales are its skin 1,Great scales, that would shatter any blade raised against it, adorn its hide 1,Its shiny black carapace is like an abominable crab or beetle 1,It has a thick protective fur, of [colour] 1,Its hide appears raw and half-flayed, oozing blood, that suddenly clots hard against weapons 1,Its thick, fat and leathery hide would put even an elephant’s to shame 1,Its skin is seemingly metal, with crude painful-looking joins at the joints allowing stiff movement 1,Light itself seems loath to settle upon its form, making it hidden in shifting murk 1,Numerous coins and jewels have stuck fast to it, and now turn aside many a blade 1,Rolls and rolls of fat to foil all weapons 1,Scavenged rusting metal, forming embedded scabs in its flesh, provide it with great protection 1,It possesses shimmering fish skin to its gain 1,Thick bony plates, with bone studs arrayed regularly between them, protect it 1,It's scales are a deep [colour], lustrous and magnificent 1,It has a skin of living stone


1,After eating the heart of a child, given freely by the parent, it can cure any wound or sickness on another being 1,Despite its size, it can fold itself away, hiding in places seemingly much too small for it 1,Graveyard dirt heals its wounds 1,Gravity has little command of it 1,It can smell thought 1,It eats poisons, and voids forth sweet waters 1,It is said to live backwards, its past a mystery to it, while its future is stark and clear 1,It speaks with another’s tongue if it eats their teeth 1,Its claws are long, insinuations of glass, that suck a man’s blood dry in moments 1,Its movement is jerky and unreal like a puppet, or someone moving under flickering light 1,Its presence is foretold by heavy red rains 1,Its smell turns domesticated animals feral—cats tripping owners down stairs, cows chewing flesh from faces, and horses charging off cliffs 1,Vermin bring it gifts and secrets


1,From deep within its gullet, it belches forth a great deadly cloud of flame 1,From its lungs comes a grey cloud that petrifies what it touches, but only partially, leaving its victims a fleshy core in a stoney crust 1,From its mouth comes a black light, and all it touches is now gone 1,If eyes flash, and the air hums, you know it is about to spit up a great stroke of lightning 1,If so desiring it can spray a fine mist of horrible flesh searing acid droplets 1,It can cough up black, burning tar, caustic and searing 1,It can let out a deep low undulation which moments later makes all struck by it violently hemorrhage 1,It can spew forth a viscous sticky gel, which ignites with contact with air, trapping as it burns 1,It can spit balls of fire, lightning fast, of strange hue, and foe chasing 1,It can spit forth a gout of boiling blood 1,It can usher forth a great killing horde of half real shadowy bugs 1,It may breathe forth a blazing cone of black, light-inverting fire, that freezes instead of burning 1,It may breathe forth a blazing cone of fire 1,It will vomit up glass blades that shatter upon impact, sending shards everywhere 1,Its very breath is death on the air, wilting plant life and filling lungs with vile fluid 1,Its breath is a shimmering wave in space, and then all is melting and desiccation


1,Beware, for it can turn invisible, but its shadow remains, betraying its presence 1,It can blink in and out of space 1,It has no organs nor vitals, only pestilence. A piercing attack will do little to it 1,It is also rumored that the dragon’s limbs can survive if severed from it, and will grow anew. Although these limb-born dragons can't stand each other and will relentlessly hunt each other down until one remains again 1,It need not breathe, and can survive frozen or entombed 1,Its mottled hide shifts and bewitches with unnatural colours and glimmers. Nausea and insanity await those who stare too long 1,Magic is warped around it 1,Neither fire nor wood may harm it 1,No dog will track it 1,Take note that, despite its size, it is terrifyingly nimble, capable of great pounces and evades 1,This dragon’s skin is covered in fine black spines, hard to see, and agonizing if they pierce flesh 1,You must inflict your wounds quickly upon it, for it heals frighteningly fast. If you can fight it in running water however, its blood is washed away, and so it can't heal


1,Avoid prolonged eye contact, lest it learn the faces of all you love 1,Beware its ambushes 1,Each day it learns and forgets one spell 1,Hearing its laugh causes bewitchment and delusion 1,If it licks you, your wounds do not heal until the next new moon 1,It is also said that it has great fondness for catching and flinging, with great force, its enemy into one another 1,Its blood causes vipers to sprout from the ground 1,Its lungs are so mighty, it can suck the air from yours at 20 paces 1,Its teeth are brittle, and remain, wriggling, in the bite 1,Its tongue lashes out, and flays, with its tiny burrowing barbs 1,Its voice sickens and weakens 1,Take heed, for it can shoot forth a cloud of spines 1,This dragon’s claws can cleave stone like butter 1,it's scales are razor-sharp, lacerating all that comes in contact with them


1,in the bowels of a dormant volcano it waits 1,it resides deep underground, pray you don’t meet it there 1,Ever roaming the land, when the moon is dark 1,It is found in the ruins of people 1,It is found on lonely wind-swept sea cliffs 1,Perching amongst the teeth of the world, this is where it is home 1,The brutal desert is where it hunts 1,The depths of lakes, in the silt, is where it slumbers 1,The most gnarled and light-hating forests is where it is found 1,The muck of swamps is its kingdom 1,The teeming jungle, is where it is king 1,You can hear it calling on the loneliest of moors


1,Above all else, the dragon is known for its [theme]


1,Cunning 1,Destruction 1,Domination 1,Exile 1,Exploration 1,Glory 1,Greed 1,Grotesqueness 1,Guardianship 1,Insanity 1,Malice 1,Mentorship 1,Nihilism 1,Otherness 1,Psychopathy 1,Savage Nature 1,Sorrow 1,Thirst for Power 1,Thrill-seeking 1,Traps 1,Uncontrolled Power 1,Vengeance 1,Vestige of Humanity 1,Wisdom 1,Youthful Exuberance


1,It prefers to feast upon [food]


1,[ValueMetal] 1,blood 1,brains 1,children 1,farm animals 1,filth 1,flayed skin 1,innocents 1,porcelain 1,precious stones 1,rare books 1,rotting flesh 1,soil from battlefields 1,the substances of [creature] 1,the magical energy of spellcasters 1,charred bones 1,ashes 1,the weapons and armor of warriors who failed to kill it


1,Bright light will easily blind it 1,Coins thrown before it, cause it to stop and count them 1,Dog flesh is poisonous to it 1,It does, however, has an alarming stupid streak 1,It gluttony knows no limit, and if a great enough meal could be made, it would eat until it died 1,It will strike at minstrels above all other targets 1,Its pride means it is easily provoked to blind rage 1,Its underbelly is soft and unprotected 1,Know this: silver burns its flesh 1,There are secret words, that if learned, will give you command of it


0,183 Creature 1,Adder 1,Angel 1,Ant 1,Ape 1,Badger 1,Barnacle 1,Basilisk 1,Bat 1,Bear 1,Beaver 1,Bee 1,Beetle 1,Bird 1,Boar 1,Buck 1,Bull 1,Calf 1,Camel 1,Carp 1,Cat 1,Centaur 1,Centipede 1,Charger 1,Chimera 1,Clam 1,Cock 1,Cockatrice 1,Coney 1,Cormorant 1,Cow 1,Crab 1,Crane 1,Crayfish 1,Crocodile 1,Crow 1,Cuckoo 1,Cyclops 1,Deer 1,Doe 1,Dog 1,Dolphin 1,Dolphin 1,Donkey 1,Dove 1,Dragon 1,Drake 1,Duck 1,Dwarf 1,Eagle 1,Eel 1,Elephant 1,Elf 1,Ewe 1,Falcon 1,Fawn 1,Ferret 1,Finch 1,Fish 1,Fitch 1,Flounder 1,Fly 1,Fox 1,Frog 1,Gander 1,Gargoyle 1,Gnome 1,Goat 1,Goblin 1,Golem 1,Goose 1,Goshawk 1,Grasshopper 1,Griffin 1,Grouse 1,Gull 1,Halfling 1,Hare 1,Harpy 1,Hart 1,Hawk 1,Hedgehog 1,Hen 1,Heron 1,Herring 1,Hind 1,Hog 1,Horse 1,Hound 1,Hydra 1,Jabberwock 1,Jay 1,Juggernaut 1,Killer Whale 1,Lamb 1,Lamprey 1,Lark 1,Leopard 1,Lion 1,Lizard 1,Lobster 1,Lobster 1,Locust 1,Manta ray 1,Manticore 1,Mare 1,Merlin 1,Mermaid 1,Minnow 1,Mole 1,Mouse 1,Nautilus 1,Newt 1,Nightingale 1,Nymph 1,octopus 1,Octopus 1,Ogre 1,Osprey 1,Otter 1,Ox 1,Oyster 1,Panther 1,Pegasus 1,Pelican 1,Pheasant 1,Phoenix 1,Pigeon 1,Pigeon 1,Pike 1,Polecat 1,Pony 1,Porcupine 1,Porpoise 1,Pullet 1,Rabbit 1,Ram 1,Rat 1,Raven 1,Roebuck 1,Rook 1,Sailor 1,Salmon 1,Satyr 1,Scorpion 1,Sea anemone 1,Sea snake 1,Sea-Lion 1,seahorse 1,Seal 1,Serpent 1,Shark 1,Shark 1,Sheep 1,Siren 1,Snake 1,Sow 1,Spider 1,Squid 1,Squirrel 1,Stag 1,Stallion 1,Starling 1,Stingray 1,Sturgeon 1,Swallow 1,Swan 1,Swan 1,Sylph 1,Tiger 1,Toad 1,Tortoise 1,Trout 1,Tyger 1,Unicorn 1,Viper 1,Vixen 1,Vole 1,Weasel 1,Whale 1,Wolf 1,Woodpecker 1,Wren 1,Wyvern


1,copper 1,electrum 1,gold 1,palladium 1,platinum 1,silver


1,A hateful, naked thing is its rat-like tail 1,Held aloft, its tail is delicately scaled with poisonous frills 1,Its tail is a stumpy, malign thing 1,Its tail is barbed like a scorpion’s 1,Its tail lashes back and forth like an angry cat’s 1,Its long, snakelike tail is especially noteworthy for the ever-burning flame at its tip 1,The tail is python-like both in appearance, and crushing grip 1,The broad, flat tail is capable of powerful swimming strokes 1,Its tail is no different from that of an alligator 1,Its tail is very much like a whip 1,With its blade-like bone spur, its tail is to be respected


1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7




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