Undead Software Programmer Character Concept

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<sgdisplay iterations="1">[main]



1,[Quick NPC.NPCDescriptor] [undeadType] must balance between the demands of a career as [Technical Job Title.main] working to [Web Economy BS.main] and [personalConflict].


1,vampire 1,ghoul 1,zombie 1,lich 1,ghost 1,revenant 1,banshee 1,wendigo 1,Norse draugr 1,nature spirit 1,spectre


1,letting go of the last shreds of its humanity 1,giving in to the cold, Alaska winters once and for all 1,finding time for leisure pursuits 1,seeking out brains to eat 1,designing games for on-line challenges 1,seeking out others of its kind 1,limiting dinner visits to Thai Palace on 36th in Anchorage 1,finding love 1,its responsibilities as a creature of legend to the local Inuit </sgtable>

Inspired by the Undead Software Programmer Challenge thread