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<sgdisplay iterations="5">[main]</sgdisplay>


This should be fairly boring. It should just spit out a description of a tree.




0, - - - indef article 100,a [procedure]


0, - - - paterns 100,[treedore] tree with [treewith] 100,[treeadj] [treedore] tree 90,[treeadj] tree 30,[treeadj] [treedore] tree with [treewith]


0, - - - adjectvie 100,large 100,young 100,sturdy 100,modest 100,common 80,blighted 80,sprawling 80,high 80,forbidding 40,low-growing 30,dwarf 30,stunted 20,murky 20,pollarded 10,decaying 10,ancient


0, - - - follows the word with 100,large, elliptic leaves 100,dark green leaves 100,curling branches 100,swooping limbs 100,olive-green leaves 100,thick branches 100,outspread branches 100,a gnarled trunk 90,a motley of squirrels running up and down 80,a cloud of gnats flitting through its branches 50,scattered ferns growing beneath it 50,a medley of shrubs on the ground below 50,a twisted trunk 50,thick vines growing up it 50,thorny vines growing on it 50,large, triangular leaves 40,wide, spoon shaped leaves 40,flowering creepers winding up the trunk 40,lavender wisteria hanging from its branches 20,fallen branches and twigs surrounding it 10,yellow fig buttercup growing beneath it 10,slippery leaves


0, - - - deciduous or evergreen? 3,[treedecid] 2,[treeevergreen]


0, - - - deciduous 110,oak 110,maple 90,walnut 0, - - - hawthorn is usually deciduous but some species are evergreen 90,hawthorn 90,birch 80,elm 80,hickory 50,aspen 40,willow 40,weeping willow 40,beech 40,magnolia 40,mahogany 40,sycamore 40,ironwood 35,poplar 30,hornbeam 30,white ash 20,pignut hickory 20,tulip 20,sumac 15,[sweetgum] 10,bigtooth aspen 10,bitternut hickory 10,quaking aspen 10,slippery elm 10,paper birch 10,wych elm 0, - - - yoke elm is another name for hornbeam 10,yoke elm 10,turkey oak 15,cherry 5,red stinkwood 5,tulip poplar


130,pine 110,cedar 90,fir 90,holly 50,palm 40,white pine 40,hemlock 40,red cedar 40,cypress 35,conifer 30,red pine 30,douglas fir 30,silver fir 30,spruce 20,blue spruce 20,yew 15,yucca 10,weeping blue cedar 10,hemlock-spruce 10,juniper 10,balsam fir 10,evergreen oak 8,bottlebrush 2,giant sequoia 1,yeddo hawthorn 1,pink flowering hawthorn 1,great bristlecone pine


0, - - - there are a lot of cool names for this 0, - - - deciduous sweetgum tree 100,sweetgum 50,storax 50,bilsted 50,redgum 50,satin-walnut 50,star-leaved-gum 50,alligatorwood 40,hazel pine 40,Storax balsam 0, - - - I just made up this fake name below 20,spikefruit </sgtable>

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