Tinker Tailor Vampire Spy

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This page contains elements of espionage and vampire genre tropes
along with clue types, designed for use with Night's Black Agents. 

Tinker Tailor Vampire Spy

<sgdisplay iterations="1">Opener:[Opener]
Situation: [Situation]
Location: [Location]
Core Clue:[Investigative Skills]
Bonus Clues: [Clues]

Supporting Cast

<sgdisplay iterations="3">Name: [name]
Last Sighted: [World Cities.main]
Background:[Spycraft Character Concept.main]


<sgdisplay iterations="2">Name: [name]



1,[Location] 1,[Situation] 1,[Clues] 1,[Tropes] 1,[100traits.main] 1,[100revolutions.main] 1,[100illnesses.main] 1,[Spycraft Scene.main]


1,[Spycraft Scene.main]


2,Mission: [Mission] 1,Crisis: [Crisis] 1,Villains: [name] [Villains] 3,Villain Tropes: [Villain Tropes]


1,City: [City] 1,[World Cities.main] 3,Fight Location: [Fight Location]


5,Action Skill: [General Skills] 13,Clue Skill: [Investigative Skills] 1,Skill: [Skill] 1,Geoint: [Geoint] 1,Humint: [Humint] 1,Masint: [Masint] 1,Osint: [Osint] 1,Sigint: [Sigint] 1,Intel Twists: [Intel Twists] 1,Forensics: [forensic techniques] 1,[Clues]


1,Vampire Tropes: [Vampire Tropes] 1,Espionage Tropes: [Espionage Tropes] 1,Secret Tropes: [Secret Tropes] 1,Infauxmation Tropes: [Infauxmation Tropes] 1,Military Characters: [Military Characters] 1,Merc Tropes: [Merc Tropes] 1,Terrorism Tropes: [Terrorism Tropes] 1,Mystery Tropes: [Mystery Tropes] 1,Legal Tropes: [Legal Tropes] 1,Dirty Social Tricks: [Dirty Social Tricks] 1,Dirty Fighting Tropes: [Dirty Fighting Tropes] 1,Mind Control: [Mind Control] 1,Paranormal: [Paranormal]


1, [General Skills] 1, [Investigative Skills]

General Skills

6,Athletics 1,Conceal 1,Cover 1,Digital Intrusion 1,Disguise 2,Driving 1,Explosive Devices 1,Filch 1,Gambling 6,Hand-to-Hand 3,Health 1,Infiltration 1,Mechanics 1,Medic 1,Network 1,Piloting 1,Preparedness 1,Sense Trouble 6,Shooting 1,Shrink 2,Stability 1,Surveillance 3,Weapons

Investigative Skills

1,Accounting 1,Archaeology 1,Architecture 1,Art History 1,Criminology 1,Diagnosis 1,History 1,Human Terrain 1,Languages 1,Law 1,Military Science 1,Occult Studies 1,Research 1,Vampirology 1,Bullshit Detector 1,Bureaucracy 1,Cop Talk 1,Flattery 1,Flirting 1,High Society 1,Interrogation 1,Intimidation 1,Negotiation 1,Reassurance 1,Streetwise 1,Tradecraft 1,Astronomy 1,Chemistry 1,Cryptography 1,Data Recovery 1,Electronic Surveillance 1,Forensic Pathology 1,Forgery 1,Notice 1,Outdoor Survival 1,Pharmacy 1,Photography 1,Traffic Analysis 1,Urban Survival


1, [General Skills]-[Rating] 1, [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] 1, [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] 1, [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] 1, [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] 1, [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] 1, [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] 1, [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] 1, [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating] [General Skills]-[Rating]


4, 2 4, 4 3, 5 3, 6 2, 8 1, 10 1, 12 1, 15


3, [power]---[power] 2, [power]---[power]---[power]---[power] 1, [power]---[power]---[power]---[power]---[power]---[power] 1, [power]---[power]---[power]---[power]---[power]---[power]---[power]---[power] 1, [powers]---[powers]


4, Hand-to-Hand Bonus 3, Vampiric Armor 2, Animal Senses 1, Clairvoyance 1, Darkvision 1, Infravision 1, Addictive Bite 1, Heat Drain 1, Remote Drain 1, Memory Haze 1, Cloud Minds 1, Necromancy 1, Possession 3, Slasher Movement 2, Vampire Speed 1, Tunnelling 1, Spider Climb 1, Regeneration 3, Stealth 1, Monstrous Form 1, Summoning 1, Venom 1, Anaesthetic Bite 1, Hypnotic Voice


7, [mikesmodernarmaments.main]
[mikesmodernarmaments.main] 2, [mikesmodernarmaments.main]
1, [mikesmodernarmaments.main]


1, [Active Mission] 1, [Reactive Mission]

Active Mission

1,Destroy - The agents must destroy the local conspiracy apparat. Stat out the apparat, and start crossing off mooks. This may involve destroying a physical location, especially if the bang-and-burner hasn’t had spotlight time recently. Figure out the official response, if any, to a loud destruction. The destruction can also be mental, moral, or social: Mission: Impossible used to specialize in these ops. 1,Flip - The agents must flip an asset to their side: a key local authority figure, a vampire asset, a spy or mafioso with some useful edge. Decide why they want to flip her, and decide why she might flip, and what’s stopping her. Provide a conspiracy handler or watcher who must be evaded, tricked, or eliminated. 1,Heist - The agents must steal something, in a subtle burglary or a guns-blazing holdup. Provide the thing to be stolen, and its security. As a bonus, figure out who else wants the thing, and what they’ll do once the agents breach its security. 1,Hit - The agents must kill someone. This can be a simple sniping, or a gang rumble. Provide the target and his security, plan a weakness in one or both. 1,Hunt - The agents must find someone, either a potential asset or a vampire conspirator. Does the target want to be found? Who else is hunting the target? Can the target fight back? Stat out the target and any rival hunters. 1,Rescue - The agents must rescue someone from the conspiracy, or from the authorities. This is essentially a Heist with a human target. Map it like a Heist, but give the target a real personality and motivations if you can. 1,Sneak - The agents must infiltrate a secure location; to get intel, plant bugs, or set up a Heist or Flip. This can be social infiltration of an enemy organization, or physical infiltration of a hidden base, or the same op could involve both. Map the target (socially or physically), and settle in for some good old-fashioned over-planning. If it gets really out of hand, tell the players that for every half hour of game time they spend planning, you’re doubling the security, raising Difficulty numbers by 1, or adding one more Renfield. 1,Trace - The agents must find something, possibly something that went missing long ago: a painting, a dossier, a defector, a treasure. This is like a long-form, investigation heavy Hunt; it can lead to a Heist at the end. Set up a GUMSHOE trail of clues, working backward from its current location. Then add rough strangers or rival trackers along the way. 1,Uncover - The agents must uncover a mystery: what the conspiracy is up to in Riga, who killed their asset in Edinburgh, whether the pharmaceutical company is actually in league with the vampires. This again is solid GUMSHOE territory; figure out the solution, then plant clues around the periphery, and point the agents to one of those clues. This often leads to an updated or expanded adversary map. 1,Bait/Switch - looks like [Mission] but is actually [Mission]

Reactive Mission

1,Counter-Destroy - The vampires aim to destroy the existing human trafficking network in Amsterdam and replace it with their own. The agents may want to stop the vampire assault and destroy the human traffickers themselves, or keep some very unsavory assets owing them favors.

1,Counter-Flip - The vampires want to flip the local prefect of police, using money, sex, or just vampiric turning. The agents may want to stake the seducer, kill the prefect after he flips, or flip him themselves and run him as a double agent.

1,Counter-Heist - The vampires want to steal an idol of Zalmoxis from a museum (or an eccentric private collector, or a Bulgarian mafioso, or a sorcerous cult) so that they can channel the god’s eldritch power. The agents may want to destroy it, heist it themselves ahead of time, use it as bait, or just bug it.

1,Counter-Hit - The vampires want to hit the archbishop, who is far too open-minded about the supernatural. The agents likely want to protect His Eminence, perhaps while sifting his files on such matters. Or the agents have to protect a moving target: perhaps His Eminence is on his way to Rome. In some campaigns, the archbishop might become an asset, or a source of intel and missions himself.

1,Counter-Hunt - The vampires are hunting a money-man who escaped with the flash drive. The agents want the drive, but might not care about the money-man. Or, if the target is more sympathetic, the agents have to help her disappear and shut down the hunters; a high-speed Rescue.

1,Counter-Rescue - The vampires want to rescue a Renfield from a super-max prison facility. The agents want to hit them on the way in … or better yet, on the way out, since the Renfield is out in the open now.

1,Counter-Sneak - The vampires want to sneak a lamia into the Davos summit. The agents need to find the lamia and disrupt the sneak without blowing their own cover. If they can sneak their own agent into the summit, or flip an asset there, that’s a bonus. The agents might be hired (or secretly volunteer) to provide security to a lab, museum, or brokerage house; their goal might be their own sneak, a heist, or just to hit the vampire’s sneaker.

1,Counter-Trace - The vampires want to trace a bloodline of hereditary dhampirs, or a shipment of precursors for an advanced vampire serum. The agents want to trace such things themselves, eliminate the conspiracy’s investigators, and ideally muddy the trail completely. Provide the agents with their own leads to the target, or with conspiracy assets the agents can interrogate for leads.

1,Counter-Uncover - Vampires (and conspiracies in general) seldom want to uncover anything. Perhaps they might want to expose an annoying MI6 network in Romania, or reveal some scandalous truth about the local Church. A vampire Uncover mission aimed right at the agents is designed to bring Heat (see p. 87). Short of taking out the vampires’ team on site, there’s not much the agents can do to help bury leads. More often, the vampires are tying off loose ends or laying red herrings: a Cover-Up mission. That, the agents can more easily disrupt.

1,Bait/Switch - looks like [Mission] but is actually [Mission]


1, North Korea Nuclear Talks 1, Russian Election Interference 1,Pakistan Nuclear Security 1,Iran Missile Testing 1,China Missile Testing 1,Iran Chemical Weapons Program 1,Syrian Political Unrest 1,Russian Intelligence Activities 1,Chinese Cyber Warfare 1,Chinese Counterspace Capabilities 1,Isis Leadership 1,Taliban Resurgence 1,Afghanistan Opium Network 1,Iraq Instability 1,Israel Palestinian Conflict 1,Russia Ukraine Conflict 1,Indian Missile Program 1,Russian Nuclear Delivery Submarine Drone 1,Chinese Sonic weaponry 1,Caspian Energy Crisis 1,Al-Shabaab Attacks in Kenya 1,UAE Reform Crackdown 1,Chemical Weapon Assassination 1,Hezbollah Weapon Acquisition 1,Russian Nuclear Weapon Design 1,Kurd Activism in Turkey 1,Russian Defense Reform 1,Egypt Islamist Political Parties 1,Russian Military Sales 1,Venezuelan Foreign Policy 1,Bolivian Economic Reform 1,China Taiwan Posturing 1,Weaponized UAV Proliferation 1,G-7 Summit 1,Europe Crime and Corruption 1,Global Warming Summit 1,Piracy in the Straits of Malacca 1,Iraq Oil Infrastructure 1,China Blockchain Program 1,China Counter-Intelligence Purge 1,Nicaragua Revolution 1,China Yuan Revaluation 1,Atrocities in Darfur 1,European Refugee Crisis 1,Syrian Chemical Weapons Testing 1,Zimbabwe Unrest


1, AIRBORNE IMAGERY - Piloted & unmanned aircraft carry a variety of imagery sensors, providing unique access to targets.

1, INSAR - Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar combines several satellite images to generate terrain deformation maps.

1, RF COMMUNICATION MAPPING - Generate maps by monitoring radio frequency transmissions

1, COMMERCIAL MULTISPECTRAL IMAGERY - Commercial collection of color and the non-visible spectrum(e.g. near-infrared).

1, COMMERCIAL GRAYSCALE IMAGERY - Private companies collect medium and high resolution black and white imagery.

1, DEFENSE SUPPORT PROGRAM - A constellation of satellites capable of detecting missile and rocket launches.

1, HANDHELD IMAGERY - Human collectors and sources can take pictures of places or activities of interest.

1, VISIBLE REMOTE SENSING - Detection and classifying of objects based on visible light.

1, INFRARED REMOTE SENSING - Radiation emitted by warm objects is visible from space.

1, LIDAR REMOTE SENSING - Used to determine the composition of chemicals in the atmosphere as well vegetation height.

1, TIME-HISTORY ANALYSIS - Months of imagery on the same location provide insight on the movement of people and equipment.

1, PHOTOGRAMMETRY - Determine the distance between points and the height of objects, buildings, vehicles and other items of interest.

1, GEOREFERENCED SOCIAL MEDIA - Connecting satellite photography with social media pictures to identify locations of interest.

1, UNSECURED NETWORKED CAMERAS - Many public and private cameras are connected to the internet and unsecured.

1, VIBROMETRY - A geospatial analytic technique that uses radar to detect vibrating targets, like operating machinery.


1, BLACKBAG JOB - Covert breaking and entry to attain protected information.

1, AGENT-IN-PLACE - An employee of an intelligence target who is an ongoing intelligence source.

1, REFUGEE DEBRIEFING - Cooperating refugees can provide information on their home country.

1, TECHNICAL CONFERENCE SPEAKER - Overt collection by technical conference attendees and members of official delegations.

1, DEFENSE ATTACHE OFFICES - US military representatives overseas overtly collect information of intelligence interest.

1, DOCUMENT AND MEDIA EXPLOITATION - Captured documents and electronic media can provide many intelligence insights.

1, ARMS CONTROL INSPECTORS - Significant opportunities exist to collect sensitive data from onsite inspections.

1, PERSONNEL RECOVERY DEBRIEFING - Gather critical information from recovered persons who were previously missing.

1, FOREIGN MATERIAL EXPLOITATION - The acquisition of foreign equipment or technology for Intelligence purposes.

1, STANDARD DEBRIEFING - The debriefing of US DOD personnel who interact with foreign entities or activities of interest

1, HOMELAND SECURITY FUSION CENTERS - FBI and DHS work closely with state and local authorities across the US.

1, LEADERSHIP DEBRIEFING - Analysts can debrief other USG employees to find out unreported information.

1, LEGAL ATTACHE OFFICES - FBI representatives overseas interact with foreign police and investigative services.

1, NON-TITLE 50 AGENCIES - US agencies that are not funded by the intelligence budget can provide useful foreign information.

1, STATE DEPARTMENT - US diplomats overseas encounter information of interest in the course of their normal duties.

1, RECRUIT LOCAL SOURCES - Ideologically sympathetic recruits provide otherwise unobtainable information.

1, INTERROGATION - Intelligence analysis derived from questioning cooperative and uncooperative enemy combatants.

1, TACTICAL MILITARY HUMINT - Deployed US combat forces can provide excellent access to “ground” intelligence.


1, BIOMETRICS - The collection of characteristics in order to identify a specific person or group of people.

1, MATERIALS EXPLOITATION - The collection and analysis of gases, liquids, and solids.

1, IRINT - Infrared measurements of exhaust can reveal vehicle capabilities.

1, AIRBORNE MISSILE TRACKING - Hyperspectral sensors can determine vehicle characteristics.

1, MULTI-REGION SIGNATURE LIBRARY - Historic hyperspectral imaging of various terrain features can be combined with new images to detect buried objects.

1, INTERNATIONAL MONITORING SYSTEM - Hydroacoustic, infrasound, seismograph, and air sampling stations around the world.

1, HAZARDOUS MATERIAL SURVEYS - Small and lightweight sensors capable of detecting chemical and nuclear particles.

1, RADINT - Radar flight path and speed measurements by deployed military assets.


1, ANALYTIC OUTREACH - Analysts can tap into the insights of US academics and other private experts.

1, TECHNICAL JOURNAL EXPLOITATION - Research and development efforts are often published in technical journals.

1, DARKNET DATABASES - Datasets from anonymous sources can sometimes support other analysis techniques.

1, COMMERCIAL DATABASES - IC agencies subscribe to databases with public data on foreign companies and transactions.

1, CONTRACT OPEN SOURCE EXPLOITATION - Contractors can be hired to exploit open sources.

1, FOREIGN MEDIA TRANSCRIPTION - English-language foreign media products can be provided directly to the IC without translation.

1, FOREIGN MEDIA TRANSLATION - The translation of openly available foreign media sources like newspapers, radio and TV broadcasts.

1, GRAY LITERATURE - Foreign open sources that are unclassified, but hard to get, like school textbooks or military brochures.

1, INTERNET - Analysts can do their own open source research.

1, NATIONAL VIRTUAL TRANSLATION CENTER - This organization provides translation services.

1, WIRE SERVICES - Services like AP and Reuters can provide timely reporting.


1, VOICE INTERCEPTION - Voice recordings from intercepted communications reveal organizational details.

1, DNS HIJACKING - Programs that direct computers to fake websites to procure login credentials.

1, COMINT MAPPING - Satellites can geolocate foreign transmissions.

1, COMPUTER NETWORK EXPLOITATION - Accessing a foreign computer system remotely or through physical access.

1, TEXT INTERCEPTION - Target emails and SMS can provide detailed personal profiles and organizational plans.

1, TROJAN HORSE - USB drives in parking lots provide ample opportunities to gain root access to computer systems.

1, TELECOM COORDINATION - Acquisition of voice and data channels from cooperating commercial satellite operators.

1, OVERHEAD COMINT - Satellites monitor and collect foreign voice and data communications.

1, OVERHEAD ELINT - Satellites collect signals from radar and electronic warfare systems.

1, OVERHEAD FISINT - Satellites collect data transmissions (telemetry) associated with testing military systems.

1, SIGNALING CHANNEL INTERCEPTION - Identifying digital communications links used by adversaries.

1, LISTENING POST - A physical station near a target, dedicated to gathering communications signals.

1, SPEAR PHISHING - Phishing attempt focused on tricking a specific target into revealing intelligence.

1, TACTICAL MILITARY SIGINT - US military forces deploy with their own SIGINT capabilities that can sometimes be leveraged by national IC analysts.

Intel Twists

1, Diplomatic Backchannels

1,Formal Treaty Negotiations

1,Assistance from an Ally

1,Aide Package or Arms Deal

1,Economic Sanctions

1,Special Forces

1,Drone Strike




Vampire Tropes

1, Actually Not a Vampire: Someone who appears to be a vampire actually isn't a vampire. 1, Alucard: Dracula spelled backwards, used as either the name of his son or as a Sdrawkcab Alias by the man himself. 1, Beat It By Compulsion: Vampires are beaten by manipulating their inability to move on without doing something specific. 1, Blood Bath: Bathing in blood. 1, Breaking and Bloodsucking: Vampires break into bedrooms to attack women. 1, Cannot Cross Running Water: Vampires can't cross running water. 1, Casts No Shadow: Vampires don't have shadows. 1, Chinese Vampire: A Chinese depiction of the vampire, referred to as a Jiang Shi, or hopping corpse. 1, Classical Movie Vampire: Vampires have widow's peaks and wear nice suits as well as capes. 1, Coming and Going: Sexual intercourse and a death are shown in the same story with no direct correlation. 1, Council of Vampires: A gathering of vampires who make important decisions. 1, Cross-Melting Aura: This vampire is so powerful he is impervious to holy weapons. 1, Daywalking Vampire: A vampire that is immune to sunlight. 1, Dhampyr: A vampire's half-human offspring. 1, Dracula: The titular vampire from Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, who has appeared in numerous works because of being a Public Domain Character. 1, Fang Thpeak: A speech impediment caused by having fangs. 1, Fight Dracula: The premise of the work is the hero fighting Count Dracula. 1, Flourish Cape in Front of Face: Vampires grab the hem of their capes and use their cape-holding arm to cover the lower portions of their faces. 1, Friendly Neighborhood Vampire: A vampire who isn't evil. 1, Frozen Fashion Sense: Vampires don't update their wardrobe. 1, Fully-Embraced Fiend: Someone turned into a vampire decides to embrace their transformation rather than fight it. 1, Fur Against Fang: Hostility between vampires and werewolves. 1, Hemo Erotic: Sexual foreplay involving vampires feeding on blood. 1, Hiss Before Fleeing: Supernatural beings hiss and then run away when they are confronted. 1, Holy Burns Evil: Religious objects harm vampires. 1, Horror Hunger: A person starts to crave blood after being turned into a vampire. 1, I Hate You, Vampire Dad: Someone turned by a vampire despises the vampire who bit them for turning them into a vampire. 1, I Love You, Vampire Son: A vampire turned someone into one of their own out of love. 1, Improvised Cross: You can kill a vampire just by forming a cross with two sticks. 1, Kiss of the Vampire: Someone gets bitten by a vampire and enjoys it. 1, Lesbian Vampire: Vampires who are lesbians. 1, Looks Like Orlok: A character resembles Count Orlok, the vampire from Nosferatu (i.e., bald, pale, pointed ears, etc.) 1, The Mirror Shows Your True Self: Sort of applies, since noticing a person lacks a reflection can give away that they are really a vampire. 1, Missing Reflection: Vampires do not reflect in mirrors. 1, Monster Progenitor: The monster originally created his own bloodline. 1, Must Be Invited: Vampires can't enter people's houses unless they're invited. 1, Pious Monster: A monster who happens to be religious. 1, Pivotal Wake-up: A vampire rises at a 90 degree angle when waking up. 1, The Power of Blood: Blood gives vampires power. 1, Religious Vampire: A vampire practices a traditional religion. 1, The Renfield: The vampire's loyal human servant. 1, Romantic Vampire Boy: A male love interest who is a vampire. 1, Sliding Scale of Vampire Friendliness: The classes of vampires that range from benevolent to evil. 1, So You Want To Write A Vampire Novel: A guide to writing a successful vampire novel. 1, Spiked Blood: A vampire gets intoxicated if they feed on the blood of an intoxicated person. 1, Stages of Monster Grief: The five stages of grief as applied to when the misfortune is being turned into a monster. 1, Staking the Loved One: Someone's loved one becomes a vampire and the one not turned has no choice but to kill the one who's been vampirized. 1, Stronger with Age: The older the vampire, the stronger the vampire. 1, Suicide by Sunlight: A vampire takes their own life by deliberately exposing themselves to sunlight. 1, Super Smoke: Vampires can turn into smoke. 1, Tragic Monster: Heroic/sympathetic vampires usually aren't very fond of their conditions. 1, Vampire Bites Suck: When one is bitten by a vampire, they are left with unsightly and painful bite marks. 1, Vampire Dance: Vampires are good at dancing. 1, Vampire Detective Series: Vampire crime-fighters. 1, Vampire Episode: A show has an episode devoted to hunting vampires. 1, Vampire's Harem: The vampire has a group of women he sleeps around with. 1, Vampire Hunter: A person who hunts vampires. 1, Vampire Monarch: The vampire in charge of all other vampires. 1, Vampire Musicals: Musicals that involve vampires. 1, Vampire Procreation Limit: An explanation is given for how vampires don't outnumber the human population if they can turn humans into vampires as well as reproduce like most living beings do. 1, Vampire Refugee: Someone turned by a vampire decides to find and kill the vampire that bit them to reverse the transformation. 1, Vampire Vannabe: Someone wants to be a vampire. 1, Vampire Variety Pack: Different kinds of vampires from different mythologies appear in the same work. 1, Vampire Vords: Vampires pronounce W's as V's. 1, Vampires Are Rich: Vampires are portrayed as wealthy. 1, Vampires Are Sex Gods: Vampires are sexy. 1, Vampires Hate Garlic: Garlic can ward off vampires. 1, Vampires Own Night Clubs: A vampire runs a night club. 1, Vampires Sleep in Coffins: Vampires are depicted sleeping in coffins. 1, Vampire-Werewolf Love Triangle: Someone has a vampire and a werewolf competing for their affection. 1, Vampiric Draining: Sucking blood or draining life in a vampiric fashion. 1, Van Helsing Hate Crimes: Killing vampires who aren't hurting anyone. 1, Vegetarian Vampire: A vampire who abstains from feeding on human blood, or at least avoids drinking blood using methods that require killing people. 1, Vein-o-Vision: Vampires can see humans' circulatory systems. 1, The Virus: Being bitten by a vampire turns you into a vampire. 1, Viral Transformation: Vampirism can be spread virally and physically transform humans into vampires. 1, Voluntary Vampire Victim: Someone willingly lets a vampire feed on them. 1, Warm Blood Bags Are Everywhere: Vampire tries to live among humans while resisting the urge to feed on their blood. 1, Weakened by the Light: Sunlight kills vampires. 1, Wooden Stake: You can kill a vampire by driving a wooden stake through their heart. 1, Your Vampires Suck: Vampires are unimpressed with how they are depicted in fiction.

Espionage Tropes

1, Agent Provocateur 1, Agents Dating 1, Alone-with-Prisoner Ploy 1, And Mission Control Rejoiced 1, And Some Other Stuff 1, Animal Espionage 1, Assassination Attempt 1, Backwards-Firing Gun 1, Black Helicopter 1, Black Site 1, Black-Tie Infiltration 1, Bluff the Eavesdropper 1, The Book Cipher 1, Borrowed Biometric Bypass 1, Briefcase Blaster 1, Calling the Cops on the FBI 1, Camera Sniper 1, Checkpoint Bluff 1, Checkpoint Charlie (AKA Border Crossing) 1, Chekhov's Skill 1, CIA Evil, FBI Good 1, City of Spies 1, Classified Information 1, Clipboard of Authority 1, Cloak & Dagger 1, Code Name 1, Cold-Name Mole 1, Conspicuous Trenchcoat 1, Conveniently Unverifiable Cover Story 1, Cover Identity Anomaly 1, Covert Group with Mundane Front 1, Dead Drop 1, Deadly Delivery 1, Deadly Graduation 1, Deep Cover Agent 1, Double Agent 1, Double Reverse Quadruple Agent 1, Duel of Seduction 1, Dumbwaiter Ride 1, External Combustion 1, Fake Defector 1, False Flag Operation 1, Fast-Roping 1, Feed the Mole 1, Femme Fatale Spy 1, Flock of Wolves 1, Gadget Watches 1, Get into Jail Free 1, Goggles Do Something Unusual (aka. Spy Glasses) 1, Government Agency of Fiction 1, Government Conspiracy 1, The Handler 1, Have You Told Anyone Else? 1, Heel–Face Mole 1, He Knows Too Much 1, Hidden Wire 1, Hollywood Encryption 1, Honey Trap 1, I Never Told You My Name 1, Imminent Danger Clue 1, Incredibly Obvious Bug 1, Incredibly Obvious Tail 1, The Infiltration 1, Infraction Distraction 1, Institutional Allegiance Concealment 1, Involuntary Suicide Mechanism 1, Kidnapped from Behind 1, Killed to Uphold the Masquerade 1, Leave No Witnesses 1, Literal Surveillance Bug 1, Loose Lips 1, Manchurian Agent 1, Master of Disguise 1, The Men in Black 1, "Mission: Impossible" Cable Drop 1, Mistaken for Spies 1, Mistakenly Attacked Mole 1, The Mole 1, Mole in Charge 1, Moscow Centre 1, Mr. Smith 1, Mugged for Disguise 1, Multiple Identity IDs 1, Mysterious Watcher 1, Ninja 1, Nonviolent Initial Confrontation 1, No Such Agency 1, Not My Driver 1, Numbers Stations 1, Over-the-Top Secret 1, Overt Operative 1, Overt Rendezvous 1, Play-Along Prisoner 1, Prisoner Exchange 1, Professional Killer 1, Publicly Discussing the Secret 1, Ransacked Room 1, Reading the Enemy's Mail 1, "Rear Window" Homage 1, Red Herring Mole 1, Resignations Not Accepted 1, Reverse Mole 1, Rogue Agent (AKA Renegade Operation) 1, Room Disservice 1, Run for the Border 1, Secret Police 1, Secret War 1, Self-Destructing Security 1, Shoe Phone 1, Sinister Surveillance 1, Smithical Marriage 1, Spies Are Lecherous 1, Spies in a Van 1, Spotting the Thread 1, A Spy at the Spa 1, Spy Cam 1, Spy Catsuit 1, Spy Satellites 1, Spy School 1, Spy Ship 1, Spy Speak 1, Spy's Suspicious Spouse 1, Spy-Tux Reveal 1, Spy Versus Spy 1, Staging the Eavesdrop 1, The Spymaster 1, Stealth Expert 1, Stealthy Colossus 1, Surveillance as the Plot Demands 1, Swallow the Key 1, Take It to the Bridge 1, Talking Through Technique 1, Teen Superspy 1, Ten Little Murder Victims 1, They Look Just Like Everyone Else! 1, This Page Will Self-Destruct 1, Time Travelers are Spies 1, Totally Not a Spy 1, Tracking Device 1, Tree Cover 1, Trigger Phrase 1, Tuxedo and Martini 1, Two-Way Tapping 1, Undercover as Lovers 1, Underside Ride 1, Unintentional Encryption 1, Van in Black 1, Wannabe Secret Agent 1, We Do Not Know Each Other 1, When Harry Met Svetlana 1, Window Watcher 1, Writing Indentation Clue

Secret Tropes

1, Ambiguous Criminal History: I'm secretly a criminal. No, I won't tell you about it. 1, Apocalyptic Gag Order: The government keeps an existential threat to a specific location or the whole world a secret, in order to avert mass panic and chaos. 1, Batman in My Basement: When someone highly conspicuous hides in a "normal" location. 1, Big Secret: Hiding a secret causes a person to be suspected of a crime. 1, Black Site: A top-secret government facility, military base, or prison that the authorities really don't want anyone not in the know to access or visit. 1, Secret Government Warehouse: A covert government facility that secretly contains various objects they don't want anyone else to know about. 1, Bookcase Passage: A bookcase hides a secret passage. 1, Cannot Keep a Secret: Someone who really can't keep their mouth shut, even if their life depended on it. 1, Classified Information: This info is an official secret, and we're not allowed to share it with anyone who isn't authorized to know it. 1, The Conspiracy: A grand, secretive (and most likely sinister) plot that is planned and executed by a mysterious group. 1, Ancient Conspiracy: A very old secret society that has manipulated various historical and current events for their own gain. 1, Benevolent Conspiracy: A secret society that isn't really evil, but is in fact planning something for the (greater) good of the world. 1, Government Conspiracy: A secret project run by a government organization, such as the military or an intelligence agency. 1, Nebulous Criminal Conspiracy: Interconnected secret schemes that are committed by various organized crime syndicates. 1, Covert Group: A secret group or organization of any kind. 1, Cut Himself Shaving: Making up a lame excuse for an injury you received from your double life. 1, Dark Secret: A horrible secret that a character is terrified to reveal. 1, Did Not Die That Way: When someone finds out that they were lied to about a loved one's death. 1, Domino Revelation: One revealed secret reveals another secret, which reveals another, which... 1, Easter Egg: The programmers hid some sort of secret in a video game. 1, Empire with a Dark Secret: A whole civilization is built on a horrible secret. 1, Everybody Knew Already: Everyone actually knows your deep dark secret, but they're too polite to tell you. 1, Eye-Obscuring Hat: The Nice Hat that still conceals who you are and adds an air of mystery. 1, Gas Leak Cover-Up: Whatever it was, it wasn't a gas leak. 1, Shared Mass Hallucination: Another semi-plausible explanation designed to cover-up a strange event. 1, The Hidden Hour: A secret time that only a few people know exists. 1, Hidden Track: A secret song on a CD or record. 1, Hide Your Otherness: Keeping up the lies that protect the secret world. 1, Hiding the Handicap: Hiding the fact that you're disabled or afflicted. 1, I'll Never Tell You What I'm Telling You!: Blurting out a secret while simultaneously claiming you won't do just that. 1, If Only You Knew: A character says something that connects to a fact or event of which they're unaware of, usually to someone who is in the know. 1, Information Wants to Be Free: A secret must be made public. The bad guys want to prevent that. 1, Infraction Distraction: By feigning a minor offense, the big one can be kept secret. 1, Internal Reveal: Trusting the secret to an associate. 1, Invisible Writing: Writing is made invisible to keep it a secret. 1, Is That What He Told You?: A character reveals to a person what someone else has been keeping from them. 1, Keeping Secrets Sucks: Sometimes you need to lie or kill to keep a secret. 1, Locked Out of the Loop: Everyone is conspiring to keep the main character oblivious. 1, Loose Lips: Someone gives away sensitive information unintentionally. 1, Love Confessor: Confiding your love for someone to a third party. 1, Loves Secrecy: Delighting in keeping secrets from others and mocking them about it. 1, The Man Behind the Man: The Big Bad is secretly controlled by an even Bigger Bad. 1, Masquerade: There's a secret world of strangeness that has been carefully hidden beneath everyone else's noses. 1, Broken Masquerade: You have discovered the big secret that was hidden from you all along. 1, Expositing the Masquerade: Turns out these folks knew about the weird stuff all along. 1, Extra-Strength Masquerade: The big secret should've been revealed by now, but yet it hasn't. 1, Killed to Uphold the Masquerade: Find out the big secret, and die for your efforts. 1, Masquerade Paradox: Turns out the big secret isn't worth keeping secret. 1, The Masquerade Will Kill Your Dating Life: Tying to uphold the masquerade (or living a double life) makes dating difficult. 1, The Men in Black: Mysterious government agents responsible for keeping something secret from the general public. 1, Mutual Masquerade: Two people part of the same (or different) conspiracies both think the other one is normal. 1, To Unmasque the World: Someone wants to expose the big secret and reveal it to everyone else. 1, The Unmasqued World: Now everyone in the whole wide world knows about something that was formerly secret. 1, Welcomed to the Masquerade: A character is introduced into a secret society or hidden world. 1, The World Is Not Ready: The secret masquerade exists out of a well-intentioned belief that the truth is so shocking, most people wouldn't be able to handle it, and would all descend into mass panic and chaos. 1, Missing Secret: When one mistakenly believes there is a "secret" feature in a video game that doesn't actually exist. 1, Multilayer Façade: Keeping secrets under secrets. 1, My Secret Pregnancy: A woman hides her pregnancy. 1, Mysterious Past: A character has a secret past. 1, Mystical City Planning: A whole location is secretly in the shape of a giant spell. 1, Open Secret: Something is declared secret, but everyone actually knows anyway. 1, Ostentatious Secret: Someone openly advertises that they have a secret. 1, Over-the-Top Secret: Super-duper-extremely-top-secret information that has its own special security class. 1, Playing Nice for Now: Don't let anyone know we are at each other's throats. 1, Plot Driving Secret: If they knew the truth, we wouldn't have a plot. 1, Pop Culture Symbology: Secret meanings found in pop culture. 1, Public Secret Message: Announcing secret info by concealing it in plain sight. 1, Publicly Discussing the Secret: Characters who know a secret disregard all semblance of actual secrecy. 1, Queer Flowers: Gay men and women using certain flowers to convey homosexual romance, originally meant to be hidden messages to other homosexuals. 1, Restricted Rescue Operation: Especially the type where you need to keep it a secret. 1, Secret Art: A skill or technique known only to a few people. 1, Secret Character: A playable character in a video game who is a secret until they're unlocked. 1, Secret Chaser: A character insistent on finding out another character's secret. 1, Secret Circle of Secrets: A secret society of ominous hooded figures up to who knows what? 1, Secret Diary: A diary or journal that is kept in secret. 1, Secret Handshake: The secret means of identifying people who are keeping a secret together. 1, Secret History: A work claims its events took place in Real Life but were kept secret by In-Universe actors. 1, Secret Identity: An alternate identity that is used to hide a secret double life. 1, Second Super-Identity: When there is more than one secret identity. 1, Secret Ingredient: The mysterious something added to food to make it special. 1, Secret Keeper: The person whom you trust with your secrets. 1, The Confidant: Someone who keeps their best friend's secrets. 1, Secret Secret-Keeper: The person who is keeping your secrets that you don't even know about. 1, Secret Level: A bonus level of a video game that is hidden and not needed to beat the game. 1, Secret Other Family: A character has more than one family and hides them from one another. 1, Secret Path: A hidden path that bypasses obstacles by taking a route not many know. 1, Secret Police: A covert law enforcement agency serving an oppressive government, with the aim of violently suppressing any opposition. 1, Secret Relationship: Two characters keep their relationships a secret from everyone else. 1, Secret Room: A hidden room within a building. 1, Secret Shop: A business that is hidden away from customers who aren't actively seeking it out. 1, Black Market: A secretive, illegitimate business network in which criminals sell illegal products or services. 1, Secret Society Group Picture: The members of a (not so) secret society all posed for a group photo that provides damning evidence of their existence. 1, Secret Stab Wound: A character hides a serious injury. 1, Clothing-Concealed Injury: When clothing has to be used to hide said injury. 1, Secretly Dying: A character hides the fact that they have a terminal illness or lethal wound. 1, Secret Test of Character: The actual test is a secret to prove what's in their heart. 1, Secret War: A covert conflict that's being fought behind a masquerade between the belligerents. 1, Secretly Wealthy: A character hides the fact that they're fabulously wealthy. 1, Secret Weapon: A hidden weapon typically revealed during or near the climax of the story. 1, Secret Word: It's not going to be "swordfish". 1, Sent Into Hiding: A person is kept hidden, and thus secret, from the rest of society. 1, They're Called "Personal Issues" for a Reason: Secrets that, when discovered, only reveal embarrassing and unimportant information. 1, This Page Will Self-Destruct: A self-destruct mechanism is built into a device which relays secret information. 1, Thought They Knew Already: A secret is revealed because someone didn't know it was secret. 1, Town with a Dark Secret: A town or village hides a terrible secret from outsiders. 1, Undercover When Alone: Keeping a secret even when no one is around to find out about it. 1, Unmanly Secret: A man hides his love of something stereotypically not masculine. 1, Villain Reveals the Secret: A character's or a group's secret is revealed by the villain. 1, Wainscot Society: A whole second social system exists in close parallel to the "normal" world. 1, Water Source Tampering: They don't want you to know what you're really drinking. 1, We Would Have Told You, But...: A character has to be kept in the dark about something in order for the plan to work out. 1, "What's Inside?" Plot: Characters try to figure out what is hidden inside a locked box or closet. 1, World of Mysteries: A whole setting consisting of secrets and mysteries.

Infauxmation Tropes

1, Animated Armor 1, Animesque 1, Artistic Age 1, Bait-and-Switch Gunshot 1, Becoming the Boast 1, Bifauxnen 1, Boyfriend Bluff 1, Brandishment Bluff 1, Bullet Holes and Revelations 1, Cardboard Pal 1, Crocodile Tears 1, Deceptively Human Robots 1, Dude Looks Like a Lady 1, Lady Looks Like a Dude 1, Disc-One Final Boss 1, Disneyesque 1, Expensive Glass of Crap 1, Fake Action Prologue 1, Fake American 1, Fake Australian 1, Fake Boobs 1, Fake Brit 1, Fake Defector 1, Faked Rip Van Winkle 1, Fake High 1, Fake in the Hole 1, Fake Kill Scare 1, Fake King 1, Emergency Impersonation 1, Fake Loud 1, Fake Muscles 1, Fake-Out Fade-Out 1, Fake-Out Make-Out 1, Fake-Out Opening 1, Fake Pregnancy 1, Pillow Pregnancy 1, Fake Rabies 1, Fake Town 1, Fake Ultimate Hero 1, Fake Weakness 1, Faking Amnesia 1, False Crucible 1, Hidden Purpose Test 1, False False Alarm 1, False Flag Operation 1, False Reassurance 1, False Roulette 1, False Start 1, Faster Than They Look 1, Faux Action Girl 1, Faux Death 1, Faking the Dead 1, Fauxdian Slip 1, Faux Documentary 1, Mockumentary 1, Faux Fluency 1, Faux HTML Tags 1, Fauxlosophic Narration 1, Faux Paw 1, Fauxreigner 1, Fauxshadow 1, Fauxtastic Voyage 1, Fauxtivational Poster 1, Faux-To Guide 1, Faux Yay 1, Feet of Clay 1, Fight Scene Failure 1, Friend or Foe 1, Heroism Addict 1, Holding Both Sides of the Conversation 1, I Never Got Any Letters 1, Make-Up Is Evil: because it makes you look like what you are not. 1, Metaphorically True 1, Miles Gloriosus 1, Minor with Fake I.D. 1, Mock Cousteau 1, No Hero to His Valet 1, Not Brainwashed 1, Not So Dire 1, Not-So-Fake Prop Weapon 1, Not This One, That One 1, Obfuscating Disability 1, Obfuscating Insanity 1, Obfuscating Stupidity 1, Obvious Stunt Double 1, "Oh, Crap!" Fakeout 1, Older Than They Look 1, Really 700 Years Old 1, Orgy of Evidence 1, Playing Drunk 1, Playing Possum 1, The Presents Were Never from Santa 1, Pretend to Be Brainwashed 1, Proscenium Reveal 1, Real Fake Wedding 1, Really 17 Years Old 1, Real Vehicle Reveal 1, Red Herring 1, Red Herring Mole 1, Red Herring Shirt 1, Red Herring Twist 1, Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated 1, Retraux 1, Revealing Hug 1, Reveal Shot 1, Reviving Enemy 1, Secret Stab Wound 1, Self Offense 1, Serial Killings, Specific Target 1, Series Fauxnale 1, Shrouded in Myth 1, Sophisticated as Hell 1, Soundtrack Dissonance 1, A Spy at the Spa 1, Staged Shooting 1, Thoroughly Mistaken Identity 1, Too Dumb to Fool 1, Trick Dialogue 1, Trojan Horse 1, Trojan Prisoner 1, Two-Faced Aside 1, Two-Headed Coin 1, Very False Advertising 1, Virtual Reality Interrogation 1, Warts and All 1, Weasel Co-Worker 1, What a Piece of Junk 1, Wildlife Commentary Spoof 1, Younger Than They Look

Military Characters

1, Abandoned War Child 1, Ace Pilot 1, Ambiguously Trained 1, Arms Dealer 1, Badges and Dog Tags 1, Black Knight 1, Blood Knight 1, Proud Warrior Race Guy 1, The Brigadier 1, Camp Follower 1, The Captain 1, Captain Smooth and Sergeant Rough 1, Cavalry Officer 1, Child Soldier 1, Church Militant 1, Warrior Monk 1, Cold Sniper 1, Colonel Badass 1, Colonel Kilgore 1, Commanding Coolness 1, Communications Officer 1, Consummate Professional 1, Cultured Warrior 1, Cunning Linguist 1, Dad's Off Fighting in the War 1, Dad the Veteran 1, Dangerous Deserter 1, Danger Deadpan 1, Demolitions Expert 1, Irish Explosives Expert 1, Desk Jockey 1, Do-Anything Soldier 1, Drill Sergeant Nasty 1, Emergency Trainee Battle Deployment 1, The Engineer 1, Ensign Newbie 1, Exalted Torturer 1, Father Neptune 1, A Father to His Men 1, Four-Star Badass 1, Friendly Sniper 1, From Camouflage to Criminal 1, Frontline General 1, General Failure 1, General Ripper 1, The General's Daughter 1, Gentlemen Rankers 1, Glamorous Wartime Singer 1, Glory Hound 1, Glory Seeker 1, Good-Looking Privates 1, Gung Holier Than Thou 1, Guy in Back 1, Inexperienced Killer 1, The Inquisitor General 1, Insane Admiral 1, Keep the Home Fires Burning 1, Knight Errant 1, Knight in Shining Armor 1, Majorly Awesome 1, Mary Tzu 1, The Medic 1, Combat Medic 1, Miles Gloriosus 1, Military Brat 1, Military Mage 1, Military Maverick 1, Military Moonshiner 1, Military Superhero 1, Modern Major General 1, Magic Knight 1, Monster Knight 1, The Musketeer 1, The Neidermeyer 1, New Meat 1, Ninja 1, Noble Confederate Soldier 1, Officer and a Gentleman 1, Old Soldier 1, Perilous Old Fool 1, One-Man Army 1, World's Best Warrior 1, Oppressed Minority Veteran 1, Overranked Soldier 1, Outranking Your Job 1, The Paladin 1, Phony Veteran 1, Plucky Middie 1, The Political Officer 1, Pre War Civilian Career 1, Privateer 1, Professional Killer 1, Rebel Leader 1, Rebellious Rebel 1, Returning War Vet 1, Robot Soldier 1, Samurai 1, Ronin 1, The Scrounger 1, Sergeant Rock 1, Shell-Shocked Veteran 1, Sociopathic Soldier 1, Southern-Fried Private 1, Straw Civilian 1, The Squadette 1, The Squire 1, The Strategist 1, Super Soldier 1, Sweet Polly Oliver 1, Target Spotter 1, Universal Chaplain 1, Up Through the Ranks 1, Veteran Instructor 1, The Vietnam Vet 1, Voice of the Resistance 1, War God 1, War Hawk 1, War Refugees 1, Warring Natures 1, Warrior Prince 1, Wingman

Merc Tropes

1, Ambiguously Trained 1, Assassins Are Always Betrayed 1, Battle Butler 1, Bounty Hunter 1, Bringing in the Expert 1, Cadre of Foreign Bodyguards 1, Carnival of Killers 1, Consummate Professional 1, Contract on the Hitman 1, Corporate Samurai 1, Fighting for a Homeland 1, Former Regime Personnel 1, From Camouflage to Criminal 1, Hero Secret Service 1, Hitman with a Heart 1, Holy Hitman 1, Immortal Assassin 1, Inexperienced Killer 1, Knowledge Broker 1, The Informant 1, Law Enforcement, Inc. 1, Lovable Rogue 1, The Magnificent Seven Samurai 1, Murder, Inc. 1, Mysterious Mercenary Pursuer 1, Ninja Maid 1, Only in It for the Money 1, Privateer 1, Private Military Contractors 1, Professional Killer 1, Psycho for Hire 1, Punch-Clock Hero 1, Punch-Clock Villain 1, Sociopathic Soldier 1, Those Two Bad Guys 1, We Help the Helpless

Terrorism Tropes

1, African Terrorists 1, Apocalypse Cult 1, Assassination Attempt 1, Bomb-Throwing Anarchists 1, Church Militant 1, Demolitions Expert 1, Dirty Bomb 1, Dirty Communists 1, Eco-Terrorist 1, Animal Wrongs Group 1, External Combustion 1, Far East Asian Terrorists 1, Hostage Video 1, Irish Explosives Expert 1, The Klan 1, Knight Templar 1, Mad Bomber 1, Middle Eastern Terrorists 1, Mistaken for Terrorist 1, Moral Pragmatist 1, Nebulous Evil Organisation 1, Post-9/11 Terrorism Movie 1, Private Military Contractors 1, Renegade Splinter Faction 1, The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized 1, Right-Wing Militia Fanatic 1, South Asian Terrorists 1, Suicide Attack 1, Terrorists Without a Cause 1, Those Wacky Nazis 1, Utopia Justifies the Means 1, Vehicular Kidnapping 1, Well-Intentioned Extremist 1, The Extremist Was Right 1, Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist 1, Western Terrorists 1, Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters

Mystery Tropes

1, Absence of Evidence 1, The Alibi 1, Amnesiac Hero 1, Anachronistic Clue 1, Anonymous Killer Narrator 1, Anti-Climactic Unmasking 1, Beneath Suspicion 1, Blood-Stained Letter 1, Bluffing the Murderer 1, The Butler Did It: A butler turns out to be the one who committed the crime. 1, Cast as a Mask: A character and their disguised self are played by separate actors. 1, Chronic Evidence Retention Syndrome 1, Clock Discrepancy 1, Closed Circle 1, Clueless Mystery 1, Condensation Clue 1, Confess in Confidence 1, Consulting a Convicted Killer 1, Conviction by Contradiction 1, Cozy Mystery 1, Curtain Camouflage 1, Cut Himself Shaving 1, Death in the Clouds 1, Did Not Die That Way 1, Disability Alibi: A suspect is determined innocent because they have a disability of some sort that makes it impossible for them to have done the crime. 1, The Dog Was the Mastermind 1, Dramatic Curtain Toss 1, Driving Question 1, Eagle-Eye Detection 1, Eureka Moment 1, Everyone Is a Suspect 1, Everybody Did It 1, Evidence Dungeon 1, Evidence Scavenger Hunt 1, Evil Plan 1, Exposition Victim 1, Fair-Play Whodunnit 1, Finger-Licking Poison 1, Fingertip Drug Analysis 1, The Game Never Stopped 1, Hide the Evidence 1, Hidden in Plain Sight 1, Hidden Villain 1, I Never Said It Was Poison: A character accidentally gives themselves away by revealing information that their knowledge of proves they are guilty. 1, Important Character, Important Evidence 1, Insists on Being Suspected 1, Intrepid Reporter 1, Let Off by the Detective 1, Lights Off, Somebody Dies 1, Locked Room Mystery 1, Lotsa People Try to Dun It: It turns out that all the suspects tried to kill the victim. 1, The Meddling Kids Are Useless 1, Mistaken for Evidence 1, Mockspiracy 1, Mockstery Tale 1, Motive = Conclusive Evidence 1, Mysterious Stranger 1, Mystery Episode 1, Mystery Magnet 1, Mystery of the Week 1, Needle in a Stack of Needles 1, Never One Murder 1, Never Suicide 1, Never the Obvious Suspect 1, Notable Non Sequitur 1, Not-So-Fake Prop Weapon 1, Old, Dark House 1, Only One Plausible Suspect 1, Ontological Mystery 1, Orgy of Evidence 1, Perfect Poison 1, Placebo Eureka Moment 1, Precrime Arrest: Someone gets arrested for a crime they haven't even committed yet. 1, Proof Dare 1, Public Secret Message 1, Puzzle Thriller 1, Red Herring 1, Reverse Whodunnit 1, Rewind, Replay, Repeat 1, A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma 1, Ripped from the Headlines 1, Saying Too Much 1, Secret Identity Apathy: The villains do not care who the true identity of the hero who's always thwarting them is. 1, Serial Killings, Specific Target 1, Shell Game 1, Sherlock Can Read 1, Sherlock Scan 1, The Seven Mysteries 1, Signature Item Clue 1, Spot the Imposter: Someone is seen with their impersonator and their friends have to determine who is the real deal and who is the disguised phony. 1, The Stakeout 1, The End... Or Is It? 1, Stranger Behind the Mask 1, The Summation 1, Summation Gathering 1, Suspect Is Hatless: Someone reports a crime while giving a description of the culprit that is too vague and generic to narrow down who the person responsible could be. 1, Suspicious Missed Messages: Someone won't answer their phone? Better find out why! 1, That Mysterious Thing 1, Ten Little Murder Victims 1, Thriller on the Express 1, Twist Ending 1, Two Dun It 1, The Unsolved Mystery 1, Weather Report Opening 1, Wheel Program 1, Whodunnit to Me?: Someone survives a murder attempt or comes back from the dead after being killed and tries to find out who it was who killed them or tried to kill them. 1, Who Murdered the Asshole?: An unsympathetic person has been killed, but it is difficult to determine who's responsible because pretty much everyone who knew the victim hated 1, them. 1, World of Mysteries 1, Writing Indentation Clue 1, You Meddling Kids 1, You Wake Up in a Room 1, You Wake Up on a Beach

Legal Tropes

1, Absence of Evidence 1, Absurdly Powerful School Jurisdiction 1, Abusive Parents: Certain forms of parental abuse can be illegal. 1, Accidental Kidnapping 1, Accident, Not Murder 1, Accomplice by Inaction: Wanting to make someone pay for not helping you when criminals harmed you. 1, Acquitted Too Late: An innocent person is sentenced to death, but doesn't have their name cleared until after they've already been killed. 1, After-Action Villain Analysis 1, The Alibi: A suspect explains why they couldn't have been around at the scene of the crime and/or couldn't possibly have committed the crime. 1, All Crimes Are Equal: Every crime gets the same punishment regardless of how severe it truly is. 1, Alone with the Psycho 1, Alternate Personality Punishment 1, Always Gets His Man: A cop, detective, or vigilante who boasts that they always succeed in capturing the criminal they pursue. 1, Androids and Detectives 1, Appeal to Force: Someone uses the fallacy that they can use force to get their way. 1, Amateur Sleuth 1, Ambiguous Criminal History: Someone heavily implies they have committed a serious crime(s) in the past, but it's never explained. 1, Ambulance Chaser: A lawyer who eagerly chases after potential clients who have been recently injured. 1, Amoral Attorney: A lawyer who is dishonest and unethical. 1, Evil Lawyer Joke: The poor reputation of the legal profession is a source of humor. 1, Anonymous Killer Narrator 1, Armed Blag 1, Arrested for Heroism 1, Artistic License – Law: A work of fiction depicts how the law works inaccurately. 1, Hollywood Law 1, Asshole Victim: When a victim of crime deserves their fate because they were very unpleasant and unsympathetic. 1, Who Murdered the Asshole?: An unsympathetic person has been killed, but it's hard to identify the murderer because pretty much everyone who knew the bastard hated them enough to 1, want to kill them. 1, Atonement Detective 1, Audit Threat 1, Autopsy Snack Time 1, Bail Equals Freedom: Fiction depicts paying or pledging a bail as being the same as paying a fine. Once the bail has been paid, the prisoner is free to go. 1, Bank Robbery: Someone robs a bank. 1, Be as Unhelpful as Possible 1, Because I'm Good at It 1, Beneath Suspicion 1, Better Manhandle the Murder Weapon: Someone gets accused of murder because they got caught touching the murder weapon after the murder happened. 1, Bewildering Punishment 1, Big Secret 1, Big Store 1, Blackmail: A form of extortion in which the perpetrator threatens to reveal compromising secrets about their victim if they fail to do whatever they demand of them. 1, "Blackmail" Is Such an Ugly Word: A tamer euphemism used to describe criminal actions. 1, Black Market: A term referring to the secret network of criminal merchants who sell illegal goods and services. 1, Blatant Burglar: Thieves stick out like a sore thumb by wearing such things as eyemasks, ski caps, and shirts with black-and-white stripes. 1, Bluffing the Authorities 1, Bluffing the Murderer 1, Body in a Breadbox 1, Bounty Hunter: A private contractor (neither a cop nor vigilante), who gets paid by the authorities to help assist in the capture (or killing) of fugitive criminals wanted by 1, the law. 1, The Butler Did It: It turns out that a butler is responsible for committing the crime. 1, By-the-Book Cop 1, Calling Card 1, The Caper 1, Caper Rationalization 1, Captured on Purpose 1, Carousel Kidnapping 1, Carpet-Rolled Corpse 1, The Cavalry Arrives Late: Reinforcements don't show up until after the villains have been defeated. 1, Chalk Outline: The chalk outline of a corpse is drawn on the ground where the corpse was found. 1, Clear My Name: Someone wrongly accused of a crime has to prove they are innocent. 1, Clear Their Name: A person is wrongly accused of a crime and their friend makes it their task to prove they are innocent. 1, Closet Punishment 1, Clue, Evidence, and a Smoking Gun: A character explains how they came to their conclusion by listing minor details that made them suspicious, then pointing out a clear giveaway 1, that makes the previously mentioned evidence unnecessary. 1, Clueless Detective 1, Clueless Mystery 1, Coat Full of Contraband 1, Coffin Contraband 1, Coincidental Dodge 1, Cold Reading 1, Colliding Criminal Conspiracies: When two different (groups of) criminals unwittingly find their respective schemes clashing with each other simultaneously. 1, Comatose Canary 1, Come to Gawk 1, Common Nonsense Jury: The jurors in a courtroom trial are easily swayed by stupid arguments. 1, Condemned Contestant 1, Confess to a Lesser Crime 1, Con Men Hate Guns 1, Connect the Deaths 1, Consulting a Convicted Killer 1, Contract on the Hitman: The hitman's employers hire someone else to kill the hitman. 1, The Convenient Store Next Door 1, Convicted by Public Opinion: When someone is accused of committing a crime, everyone believes that person is guilty because they don't like them. 1, Conviction by Contradiction 1, Conviction by Counterfactual Clue 1, Cop and Scientist 1, Cop Hater: Someone who hates the police in general. 1, Cop Killer: A criminal who has murdered a police officer. 1, Cop Killer Manhunt: Someone who kills a cop ends up being chased by all their vengeful colleagues. 1, Les Cops Sportif 1, The Corpse Stops Here: A person gets accused of murder just for being near the body. 1, Corruption by a Minor 1, Corruption of a Minor 1, Cowboy Cop: A policeman who breaks all the rules of proper police procedure. 1, Cramming the Coffin 1, Crime After Crime 1, The Crime Job 1, Crime-Concealing Hobby 1, Crime Magnet 1, Crime of Self-Defense 1, Criminal Mind Games: A criminal enjoys messing with the cops by leaving cryptic clues and threats of more crimes. 1, Crusading Lawyer 1, Cuffs Off, Rub Wrists 1, Cut-and-Paste Note 1, Cut Himself Shaving: Someone gives an unlikely and/or ridiculous excuse for a wound. 1, Da Chief 1, Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Gangster! 1, Dead Man's Chest 1, Dead Person Impersonation: Someone uses the name of a deceased person as an alias. 1, Death by Falling Over 1, Death in the Clouds 1, Deliberately Painful Clothing 1, Denied Food as Punishment: A child is punished by forcing them to go hungry. 1, Destroy the Evidence 1, Detective Mole 1, Detective Patsy 1, Diabolical Mastermind 1, Dick Dastardly Stops to Cheat 1, Diplomatic Impunity: When a foreign diplomat abuses their legal immunity to the local laws of their host country. 1, Dirty Cop: A corrupt police officer who aids or commits crimes instead of stopping them. 1, Dirty Harriet: A policewoman goes undercover as a prostitute. 1, Disability Alibi: A suspect is written off as innocent because they have a disability of some sort that makes it impossible for them to have done the crime. 1, Disposing of a Body 1, Disproportionate Retribution: Someone gets an overly harsh punishment for a minor slight. 1, Don't Make Me Take My Belt Off 1, Don't Tell Mama: A criminal's mother doesn't know that their child is a criminal and the criminal prefers that their mother remain oblivious of the fact. 1, Donut Mess with a Cop: Cops love donuts. 1, Double Caper 1, Dudley Do-Right Stops to Help 1, Dying Clue 1, Eat the Evidence 1, Emancipated Child 1, Empty Cop Threat 1, Eureka Moment 1, Everyone Is a Suspect 1, Evidence Scavenger Hunt 1, Evil Plan: The villain's scheme to do something evil. 1, Exalted Torturer 1, The Executioner: Someone whose job is to execute a death sentence, killing prisoners convicted of capital crimes. 1, The Exile: Someone is punished for their crimes by being banished far away from their home. 1, The Exotic Detective 1, Exposition Victim 1, Extremely Cold Case 1, Facial Composite Failure: When not Played for Laughs 1, Failed Execution, No Sentence: Failure to carry out a death sentence results in the convict going free. 1, Faked Kidnapping 1, Faking and Entering 1, Fall Guy: A designated scapegoat who is used by a criminal to take the blame for the latter's crimes. May either be a (willing) accomplice who was fooled or manipulated by their partner-in-crime, or someone completely innocent who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 1, Frame-Up: A criminal tries to pin all the evidence of their crime on another (innocent) person, which may lead to them getting wrongly arrested and prosecuted for it. 1, Framing the Guilty Party: A criminal gets misblamed for committing a crime they had no involvement in; however it conveniently gets them in trouble for another unrelated crime 1, that they really were responsible for. 1, False Confession: Someone confesses to a crime they're not actually guilty of, usually due to coercion by the authorities. 1, False Rape Accusation: A fraudulent allegation of sexual assault. 1, Fantastic Legal Weirdness 1, Fatal Attraction 1, Fed to Pigs 1, Felony Misdemeanor: An insignificant misdeed is treated as if it were a serious crime. 1, Felony Murder 1, Fiery Cover Up 1, Fighting Back Is Wrong: Trope associated to bullying but also applied here. 1, Finger in the Mail 1, Finger-Licking Poison 1, Fingertip Drug Analysis 1, Flash Mob Cover-Up 1, Flashed-Badge Hijack 1, A Fool for a Client 1, Foreign Money Is Proof of Guilt 1, Forensic Accounting 1, Found the Killer, Lost the Murderer 1, The Freelance Shame Squad 1, Fresh Clue 1, Friend on the Force 1, Fugitive Arc 1, Gang Initiation Fight 1, Gentleman Detective 1, Give Me Back My Wallet 1, Going by the Matchbook 1, Good Cop/Bad Cop 1, Bad Cop/Incompetent Cop 1, Good Lawyers, Good Clients 1, Grave Robbing: Breaking into tombs to steal things from dead people. 1, Great Detective 1, Guilt by Coincidence 1, Guilt-Ridden Accomplice 1, Had to Come to Prison to Be a Crook: A person gets wrongly jailed and becomes a criminal as consequence. 1, Hand of Death 1, Handy Cuffs 1, Hardboiled Detective 1, He Knows Too Much: Someone gets killed for knowing too much about something that was supposed to be a secret. 1, Hello, Attorney! 1, Hidden Wire 1, Hide the Evidence 1, Historical Rap Sheet 1, Hollywood Glass Cutter 1, Hollywood Police Driving Academy 1, Honor Among Thieves: Professional courtesy that is expected between criminals. 1, No Honor Among Thieves: Criminals are often not loyal to their own accomplices, and are willing to betray them when it's convenient. 1, Identification by Dental Records 1, Identifying the Body: A relative is asked to identify a body as confirmation of the deceased's identity. 1, I Fought the Law and the Law Won 1, Illegal Gambling Den: An underground casino that's not properly licensed or exists in violation of anti-gambling laws. 1, Impersonating an Officer: A criminal disguises themselves as a police officer to covertly commit crimes. 1, Important Character, Important Evidence 1, Impossible Theft 1, Inconveniently Vanishing Exonerating Evidence 1, Incriminating Indifference 1, The Informant: A witness (usually a criminal) who passes along information about criminal activity (especially crimes by other fellow criminals) to the authorities. 1, The Rat 1, The Stool Pigeon 1, Infraction Distraction 1, Insanity Defense: A person tries to avoid getting in trouble for breaking the law by claiming that they are insane and therefore can't be held accountable for their actions. If successful, they will be found "not guilty by reason of insanity" (though this often results in being institutionalized at a psychiatric hospital). 1, Inside Job 1, Insignia Rip-Off Ritual 1, Insists on Being Suspected 1, Instant Mystery, Just Delete Scene 1, Insurance Fraud 1, Intangible Theft 1, Internal Affairs 1, Internal Death Squad 1, Interrogating the Dead 1, Ironic Hell 1, It Gets Easier 1, It Never Gets Any Easier 1, It's for a Book 1, It Was Here, I Swear! 1, I Will Punish Your Friend for Your Failure 1, I Won't Say I'm Guilty 1, Jack the Ripoff 1, Janitor Impersonation Infiltration 1, Jaywalking Will Ruin Your Life: Committing an insignificant crime will make you suffer for the rest of your life. 1, The Judge: The head of any courtroom, presiding over all legal trials and declaring the final verdicts. 1, Hanging Judge: A harsh judge who is extremely prejudiced against defendants, always ready to hand out guilty verdicts and sentence them with draconian penalties. 1, Judge, Jury, and Executioner: Someone is responsible for instantly charging, convicting, and punishing criminals on the spot. 1, Jurisdiction Friction 1, Jury and Witness Tampering 1, Just a Gangster 1, Just Got Out of Jail 1, Just One Little Mistake 1, Justice by Other Legal Means: A criminal gets off scot-free for what they did, but gets punished anyway for another offense they did. 1, Justified Criminal 1, Kangaroo Court: The court does not follow the proper procedure of determining whether the defendant is guilty or innocent of the crime they're accused of committing. 1, The Ketchup Test 1, The Killer Becomes the Killed 1, The Killer Was Left-Handed 1, The Kindnapper 1, Last-Minute Reprieve 1, Law of Disproportionate Response 1, Leave No Witnesses: Someone tries to avoid getting in trouble by killing everyone who saw them commit the crime. 1, Let Me at Him! 1, Let Off by the Detective 1, Letter Box Arson 1, Littering Is No Big Deal 1, Little Old Lady Investigates 1, Locked Room Mystery 1, Longer-Than-Life Sentence: To prevent a criminal from ever being released from prison, they are made to serve a sentence that lasts longer than any person can possibly live. 1, Loony Laws: Ridiculous rules which may or may not be enforced. 1, The Lopsided Arm of the Law 1, Love Is a Crime: Love itself is illegal. 1, Luxury Prison Suite 1, Made Out to Be a Jerkass: A person gets punished for rightly lashing out at a jerk because uninformed bystanders mistook the retaliating victim for being the jerk due to not 1, knowing the full context of their retaliation. 1, Magician Detective 1, Make an Example of Them: Punishing a person who did nothing wrong to deter other people. 1, Make It Look Like an Accident 1, Mama Didn't Raise No Criminal 1, Manslaughter Provocation 1, Might as Well Not Be in Prison at All: A criminal is still a danger to the public even while locked up in jail. 1, Minor Crime Reveals Major Plot 1, Miranda Rights: In the United States, the police are expected to inform suspects of their legal right to silence (they don't have to answer police interrogations and can demand 1, an attorney to represent them). 1, Miscarriage of Justice: The judicial system is not perfect. It can result in guilty people going scot free or even innocent people getting punished instead. 1, Mistaken Confession 1, The Mob Boss Is Scarier 1, Mob War: A violent conflict between two or more criminal gangs, often fought for control of territory or caused by retaliation for previous incidents. 1, Monumental Theft: Someone steals the world's monuments. 1, More Criminals Than Targets 1, The Most Wanted: An official list of the top-ranking fugitive criminals currently wanted by the law. 1, Motive = Conclusive Evidence 1, Motive Misidentification 1, Motive Rant 1, Mugging the Monster: A criminal targets the wrong person for an attack, and ends up suffering for it. 1, Mugshot Montage 1, Murderer P.O.V. 1, Must State If You're a Cop 1, My Rule-Fu Is Stronger Than Yours 1, Mystery Episode: An episodic plot where the protagonist must solve a crime or other mystery. 1, Necro Cam 1, Never Going Back to Prison 1, Never the Obvious Suspect 1, New Rules as the Plot Demands: Breaking established rules for narrative convenience. 1, No Adequate Punishment: A crime has no corresponding punishment in the rule of law. 1, No Badge? No Problem! 1, Noble Bigot with a Badge 1, Nonviolent Initial Confrontation 1, No-Tell Motel 1, Not Me This Time: The villain is accused of being behind the current crime, but it turns out they're actually innocent for once. 1, Not Proven 1, No Warrant? No Problem! 1, Occult Detective: A detective who specializes in supernatural cases. 1, Occult Law Firm 1, Off on a Technicality 1, Off the Record 1, Old Cop, Young Cop 1, Ominous Legal Phrase Title 1, Ominously Open Door 1, Omnidisciplinary Lawyer 1, Omniscient Database 1, One Case at a Time 1, One Last Job 1, One Phone Call 1, Only Bad Guys Call Their Lawyers: Suspects in police custody are automatically assumed to be guilty if they demand to have an attorney present. 1, Open-and-Shut Case 1, Organ Theft: Stealing body parts from a (living or dead) person to later illegally sell them as organ transplants. 1, The Pardon: An official act of legal forgiveness for a criminal conviction. 1, The Peeping Tom: A person who gets their sick kicks by spying on people. 1, Penal Colony 1, The Penance 1, The Perfect Crime 1, Perfect Poison 1, Perp and Weapon 1, Perp Walk 1, Phone-In Detective 1, Phone-Trace Race 1, Pinkerton Detective 1, Play-Along Prisoner: Someone gets captured and pretends to be a helpless captive to mess with those holding them prisoner. 1, Plea Bargain 1, Plethora of Mistakes 1, Police Brutality: When cops engage in excessively violent force against suspects or other citizens. 1, Police Code for Everything: The police have a code for any kind of circumstance they end up dealing with. 1, Police Lineup 1, Post Robbery Trauma 1, Precrime Arrest: Someone gets arrested for a crime they haven't even committed yet. 1, Prefer Jail to the Protagonist: The villain finds the protagonist so unbearable that they'd rather go straight to prison than endure them any longer. 1, Pregnant Hostage: A pregnant woman gets held hostage. 1, Price on Their Head 1, Prison Episode: An episode of the show where one of the characters go to prison. 1, Prisons Are Gymnasiums 1, Prison Changes People 1, Private Detective 1, Private Eye Monologue 1, The Profiler 1, Profiling 1, Promotion, Not Punishment 1, Pull the Thread 1, Punished for Sympathy 1, Punishment Box 1, Punishment Detail 1, The Punishment Is the Crime 1, Rage Against the Legal System 1, Ransom Drop 1, Rape and Revenge: A rape victim or someone close to the rape victim gets even with the rapist. 1, Rationalizing the Overkill: Someone gives an excuse for why they retaliated to a slight with more extremes than the offense really deserved. 1, Reading Your Rights 1, Real Estate Scam 1, Rear Window Investigation 1, Rear Window Witness 1, Recruiting the Criminal 1, Regularly Scheduled Evil 1, Returning to the Scene 1, Revisiting the Cold Case 1, Rewind, Replay, Repeat 1, Robbing the Mob Bank 1, Rogue Juror 1, Safecracking 1, Saying Too Much 1, Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!: Someone avoids punishment for their crimes because they're friends with the people who have the authority to punish them. 1, Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: A rich person avoids punishment for their crimes by bribing the authorities. 1, Screw the Rules, I Have Supernatural Powers!: Someone uses their superhuman abilities to get away with breaking the law. 1, Screw the Rules, I Make Them!: An authority figure believes that being in charge makes them above the law. 1, Screw the Rules, I'm Beautiful!: Someone gets away with their misdeeds because of their good looks. 1, Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: Someone deliberately defies the rules because they get in the way of doing the right thing. 1, Screw the Rules, I'm Famous!: A celebrity believes that their fame means they can get away with anything. 1, Screw the Rules, It's the Apocalypse!: Everyone decides that the world ending means that laws and rules are now meaningless and they can now do whatever they want. 1, Screw the Rules, They Broke Them First!: One team decides that it's okay for them to break the rules if the other team already broke them. 1, Selective Squeamishness Suppression 1, Self-Restraint 1, Sentenced to Down Under 1, The Sheriff 1, Shipped in Shackles 1, Shouldn't You Stop Stealing? 1, Sliding Scale of Law Enforcement 1, Smith of the Yard 1, Smoking Gun Control 1, Snuff Film: A recorded film of someone getting killed. 1, Society Is to Blame 1, Spotting the Thread 1, Spousal Privilege 1, Stalker Shrine 1, Statute of Limitations 1, Steal the Surroundings 1, Stepping Out for a Quick Cup of Coffee 1, Sticky Fingers 1, Stock Punishment 1, "Strangers on a Train"-Plot Murder 1, Subculture of the Week 1, Suicide Is Shameful (if attempted suicide is illegal) 1, Suicide, Not Murder 1, The Summation 1, Summation Gathering 1, Super Cop 1, Suspect Is Hatless: Someone reports a criminal, but gives a description that doesn't really narrow down who the criminal could be. 1, Suspect Existence Failure: Someone suspected of murder gets killed by the real killer. 1, Suspicious Spending 1, Suspiciously Clean Criminal Record 1, Suspiciously Idle Officers 1, Swiss Bank Account: The villain hides money by storing it in an offshore bank account. 1, Sympathetic Murderer 1, Tag-Along Actor 1, Taking the Heat 1, Take Me Out at the Ball Game 1, A Taste of the Lash 1, Ten Little Murder Victims 1, That One Case 1, There Are No Police 1, There Is No Higher Court 1, There Should Be a Law: A character remarks that they believe something should be illegal. 1, This Bear Was Framed 1, Tort Reform 1, Throwing the Fight 1, Time-Delayed Death 1, To Know Him, I Must Become Him 1, Trading Bars for Stripes 1, Train Job 1, Trial by Combat 1, Trial by Ordeal 1, Trial Run Crime 1, Turn in Your Badge 1, Unbelievable Source Plot 1, Undercover Cop Reveal: Someone turns out to be an undercover cop. 1, Unintentionally Notorious Crime 1, Unishment: A punishment that the person being punished actually enjoys. 1, The Unsolved Mystery 1, Useless Security Camera 1, U.S. Marshal 1, Vehicle-Roof Body Disposal 1, Vehicular Kidnapping 1, Vigilante Man: Someone who's not an official agent of law enforcement decides to go out of their way to find, capture, or even punish (alleged) criminals. 1, Cops Need the Vigilante: Police have to rely on unofficial crime-fighters to do their jobs for them. 1, Obstructive Vigilantism: When vigilantes (un)intentionally interfere with police operations. 1, The Jailer: Someone who imprisons people in extrajudicial detention without the permission of the legal system. 1, Vigilante Execution: Killing someone to punish their (alleged) crimes without the permission of the judicial system. 1, Vigilante Militia: A group of like-minded vigilantes form a crime-fighting organization. 1, Villain-by-Proxy Fallacy: The logical fallacy that working with the bad guy means that you're also a bad guy. 1, Vomiting Cop: A police officer pukes in response to seeing a particularly grisly crime scene. 1, "Wanted!" Poster: A mass-produced document depicting images and information about a fugitive criminal wanted by the law, detailing their crimes and often promising rewards for anyone who willingly assists in their capture. 1, Win Your Freedom 1, White-Collar Crime: Various forms of fraud and other financial crimes. 1, Who Watches the Watchmen? 1, Widely Spaced Jail Bars 1, Witness Protection: A government program in which witnesses to a crime (especially informants with valuable insider knowledge) are hidden away in a distant classified location, in order to prevent retaliation by the same criminals whom they'll testify against in court. 1, Working on the Chain Gang 1, Writing About Your Crime 1, Writing Indentation Clue 1, Wrongful Accusation Insurance 1, You Didn't Ask 1, You Do Not Have to Say Anything 1, You, Get Me Coffee 1, You Meddling Kids

Dirty Social Tricks

1, Abomination Accusation Attack—accusing someone of being some kind of sexual predator 1, The Baby Trap— Someone in a relationship deliberately causes a pregnancy without their partner's consent, in an attempt to bind their partner to them. 1, Bavarian Fire Drill—act like you are in charge and people will obey you 1, Bed Trick—X sleeps with Y by pretending to be Z 1, Blackmail—pay up or someone finds out something you want kept quiet 1, Blatant Lies—lies so obvious they lack even a shred of plausibility 1, Briar Patching—deliberately using Reverse Psychology to gain a desired result 1, Bride and Switch—the bride isn't who the groom thinks she is 1, The Cake Is a Lie—someone lies about the reward that will be given for completing a task 1, Calling the Cops on the FBI—hindering covert law enforcement by making them suspicious to regular cops 1, Chewbacca Defense—"winning" a debate through failing at logic 1, Contrived Clumsiness—publicly doing something nasty to someone else and pretending it was an accident 1, Crocodile Tears—pretending to cry in order to gain others' sympathy 1, Cuckold—a man whose Love Interest has sex with someone else, either to his dismay or without his knowledge 1, Extended Greetings—someone introduces themselves in a lengthy fashion 1, Fake Pregnancy—a woman lies about being pregnant 1, False Rape Accusation—someone accuses someone else of rape, even though that person is innocent 1, Frameup—framing an innocent person 1, This Bear Was Framed—pretending an animal did something a person really did 1, Gaslighting—changing things around behind someone's back to make them doubt their own sanity 1, It's a Costume Party, I Swear!—someone is invited to a party, being told it is a costume party, and shows up wearing an elaborate costume, only to find out the party wasn't a costume party 1, Join or Die—join or be killed 1, Leonine Contract—a bargain in which one side has no choice 1, Loophole Abuse—blatant cheating through semantics 1, Malicious Slander—lies and rumours spread to discredit someone 1, Motivational Lie—lies used to motivate someone so they can more effectively deal with a hardship 1, Moving the Goalposts—continually changing your standards so people will never be able to meet them 1, "Not If They Enjoyed It" Rationalization—a rapist claims their victim enjoyed it, and thereby it was ok 1, An Offer You Can't Refuse—an offer where the choices are, "Accept or die" 1, On the Rebound—after going through a bad breakup, someone very quickly jumps into a new relationship 1, Passive-Aggressive Kombat—social situation presented as a battle 1, Playing the Victim Card—a character uses their victimhood to resist taking responsibility for their actions 1, Police Brutality Gambit—employing a Wounded Gazelle Gambit against authority figures to avoid punishment 1, Politeness Judo—character gets their way simply by being polite 1, Post-Rape Taunt—rapist taunts the hero by gloating (and lying) about how the victim "loved it." 1, Quote Mine—certain parts of a quote are omitted to make it sound like the author meant something different from what they actually said 1, Recorded Spliced Conversation—passing off a modified recording of an individual as a live statement. 1, Restricted Rescue Operation 1, Sadistic Choice—forced to choose one of two terrible choices, mainly resulting in Morton's Fork. 1, Suicidal Sadistic Choice—...or in death. 1, Scarpia Ultimatum—"Have sex with me, or else your loved one gets it" 1, Sexual Extortion—withholding something from a target until they agree to sex 1, Slipping a Mickey—putting a knockout chemical into someone's drink 1, Suddenly Significant Rule—when a rule or law that is usually not given much thought is suddenly invoked 1, Why Did You Make Me Hit You?—someone resorts to violence to end an argument, but manages to make the other person feel guilty about it 1, Withholding the Cure—the cure really works and it is what people really need, but someone is keeping it from people for their own selfish reasons 1, Wounded Gazelle Gambit—pretending to be a victim to manipulate others 1, Wounded Gazelle Warcry—weakest combatant rushes in harm's way to motivate the others into action 1, You Would Make a Great Model—pretending to be a person of taste and/or influence in order to take titillating pictures of another

Dirty Fighting Tropes

1, Aerosol Flamethrower 1, Booze Flamethrower 1, Boulder Bludgeon: Pragmatic fighters may be willing to use rocks as weapons. 1, Bulletproof Human Shield: Using an enemy (or a friend or Innocent Bystander, for really nasty bad guys) as cover against another enemy 1, Buried in a Pile of Corpses: Using one or more dead bodies to hide yourself so you can attack 1, By the Hair 1, Combat Pragmatist: Someone who does whatever it takes to win a fight, most likely including many of the tricks on this page. 1, Confusion Fu 1, Conveniently Timed Distraction 1, Crippling the Competition 1, Decoy Getaway 1, Deliberately Jumping the Gun 1, Defensive Feint Trap: Luring an enemy into an ambush by feigning weakness or retreat. 1, Dick Dastardly Stops to Cheat 1, Exploited Immunity: Taking advantage of your own immunity to something to screw your opponent over badly. 1, Faking the Dead 1, Five-Aces Cheater 1, Go Fetch 1, Go for the Eye: The eye gouge is a favored tactic of the more lethal dirty fighter. 1, Go Look at the Distraction 1, Gradual Grinder 1, Groin Attack: Hitting someone in the crotch is one of the most iconic (and effective) dirty fighting moves. 1, Hammerspace Hair: When used to hide sharp objects, especially common in Real Life. 1, A Handful for an Eye: The time-honored trick of giving your foe an amateur optometry checkup with some nearby dirt or sand. 1, Hey, Catch! 1, "Hey, You!" Haymaker 1, I Am Not Left-Handed 1, Improvised Weapon 1, In the Back 1, Back Stab 1, I Surrender, Suckers 1, Kick Them While They Are Down 1, Knee-capping 1, Knows the Ropes: Rope is a time-honored component of traps and arena manipulation. 1, Look Behind You: The oldest trick in the book. 1, Man Bites Man 1, Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught 1, Poison Is Evil 1, Screw the Rules, They Broke Them First!: When a victim of dirty play retaliates this way 1, Standard Female Grab Area 1, Talk to the Fist: Smacking (or shooting) somebody mid-speech. 1, Many of The Thirty-Six Stratagems qualify. 1, Throwing the Distraction 1, Trap Master 1, Trash Talk 1, Unnecessary Roughness 1, Victory by Endurance: Winning by tiring an enemy out before moving in and taking them down. 1, We Need a Distraction and all subtropes 1, Weighted Gloves


1, Anti-Villain: A villain who has redeemable or sympathetic qualities despite their misdeeds. They are the equal and opposite counterpart of the Anti-Hero. 1, Arch-Enemy: A villain who is the most personal, primary opponent of a particular hero. 1, Big Bad: The number one villain, responsible for everything bad that happens in the story. 1, Complete Monster: The worst of all villains; they're living incarnates of pure evil, completely irredeemable, and rotten to the core. 1, Criminals: People who routinely violate the laws of civilized society are often (though not always) morally unscrupulous individuals. 1, The Dragon: Second-in-command to the Big Bad. 1, Evil Minions: Various types of henchmen (or henchwomen) who serve another greater villain. 1, Mooks: Expendable evil minions whose only role is to get their asses kicked around by the hero (or by their own villainous master). 1, Evil Race Tropes: Members of real-life ethnic groups or fictional races/species that are often stereotyped as being inherently villainous. 1, Face–Monster Turn: Someone who is forced to turn evil due to circumstances beyond their own free will (i.e. mind control). 1, Hired Guns: Mercenaries and other hired muscle are usually depicted as being amoral thugs who just enjoy being paid to do bad things. 1, The Jerk Index: All types of characters who are at least mean and nasty (though not necessarily always evil or villainous). 1, The Bully: A particular kind of sadistic jerk who really enjoys abusing and tormenting those weaker than them. 1, Likable Villain: Bad guys whom the audience consider to be interesting, entertaining, charming, or even sympathetic. 1, Magnificent Bastard: A deviously clever villain who outsmarts everyone else, and looks good doing it. 1, No One Respects the Spanish Inquisition: Villains who are hilarious and/or incompetent. 1, Reichstropen: Nazis and fascists are among the most common variety of politically acceptable stock villains. 1, Scary Animals Index: Animals that we humans believe are frightening and/or dangerous will often play an antagonistic role. 1, Supervillains: Villains who are defined by possessing special skills, abilities, superpowers, or at least a gimmicky theme and grandiose personality that sets them apart from more mundane villains. Obviously enough, they're the opposite of superheroes.

Villain Tropes

1, 0% Approval Rating: The villain is unpopular with their underlings. 1, Absolute Xenophobe: Will destroy anything not of their own kind. 1, Abusive Parents: Someone who's very not nice towards their kids. 1, Archnemesis Dad: The protagonist's father is the main villain. 1, Evil Matriarch: The mother of one of the characters is the main antagonist. 1, Wicked Stepmother: This is what happens when we leave Dad without child supervision. 1, Abusive Precursors: Just because they created that race or this fancy technology doesn't mean they have to be nice towards them. 1, Accuser of the Brethren: Wants The Atoner to suffer for what they're trying to atone for and doesn't want them to be redeemed. 1, Adaptational Villainy: Someone becomes more villainous in an adaptation. 1, The Adjectival Man: If people call him "the [X] Man" — especially if its "the [X] Man of [Y]" — he most likely isn't going to be nice. 1, Affably Evil: A villain who's actually quite nice and polite to the people around them, just as long as they're not in the way of their evil schemes. 1, Friendly Enemy: This villain could actually get along well with the hero if they weren't fighting. 1, African Terrorists: Ruthless militants from a (war-torn) country in Sub-Saharan Africa. 1, The Aggressive Drug Dealer: They really don't want you to walk away from a drug deal. 1, A.I. Is a Crapshoot: When robots, sentient computers, or other forms of artificial intelligence go haywire and betray their creators. 1, Contagious A.I.: An artificial intelligence that expands by downloading itself into other computers, spreading like an out-of-control malware virus. 1, Alas, Poor Villain: The villain is so nice or troubled that you can feel sorry when they meet their demise. 1, Aliens and Monsters: Threatening non-humans are evil by default. 1, Aliens Are Bastards: If you see them kidnapping people, attacking other planets, and abducting cows, it means that you're definitely not dealing with friendly extraterrestrials. 1, All According to Plan: No matter how bad it looks like things are going for the villain, it doesn't matter because it's all a part of his master plan. 1, Alpha Bitch: High in social status, low in kindness. 1, Alto Villainess: Her voice is as low as her morals. 1, Always Chaotic Evil: An entire race or species is evil and aggressive. 1, Evil Counterpart Race: The nastier version of an Always Lawful Good race. 1, Fantasy Axis of Evil: The evil versions of the Five Races. 1, Amnesiac Villain Joins the Heroes: A villain working for the heroes and is in the good side only because they forgot their own identity and their past. 1, Amoral Afrikaner: A white South African involved in a morally questionable line of work, often with implied racist undercurrents. 1, Amoral Attorney: An evil, opportunistic lawyer. 1, Evil Lawyer Joke: Because of how ill-reputable the legal profession can be, it's a source of humor. 1, Ancient Evil: An evil force from the distant past. 1, Angry Guard Dog: Grr! Snarf! Bark! Bite! 1, Animal-Themed Superbeing: Supervillains (and superheroes) are fond of animal motifs and have powers based on them. 1, Antagonist Abilities: Villains tend to have much more raw power than heroes, forcing the latter to get creative. 1, Antagonist in Mourning: A villain grieves a hero's (real or apparent) death. 1, Antagonistic Offspring: The villain is the hero's own son or daughter. 1, The Anti-Christ: The ultimate enemy of the faithful on earth. 1, Anti-Role Model: This character shows us what not to be like. 1, Arc Villain: Not the villain of the whole story, just of a little story arc or a single season. 1, Aristocrats Are Evil: Royalty, nobility, and other established members of the social upper-classes are often depicted as cruel, rich assholes who show nothing but contempt for anyone who isn't as wealthy as them. 1, Armies Are Evil: A ruthless military force comprised of soldiers that are either violent thugs, or expendable pawns for corrupt leaders. 1, Colonel Kilgore: You call it hell, I call it home. 1, General Ripper: An army officer who has no problem with planning war crimes and wasting his own men's lives. 1, Insane Admiral: The naval counterpart of the above. 1, Sociopathic Soldier: A war criminal with zero qualms over committing horrible atrocities against enemy prisoners and innocent civilians. 1, Arms Dealer: An amoral merchant of death who sells weapons for a living, to either side of a conflict. 1, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: All ego and power, no discipline. 1, Artifact of Doom: This weird doohickey, medallion, or statue causes a lot of problems through its powers or presence. 1, As Long as There is Evil: Evil will always pop up as long as evil exists. 1, The Assimilator: They want you to be a part of them. 1, "Ass" in Ambassador: A diplomat who acts as undiplomatic as possible. 1, Asshole Victim: They suffered a nasty fate, but they kind of deserved it, even if they technically didn't bring it on themselves. 1, Ax-Crazy: Someone who's unstable and violent. 1, Insane Equals Violent: Mentally ill people are more physically aggressive. 1, Babysitter from Hell: You really shouldn't leave your kid with this person. 1, Bad Boss: Doesn't care about his underlings whatsoever. 1, The Bad Guys Are Cops: Law enforcement isn't always on your side. 1, Dirty Cop: A corrupt police officer who's involved in criminal activity instead of fighting it. 1, Killer Cop: A police officer who is outright murderous. 1, Naughty Narcs: A narcotics officer who takes bribes from drug dealers. 1, Rabid Cop: A sadistic police officer who really enjoys beating the crap out of suspects. 1, Bad-Guy Bar: The place where all the thugs like to go out to drink, play pool, and start a big Bar Brawl. 1, Bad Guys Play Pool: A favorite pastime at the Bad-Guy Bar. 1, The Bad Guy Wins: Sometimes the villain has his day. Too bad, heroes! 1, Bad People Abuse Animals: Some villains like to literally Kick the Dog. 1, Cruella to Animals: A habitually animal-abusing villain. 1, Bad Samaritan: Think this guy is helping you out of the goodness of his heart? Think again. 1, Bad Santa: Jolly, present-giving, and loves kids? No no no, not this Santa! 1, Bad is Good and Good is Bad: Morality is subjective, at least for villains. 1, Baddie Flattery: The villain compliments the hero. 1, Bait the Dog: The villain is set up to be likeable, only to be revealed to be the opposite. 1, Barbarian Tribe: Primal, chaotic warriors who excel at raping, pillaging, and burning. 1, The Baroness: She's seductive, icy, and oh so evil. 1, Bastard Bastard: The illegitimate child or heir is evil or a jerk. 1, Battleaxe Nurse: When a nurse isn't nice. 1, Because I'm Good at It: The villain only does things because they're good at it. 1, Beta Test Baddie: They feel incomplete, so they take out their rage through evil. 1, Better the Devil You Know: It's a better idea to stick with a bad situation you know about than a new situation that could be worse. 1, Biblical Bad Guy: People based on villains from The Bible are definitely evil. 1, Big Bad: The number one villain, responsible for everything bad that happens in the story. 1, Big Bad Duumvirate: There's two Big Bads working together! They might not get along, though. 1, Big-Bad Ensemble: Multiple Big Bads in the same story, but not necessarily on the same side. They still might not get along. 1, Big Bad Friend: The Big Bad was once such good friends with one of the main characters. 1, The Big Bad Shuffle: Villains are working for other villains. 1, Big Bad Slippage: The Big Bad slowly becomes evil. 1, Big Bad Wannabe: The villain isn't as big of a threat as they seem or try to be. 1, Ex-Big Bad: You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself stop being the villain. 1, Greater-Scope Villain: A bigger threat than the Big Bad who isn't as directly involved in the plot. 1, Non-Action Big Bad: A Big Bad who doesn't fight directly. 1, Returning Big Bad: After a period of absence, a previous Big Bad returns to the story and acts as the main villain again. 1, The Big Bad Wolf: A powerful wolf from classic fairy tales. Talents include disguise, gale-force breath, and a voracious appetite for pigs, little girls and grandmothers. 1, Bishōnen Line: A villain's powerful transformation is prettier and more humanoid. 1, Bit-Part Bad Guys: Minor villains who only show up to cause brief trouble for one scene. 1, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: They seem to be nice people at first, but they're really anything but. 1, Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: They look rather pretty, but it's just used to feign niceness. 1, Faux Affably Evil: They act superficially kind and polite, but it's just a cover for their cruel and wicked personality. 1, Black Cloak: What better way to obscure yourself than wear a conspicuous black cloak? 1, Black Knight: A powerful, mysterious knight who wears black armor. 1, Black Shirt: They're waiting for the Big Bad to come to power so they can serve them. 1, Blob Monster: Amorphous and amoral. 1, Bloodbath Villain Origin: The villain's Start of Darkness began with sudden mass murder. 1, Bomb-Throwing Anarchists: Militants who use destructive terrorism in hopes of overthrowing all governments and forms of authority. 1, Breaking Out the Boss: The underlings rescue the villain. 1, Breakout Villain: The villain became so popular with the fans, that they get to show up more often. 1, Bright Is Not Good: Bright colors can be dangerously deceiving. 1, Light Is Not Good: Think he's a good guy just because of his "good" appearance and white clothes? Think again! 1, The Brute: The physically strongest member of the villain's gang. May (or may not) be dumber than rocks as well. 1, The Butcher: He didn't get that nickname from being nice to people. 1, The Butler Did It: The butler is the most likely in old-style murder mysteries to be the murderer. An old cliche. 1, Card-Carrying Villain: Evil and proud of it. 1, Devil Complex: When one proclaims to be the very embodiment of evil itself. 1, The Cartel: Latin American gangsters and mobsters. Well known for producing and trafficking illegal drugs of all kinds. 1, Cartoonish Supervillainy: The (mostly) harmless antics of a stereotypical supervillain. 1, Cast as a Mask: A character's different identities are played by different actors. 1, Character Alignment: 1, Lawful Evil: Order without mercy. 1, Neutral Evil: The law? Ha! I only obey the law when it's on MY side! 1, Chaotic Evil: No order. No mercy. 1, Stupid Evil: Does evil regardless of its utility. 1, The Chessmaster: Always has a plan, and uses people as pawns. 1, Child Eater: Primarily preys upon children. 1, Eats Babies: Literally. 1, Child Hater: Hates children and wants to make them suffer. 1, Childhood Memory Demolition Team: A construction team that destroys a character's childhood memories when said character grows up. 1, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: A particularly treacherous villain who frequently betrays their own allies or partners. 1, No Honor Among Thieves: Most villains tend to backstab other villains whom they're working with. 1, Chronic Villainy: Can't seem to escape being evil. 1, Churchgoing Villain: He'll go to church on Sunday and rob a bank on Monday. 1, Circus of Fear: Overnight, the circus came to town. But something's wrong — very wrong. 1, Classic Villain: A villain who acts as an evil foil to the hero's personality and is a main block to his journey towards his destiny. 1, Clock King: Plans everything down to the last second. 1, Les Collaborateurs: Opportunistic traitors who willingly betray their own country by serving an enemy nation, especially an occupying power. 1, The Quisling: The puppet leader of a collaborationist government, appointed by a foreign military occupation. 1, The Collector: Collector of the Strange, people version. 1, Combat Sadomasochist: This villain gets off on pain — both yours and theirs.sc 1, Commie Nazis: Bad guys who combine the worst traits of both communism and fascism. 1, The Computer Is Your Friend: No, it isn't. 1, The Conqueror: He came, he saw, he conquered. 1, Conqueror from the Future: Take Over the World meets Time Travel. 1, Galactic Conqueror: Gotta conquer 'em all. 1, Multiversal Conqueror: They don't just rule one universe. 1, Young Conqueror: Youthful idealism can be a beautiful thing ... most of the time. 1, Conflict Killer: Someone who suddenly interrupts the conflict of others, causing the others to join forces against the former. 1, The Conspiracy: An evil organization that secretly controls everything behind the scenes. 1, Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: A villain appearing in the sequel is notably different from the villain of a previous work in the series. 1, Cop Killer: A criminal who has murdered a police officer. 1, Corrupt Bureaucrat: Lazy, incompetent, always passing the buck, and more than willing to accept a bribe to "speed things up". 1, Corrupt Corporate Executive: An evil business leader who'll do anything to satisfy their lust for money and power. 1, Morally Bankrupt Banker: Greedy, ruthless financiers who tend to embody Capitalism Is Bad. 1, There Are No Good Executives: None of them are honest, honorable, or ethical at all. 1, Corrupt Hick: White suit mandatory. 1, Corrupt Politician: A government official who habitually abuses their power and authority for personal gain, with no regard for their fellow citizens. 1, Antagonistic Governor: An evil, corrupt politician who's in charge of running a provincial or regional government. 1, Evil Chancellor: The king's top royal advisor is evil and (usually) trying to overthrow him. 1, President Evil: The scheming, sinister, elected leader of a (nominally) democratic republic. 1, Sleazy Politician: An elected official who abuses their powers to personally enrich themselves (and their family/friends) through bribery and embezzlement. 1, Corrupt Quartermaster: A wartime version of Honest John's Dealership. 1, The Corrupter: Wants to bring out the worst in everyone around them. 1, The Cracker: An evil hacker who breaks into systems with criminal intent. 1, Crazy Survivalist: I've prepared for this nightmare. Screw you. 1, Create Your Own Villain: Sometimes a villain's origin is the result of the hero's own actions. 1, Creepy Child: A strange kid who is either just really weird at best, or outright evil at worst. 1, Enfant Terrible: A young child with evil, sociopathic tendencies. 1, Fetus Terrible: A villain who hasn't even been born yet. 1, Creepy Crossdresser: Evil crossdresser who does NOT look good in drag. 1, Creepy Doll: Dolls used as creepy characters or props. 1, Creepy Twins: Twins who talk, walk, and act so much alike each other that it's creepy. 1, Criminal Convention: Fan conventions for villains. 1, Crooked Contractor: Handling no job too small or too dirty as long he can raid the place in the process. 1, Crossover Combo Villain: A special villain appearing in a crossover, who mixes together elements from both stories. 1, Crossover Villain-in-Chief: When villains from different universes meet, one rises to become the leader of the pack. 1, Cult: A generic term for a (smallish) religious group. Not all of them are necessarily evil, but some can be quite nasty... 1, Apocalypse Cult: All hail The End of the World as We Know It! 1, Corrupt Church: A (nominally) good religious organization that has turned bad, run by crooked priests that are all a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites. 1, Path of Inspiration: An evil religion that disguises itself as a good religion. 1, Religion of Evil: A sinister sect that views evil deeds as virtuous, and worship one (or more) malevolent deity(ies). 1, Hollywood Satanism: They worship Satan himself, and willingly serve the forces of Hell. 1, Scary Amoral Religion: These guys follow a faith that doesn't even care about "good" and "evil". 1, Cute and Psycho: A villain who looks and acts absolutely adorable. 1, Cute Is Evil: Don't let their adorable appearance fool you, they're far more vicious than they seem. 1, Daddy's Little Villain: A crafty, cruel, and cunning villain, just like her father. 1, Dangerous Deserter: Those who abandon their post are not only evil, but also extremely dangerous. 1, Dark Action Girl: She broke a nail gouging your eyes out. 1, Dark Chick 1, Dark Lord on Life Support: A villain *wheeze-whirr* who cannot *wheeze-whirr* live without *wheeze-whirr* some kind *wheeze-whirr* of machine.*wheeze-whirr* 1, Dark Magical Girl: A Magical Girl who serves the cause of evil. 1, Dark Messiah: A villain who secures the fanatical following of a substantial multitude by presenting himself/herself as a saviour. 1, Dark Mistress: When the villain has a Love Interest. 1, The Dark Side: The overall faction of evil and villainy in the world. 1, Darth Vader Clone: Hmm, now where have I seen this character before? 1, Nerd in Evil's Helmet: A pathetic Darth Vader Wannabe. 1, Dastardly Whiplash: A classic stereotypical villain with top hat and twirly mustache, who likes to "mwahaha" a lot. Relegated to the realm of parody these days. 1, Davy Jones: The Devil of the Seas, so to say. 1, Decadent Court: Deadly, depraved throne room politics. 1, Dean Bitterman: The stereotypical nasty school principal. 1, Deceptive Disciple: They're letting you teach them for the wrong reasons. 1, Demonic Dummy: They're made of flammable materials for a reason. 1, Depraved Dwarf: Stunted in both morality and height. 1, Depraved Homosexual: A sexually villainous or antagonistic gay person. 1, Depraved Bisexual: An evil bisexual who grosses everyone out because of their proclivities towards both genders. 1, Psycho Lesbian: A crazy, evil chick who also happens to like other girls. 1, Designated Villain: The plot says they're evil, so they're evil. Even if their actions and motives say otherwise. 1, Despotism Justifies the Means: The villain doesn't care about the state of the world as long as he can rule it in the end. 1, Devil in Plain Sight: Obviously Evil to the audience, but the other characters don't notice. 1, Diabolical Dog Catcher: An animal control agent who enjoys their job a little too much. 1, Diabolical Mastermind: Pinky ring and white cat optional. 1, Digitized Hacker: The only thing more dangerous than The Cracker is a hacker who's inside the internet. 1, Dimension Lord: He's got the whole cosmos in his hands. 1, Diplomatic Impunity: I have diplomatic immunity! I can do anything, and you can't stop me! 1, Disappointed by the Motive: After all their posturing and all their little speeches, they're nothing but a common thief. 1, Disc-One Final Boss: Appears to be the main villain, but is far from it. 1, Disproportionate Restitution: Compensation that's far less than what is deserved. 1, Disproportionate Retribution: A punishment that exceeds the offense. 1, Dirty Communists: Evil communists used as villains. They're not really fond of capitalism or democracy. 1, Red Scare: Those damn commies are out to get you! 1, Dirty Coward: Someone who's out to save their own skin at other people's expense. 1, The Dog Was the Mastermind: When the true enemy is hiding in plain sight. 1, The Don: The leader of The Mafia or The Syndicate. 1, The Queenpin: The female leader of an organized crime syndicate. 1, Draco in Leather Pants: Some misaimed fans develop unusually strong sympathy for a villain, despite how evil they actually are. 1, Rooting for the Empire: Some fans find themselves wanting to see the villains prevail over the heroes for some reason. 1, Dracula: The most infamous (and influential) of all vampires. 1, The Dragon: Second-in-command to the Big Bad. 1, Dragon Ascendant: When the Dragon takes over after the current Big Bad's defeat. 1, Dragon Their Feet: When the showdown with the Dragon happens after the Big Bad's defeat. 1, Dragon with an Agenda: A Dragon with seperate goals from the Big Bad. 1, Dragon-in-Chief: A Dragon that is a greater threat than the Big Bad himself. 1, Co-Dragons: More than one Dragon. 1, Demoted to Dragon: The current Big Bad being revealed as the Dragon to a bigger threat. 1, Dragons are Demonic: The villain is an evil dragon that might also just happen to be symbolic of evil itself. 1, The Dreaded: The kind of guy who strikes fear into the hearts of others, to the point of scaring them when they see him. 1, Driven to Villainy: Are people born wicked, or do they have wickedness thrust upon them? 1, Dystopia Justifies the Means: The villain wants to create a Dystopia. 1, Eco-Terrorist: They really care about protecting the environment... if a bit too much, to the point that they'll try to punish all of humanity for their crimes against nature. 1, Animal Wrongs Group: Animal rights activists are often depicted as misanthropes who believe we're morally inferior to non-human creatures. 1, Evil Vegetarian: Death to all meat-eaters! 1, Evil Luddite: They're utterly convinced that all technology and other artificial creations are evil... along with anyone who uses them. 1, Egomaniac Hunter: Hunts the rarest, most exotic, most dangerous game, just to prove that they can. 1, Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: Hunting wild animals has gotten boring for them. So they've moved on to chasing other humans. 1, Eldritch Abomination: A strange monster or entity that is surreal and incomprehensible in nature. Due to their inscrutable natures and immense powers, they're usually very evil and/or dangerous (with some occasional exceptions). 1, Animalistic Abomination: A strange, incomprehensible creature that (sort of) looks and acts like a familiar animal, but this beast is definitely something far worse. 1, Botanical Abomination: A strange, incomprehensible organism that looks like a tree or other plant, but they came straight out of a forest from your nightmares. 1, Humanoid Abomination: A strange, incomprehensible being that is at least vaguely shaped like a person, or may even look (almost) human at first glance, but something is horrifyingly off about them. 1, Mechanical Abomination: A strange, incomprehensible machine or robotic contraption that goes far beyond whatever it was originally created for, and became quite a terrifying thing. 1, Undead Abomination: A strange, incomprehensible being that blurs the line of life and death. 1, Embodiment of Vice: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. 1, Enemy Mime: The fact that they don't talk at all just makes them all the scarier. 1, Enemy to All Living Things: A villain whose powers/aura hurt everything that breathes. 1, Enemy Within: The villain is actually within the hero... 1, Enemy Without: ...but not for long. 1, The Heartless: Your very own inner demon, manifesting from negative emotions. 1, Enigmatic Minion: An antagonist whose villainy, and true agenda, are ambiguous and not fully known. 1, Enlightened Antagonist: They have deeply pondered about and finally understood the meaning of life, but it won't stop them from continuing their evil goals. 1, Enthralling Siren: She sings, you crash to your doom. 1, Eunuchs Are Evil: A castrated antagonist. 1, Even Evil Can Be Loved: A villain who is humanized by the attachment a virtuous character feels for them. 1, Even Evil Has Loved Ones: A villain who cares deeply about their family and friends. 1, Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Mothers are important to everybody, even villains. 1, Even Mooks Have Loved Ones: When a Mook has to choose between their loved ones and their loyalty to the Big Bad. 1, Even Evil Has Standards: A villain is unwilling to go too far by committing certain misdeeds that even they find disgusting. 1, Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: The villain is unable to understand the hero's motivations. 1, Evil Cannot Stand Cuteness: A character's evil is characterized by their disgust of cutesy or adorable things or topics. 1, Evil Chef: Villain skilled in the culinary arts. 1, Evil Colonialist: A foreign exploiter of poor and ignorant nations. 1, Evil Counterpart: A villain who serves as the hero's foil. 1, Evil Doppelgänger: A bad guy with an uncanny physical resemblance to a good guy. 1, Criminal Doppelgänger: When they're also a professional outlaw. 1, Evil Knockoff: A villain makes an evil copy of the hero to serve him. 1, Evil Twin: The protagonist's evil (twin) sibling, clone, doppelganger, or counterpart from another universe. 1, Evil Brunette Twin: I wonder who dyes? 1, The Psycho Rangers: The evil version of a heroic team. 1, Evil Cripple: Observing his evil army from the comfort of his wheelchair. 1, Evil Debt Collector: Pay up or else, deadbeat! 1, Loan Shark: If you borrow money from these thugs, you better repay your debts to them or else. 1, Evil Diva: A villainous Idol Singer armed with Mind-Control Music. 1, Evil Duo: Two villains for the price of one. 1, Eviler Than Thou: A villainous force claims themselves to be superior to the others. 1, Evil Former Friend: Your old buddy is now your worst enemy. 1, Evil Genius: An extremely smart villain whose intelligence is their most important skill. 1, Evil Gloating: A villain who wastes his/her time gloating. 1, Evil Hero: Nominal Hero meets Villain with Good Publicity. 1, Evil Is Cool: Evil is stylish, awe-inspiring, and badass. 1, Evil Is Sexy: When a villainous character is portrayed as physically attractive. 1, Evil Laugh: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 1, Un-Evil Laugh: Ha ha ha. 1, Evil Librarians: People with direct control over the spread of free information to the youth aren't trustworthy. 1, Evil Living Flames: Malicious motes of animated fire that live to set things ablaze. 1, Evil Mentor: A character who mentors the hero for their own evil purposes or to corrupt them. 1, Sensei for Scoundrels: Mentors another into becoming a better person with shady, unorthodox, and usually amoral methods. 1, Evil Minions: Various types of henchmen (or henchwomen) who serve another greater villain. 1, Mooks: Expendable evil minions whose only role is to get their asses kicked around by the hero (or by their own villainous master). 1, Adorable Evil Minions: The villain's forces are not always hideous or monstrous. 1, Airborne Mook: And you thought mosquitoes were annoying... 1, Elite Mooks: Stronger than the average Mook, which isn't saying much. 1, Faceless Goons: Masks, visors, or helmets used to obscure the mooks' faces. 1, Doom Troops: Scary-looking mooks with a reputation of fear. 1, Gas Mask Mooks: Mooks who wear gas masks to make themselves appear more intimidating. The gas mask is usually just for show. 1, Giant Mook: We're gonna need a bigger boot. 1, Helpful Mook: A genuinely helpful mook. 1, Henchmen Race: A race or species of beings that were created for the sole purpose of acting as troops for their creator. 1, Hordes from the East: They're savage. They're foreign. They come from the East. And there's a lot of them. 1, King Mook: Scaled-up, boss version of a regular enemy. 1, Kung Fu-Proof Mook: Your standard attacks won't have any effect on this baddie. Try something else. 1, Mecha-Mooks: Evil robots that exist for the sole purpose of being mowed over by the heroes. 1, Merciful Minion: When Evil Minions show mercy. 1, Middle-Management Mook: He's above the cut of the average Mook, but not smart enough to be the Evil Overlord. 1, Minion Manipulated into Villainy: When a villain manipulates circumstances that lead to his minions serving him. 1, Mook Lieutenant: The commanding officer of the evil army. 1, Mook–Face Turn: When a Mook makes a Heel–Face Turn. 1, Mook Depletion: The villain is in bad straits due to having no more subordinates. 1, Mook Promotion: A basic generic minion becomes a major antagonist. 1, Night of the Living Mooks: Zombie mooks. 1, Nocturnal Mooks: Enemies that appear at night. 1, Personal Mook: Sometimes villains have henchpeople dedicated to particular tasks. 1, Psycho for Hire: A hired agent who's in it for the sadism. 1, Punch-Clock Villain: Someone who willingly works an evil job for a living, but is not inherently a bad person outside of their career. 1, Halfhearted Henchman: Villains who slack off, have no motivation, and complain about it to their co-workers. 1, Quirky Miniboss Squad: A kooky group of Elite Mooks. 1, Replacement Mooks: A villain replaces older Mooks with new ones, usually because the older ones failed or are no longer useful. 1, Slave Mooks: Henchmen or minions who are being forced to fight against their will. 1, Stealthy Mook: A Mook whose specialty is stealth, hiding, and camouflage. 1, Stompy Mooks: *THUNK THUNK THUNK* 1, Superpowered Mooks: Minions who have superpowers, but are not quite at the level of a proper supervillain. 1, What Measure Is a Mook?: The lives of nameless henchmen are not treated with any respect by the hero. 1, Evil Nephew: The villain is the hero's nephew. 1, Evil Nerd: A villain with a very geeky or nerdy personality. 1, Nerdy Bully: Just because they're socially awkward dorks, it doesn't mean they're nice to other people. 1, Evil Old Folks: Get off this mean old geezer's lawn, or else he'll really make you regret ever being born. 1, Wise Old Folk Facade: When they pretend to be a wise, kindhearted senior citizen to fool others. 1, Evil Orphan: Sometimes the Mysterious Waif you adopted becomes a welcome addition to the family. Other times...not so much. 1, Evil Orphanage Lady: A Child Hater who runs an Orphanage of Fear. 1, Evil Overlord: A dictator/monarch with absolute authority over a fairly large nation, who rules over their people through fear and brutality. 1, The Caligula: A dictator/monarch who's completely insane, always making batshit crazy abuses of their power. 1, The Evil Prince: An ambitious prince usurps the throne from his father (the king) by deposing or killing him in a coup. 1, God Save Us from the Queen!: The female version. 1, Shadow Dictator: An unseen despot. 1, Evil Plan: The villain's plan that the heroes try to stop. 1, Evil Poacher: Check out how many coats he can make out of those innocent wolf cubs! 1, Evil Puppeteer: A villainous puppeteer or ventriloquist. 1, Evil Reactionary: A conservative villain who wants to restore old cultural norms and traditions from the past, no matter what they have to do or who gets hurt in the process. 1, Evil Sorcerer: A wicked wizard who's a master of Black Magic and casting curses, using their supernatural powers to terrorize people. 1, Necromancer: An evil sorcerer who has the ability to bring back the dead to (not-quite) life. 1, Sorcerous Overlord: When they use their magic to help become an Evil Overlord. 1, Wicked Witch: The female variant of this character type. 1, Lady of Black Magic: A pretty evil witch. 1, Vain Sorceress: This witch is quite narcissistic. 1, Evil Sounds Deep: Deep voices just scream villainy. 1, Evil Sounds Raspy: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. 1, Evil Uncle: The villain is the hero's uncle. 1, Creepy Uncle: This guy is interested in his niece or nephew in all the wrong ways. 1, Evil vs. Evil: The wicked versus the loathsome. 1, Evil Weapon: Side effects may include Demonic Possession, unquenchable bloodlust and wielder death. 1, Face–Heel Turn: When a hero turns evil. 1, Heel–Face Turn: When a villain turns good. 1, Heel–Face Mole: Thought I turned good? SUCKER! 1, The Fair Folk: Think faeries are all sweetness and light? Think again! 1, Fair-Play Villain: An honorable villain who prefers to give the heroes a chance. 1, Fairy Devilmother: A Fairy Godmother that is more of a detriment to their godchild than a saving grace, usually on purpose. 1, Fake Faith Healer: A Phony Psychic Con Artist who cheats the sick and injured. 1, Fake King: A good ruler is secretly replaced by an evil lookalike who then abuses their position. 1, Fallen Hero: This villain used to be a hero before undergoing a tragic fall from grace. 1, Fallen Angel: When an angel falls from grace, be afraid. Be VERY afraid. 1, Fallen Cupid: A cherub who's arrows sow lust and hatred instead of love. 1, Falsely Reformed Villain: A villain who pretends to change their ways to further their latest evil plan. 1, The Family That Slays Together: Aren't they sweet together? 1, Cannibal Clan: The family that eats people together, stays together. 1, Cannibal Tribe: A tribe of people-eaters. 1, Family Values Villain: The villain still has traditional morals like those of a parent. 1, Far East Asian Terrorists: Ruthless militants from a country in East/Southeast Asia. 1, Fashionable Evil 1, Fashion-Victim Villain: This bad guy has a poor taste in clothing. 1, Fat Bastard: Their sins are exceeded only by their girth. 1, Fat, Sweaty Southerner in a White Suit: When the Fat Bastard is a Corrupt Hick and Villainous Glutton. 1, Villainous Glutton: Their evil is matched by an insatiable appetite for food. 1, Femme Fatale: A beautiful yet scheming woman who knows how to exploit her good looks against gullible men. 1, Femme Fatale Spy: A secret agent who uses sexual seduction to make certain men spill important secrets. 1, Horny Devils: Succubus/incubus demons who have sex with humans for nefarious purposes. 1, Literal Maneater: A predatory female monster who lures in human men to have them for dinner. 1, Love-Interest Traitor: At first, she seems like a perfect girl for the hero. But nope, she's planning to sell him out to the bad guys. 1, The Vamp: A very evil, conniving seductress who actively leads foolish men to their doom. 1, Filler Villain: The (minor) antagonist of a filler episode or story arc. 1, Film Felons: A robbery? No, no, officer, this is just part of our film! 1, Final Boss: The last villain or antagonist that must be confronted at the end of the story. 1, Forced into Evil: They don't really want to do evil things, they just believe they have no other choice. 1, For the Evulz: What the villain does, he does because destiny says so, for his own amusement, or just because he can. 1, Forgotten Friend, New Foe: "Every murderer is probably somebody's old friend." 1, Former Regime Personnel: Hired Guns who used to be in the military, but became unemployed. 1, Four Eyes, Zero Soul: A cold-hearted, bespectacled man who prominently wears a pair of eyeglasses. 1, Frankenstein's Monster: This stock villain is an artificial monster made by a mad scientist who's a bit too obsessed with creating life. 1, From Camouflage to Criminal: A former soldier turned professional criminal, often very dangerous because of their military training and combat experience. 1, From Nobody to Nightmare: Formerly an ordinary and unassuming person, now they've descended into terrifying villainy. 1, Full-Circle Revolution: Everyone was hopeful for the overthrow of a tyrannical government... until it was replaced by another bad regime. 1, Fun-Hating Villain: The ultimate killjoys. 1, The Fundamentalist: This villain always wants to be right, and anyone who disagrees with them is wrong. 1, Activist Fundamentalist Antics: They're antagonists because they're trying to force their fervently-held beliefs on others. 1, Gang Bangers: Criminal thugs who serve urban street gangs, which are smaller than organized crime syndicates. 1, White Gang-Bangers: Criminal thugs of non-Hispanic white European descent (in contrast to gangsters of other ethnic groups). 1, The Generalissimo: The evil oppressive dictator of a Banana Republic. 1, Generic Doomsday Villain: A two-dimensional villain who just wants to do bad things without much explanation given. 1, Giggling Villain: Tee hee hee! Eee hee hee hee hee hee! 1, The Gimmick 1, Girl Posse: The Alpha Bitch and a few cohorts. 1, Girl Scouts Are Evil: Buy those cookies she's peddling, or else you'll really pay for it! 1, Glory Hound 1, Glorious Leader 1, A God Am I: Don't just play God, BE GOD! 1, Goldfish Poop Gang 1, Good Girl Gone Bad 1, The Group 1, Greedy Jew: A highly unflattering, racist stereotype of Jewish people as ruthless penny-pinchers obsessed with money. 1, Green and Mean: A villain with a primarily green colour scheme. 1, Green-Eyed Monster: This villain is motivated by their intense envy and jealousy for others. 1, Hair-Raising Hare: Nightmarish rabbit. 1, Hair-Trigger Temper: Everything pisses this villain off. 1, Hanging Judge: Runs his court like his own personal fiefdom; don't count on any justice if you're brought before him. 1, Hard-Coded Hostility 1, Harmless Villain: A bad guy who poses no real threat and is more likely to foil his own plans than other people. 1, Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: A bad guy who could be threatening, but is too stupid or incompetent to really pull it off. 1, The Family for the Whole Family: Gangsters and mobsters who are too pathetic for the brutal world of organized crime. 1, Minion with an F in Evil: Some evil henchmen just really aren't cut out for villainy. 1, Not-So-Harmless Villain: He looks like he wouldn't pose a real threat... but he actually does. 1, The Hashshashin: The original Assassins. 1, Hate Sink: A jerkass or villainous character who is created to attract hatred and disgust from the audience. 1, Love to Hate: Despite how utterly loathsome this villain is, we still find them entertaining anyways. 1, Have You Come to Gloat? 1, Headless Horseman: A folkloric stock villain, usually the ghost of some guy who lost his head. Beware, he might try to take your head. 1, The Heavy: The antagonist that does the most work in driving the plot forward. 1, The Hedonist: The villain only cares about pleasure. 1, Heel: The villain in a Professional Wrestling match. 1, Foreign Wrestling Heel: The evil foreign heel in a wrestling match. 1, The Giant: Large and in charge. 1, Gorgeous George: An effeminate wrestling villain. 1, Wrestling Monster 1, Heroes Act, Villains Hinder 1, Heroism Addict: A villain who engineers dangerous situations so that they can stop them and be a "hero". 1, Hero Killer: Anytime this guy shows up, the good guys don't stand a chance. 1, Hero's Evil Predecessor: The last person to hold the hero's title wasn't actually much of a nice guy. 1, Heteronormative Crusader: This villain's a homophobe. 1, He Who Fights Monsters: A "hero" corrupted into villainy by going too far through the Cycle of Revenge. 1, Hidden Agenda Villain: The villain keeps his agenda, motives, and goals a secret. 1, Hidden Villain: A bad guy whose identity or presence isn't known until The Reveal. 1, Evil All Along: An unsuspecting character turns out to have been behind the bad things that happened all along. 1, Hijacked by Ganon: A previously defeated villain returns as a new threat. 1, Historical Rap Sheet: This guy is responsible for committing numerous crimes throughout history. 1, Historical Villain Downgrade: Someone who was at least (somewhat) evil in real life is depicted as being even less villainous in fiction. 1, Historical Villain Upgrade: Someone who was not evil (or was already evil) in real life is depicted as being even more villainous in fiction. 1, Apocalypse Hitler: Adolf Hitler was certainly a pretty bad dude, but he'd be even worse if he came Back from the Dead. 1, Demon King Nobunaga: Oda Nobunaga is an evil being with supernatural powers. 1, History's Crime Wave: Infamous historical figures used as antagonists. 1, Hive Queen 1, Hope Crusher: Wants to drive people into despair and suffering. 1, The Horde 1, Horde of Alien Locusts 1, Hostile Animatronics 1, Hostile Hitchhiker: Don't ever invite this guy to take a ride in your car. 1, Human Traffickers: Criminals who smuggle people like contraband overseas, often in a very exploitative way. 1, Hungry Menace: This villain is perpetually hungry. 1, The Igor: The classic sidekick of a Mad Scientist. 1, Illegal Guardian 1, Imaginary Enemy: The opposite of an Imaginary Friend, they're an antagonist made up in someone's mind. 1, I'm a Humanitarian: A cannibal who eats other people, usually after killing them. 1, Immoral Journalist: A journalist who doesn't care about writing the truth, and/or doesn't care if getting the story hurts people. They may try to ruin a heroic character's 1, reputation by publishing (most likely fake) stories, or even cause something horrible to happen just because it makes a good story. 1, Implacable Man: A villainous Determinator who cannot be easily stopped or deterred by anything until they achieve their goal. 1, In Love with Your Carnage 1, Incidental Villain 1, Intellectually Supported Tyranny 1, Intercom Villainy 1, Interim Villain: This villain is introduced to fill in the void before the real villains arrive. 1, Invasion of the Baby Snatchers 1, Invincible Boogeymen: A villain or monster that cannot be killed, defeated, or even fought; one may only hope to run far away and hide from them. 1, Invincible Villain: A bad guy who seems to be damn near unstoppable, if not outright undefeatable. 1, Irish Explosives Expert: Ruthless Irish militants who are experienced with committing terrorist bombings. 1, The Irish Mob: Irish gangsters and mobsters. 1, Jackass Genie: A magical being who will grant your wish... and deliberately twist it into something so bad, that you'll regret even asking for it in the first place. 1, The Jailer 1, Jerkass: A rude, mean, and unpleasant person. Although most of them aren't actually evil, most villains are jerks to some degree. 1, Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: If you thought this douchebag actually had a better nature underneath... you're terribly wrong. 1, Jerkass Gods: Gods and goddesses who act as uncaring pricks towards the mortal beings they rule over. 1, Everybody Hates Hades: When the god of death or the underworld is portrayed as evil, even if they weren't in the original mythology. 1, God of Evil: A cruel and sinister deity who goes far beyond being a mere "jerkass", and actively represents the forces of evil and villainy. 1, God Is Evil: God Almighty Himself is the single divine being responsible for creating the miserable state of the universe. 1, Mad God: An all-powerful deity who is completely insane, affecting the world around them in unpredictable ways. 1, Joker Immunity: The villain's continued survival is owed to protection by the writers. 1, Jumping Off the Slippery Slope: A character's ambiguous moral orientation is proven as evil. 1, Just Between You and Me 1, Just Like Us 1, Just You And Me And My Guards 1, Kaiju: Tall, gigantic, big-ass monsters from Japanese pop culture. Guaranteed to demolish at least one major city. 1, Karma Houdini: A villain who has been able to get away scot-free without any punishment for their crimes and sins. 1, Karma Houdini Warranty: However, some of them can only evade justice for so long until the consequences of their misdeeds finally catch up to them. 1, Karmic Death: A villain dies in a manner fitting for their crimes and is their own fault. 1, Keeping the Enemy Close 1, Kick the Dog: A despicable crime that's done just to show how awful the villain is. 1, Moral Event Horizon: An act so horrible and unforgivable that it ultimately earns them the eternal hatred of other characters. 1, Killer Gorilla: Gorillas as savage, violent creatures. 1, Killer Robot: An autonomous machine that knows how to kill people. 1, Robotic Psychopath: A machine that consciously knows it's doing evil things, and may enjoy it too. 1, Killer Space Monkey 1, King Koopa Copy: An expy of Bowser. 1, The Klan: Fictional portrayals of the Ku Klux Klan, an infamous white-supremacist organization from the United States. 1, Kneel Before Zod: Bow to me, hero! Acknowledge my supremacy! 1, Knight of Cerebus: Everything was (relatively) funny and light-hearted until this bastard showed up. 1, Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: An unusually evil antagonist in such a sweet setting. 1, Knight Templar: A self-righteous villain on some sort of moral crusade who goes way too far. 1, Well-Intentioned Extremist: A villain with sympathetic motives to further a good cause, but they use inexcusable methods to reach their goal. 1, The Extremist Was Right: It turns out that they may have actually had a good point after all, and the ends really do justify their means. 1, Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist: It turns out that their goals are way less noble and far more self-serving than they appear to be. 1, Kosher Nostra: Jewish gangsters and mobsters. 1, Lady Macbeth 1, Last Villain Stand 1, Laughably Evil: This villain's purpose is often to make you and the audience laugh. 1, Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor: Some villains may have a sick and twisted sense of humor. 1, Lawman Gone Bad: A former police officer who's gone from enforcing the laws to breaking them. 1, Lean and Mean: They're skinny and evil. 1, Lesbian Vampire: Gay female bloodsucker. 1, A Lighter Shade of Black 1, Living Doll Collector 1, Living Shadow: A monster made from literal darkness. 1, Living with the Villain 1, Loony Fan 1, Mad Artist: They want to express their artistic visions, with blood as their paint and the world as their canvas. 1, Mad Bomber: They're armed with explosives and just want to blow shit up. 1, Mad Scientist: An amoral scholar who conducts scientific experimentation without any regard for ethics. 1, Evilutionary Biologist: A mad scientist who seeks to "improve" humanity through Genetic Engineering. 1, Mad Doctor: A physician or other medical professional who has little or no regard for their patients' well-being. 1, Deadly Doctor: A villainous Combat Medic. 1, Psycho Psychologist: A psychiatrist or psychotherapist who wants to exploit mentally ill people instead of helping them. 1, Morally Ambiguous Doctorate: They earned an esteemed university degree, just to exploit their expertise for amoral purposes. 1, The Mafia: Italian gangsters and mobsters. 1, The Mafiya: Gangsters and mobsters from Russia (and other ex-Soviet nations). 1, Mailer Daemon 1, Make My Monster Grow 1, Maker of Monsters 1, Monster Progenitor 1, Mother of a Thousand Young 1, Make the Bear Angry Again 1, Make Way for the New Villains 1, Malevolent Masked Men: They conceal their faces while committing crimes. 1, The Man 1, The Man Behind the Curtain 1, The Man Behind the Man 1, The Man Behind the Monsters 1, The Man in Front of the Man 1, Man of Wealth and Taste: Villain is rich and fashionable. 1, Maniac Monkeys: It's not always the case that Everything's Better with Monkeys. 1, Manipulative Bastard: A villain who manipulates the characters through their emotions and various other means to further their plan (if they don't just do it intuitively that is) and ultimately, their goals. 1, Mascot Villain: An iconic villain who acts as the Series Mascot. 1, Mascot Mook: A common Mook ends up representing the franchise as a whole. 1, Master of Illusion 1, Master Poisoner 1, Master Race 1, Meet the New Boss 1, Mental Handicap, Moral Deficiency: Intellectual disability and villainy are paired. 1, Mental Monster: Your inner demons made flesh. 1, Middle Eastern Terrorists: Ruthless militants from West Asia or North Africa. Often (though not always) Islamic extremists. 1, Mike Nelson, Destroyer of Worlds 1, Misanthrope Supreme: Someone who has an extreme hatred of all other people, and won't feel too bad about committing crimes against humanity as a whole. 1, Mister Big 1, The Mob Boss Is Scarier 1, Mobile Menace 1, The Mole: An evil character who has infiltrated a good guy group. 1, Monument of Humiliation and Defeat 1, Monster Clown: A scary, evil circus performer. 1, Practically Joker: A villain based on The Joker, an iconic enemy of Batman. 1, Villainous Harlequin 1, Monster of the Week: A unique antagonist who usually only shows up for a single episode of a TV series. 1, Monster Sob Story 1, Monster Suit 1, Moral Guardians: If they cross over into Well-Intentioned Extremist or other Knight Templar territory. 1, Moral Pragmatist 1, Moral Sociopathy 1, Most Definitely Not a Villain: I swear to God, I'm not going to do anything evil at all. 1, Mouth of Sauron 1, Murderous Mannequin 1, Musical Assassin: This musician's act is quite a killer. 1, My Country, Right or Wrong 1, My Master, Right or Wrong 1, Mysterious Backer 1, Mysterious Mercenary Pursuer 1, Narcissist: An egotistic jerk with a ridiculously inflated sense of self-love, believing that the whole world revolves around them. And thus, anyone who refuses to submit to 1, them are enemies. 1, Near-Villain Victory: When the bad guy almost wins. 1, Nebulous Evil Organisation 1, Nebulous Criminal Conspiracy 1, Necessarily Evil 1, Nepharious Pharaoh: A mummified Ancient Egyptian king who should probably stay dead and buried. 1, Nice Character, Mean Actor: Onstage, this performer plays a decently nice guy. But offstage, they're really a nasty jerkass, if not worse. 1, Depraved Kids' Show Host: Child-friendly TV show host on camera, but not so child-friendly in real life. 1, Nightmare Fetishist: Someone who is interested by people and things that most consider Nightmare Fuel. 1, Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: Someone who's attempts of doing something normal is done in a way that most consider Nightmare Fuel. 1, Nightmare Weaver: Screw your happy dreams. Nightmares for everyone, schmucks! 1, No Antagonist: Not every story needs to have a villain causing trouble; there can be other sources of conflict or problems affecting the protagonist. 1, Noble Demon: They do bad things, but still have a sense of honor. 1, Noble Top Enforcer 1, No One Sees the Boss 1, Non-Malicious Monster: A creature that is very dangerous but not consciously evil, such as a predatory animal. 1, No Song for the Wicked 1, Nothing Can Stop Us Now! 1, Not Me This Time: When the bad guy is accused of a crime that someone else is responsible for. 1, Obliviously Evil: This guy has no idea that what he's doing is wrong. 1, Obvious Judas 1, Obviously Evil: You can tell he's evil just by looking at his appearance. 1, Ominous Adversarial Amusement: You've won! But then the villain starts laughing... 1, Omnicidal Maniac: They want to kill everyone and destroy everything in existence. 1, The Omniscient Council of Vagueness 1, One Bad Mother: A villain whose name happens to be Mother, Mom or the like. 1, One-Winged Angel: When the villain shapeshifts into a more powerful, monstrous form. 1, Opportunistic Bastard 1, Opposing Sports Team 1, Order Is Not Good: Because Order likes to oppress freedom and not even looking at people individually, it's often a villain materials compared to Chaos. 1, Orderlies Are Creeps 1, Our Demons Are Different: Always Chaotic Evil, supernatural spirits/creatures/monsters from mythology and religion. 1, Big Red Devil: Devils and demons are colored bright red. 1, Demon Lords and Archdevils: Powerful demonic beings at the top of a hellish hierarchy. 1, The Legions of Hell: An army of demonic minions. 1, Satan: The Big Bad of Abrahamic mythology and religion. Usually depicted as the evil lord of Hell who opposes God. 1, Baphomet: Goat-headed demon that is often a stand-in for Satan. 1, Beelzebub: The Lord of the Flies and Demon Prince. 1, Satanic Archetype: A demonic villain with various Devil-like traits. 1, Out, Damned Spot! 1, Outside-Context Problem 1, Outside-Genre Foe 1, Technologically Advanced Foe 1, Overarching Villain: An antagonist present throughout most of the story, spanning multiple story arcs. 1, Pædo Hunt: Child molesters/rapists are especially evil. 1, Pedophile Priest: A (superficially) holy man-of-the-cloth with an unholy interest in children. 1, Peek-a-Bogeyman 1, People Puppets 1, Perky Female Minion 1, Perverse Puppet: A sentient and evil puppet, doll or action figure. 1, Piggybacking on Hitler 1, Pirates: Thieves and criminals who operate in bodies of water instead of dry land. 1, Ghost Pirate: Undead pirates. 1, A Pirate 400 Years Too Late: Anachronistic pirates in the modern day. 1, Pirate Girl: Female pirates. 1, Ruthless Modern Pirates: Unromanticized pirates in the modern day. 1, Sky Pirate: Pirates in the air. 1, Space Pirates: Pirates in space. 1, Submarine Pirates: Pirates who are literally under the sea. 1, Plaguemaster 1, Planet Eater: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. And they're craving Earth for their latest feast. 1, Plot-Irrelevant Villain: An antagonist who doesn't play a direct role in most of the story. 1, Poisonous Captive 1, Poisonous Friend: An acquaintance of yours who seems like a good pal at first, until they start making your life miserable. 1, False Friend: A so-called "friend" of yours who turns out to be anything except a true, loyal buddy. 1, Toxic Friend Influence: If you hang out with a bunch of rabid dogs, soon you'll pick up fleas from them. 1, Poisonous Person: A supervillain with the ability to produce deadly toxins. 1, Poke the Poodle: A mildly bad deed committed by the villain (usually the incompetent type) 1, Police State 1, Culture Police 1, Church Police 1, Secret Police 1, State Sec 1, Polite Villains, Rude Heroes: Affably Evil versus Good Is Not Nice. 1, Politically Correct Villain: A bad guy who openly dislikes discrimination. 1, Equal-Opportunity Evil: They'll gladly hire anyone to do their dirty work; regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion, etc. 1, Politically Incorrect Villain: Someone who's evil because they're a hateful, prejudiced bigot. 1, Tragic Bigot: When they have a Freudian Excuse for their hatred. 1, Predatory Business 1, Predator Pastiche: An alien hunter based on the eponymous creature from Predator. 1, Predecessor Villain 1, Professional Killer: Also known as contract killers, hitmen, or assassins. You pay these guys to murder anyone you want. 1, Carnival of Killers: A wide assortment of assassins, usually attracted by an open contract on someone's hide. 1, Hitman with a Heart: An assassin with a surprising softer side. 1, Holy Hitman: An assassin who's also religious. 1, Murder, Inc.: A whole gang of killers-for-hire. 1, Psycho Electro: A supervillain with electrical/lightning superpowers. 1, Psycho Ex-Girlfriend: Pissed-off former lovers from hell. 1, Psycho Prototype 1, Psychopathic Manchild: A villain/antagonist with more than a few childish tendencies, who act too immaturely in a very creepy way. 1, Psycho Supporter 1, A Pupil of Mine Until He Turned to Evil 1, Pure Is Not Good: Some people can just be pure evil. 1, Put Them All Out of My Misery 1, Pyromaniac: An arsonist who just loves to destroy things with fire. 1, The Quincy Punk 1, Raising the Steaks: Scary undead animals. 1, Regent for Life 1, Regularly Scheduled Evil 1, Renegade Russian: Evil Russians. 1, Renegade Splinter Faction 1, The Renfield: A human who serves as the minion of a vampire. 1, Vampire Vannabe: Because they want to become a bloodsucking fiend themselves. 1, Reptiles Are Abhorrent: Scaly, reptilian creatures tend to be pretty evil for some reason. 1, Scaled Up: Turn yourself into a reptilian monster for more power. 1, Snakes Are Sinister: Especially if they're serpentine. 1, Repulsive Ringmaster: A sinister circus ringmaster. 1, Resurrect the Villain: A dead villain gets brought back to life. 1, Retired Monster: It's been a while since they were actively engaged in a career of villainy, but that doesn't mean they've reformed their old evil ways. 1, Rich Bitch: High in wealth, low in kindness. 1, The Rich Want to Be Richer: People who are already extremely rich but still go to extreme lengths to obtain even more money. 1, Right-Hand Cat: Villains tend to have a pet cat by their side. 1, Right-Hand Attack Dog 1, Right-Wing Militia Fanatic: Far-right American terrorists who really don't like the US federal government. 1, Rival Turned Evil 1, Rogue Agent 1, Rogues Gallery: A large variety of villains who serve as the collective enemies of a specific hero. 1, Rogues-Gallery Transplant: An enemy of one particular hero decides to antagonize a different hero. 1, Thematic Rogues Gallery: These villains have some similar traits in common with the hero. 1, Villain Team-Up: Multiple villains cooperate together to fight the hero. 1, Legion of Doom: All the villains team up for the sake of collective revenge on the hero. 1, Rogues Gallery Showcase: Multiple members of the rogues gallery decide to fight the hero simultaneously. 1, Rogue Protagonist: The hero/protagonist of the previous story is now the villain/antagonist of the sequel. 1, Rotten Rock & Roll: Villains having rock as their theme music. 1, Rule of Two 1, Sadist: This guy really loves to make others suffer, doesn't he? 1, Soft-Spoken Sadist 1, Sadist Teacher: A teacher who's overly cruel to their students. 1, Evil Teacher: The above, but even worse. Not uncommonly seen murdering their students. 1, The Savage Indian: A scary Native American warrior, especially one who likes to remove their enemies' scalps. 1, Scary Black Man: A big, thuggish brute of a guy who is of Black African descent. 1, Scary Dogmatic Aliens: Extraterrestrial villains who are motivated by some extremist political or religious ideology. 1, Scary Scarecrows: The crows are scared of them for a damn good reason. 1, Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up: That one mean kid who tormented you during childhood, who became an even nastier adult. 1, Sealed Evil in a Can: An ancient villain that was (magically) locked away in some sort of prison or container, in order to keep them from wreaking havoc upon the world again. 1, But they inevitably desire to regain their freedom... 1, Evil Is Not a Toy: Don't dare to open the can if you can't control the evil inside of it. 1, Eat the Summoner: Beware, the evil inside the can might be feeling really hungry, after all those centuries of being trapped. 1, Leaking Can of Evil: Despite their confinement, they will still try to influence the outside world for their plans. 1, Sealed Evil in a Duel: Getting rid of a villain by keeping them busy with fighting someone else for all eternity. 1, Sealed Evil in a Six Pack: Just trapping them in one container isn't enough, you have to split it into multiple pieces. 1, Sealed Evil in a Teddy Bear: When you hide the ancient evil inside something that looks too cute to be noticed. 1, Secondary Color Nemesis: Villains tend to have colors such as purple and green. 1, Serial Killer: A murderer who makes a habit of gradually killing individual victims, one after another. 1, Black Widow: A female serial killer who has murdered several of her own boyfriends or husbands. 1, The Bluebeard: A male serial killer who has murdered several of his own girlfriends or wives. 1, Jack the Ripoff: A copycat killer who takes after the infamous Jack the Ripper. 1, Serial-Killer Killer: A (vigilante) serial killer who targets other serial killers. 1, Spree Killer: No cooling off period; essentially a mass murderer who kills multiple people within a short span of time, but with the same sort of bloodlust as any serial killer. 1, Theme Serial Killer: This murderer has a predictable gimmick as part of their modus operandi. 1, Poetic Serial Killer: They like to use an ironic method against each of their victims. 1, Serial Rapist: A sick pervert who makes a habit of sexually assaulting individual victims, one after another. 1, Shadow Archetype 1, Shady Real Estate Agent 1, Shoot the Messenger 1, Siblings in Crime: A Sibling Team who live a life of crime together. 1, Silent Antagonist: Dead silence can be quite creepy. 1, A Sinister Clue 1, Sinister Geometry: Geometric shapes tend to be associated with villains. 1, Sinister Minister: An evil priest who carries out vile deeds under the guise of religion. 1, Evil Jesuit: Church Militant meets Wicked Cultured. 1, Sinister Shades 1, Sissy Villain: A male scoundrel with effeminate mannerisms. 1, Sixth Ranger Traitor: A new "ally" joins the Five-Man Band, only to turn out to be their enemy. 1, Slender Man Stand-In: An expy of the Slender Man, a notorious creepypasta monster. 1, Sliding Scale of Antagonist Vileness: How vile are these villains? 1, Sliding Scale of Villain Effectiveness: How likely are they to succeed at their goals? 1, Sliding Scale of Villain Threat: How much of a threat do they pose? 1, Smug Snake: He has such an over-the-top-ego that we just can't stand him. 1, The Social Darwinist: They use Might Makes Right as an excuse to torment anyone they believe to be weaker than them. 1, The Sociopath: Someone who's totally devoid of any real compassion towards other people, allowing them to do evil deeds without feeling any pity or remorse. 1, Sorting Algorithm of Evil: Each major enemy or group of enemies become more powerful than the first. 1, The Soulless: Someone (or something) that literally has no soul, and thus is incredibly dangerous. 1, South Asian Terrorists: Ruthless militants from South Asia (Indian subcontinent). 1, The Spymaster 1, Stalker with a Crush: Often a creepy pervert with an obsessive, one-sided attraction to someone else. May even be a (potential) rapist of their crush. 1, Villainous Crush: A bad guy shows creepy sexual lust for someone else (often a good guy). 1, Bigot with a Crush: When a Politically Incorrect Villain finds someone to be attractive despite being a member of a race they hate. 1, Standard Evil Empire Hierarchy 1, Standard Evil Organization Squad 1, The Starscream: A traitorous minion of another villain, who's secretly plotting some way to betray their boss. 1, Treacherous Advisor: A right-hand-man/second-in-command who actively manipulates and misleads their own boss for personal gain. 1, Start of Darkness: A prequel story that shows how a villain became a villain. 1, Starter Villain: The very first serious antagonist to be confronted at the beginning of the story. 1, State Sec 1, Straight Edge Evil: A villain who avoids committing vices like recreational drugs or sexual promiscuity. 1, Straw Nihilist: Someone who believes that nothing in life has any real meaning or value — including morality. 1, Sudden Sequel Heel Syndrome: A person becomes a heel in the next installment out of the blue. 1, Super-Persistent Predator 1, Superpowered Evil Side: Someone with an evil alter-ego that's more powerful than their normal self. 1, Super Mob Boss: A crime boss or gang leader is a major threat to superheroes, rather than a disposable foe. 1, Super Supremacist: A supervillain who believes that those who have powers are superior to those who don't and should rule over them. 1, Supervillain Lair: Any larger-than-life evildoer would not be complete without a wickedly cool base or hideout. 1, Suspiciously Idle Officers 1, The Svengali: A manipulative, controlling mentor that exploits their student for their own gain. 1, The Swarm 1, Swiper, No Swiping!: Oh, man! 1, The Syndicate 1, Team Killer 1, Teens Are Monsters: Adolescent youths can be nasty people. 1, Terrible Trio: A team of three villains. 1, Terrorists Without a Cause: Ruthless militants who terrorize people under the pretense of an ideology, but lack any real political goals. 1, Theatre Phantom 1, Then Let Me Be Evil: When everyone else keeps treating you as a wicked person, you decide that you may as well prove them right. 1, They Look Just Like Everyone Else!: Villains who look completely ordinary. 1, This Cannot Be!: Once his plans are foiled, he voices his disbelief that it happened, despite the evidence staring him in the face. 1, Those Two Bad Guys: A deadly duo of villains. 1, Those Wacky Nazis: German fascists (and their ideological descendants, Neo-Nazis). Best known for their genocidal racism against anyone who's Jewish, Romani, Slavic, or non-white. 1, A Nazi by Any Other Name: A villain or villainous organization with heavy Nazi undertones and/or inspiration. 1, Nazi Grandpa: This old German man is really an infamous (fugitive) Nazi war criminal. 1, Nazi Nobleman: When they also double as an upper-class snob. 1, Nazi Protagonist: A Nazi Protagonist. 1, Nazi Zombies: The only thing worse than a live Nazi is an undead Nazi. 1, To Create a Playground for Evil 1, Token Evil Teammate: Among a group of heroes (or otherwise law-abiding folks), this guy has the biggest mean streak of them all. 1, Token Motivational Nemesis 1, Tom the Dark Lord: When a supervillain has a rather mundane or non-threatening name. Bringing this up tends to be a Berserk Button for them. 1, Torture Technician: An expert on inflicting mental and/or physical pain on other people, whether as a means of interrogation, punishment, or pure sadism. 1, Totalitarian Utilitarian 1, Tragic Monster: An innocent person who has been mentally and/or physically transformed into a dangerous being against their own will. 1, Tragic Villain: Someone who turned evil due to something sad and terrible that happened to them. 1, Trapped in Villainy 1, The Triads and the Tongs: Chinese gangsters and mobsters. 1, Tyke-Bomb 1, Laser-Guided Tyke-Bomb 1, Tyrannical Town Tycoon 1, Übermensch 1, Ultimate Evil: A mysterious, incredibly dangerous villain who is (mostly) offscreen. 1, The Unfettered: They won't let any pesky moral scruples get in the way of their goals. 1, Unhand Them, Villain! 1, Unholy Matrimony: A couple of villainous lovers. 1, Used to Be a Sweet Kid: They were a nice person in their childhood, but became corrupted with age. 1, The Usual Adversaries 1, The Usurper: Someone who's willing to use any dirty means to seize a royal throne for themselves. 1, Vile Villain, Laughable Lackey: A duo consisting of a serious villain with a humorous subordinate. 1, Villain Antagonist: Usually, the main bad guy of the story serves as the opponent to the Hero Protagonist (though that's not always the case). 1, Villain Ball: When the bad guy makes a really stupid mistake. 1, Villain Ball Magnet 1, Villain by Default 1, Villain Corner 1, Villain Cred: The amount of fear and respect that villains get from other people. 1, Villain Decay: An evildoer suffers from Badass Decay, becoming less threatening over time. 1, Villain Episode: A Day in the Limelight episode featuring the bad guy(s). 1, Villain Exclusivity Clause 1, Villain Forgot to Level Grind 1, Villain Has a Point: What the bad guy said isn't exactly wrong. 1, A Villain Named Khan: If you are named after Genghis Khan, that will surely invoke a fearsome reputation. 1, A Villain Named "Z__rg" 1, Villain No Longer Idle: The villain leaves his throne to take matters into his own hands. 1, Villain of Another Story: A bad guy who isn't relevant to the main plot. 1, Villain Opening Scene 1, Villain-Possessed Bystander: An innocent person who is being mind controlled by the villain. 1, Villainous Ethics Decay: Villains aren't as nice as they used to be. 1, Villainous Face Hold 1, Villainous Vow 1, Villain Protagonist: When the main character of the story is very far from being a "hero". 1, Villain Song: A musical piece with a bad guy as its subject. 1, Villain Love Song: The villain sings about their love for another person. 1, Villainous Advice Song: The villain uses a song to trick the hero into doing their bidding. 1, Villainous Lament: The villain sings about their sadness. 1, Villain Recruitment Song: The villain uses a song to convince others to join their side. 1, "The Villain Sucks" Song: A song about the villain that describes how despicable they are. 1, Villain Respect: Even a bad guy can genuinely admire The Hero for proving to be quite a Worthy Opponent. 1, Villain Reveals the Secret: A character's or a group's secret is revealed by the villain. 1, Villain Sue: An annoyingly perfect villain. 1, Villain Takes an Interest: A bad guy wants to train a good guy to become their evil apprentice. 1, Villain Teleportation: He has the ability to suddenly appear out of nowhere. 1, Villain with Good Publicity: He's done a good job of fooling most people into thinking that he's a "good guy". Bonus points if he also tricks everyone else into believing that the real hero is the "bad guy". 1, Villain World: This is what happens if the Big Bad manages to successfully Take Over the World and rule it as a dystopian dictatorship. 1, Villainous Aromantic Asexual: A villain who has absolutely no interest in romantic love or sexual intercourse. 1, Villainous Breakdown: When things happen that don't go according to his plans, he completely loses his composure. 1, Villainous BSoD: The villain realizes how wrong they've been and are consumed by guilt from their actions. 1, Villainous Cheekbones: Some villains have distinctively creepy faces. 1, Villainous Friendship: A bad guy gets along pretty well with another bad guy. 1, Villainous Gentrification 1, Villainous Incest: A bad guy has sexual relations with a biological relative, to show how depraved and disgusting they are. 1, Inbred and Evil: A person being born of incest can play havoc with their morals. 1, Villainous Legacy: Evil actions can have long-term consequences, even after those responsible for them are long gone. 1, Villainous Mother-Son Duo: A villainess is assisted by her son. 1, Villainous Underdog 1, Villainous Valour: Some villains can be extremely brave and determined in the face of overwhelming odds against them. 1, Villainous Widow's Peak: Some villains have distinctive hairlines. 1, Villains Act, Heroes React: It's usually up to the main bad guy to initiate the story's conflict. 1, Villains Blend in Better 1, Villain's Dying Grace 1, Villains Out Shopping: Even bad people still do normal things occasionally. 1, Villains Want Mercy: An evildoer Ain't Too Proud to Beg upon being defeated. 1, Villainy-Free Villain 1, The Virus: A dangerous monster that transforms its victims into more of its kind. 1, The Corruption: A mental and/or physical affliction that can turn an otherwise decent person into an evil monster. 1, Visionary Villain: They have some very grand evil schemes to change the way the world works. 1, Walking Spoiler: Usually, if a character is one of these, they turn out to be a villain unbeknownst to both the characters and the audience. Or, they're at least hiding some 1, sort of unpleasant secrets. 1, Wardens Are Evil: The corrupt administrator who runs the Hellhole Prison. 1, We Are Everywhere 1, We Have Reserves: The villain doesn't care about their underlings getting killed because as far as they're concerned, more minions will replace the ones that died. 1, Welcome to Evil Mart 1, Western Terrorists: Ruthless militants from a country in the Americas, Europe, or Oceania. 1, White Hair, Black Heart 1, With Great Power Comes Great Opposition: Those who obtain mass amounts of power will create enemies from both heroes and other villains. Likewise, villains would challenge 1, heroes because of this trope. 1, Who's Laughing Now?: The reason they've become a villain is so that they can enact retribution towards everyone who made fun of them. 1, Wicked Cultured: A sinister individual with a taste for high culture and the finer things in life. 1, Wicked Pretentious: But this guy is only doing it to appear more sophisticated than he really is. 1, Wicked Toymaker: An evil toymaker. 1, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: The villain has caused a lot of damage, but the reason they did what they did is hard not to pity. 1, The Worm That Walks 1, The Wrongful Heir to the Throne: They may be the rightful successor to a position of power, but they are anything but fit for the job. 1, Xenomorph Xerox: A monster based on the iconic creatures from the Alien movies. 1, Yakuza: Japanese gangsters and mobsters. 1, Yellow Peril: Stereotypical villains of East Asian ethnicity. Very common in older, more racist works of fiction. 1, Dragon Lady: A sexy, seductive villainess of East Asian ethnicity. 1, You Are Too Late: ...to stop my evil plan. 1, You Have Failed Me: He callously punishes those who fail to do as he orders with the death penalty. 1, You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: When he decides he no longer needs other people, he just simply offs them. Callously.


1, Bejing 2, Berlin 1, Bogota 2, Cairo 1, Hong Kong 3, London 1, Manila 1, Mexico City 3, Moscow 3, Paris 3, Rome 1, Seoul 1, Tel Aviv 1, Vienna 1, Warsaw 1, Washington DC

Fight Location

1, In the catwalks above a stage, with the opera/play in progress below. 1, Inside the works of a clock tower 1, In the Great Library of Alexandria as it's being burned 1, In a wharf side warehouse, in a roped-off ring, surrounded by dozens of hard-nosed spectators screaming for blood 1, In elevator shafts, but not in the elevators 1, On a series of conveyor belts leading to pressing machinery 1, Between the gears and pulleys of a four-story-building-sized clockwork, steam-driven difference engine 1, On top of the servers in a major data center (while one of the combatants is trying to hack into the systems in that center) 1, A meat locker, with entire sides of frozen cow hanging from hooks. 1, In a cubicle farm (think Dilbert) 1, In the food court of a large shopping mall, Sunday afternoon, one week before Christmas 1, In a high voltage transformer station 1, In a brick-walled olive oil cellar - when one of the casks is struck, olive oil coats the floor 1, In an airlock that's slowly decompressing 1, In a stopped elevator 1, On a stone staircase in a rapidly falling apart castle 1, On the floor of a large ballroom after the villain has insulted the hero – remember those floors are slick 1, Fort Knox (Think 007) 1, In a smithy filled with blades 1, In a house about to be blown to pieces by a tornado- with a shelter out back with room for one 1, In a dragon's lair...right next to sleeping dragon. 1, In a studio prop department. (make sure to grab your REAL sword) 1, In a game & comic store 1, On a factory conveyer belt that dumps rocks into a furnace 1, In a hospital emergency room that is in the process of accepting dozens of victims from some sort of disaster 1, Backstage at a Victoria's Secret fashion show 1, At a Hockey/Ice Rink 1, In a biotech lab filled with glass growth reactors filled with animal cells/bacteria/yeast/flesh eating amoebas 1, In the middle of 99 cent store with crowded isles only a foot and a half wide. 1, In a brothel / opium den 1, Inside a wind-tunnel 1, In the middle of a high class 1930s nightclub 1, On the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange 1, In a nuclear missile silo about to launch 1, In a room full of hemophiliacs 1, In a paper mill 1, In a museum. Lots of improvised weapons to hand, whether it's a 15th century scimitar or the tooth of a Tyrannosaurus 1, At a fantasy / sci-fi convention 1, At a crowded party, without letting security know 1, In an Esher-esque construction of stairs, halls, and archways that warps space 1, In a Wax Museum after hours 1, At a rave 1, In a ghetto bail-bonds/pawn shop 1, During a high school gym class 1, At a christening 1, Lovers fighting in a huge canopied bed with dozens of pillows and silk sheets 1, In the bathtub or at a Roman bath-house 1, In the shrine of a forgotten/elder god who is starting to wake 1, In a crypt full of life-size, realistic warrior statues, which may or may not come to life. 1, While standing side by side at a urinal...while urinating! 1, In the Oval Office, the floor of the UN general assembly, or other location of political importance 1, In an ancient tomb, rife with treasure and booby traps 1, Through an intricate Ninja Turtles style sewer system, perhaps on skateboards 1, In a workout room, with all the machines and free-weights as weapons 1, In a plane that's going down 1, In a broken down house at night 1, Fighting in a pitch black room which fires lasers occasionally

1, On a frozen river, with chunks of ice breaking away under your feet. 1, Construction scaffolding. 1, A flotilla of logs floating down a river. 1, On top of a careening stagecoach, in a low-overhang forest. 1, On top of a large hot-air balloon, in mid-flight. 1, Top of a church tower where there's only a narrow walkway around the top. (Swinging off statues of angels and slamming people into bells.) 1, Waist-deep in a stream 1, On a thread-bare rope bridge spanning a chasm 1, Hanging onto the ropes that dangle beneath a zeppelin (which may or may not be on fire) 1, In the midst of deadlocked rush-hour traffic, leaping from car to car 1, On a flat-bed semi traveling down the interstate at 90 mph 1, On a rocky precipice overlooking a fall of hundreds of feet 1, Inside the big cage where they store helium balloons 1, On a rowboat 1, In the back seat of a New York taxicab during rush hour 1, In the middle of a big parade (maybe Mardi Gras, or perhaps the marching band at halftime at the Super Bowl?) 1, On a dam 1, In a ship's rigging 1, In a bamboo forest, about fifty feet up 1, On top of a mist-shrouded hill, surrounded by the crumbling remnants of a stone circle 1, In a sheep pen with about 100 sheep (substitute pigs as required) 1, On the back of a flying whale. And every so often it spouts a geyser of steam from its blowhole. 1, On the surface of a huge, faceted mirrored lens so there are thousands of distorted images of you and your opponent. 1, On dragonfly mounts that buzz around one another... 1, In a cage-free commercial chicken rearing factory 1, In a hedgerow maze 1, On a Ferris Wheel 1, On a seaside boardwalk during a hurricane 1, Underwater while wearing clumsy diver suits 1, A knife fight in a telephone booth (and you HAVE to answer the phone.) 1, On the edge of a burning, active volcano 1, On the roof of a burning sky scraper 1, On the wing of a B-17 Flying Fortress 1, In a gassed out mud filled body strewn WWI trench 1, On a super-highway 1, Up a gigantic tree, with lots of hopping from branch to branch 1, On a grassy plain in the middle of a stampede 1, From rooftop to rooftop in a flooded town 1, An open field with snow 4 feet deep 1, In the surf at a stormswept beach, with heavy waves 1, In the substructure beneath a huge bridge 1, Inside a submarine 1, On a sweltering August day in a full-grown Kansas cornfield 1, On top of a giant Godzilla-style monster. 1, On top of a careening coach while riding over a bridge 10 miles above a city 1, Atop a burning citadel while meteorites fall all around 1, While skydiving 1, On the open observation deck of a gigantic steam-powered zeppelin, suspended a thousand feet above the streets of a major city 1, On skis, hurtling down the side of a snow-covered mountain. 1, NOT on skis, hurtling down the side of an ICE-covered mountain 1, On a roller coaster 1, While flying hang gliders 1, Beneath a waterfall, struggling to stay on your feet under the torrent of pounding water 1, On rafts, going over the waterfall 1, In the hulk of a ghostly pirate ship or ocean liner 1, In the water gardens of Ft. Worth, TX 1, On a school bus full of little children 1, Jumping from piece to piece of wreckage as it's being sucked into a huge whirlpool 1, A train station. Clouds of steam, huge machines to fight across and lots of civilians running around 1, In a Topiary Maze tended by big robotic hedge trimmers that look like the Langoliers from the Stephen King novel 1, On two really elastic bungie cords 1, While on motorcycles 1, On the Boxers' Bridge in Venice, standing over a canal with no guard rails in place 1, In the Capuchin necropolis in Paris, surrounded by walls of skulls. 1, Inside a tram going downhill in San Francisco 1, Queuing for cinema tickets. (Don’t lose your place in line.) 1, A horse track just after the race has gone by, with a minute and a half until it swings by again! 1, Riding horses on the beach 1, In front of the grave of your twin brother that the murderous swine slew one exactly year ago 1, A ferry in high wind, with cars or heavy crates rolling around 1, In the desert at high noon (heat prostration anyone?) while a sandstorm is coming 1, At a witch-burning, climbing up the unnecessarily huge pyre 1, On the back of a giant turtle that is swimming through a swamp full of alligators & with snakes dangling from the heavy vines 1, On top of a hill during a thunderstorm 1, While being lynched 1, In chariots, especially when running along the spar of the enemies chariot 1, On top of monolithic statues depicting your ancestors/nation (The Statue of Liberty, the statues by the falls in Fellowship of the Ring.) 1, On the hands of Big Ben 1, On top of a careening cart (designed for fast travel and drawn by magically bred horses) that falls off a cliff to land the players on a magically propelled train (a.k.a lightning rail; see Eberron Campaign Setting) 1, On the top of a moving train 1, At the bottom of a stopped train (crouch fighting) 1, In the middle of a sandstorm 1, In a hay cart going high speeds down a hill while getting shot from harpoons coming from above 1, Under direct, heavy cannon bombardment. 1, On a merry-go-round 1, Anywhere at all during an earthquake 1, Running concurrently with another swordfight, such that each of the four combatants wants to kill the other three 1, In the city's slums during a massive fire 1, In the middle of a riot 1, Quicksand 1, In the path of a massive horde of army ants 1, Near a strong gravitational or magnetic source, the swords accelerating or decelerating as they pass near it 1, While having sex 1, While handcuffed or otherwise bound to another swordfighter 1, In front of a confused movie crew while the asst director complains about his script missing pages or "this is a romance!" 1, During a motorcycle race (horse race, chariot race, etc) 1, On the sanctioned dueling grounds of a local Mage's guild, DURING a full-scale mage's duel 1, Last men standing on a battlefield (weapons, corpses, and setting sun mandatory, undead optional) 1, Inside a transport container getting crushed in a giant hydraulic press 1, Atlantis as it's sinking 1, At the center of the earth (trying to stop a bomb from going of at earths core) 1, In a crashed plane slowly submerging in water and oxygen is slowly depleting

1, On Mars, while wearing space suits, in low gravity 1, Inside someone else's blood vessels, while shrunk to microscopic size 1, Below-decks in a burning, sinking ship 1, The tunnels of a large subway system 1, Inside the chambers of a dying giant's heart 1, On a teetering see-saw platform over something dangerous 1, Atop the pistons of some great machine 1, On a suspended cage with the damsel in distress within 1, In an area flooded with explosive gasses. (Better not parry & cause a spark.) 1, In a zero-gravity chamber walled with inertia-reflecting force fields. In other words, once you start bouncing, you don't stop; time to set up that three-corner bank shot.... 1, On a spaceship with unpredictable artificial gravity 1, In the middle of a summoning circle, where a demon will be called if any blood strikes the ground. Better make sure to use the flat of the blade 1, A psy-blade duel inside your mind, flashing through every location you’ve ever been afraid of and/or felt safe 1, In a masquerade ball / Halloween party in which many people have the same costumes 1, Traveling through time in a long corridor, racing toward the end of the universe 1, On top of a spire (halo reach) 1, In a mine that's blowing up 1, In a mine that's blocked up and one rope to get out

Mind Control

1, Artifact Domination 1, Artifact of Attraction 1, Assimilation Plot 1, Bedtime Brainwashing 1, Beware the Mind Reader 1, Body Surf 1, Brainwashed 1, Brainwashed and Crazy 1, Brainwashing for the Greater Good 1, Brainwash Residue 1, Brain with a Manual Control 1, Bungled Hypnotism 1, Charm Person 1, Clone by Conversion 1, Compelling Voice 1, Conveniently Coherent Thoughts 1, Demonic Possession 1, Deprogram 1, Dirty Mind-Reading 1, Dream Weaver 1, Dying as Yourself 1, Emotion Bomb 1, Emotion Control 1, Emotion Suppression 1, Enslaved Tongue 1, Enthralling Siren 1, The Evils of Free Will 1, Fake Memories 1, Fighting from the Inside 1, Forgot About the Mind Reader 1, Getting Smilies Painted on Your Soul 1, Glamour 1, Happiness in Mind Control 1, Hate Plague 1, Heel–Face Brainwashing 1, Hive Mind 1, Hypno Fool 1, Hypno Pendulum 1, Hypno Ray 1, Hypnosis-Proof Dogs 1, Hypnotic Eyes 1, Hypnotic Head 1, Hypnotize the Princess 1, The Hypnotoad 1, Hypno Trinket 1, Immune to Mind Control 1, Individuality Is Illegal 1, Jedi Mind Trick 1, Journey to the Center of the Mind 1, Lobotomy 1, Laser-Guided Amnesia 1, Living Aphrodisiac 1, Lotus-Eater Machine 1, Love Potion 1, The Ludovico Technique 1, Manchurian Agent 1, Manipulative Bastard 1, The Mark 1, Mass Hypnosis 1, Master of Illusion 1, Meditation Powerup 1, Mind-Control Conspiracy 1, Mind-Control Device 1, Mind-Control Eyes 1, Mind-Control Music 1, A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read 1, Mind Probe 1, Mind Prison 1, Mind Rape 1, Mind Virus 1, More Hypnotizable Than He Thinks 1, More Than Mind Control 1, The Music Meister 1, Neuro-Vault 1, Nightmare of Normality 1, Perception Filter 1, Playing with Puppets 1, Powers via Possession 1, Prefers the Illusion 1, Propaganda Piece 1, Psychic-Assisted Suicide 1, Psychic Glimpse of Death 1, Puppeteer Parasite 1, Seeing Through Another's Eyes 1, Slave Mooks 1, Snake Charmer 1, Speak in Unison 1, Subliminal Advertising 1, Stupidity-Inducing Attack 1, The Svengali 1, Symbiotic Possession 1, Telepathy 1, This Is Not a Floor 1, Tongue-Tied 1, Treacherous Spirit Chase 1, Trigger Phrase 1, Unhappy Medium 1, Villain Override 1, Weak-Willed 1, Your Worst Memory


1, Anatomy of the Soul 1, Anomalous Art 1, Astral Projection 1, An Astral Projection, Not a Ghost 1, Backup from Otherworld 1, Bad Black Barf 1, Battle in the Center of the Mind 1, Creepy Changing Painting 1, Creepy Children Singing: A scene is accompanied by children singing in a creepy manner to make the scene all the more unnerving. 1, Creepy Monotone: Character speaks in a monotone to sound unsettling. 1, Cymbal-Banging Monkey 1, Demonic Possession: Someone gets their body taken over by an evil spirit. 1, Demon Slaying 1, Eerily Out-of-Place Object 1, Electromagnetic Ghosts 1, Empathic Weapon 1, Fearless Undead 1, "Freaky Friday" Flip: Two or more people get their minds switched. 1, Ghostly Chill 1, Ghostly Glide 1, Glamour Failure: A supernatural being is unable to hide aspects of their appearance that give away who they truly are. 1, I Am Legion 1, I Do Not Drink Wine 1, I See Dead People 1, Levitating Lotus Position 1, Living Aphrodisiac 1, Mad Oracle 1, Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: It's left ambiguous whether a situation or person believed to be supernatural in nature actually has a logical explanation for the weirdness or is genuinely supernatural. 1, Medicate the Medium 1, Meditation Powerup 1, A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read: A mind-reader is repulsed from reading the thoughts of an unpleasant individual 1, The Mirror Shows Your True Self: A shape-shifter's reflection shows their true form. 1, Missing Reflection: Vampires do not reflect in mirrors. 1, Museum of the Strange and Unusual 1, Mystical Pregnancy 1, Near-Death Clairvoyance 1, Necromancer: A sorcerer with the ability to raise the dead. 1, Not-So-Phony Psychic 1, Occult Detective: A detective who specializes in supernatural cases. 1, Occult Law Firm 1, Oracular Urchin 1, Our Cryptids Are More Mysterious 1, Our Souls Are Different 1, Phone Call from the Dead 1, Pineal Weirdness 1, Poltergeist 1, Possession Burnout 1, Powers via Possession 1, Psi Blast 1, Psychic Children 1, Psychic Nosebleed 1, Psychic Powers 1, Psychic Radar 1, Psychic Static 1, Psychometry 1, The Real Spoofbusters 1, Speak in Unison 1, Spirit Advisor 1, Spoon Bending 1, Supernaturally Validated Trans Person 1, Synchronization 1, Tainted Veins 1, Telepathy: Communicating to other people mentally. 1, Thermal Dissonance 1, Touch Telepathy 1, Trapped on the Astral Plane 1, Tulpa: An imaginary being who becomes real 1, Twin Telepathy 1, Unbelievable Source Plot 1, The Undead 1, Vampire-Werewolf Love Triangle 1, Violence Detector 1, Voice of the Legion: Someone's voice sounds like multiple voices speaking in unison. 1, Waif Prophet 1, Whispering Ghosts 1, Your Soul Is Mine

forensic techniques

0, - - - 1,Computer Facial Reconstruction (identification of skeletal remains using software) 1,Polymerase Chain Reaction (DNA replication using a catalyst to produce a sample sufficient for testing) 1,Electrophoresis (the process of sorting DNA fragments according to size so that they can be charged and compared) 1,Forensic Odontology (dental matching to identify human remains) 1,Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) (A computerized digital imaging system that captures and compares digital photographs of fingerprints on file) 1,Refractive Index Analysis (examination of the light-bending ability of glass samples) 1,Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS) (A computerized digital imaging system that captures and compares digital photographs of fired bullets and cartridge cases) 1,Cyanoacrylate Fuming (developing fingerprints for preservation) 1,Voiceprint Identification 1,Voice Spectrography (examination of the amplitude of the voice in relation to background noise to locate or identify a suspect) 1,Gas Chromatography (differentiation of different kinds of liquids based on the speed at which they move in gas as an essential processes in identifying poisons and toxins) 1,Specialized Digital Media Analysis and Recovery (used to recover encrypted evidence stored on a computer) 1,Handwriting Analysis (differentiation of handwriting samples to identify fraudulent documents) 1,Mass Spectrometry (exposes ionized solvents to a magnetic field to differentiate the kind of fuel used in explosive devices) 1,Microspectrophotometry (electronically differentiating paint samples by analysis of their energy wavelengths) 1,P300 Monitoring via Electroencephalograph Analysis (monitors the activity of the P300 brain wave which becomes active when the subject recognizes something familiar) 1,Infrared Spectroscopy (identifies if ink samples that appear similar originated from the same source) 1,Forensic Phonetics (used to determine race, age, sex of a recorded, disguised or digitally altered voice) 1,Forensic Entomology (used in assessing the time of death by examining the extent of insect infestation in a corpse) 1,Thin-layer Chromatography (used to identify specific solvents used as fuel in explosives)


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