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The original entries of the generator are from Musings of the Chatty DM: [1]. The concept is to write a synopsis for an adventure or a story hook in exactly ten words.

In ten words


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1,‘I’m literally out of my tree’ said the giggling Rasta-fairy-un. 1,‘We will manufacture no more Consent Golems!’ said Gnome Chomsky. 1,“Evil I slew, that others could live,” quoth the Paladin. 1,“For sale: two bloodstained daggers. Very sharp. Never used. Cheap.” 1,“Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope,” said Leia. 1,“I am your creator,” he said, “and you’re a mistake!” 1,“I love Ugluk!” Next, on The Kobold and the Beautiful. 1,“It’s an obscure body in the S-K system, your Majesty…” 1,“Only a clever ruse will work after this siege. Listen…” 1,“Supa Dupa Wookiee Crispa” discovered. Are they crispers or crispees? 1,“They came from the north, with the gnashing of teeth.” 1,“They’ve stolen my wife! Send your armada; we’ll rescue her!” 1,“Who needs a mage when you already are a God?” 1,1/100th size characters battle everyday insects in gladiatorial arena competition. 1,A bard, goblin, and a lich walk into a bar. 1,A castle’s owner dies and possesses it, rampaging across time. 1,A dungeon where every encounter requires the Use Rope skill. 1,A dungeon, where the treasure consists entirely of glass eyes. 1,A ghostly figure. You remember her. She’s here now. Why? 1,A ghoul, disgusted by the killing of animals for food. 1,A glorious host of paladins to be buried, for now. 1,A haughty, tyrannical dragon suddenly requests help defending her demesne. 1,A kiwi is thrown into a lake by swiss elephant. 1,A mad druid holds the floodwaters hostage, threatening mass starvation. 1,A murdered lord’s spirit refuses resurrection, but haunts his heirs. 1,A plague rat infestation is more than anyone bargained for. 1,A room 10 feet square. An orc guards a chest ;) 1,A royal cook suspected of poisoning an ambassador claims innocence. 1,A shambling horror, falsely accused and without a single defender. 1,Across the burning sands lie untold riches… and grave dangers. 1,Advanced Back Passage Dungeon Crawl: the new edition of FATAL. 1,Adventurers keep vanishing, seems the dreaded “Mmo” is consuming them. 1,After looting jewels, shady wizard wants them at any cost. 1,Airship fleet approaches your home town, can you defend it? 1,Albino minotaur rules cannibal cult of children in the sewers. 1,Alien tech powers Nazi warbots in Paris. Find the source. 1,Aliens invade from hovering castle; cast Fly, hijack that shit! 1,Ally with hobgoblins to defeat tyrant; make them slaves later. 1,An elder vampire seeks help destroying spawn, do you dare? 1,An Elf, fulfilling prophecy, gives elf-service to an elf-raising flower. 1,An Elf, fulfilling prophecy, gives elf-service to an elf-raising flower. 1,An era, A dog, a panic in a pagoda arena! 1,An intelligent storm has stolen people’s ability to have faith. 1,An intelligent sword demands a destined hero, their damnation ensues. 1,An island rises from the sea. Rival nations claim it. 1,Ancient catacombs discovered under tavern basement. Adventurers flock; admission charged. 1,Angels implore you to free the imprisoned soul of god. 1,Annihilation looms. Earth’s last hope lies in the darkest shadows. 1,Annual festival games turn deadly serious, and everyone seems complicit. 1,Anthropologists study dungeon. Nothing killed or looted until history traced. 1,Anvils, dynamite etc. are suddenly fatal. Toons are dying out! 1,Anyone who follows the rainbow does not come back. Why? 1,Anything touched turns gold, for an hour. Midas has debts. 1,Apprehend father’s killer; who must be executed before your coronation. 1,Arcane and Divine magics switch, meanwhile Druids make their move. 1,Archmages create private research demiplane. PCs must evaluate scholarly ethics. 1,Assassin children infiltrate society at the behest of the King. 1,Assassin turns over new leaf. Opens bar. Town not happy. 1,Astronauts make emergency landing; undiscovered alien natives take violent offense. 1,Bad bite gets infected, arm goes all gooey. Seek help. 1,Balrogs forge alliance, play benefit concert for convicted Hobbit plagiarizer. 1,Bard only talks in iambic pentameter. Find a cure. Lobotomy? 1,Bardsport: minstrel in musical deathmatch lost voice! Rescue or cure! 1,Bear attack! They breathe fire! What makes them so angry? 1,Beardless dwarf merchant losing business; can kidnapped goblin barber help? 1,Benevolent active gods, evil empires, the heroes are pirate clerics. 1,Betrayed baron returns for vengeance disguised as entertainer, wants help. 1,Blue bolts rain from the sky, the gods are angry. 1,Bobby the Paladin keeps dreaming of naked Clerics, blames youth. 1,Boogeyman kidnaps visiting martian’s baby as ploy to summon satan. 1,Borstam Keep has disappeared and huge stone footsteps have appeared. 1,Boy saves his city from disaster by fingering a dike. 1,Brave Wall of Serpents to woo daughter of the North. 1,Break the Temporal Lock, or the next sunrise never comes. 1,Bring me my mother’s right hand. She won’t need it. 1,Buy new bow. Don’t burn the shop down this time. 1,Cabalists need sacrifice to summon Cthulhu. Guess who they want. 1,Caste of robots are transferring their minds to organic bodies. 1,Catch & release all harpies after fitting them with bras. 1,Cathedral walls are bleeding. Clerics are confused. All is lost? 1,Cemetery symbols removed - the Dead just want to return home. 1,Chaos magic messes with city finances. “Solution” summons tentacle horror. 1,Chaos reigns; broo invasion. Orlanthi cause more harm than good. 1,Chatty exceeded his quota. Upgrade time. Send in the Ninja. 1,Chatty wonders, quite correctly, if he lost control of blog. 1,ChattyDM lost his voice. Can you find it in time? 1,Cheerful fairy tale characters are invading your gritty noir world. 1,Chick from future tells you, “Don’t fire DM Cannon”. DON”T! 1,Child vampire “turns” orphanage into minion army. Plans world acquisition. 1,Child vampire “turns” orphanage into minion army. Plans world acquisition. 1,Civil war over mistranslated holy scroll. Go find the original. 1,Clockwork gorilla has a map in heart, murder on mind. 1,Collect useless items, open Garl Steppeman’s Emporium of Stuff, ???, PROFIT!!! 1,Convince paladin he’s not invincible before he gets you killed. 1,Crazy man attempts to create half breeds. Nature not like. 1,Cult camped outside city. Will commit mass suicide very soon. 1,Cunning were-rats are mining plague-steel, stop them before it spreads. 1,Danger rears ugly head; Sir Robin turns tail and flees. 1,Dark Jedi’s Zombie Stormtroopers take over Endor Battle Droid Factory! 1,Dark portents in the stars, and blood in the sky. 1,Day of Fools tournament in forest: Go, hunt, play pranks. 1,Dead men roam the swamp. Therein lies your fallen god. 1,Death god is slain and suddenly no one can die. 1,Deep holes appear everywhere. Those who enter vanish. Where? 1,Defeat an army of insane, sentient furniture - the random tables. 1,Defeat the Frill-Necked Wizards. Escape the kangarorcs. Save the Downunderdark. 1,Defend holy tree against undead legion with only you four. 1,Deliver him here. Ignore his words. He will only lie. 1,Demon summoned in bar offers last man standing one wish. 1,Demons and men oddly unify to defeat a corrupt wizard. 1,Demons possess Emperor. Major-domo hires you to exorcise them. 1,Demons will invade if innocent child dies before ritual purification. 1,Depressed demigod attempts suicide with disastrous results. Cheer him up. 1,Des grand-mères et des chiffons, des mots qui hantent Yan. 1,Did you ever notice the moon is full EVERY night? 1,Dimensional travel to a popular setting from another game/movie. 1,Dinosaur Escape: Washington DC. All agree, the best filibuster ever. 1,Dinosaurs in London. Time rift opened. Close at all costs. 1,Disease spreading from unknown source - connected to rise of ritualists? 1,Disguised antagonist steals all-powerful artifact from under party’s nose. 1,DM is choking on D20! Why was he eating it?! 1,Doppelgängers abound. You’re safe here, though. Here, eat this, friend! 1,Doppelgänger asks evil PCs for new face. Might be misunderstood. 1,Dragon and vampire apocalypse. Can heroes use Great Ghost Dance? 1,Dragon in lonely mountain seeks PC for friendship; maybe more. 1,Dragon seeking estranged child after polyamorous youth… Could be anyone! 1,Dragon seeks love, requests adventurers carry presents to distant penpal. 1,Dragons hold capitol hostage; ram them with your new fortress. 1,Drizz’t DoUrden brutally slain; Elminster eviscerated; Simbul disintegrated; adventurers rejoice. 1,Druid stuck in bear form. Heroes need info from him. 1,Drunken party seduced by transvestite hill giant, escape next morning. 1,Duke’s ‘niece’ is actually succubus. Sabotage wedding between noble families. 1,Dungeon found with lots of treasure. Everyone wants a piece. 1,Dwarves threaten war over lost coronation gift. A dragon stole it… 1,Dying planet holds answer to everything. All life is threatened. 1,Earth Mother is insane. Cure her to save the world. 1,Earthquake rocks sleepy coastal town, annoys mayor. Next: sea monsters. 1,Elder vampires powers waning: mages suspected, mortal cult leader responsible. 1,Elderly historian killed in ride-by slashing, arrest the gallant perpetrator. 1,Elderly magical girls must transform once again. Any power left? 1,Elected ruler revealed as idiot, country seeks quick resolution please! 1,Electro-screws in jaw are malfunctioning. Stop me from eating everything! 1,Elemental lords possessing bodies to take over prime material plane. 1,Elven encampment is actually a colony of albino drow. Surprise! 1,Elvis has returned! The world is covered in sequins. Help! 1,Elvis reincarnated as two-headed wolf boy. Needs to be housebroken. 1,Emerald Claw need magical wood, elven forests face the axe. 1,Endless rains, flash flooding, sinkholes, and pirates. Aquatic Campaign: GO! 1,Enough of these murderous adventurers! We goblins must stand together! 1,Escape from Dr. Zod’s twisted lair. Main complication: robot mongeese. 1,Escape from prison. Don’t use airducts, they’ll see it coming. 1,Evacuate scientist and daughter from mothership. One escape pod left. 1,Everyone is suspiciously healthy. Is it something in the water? 1,Evil empire tests cyborgs on peasantry. Their one weakness? Drugs! 1,Evil uncle steals family jewels. Retrieve them to become king. 1,Exchange dignity for co-adventurer’s resurrection by rolling naked in mud. 1,Familiar hires party to infiltrate inexplicably sealed wizard master’s tower. 1,Family’s heirloom necklace caught on Infernal Dire Boar’s Tusk. Fetch. 1,Fantasy game. 3 requests from each player. Thinking…. Let’s rock. 1,Far Northern winter - sun doesn’t rise, the dead won’t rest. 1,Farmer topples standing stones - threshold to another dimension gapes open. 1,Fate of the world decided by ping pong playing orcs. 1,Fiendwurm belches demons over landscape. Heroes needed for EPIC cleaning. 1,Figure skating puzzle seals ice dungeon. Is treasure worth it? 1,Find and destroy the altar before dawn. Reward: Your soul. 1,Find new continent to adventure where everyone doesn’t hate you. 1,Find the forlorn friar of Festivus, or forfeit your face. 1,Find the three golden thrushes whose song will heal king. 1,Five caves have opened up. You get to pick one. 1,Five Elemental Rings awarded by Wizard. You’re stuck with Heart. 1,Five spells must be read to birth a new world. 1,Food grows scarce in post-apocalyptic wasteland. Who can help? 1,Fountain of Youth found! Drinks go to the highest bidder. 1,Four year old girl is kidnapped by a camel driver. 1,Free the Paladin-king, reclaim his soul from the seven crows. 1,Frost giant shaman steals Drum of Winter - will spring arrive? 1,Genius kobold manipulates reality to become God. Fix the loophole. 1,Get Gods of Cats and Dogs to fight Rat God. 1,Get kiss from lost faerie queen to save dying boy. 1,Ghost of enemy killed haunts a PCs weapon, murders NPCs. 1,Giant Jedi-piloted Mecha wage war against Space Ork Cyborgs. 1,Giant Legendary Ape terrorizes frightened city, just wants some nookie. 1,Gigantic steam-powered automaton runs amok at World’s Fair; stop it! 1,Gnome must collect all mustard jellies to revive ancient hero. 1,Gnomes want to become werewolves for respect. Capture one alive. 1,Go to tavern, look at bulletin board, pick a quest. 1,Go to Vegas, find stripper-nee-goddess, wake her up. 1,Goblin civil war. Pick sides, or just protect the townsfolk. 1,Goblin Hordes caravan west. What’re they running from, or to? 1,Goblin tribes unite, form nation under prophet leader, pet basilisk. 1,Gods creating the universe: “oh sweet! Doubles add and re-roll!” 1,Godzilla attacks New York. Again. Bored, no good movies playing. 1,Grab cursed gem. Town to perish. It’s all your fault. 1,Grognard takes up his lance, mistakenly charges Windmills. Then Wife. 1,Guards vanish then Merchants then Commoners Leaving Only Council. Why? 1,Hack, slash, loot, hack, slash, loot; repeat until dungeon ends. 1,Half-orc mercenary, Elven princess elope. Earn King’s ransom? Aide newlyweds? 1,Half-orc wizard, dwarven druid, gnome paladin. Best of friends. 1,Halfling Pie Eating Champion has challenged you! Eat or Die! 1,Halfling takes ‘Chaotic Good’ that one step further - Lorena Hobbit. 1,He’s angry and he’s made of lightning. You’re immune, right? 1,He’s not the Messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy. 1,Help Templar ghost guard gate to Hell under Solomon’s Temple. 1,Hey, do you like money? Do you also like murder? 1,High-level cleric excommunicated. Seeks revenge against her deity and church. 1,Hired by master dream thief to neutralize pursuing bounty hunter. 1,History class interrupted by dinosaurs. Is it on the final? 1,Hone your skills. Losing means they starve us. Beatings, too. 1,Horses have disappeared, replaced by coconuts. Furious paladins blame swallows. 1,How does one catch a doppelgänger who’s gone to ground? 1,Hunted heroes, escaping enemies, stumble into another world and meet. 1,I dare you to steal that lich’s phylactery. No? Chicken. 1,I for one do NOT welcome our new martian overlords! 1,I hate orcs. Kill them all. Except the hot one. 1,I’ll give you ten gold if you pull this lever. 1,I’ll pay you double if the kobolds eat him afterward. 1,I’m not kidding: he ended up inside the troll. Yuck. 1,Idaho bank teller inherits mysterious samurai swords from unknown ancestor. 1,Identification Database gets virus. Screws your identity. Clean it up? 1,If that guy doesn’t lose his virginity, all will die. 1,Immature narcissists egotistically force ignorant politics into contest; discipline them. 1,In the Caverns of Dyslexia, you meet the Dark Elvis. 1,In the sequel, Chomsky is joined by Gnome E. Klein… 1,In the Underbasement the Dork Elves kidnap n00bs, for lulz. 1,In this foreign land, why does food taste like metal? 1,Incoming meteor. Shelters must be made or underground cities taken. 1,Indians on the horizon, watching your wagons circle. Fools gold. 1,Infant drow on doorstep. Adopt it or give it up? 1,Inheritance letter must be delivered across world in ten days. 1,Investigators required to thwart the returns of a Lovecraftian horror. 1,It started with a gnome and a bucket of ale. 1,It was once a church. Now it’s cold and unhallowed. 1,It’s a beautiful day. All is serene. Let’s break stuff! 1,It’s locked? He’s dead? A puddle? Elementals, my dear Watson. 1,It’s my sister’s child. My child. Do it now. Please. 1,It’s sharp enough. But can you really kill your master? 1,Jester insults Great Old Ones before the court. They’re doomed. 1,Jewels of Tanar’zhu are missing! Vizier did it, hates apostrophes. 1,Jewels sparkle like fire. “Bring its head and they’re yours.” 1,Kick down doors, slay the baddies, steal all the loot. 1,Kill dragon, get maiden, get paid. Not in that order? 1,Kill owner of nearby manor, buy cheap at police auction. 1,King must wed or war; marriage fulfills doomsday prophecy. 1,King without heir obsessed with relic. Steal and ransom it. 1,Knights require a shrubbery, a good one. Find it- GAH! 1,Kobold wizard changes sex of town, forlorn adventurers seek cure. 1,Kublai Khan’s stately pleasure-dome is deserted, loot-worthy, and possibly haunted. 1,Lead gnome commoner strike force to defeat pig-man overlord, Hogger. 1,Least-famous Wayons brother trapped in poorly rendered fantasy world. 1,Lesser storm goddess calls in debts, destroys what’s not offered. 1,LG hamlet has little crime, many accidents. Investigate, guns blazing. 1,Liberate abused bulettes being used as ogre mage polo mounts. 1,Lich King plans grand party, PCs are the main dish. 1,Local church backs PCs in Anti-Paladin’s annual Three-Dragon Ante tournament. 1,Local halfling brewery gets poisoned water. Town and trade sick. 1,Long-awaited crackdown on crime arrives. Pity you’re a thief 1,Look, I’m for free speech - but not for Wight supremacists! 1,Lost and within the footprint of a Tarrasque, they awoke. 1,Low-Earth orbit, rocks are falling- fish out useful stuff. 1,Mad God’s temple: will you find riches or insanity? Mwahahahahaha! 1,Mailed movie rental service used by terrorists to send data. 1,Make breakfast fit for the King… with a roc’s egg. 1,Mangy. Gnawing teeth. Rats? I guess they look like rats. 1,Masquerade party mistaken identity, framed for kidnapping, burning building rescue. 1,Mayan human sacrifice awakens chupacabra horde nesting in limestone sinkhole. 1,Me have eaten two of every animal!’ cried Noah’s Orc. 1,Military captain becomes undead minion to increase a deity’s influence. 1,Miners have found Hell. The church are pleased, it’s proof! 1,Modern day teenagers brought to mythic Ireland for God’s Game. 1,Modify cybernetic arm to move unnaturally. Thrive as street performer. 1,Monster accidentally drinks love potion; sees character, changes alignment, courts. 1,Monster kidnaps maidens, tells them interminable anecdotes. Slay the Drag-on! 1,Mr. H. G. Wells is hiring ghostbusters; specialized equipment provided. 1,Mutant pheasants claim your child, an adventure in the wild. 1,Mutated Undead Orcs festooned with spikes, use tentacles to seduce. 1,Mysterious last words scrawled on cave wall, “AAAAAARRRRRRGGGHH…”; cryptologists baffled. 1,Nation of ghosts rise from the sea, they demand rights. 1,Nazi occultists revive dead soldiers by truckload for Eastern front. 1,Nazi supersoldiers, genetically engineered. Find the lab, blow it up. 1,Necromancer steals the king’s Crown Jewels. No, the other ones. 1,Never ending winter caused by warforged wizards and lich queen. 1,New virus targets bionics. Street Samurai everywhere, go line dancing. 1,Newfound constellations form demonic sigils. Coincidence? Or potential Space Satan? 1,Nine bloody weapons, four impatient heirs, One vacant throne. Whodunit? 1,Noble’s adventurous daughter needs bodyguards. Visiting Carceri can be deadly. 1,Nobles getting married. Crash it, kidnap the bride and groom. 1,Noise in dry woods! Throw torch! Face angry homeless druids. 1,Nordic gods return to lead Nazis in WWII - Allies losing. 1,Nothing’s funnier than monkeys - until everyone’s pet simians awaken overnight. 1,Nuclear bomb goes off, not if president killed by you. 1,Ocean is emptying. Must find solution before world dries up. 1,Offspring of other realm god, creates Stepford to conquer all. 1,Old man says he is not a dragon. He is. 1,Old technology needed for viewing secret data. Go find it. 1,Once, long ago, someone teleported the tarrasque to the Abyss. 1,One murder then a second and third. Blame the children. 1,One ring must be destroyed. Why walk? Catapult! Mangonel! Trebuchet! 1,Orcs at the gates begging for succor. Goblins close behind. 1,Our sun is dying. Ride a bomb into it! YEEEEEEHAWWWWW! 1,Overthrow the mad king, but don’t become like him afterwards. 1,Pandemic! Must find cure, and find new bodies for dead. 1,Paragon Ape lobbies for species recognition in a suit. Hilarity ensues. 1,Paragon of each of civilised race required for fantastic voyage. 1,Parrot is definitely deceased. And now for something completely different. 1,Party wakes up in alternate universe, i.e. Drow are good. 1,PC’s benefactor murdered by randomly ravening horde of fomorian foes. 1,PCs escort child-god through Sigil before the Lady discovers. 1,PCs must become evil to defeat greater evil. No prizes! 1,PCs windfall actually loot stolen from dragon. Dragon is peeved. 1,People are turning orange. The colour, too, not the fruit! 1,Persuade sleeping giant to teach you forgotten Songs of Power. 1,Phil makes a killer adventure post, gets two hundred comments. 1,Plant bug on Dictator’s lapel while avoiding his doppelgänger bodyguards. 1,Planted crops stand up, migrate south, children claim stalks talk. 1,Players get 23 on checks after watching Carrey film. Coincidence? 1,Players will die unless find cure hidden on level ten. 1,Powerful Artifact on Angelpearch Summit protected by Solar. Bring rope. 1,Powerful PCs resurrected to defeat major baddie then killed again. 1,Pretty, pagan Princess passively pilfers priest’s prophetic pockets - Parish Panics! 1,Prevent squirrel-induced apocalypse by collecting useless colorful orbs from everywhere. 1,Previously plundered artifact conduit for angelic possession of PC’s son. 1,Princess Harpy picked you as her prom date. Have fun… 1,Procrastinating deity lets opposed servants decide for it. Survivor’s choice. 1,Psionic extradimensional spiders attempt to conquer your world. Stop them. 1,Psychically poisoned princess purloins the Terrible Tapestry of Trapmaster Tarquin. 1,Pun-pun makes an entrance, sanity is all but lost. 1,Rabbit accidentally poisons self trying to murder you. Make stew? 1,Raise money to save orphanage from global corporation’s land grab. 1,Rebellious intelligent construct seeks assistance in achieving freedom and autonomy. 1,Rebuild city in a day using Time Stop and slaves. 1,Receive a wedding invitation. Surprise! You’re marrying the Lich Queen. 1,Rediscover zombified planet’s technology for homeworld’s protection from similar fate. 1,Rediscover zombified planet’s technology for homeworld’s protection from similar fate. 1,Repent to island god by massacring several peaceful continent dwellers. 1,Rescue merchant’s son from mercenaries squatting at the family farmstead. 1,Restore the Remshibar clans warlocks, imprisoned within the Wraith Blade. 1,Resurrections cause rupture in boundary between life and death. Repair. 1,Return archmage’s Iron Golem. He lives within dense rust monster population. 1,Rise of the archlich in a steampunk meets vampire universe. 1,Robot wreaks havoc on future city, citizens cry for help. 1,Rogue censor programs are editing people when they jack in. 1,Rumours are, that an army is forming. Care to investigate? 1,Run down star salesman huckster who unwittingly acquires legitimate deed. 1,Save framed Prince by finding real St. Paul’s Cathedral murderer. 1,Save inebriated King from Illusionist Medusa dating his charmed son. 1,Save Krom from execution. He just wanted to eat cabbage. 1,Say nothing. This tomb has ears. Hands, too. Also: teeth. 1,Say, where can I find a book about breeding beholders? 1,Scavenger Hunt! Find: his head, the weapon and the murderer. 1,Searching untamed jungles on other planets for new alchemical components. 1,Seek racist dwarf apothecary, convince him to heal elf companion. 1,Sentient bunny rabbit glues pancakes to your ceiling. Plot revenge. 1,Several seemingly sincere sirens seek silent solace sans standard seaside solitude. (Why is alliteration so funny, anyway?) 1,Shadow tendrils threaten Amber; Pattern unstable; Logrus adepts take advantage. 1,Show up dwarven king on his own turf: DRINKING CONTEST!! 1,Sinister creatures offer to repel invaders, but at what cost? 1,Slaver raid, airship chase, cult volcanic sacrifice thwarted, demon unleashed! 1,Sneak into guarded temple, steal magical sword. Catch: It sings. 1,Somebody stole your favorite pink teddy. Which kind? Gender specific. 1,Someone burnt down the old forest, the creatures are angry. 1,Someone cast explosive runes on letters offering cessation of hostilities. 1,Someone let the kender control the time travel device? Oops. 1,Something is amiss in town. People are disappearing at night. 1,Something made those Imperial Guardsmen turn traitor. What was it? 1,Sorry for your loss. The Princess is in another castle. 1,Space aliens invade Middle Earth in a Victorian-looking mothership. 1,Space derelict drifts into sight… valuable salvage, or certain doom? 1,St. Nicolas is missing. The Prince requests your help. Now. 1,Stay in the tavern and adventure will come to you. 1,Steal rare Dwarven Ale casks before the Giants drink them. 1,Steal Wand of Orcus. Survive interplanar chase to Mount Celestia. 1,Steel failed. Fire just angered it. You’ll think of something. 1,Stop Madman from unleashing Virus. His soldiers are all carriers. 1,Strange disease turns flesh to gold. Who gets the vaccine? 1,Stressed out rain god vacations in PC’s recently droughted homeland. 1,Superheroes need anonymity, so make sure he doesn’t escape! 1,Supervillain threatens Moon destruction. Do not let UN pay ransom. 1,Surrender now. I won’t harm you. Honest! I never lie. 1,Swords against Axis: transdimensional adventurers battle Nazis for Europe’s freedom. 1,Talking cheetah challenges party to a race: for map home. 1,Tarrasque defeated by goblin who wants to be king now. 1,Tarrasque disturbed prematurely. Evacuation required. Loot as you go. Profit! 1,Technocrats’ son lost in latest project, a portal to beyond. 1,Terrible fate it is to marry monster - squishy, defenseless human. 1,Terrorists attack National City Guard Convention. Inept remainder needs back-up. 1,The best magic items are dangerously radioactive. Find a cure. 1,The bridge collapsed. The castle burned. The prince smiled quietly. 1,The captain of the local town guard is an illusion. 1,The city’s power goes out every sundown, without apparent cause. 1,The conquest was easy. Cleaning up the mess, mind you… 1,The corpse appears to have the same tattoo as you. 1,The dragon came to eat you. You aren’t that tasty. 1,The empire built on the wasteland festers; underground, something awakens. 1,The end is nigh. The giant robots must be stopped. 1,The eyeless child brings ruin. The stars will depart. Darkness. 1,The football-sized ruby? Good. The deathtraps? Not so much. 1,The galaxy implodes if anyone tells another “your mom” joke! 1,The ghost of a foreign spy continues in his duty. 1,The graveyard is full of angels and the dead can’t sleep. 1,The Great Old Ones suddenly take an interest in you. 1,The Horns of War! A cry is heard, “To Arms!” 1,The king is dead! One problem: you’re the king. 1,The king is dead. Why do we still hear him? 1,The king, driven mad, stops living in a fantasy world. 1,The last royal heir is found, restore the sundered throne. 1,The Magister’s College is abandoned, re-take it from the golems. 1,The mightiest superheroes turn evil. Second stringers must stop them. 1,The ooze has taken a dwarf city. Alchemist required urgently. 1,The orc and the pie. What’s stronger: love or hunger? 1,The painting of the city is really the city itself. 1,The party kills rats until Chatty’s post count hits 200. 1,The Plane of Absolute Silence. Or is it just you? 1,The President ate some magic mushrooms, defend the Middle East! 1,The President Elect has no children for the ritual sacrifice. 1,The riddle was spoken: 3, 4, 7, 11. Answer promptly. 1,The robot impersonating the king is doing a better job. 1,The Round Knights of the Table: defenders of the Shire. 1,The severed head of a great orator, still making speeches. 1,The summer is coming, the ice melting. Where to live? 1,The summer sun is falling upon the fair realm. Literally. 1,The Sun didn’t come up. Stars are gone. The prophecy? 1,The Sunkiller seeks its divinity through a dead god’s remains. 1,The sword you seek is inside a dragon. Good luck! 1,The Tarrasque is sent to Asmodeus’ Lair. Asmodeus’ new pet? 1,The Tooth Fairy works alone. The Easter Bunny too. Why? 1,The unquiet dead rise, hungering for your living flesh. Survive. 1,The Wight Lord has besieged your city-state, resist the undead. 1,The world is disintegrating. Can it be saved? Probably not. 1,The world is ending. You can make it less horrific. 1,The world is flooded and angels rule with magical fists. 1,The world will burn - you have three days. Have fun. 1,There are two commoners for every noble in Serf City. 1,They’re called Great Old Ones - but they’re actually pretty lame. 1,This isn’t the gnome’s kingdom - it’s an exact, clockwork replica! 1,Three demon warlords oppose each other, protect your hometown! 1,Three princes go questing, but one plans to return alone. 1,Three signs of the Apocalypse have passed. Stop four more. 1,Three swordsmen fighting the Isle of Wights REALLY need cleric. 1,Tim warns, “Bunny: incredibly dangerous.” Not on stump, disregard him. 1,Time traveller destroys past. Heroes stop him; things are worse. 1,Too smart for carrot over pit trap. Try something else. 1,Torture Lorettian Monk Warriors for information about the Obsidian Armor. 1,Transporting military secret experiment, can be hazardous to your health. 1,Trapped in another dimension. Escape from Ring of Death possible? 1,Trick Norker hillbillies into stealing evil Mage’s laundered Elven finery. 1,Try clearing out Lady Hagerty’s rat-infested basement without dying this time. 1,Twelve kingdoms sponsor the Great Griffin Race, can you win? 1,Twenty one sided die discovered. Can civilization handle newfound power? 1,Uh, where did the city go? Oh, right: Dis. Whoops. 1,Umm…Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain? 1,Unnatural wildfires burn the fields; who would starve our kingdom? 1,Unnatural wind claims a local kingdom, has nature turned evil? 1,Unstoppable juggernaut rolls towards the Eternity Gate. Find the source. 1,Up next: 30-ish demons, unfunny and inexplicably popular, on Fiends. 1,Vengeance does not stop with death. Whose sword is this? 1,Villain kidnaps your best friend. Then she does it again. 1,Warehouse of berserk animated objects, no more need be said. 1,Warforged created by man. They rebelled. They have a plan. 1,Warlord seems okay guy, keeps ordering you to slaughter peasants. 1,Wars raging, food riots, global warming. Now we launch invasion. 1,We entered the temple. I returned afraid. He returned insane. 1,We’re surrounded. Let’s worry about that later. The tarrasque awoke. 1,Werewolves! No, robots! No, aliens! No, wait…alien robot werewolves! 1,What happens when you crossbreed red and white dragons? Science! 1,What part of “eats people for fun” don’t you understand? 1,What’s causing these sudden mutations? There’s money in rogue magic… 1,When the monkeys stop falling, the real trouble starts anew. 1,White dragon attacks nomadic tribe? Sounds like “Barbarians on Ice”. 1,Who ever heard of a princess kidnapping a mighty dragon? 1,Who’s teaching the dwarves magic? Wizard college wants competition squelched. 1,Why are we here? Turns out every sperm is sacred. 1,Why does the snow over Fairyville smell like rotting flesh? 1,Why is the King sending sealed letters to 100 peasants? 1,Why was Descartes forgotten? How to defeat the ubiquitous demon? 1,Why would a wealthy, healthy businessman cooperate with foreign terrorists? 1,Will players realize the campaign is based on song lyrics? 1,Wipe out peaceful islanders so eccentric employer gets vacation home. 1,Wizard builds a better fireball. Guild says: Take him out. 1,Wizards Confuse young Halflings into conducting melee with playing cards. 1,Wizards flog a dead horse, convinced it’s full of life. 1,Wizards get into Polymorph any Object duel! Details at 11th! 1,Wizards live on the coast. Everyone argues about their alignment. 1,Wizards lost plot. Can you save them from financial ruin? 1,Years of achievements threatened by deities’ updating rules of the universe. 1,You all meet in a bar. Chaos, hilarity, slaughter ensues. 1,You are computer felon. Uncover plot. Need to convince authorities. 1,You are cordially invited to the Nakatomi Corporation Christmas Party. 1,You are hired to rig election. Candidate kills your mom. 1,You are platonic solids, thrown around by the uncaring gods. 1,You are regular solids, thrown around by the uncaring gods. 1,You are unwashed Scots. Hide, then restore the deposed king. 1,You can’t see. You can’t move. It… is behind you. 1,You fathered illegitimate son. Need heir to throne. It’s him? 1,You gaze upon the face of Cthulhu. Roll for insanity. 1,You left fresh half-vampire corpses. Of course rats eat it! 1,You wake up chained to galley oar - escape or perish! 1,You wake up with a written note and no kidneys. 1,You’ll die within moments. With last breath, warn world about- 1,You’re going to kill Bane? Who’s your next of kin? 1,You’re in a maze of twisty passages all look alike. 1,You’re infected with memory poison. Retrieve cure from… uh… hmmm… 2,Cat decapitates commoner in surprise round. Acquire a competent familiar. 5,Orc has pie. Kill orc. Eat pie. Find another orc. 10,It is dark. You might be eaten by a grue. </sgtable>

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