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This function prepends a Indefinite Article before the phrase sent to it. The intelligence it follows is thus: If the string passed starts with “uni” (a university , a unicycle ), it gets preceded by an “a”. If not, if it starts with a vowel, it gets preceded by an “an”. Otherwise, it must start with a consonant, so gets preceded by an “a”. This will catch most, but not all, situations since there are likely other phonetic combinations other than “uni” that start with a vowel, but yield a consonant sound that should be an “a”, that can be coded in as they are located.



{{Article|aardvark}} in an article’s text yields “a aardvark ” upon the render of the page. You can use this template in the flow of a SGTable output (which is its most useful state, when you don’t know what that generator’s text output will be), such as:

<sgdisplay iterations="1"> I went out walking and ran across a [Animal.fantasyLand] , a [Animal.fantasyLand] , a [Animal.fantasyLand] , a [Animal.fantasyLand] , a [Animal.fantasyLand] , a [Animal.fantasyLand] , and a [Animal.fantasyLand] . </sgdisplay>

The above list should show all vowel-first animal names with an “an” in front of them (reload the page if no vowel-first animals appeared).

The template “ia” (for “indefinite article”) is a shortcut to this template, and can be used as {{ia|aardvark}} interchangeably, if you prefer a shorter command.