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The current version represents me just sitting down and coming up with what I could off the top of my head (gotta represent for my home city). Feel free to add/edit - a number of the entries could use some more poetic flair, at the very least. - Daniel (2/23/08)

Forget poetic, what separates The Wire from The Shield or Boomtown or other "edgy" modern cop shows is the critique of institutions and how individuals interact with them. Perhaps we could make a "suit" of the Oracle represent these institutions? Or perhaps several different oracles with one suit in each one representing the institution "of interest" for the story. (Police, drug distribution rings, the media, the unions, etc.) JDCorley 10:52, 26 February 2008 (PST)

I absolutely agree, and I tried to capture some of that flavor (doing several Oracles with a different focus, like the seasons of the show, would be awesome, but tax my poor lone imagination). But, I'd welcome edits that got more "you can't fight the system" flavor! Daniel (2/28/08)